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BJP candidate Vivin Toppo left Christianity and became Hindu in Sagar (Madhya Pradesh).

In Sagar (Madhya Pradesh), BJP candidate Vivin Toppo left Christianity and became Hindu, said – neither did anyone lure me nor scare me.

download (1)Upendra Bharti | HENB | Sagar | June 25, 2022:: Councilor candidate Vivin Toppo in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh has announced his conversion from Christian to Hindu just before the municipal elections. He has also submitted an affidavit to the District Collector for this. They will soon complete the legal process of conversion. He lives in Makroniya, a suburb of Toppo district and is contesting from Ward 15 (Gopeshwar Ward). He says that he has been associated with Christianity since childhood, but his ancestors were Gonds (tribals) who believed in Sanatan Dharma. The Gonds come under the Scheduled Tribes. Now because of their faith, they are leaving Christianity and joining Sanatan Hindu Dharma without any temptation and fear.

My ancestors were Hindu

Significantly, Vivin Toppo on Friday gave an affidavit to the collector for the legal process related to conversion. He will complete the further legal action soon. On Friday, he called the priests home and made them perform rituals at his home. Toppo also released a video of it. In the video, Vivin along with his colleague is doing puja by chanting mantras as directed by the Pandit (Priest). In the video, he is seen doing worship and havan with Gangajal. In the video, it is seen, when Pandit asked Vivin the reason for converting religion, then he said that ‘I like Hinduism, my ancestors were Hindu, so I am adopting Hinduism in my free will’.

People expect development

Vivin is being discussed in the area after converting to religion. On this occasion, Vivin said that the roots of his family are Sanatani. They like this religion because of its diverse culture and purity. On the other hand, people also praised him. Many people stood outside the house during the ritual and became a part of it. People used to say that one should adopt whatever they like. Everyone has the freedom to adopt any religion. During this, people said that hopefully Vivin will win election from this area and will engage himself in the development  work.

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