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Hindu population is increasing fast in Australia.

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Hinduism is considered as fastest growing Religion in Australia.

Rohit Singh | HENB | Sydney | July 10, 2011::  New census data in Australia shows that some major changes are taking place in the country’s population. In these, new information has also come out about Hinduism and the condition of Indians living there. Hinduism and Islam are now Australia’s fastest growing religions. For the first time this has happened that the number of people who describe themselves as Christians in the country has come down to less than 50 percent.

Hinduism is Australia’s is now considered as the fastest-growing religion. In the 2021 census, more than 684 thousand people identified as Hindu – a 55 per cent increase. The result is due to the arrival of a greater number of migrants from India and Nepal.

Another remarkable feature of Hinduism in Australia is explored as one of the most youthful religions in Australia, with 34% and 66% of Hindus being under the age of 14 and 34 respectively.

According to the new census data in Australia, the Hindu population in the country is increasing rapidly. Earlier the Hindu population in Australia was 1.9 percent, which has now increased to 2.7 percent. But, the population of people who believe in Islam has also increased and will put a pressure on democracy in Australia when the Muslim population will reach to a mark of more than 10% of Australian population by 2030 as per available projection report.

As of now, there are 43.9% Christians, Atheists 38.9%,  Muslims 3.2%,  Hindus 2.7%, Buddhists 2.4%, others 1.7% and unspecified 7.2% in Australia as per 2021 census.

In the nineteenth century, the British first brought Hindus from India to Australia to work on cotton and sugar plantations. Many remained as small businessmen, working as camel drivers, merchants and hawkers, selling goods between small rural communities. Nowadays peaceful and cooperating Hindus are well educated professionals in fields such as medicine, engineering, commerce and information technology, constituting a model minority. The Hindus in Australia are mostly of Indian origin, with considerable number being of Sri Lankan,  Fijian,  Malaysian,  Balinese,  Cham,  Singaporean and  Nepalese origin.

Presently, various Hindu organizations viz. ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), Swami Narayan (BAPS) Temples, Chinmaya Mission and Vedanta Society are promoting Hindu culture and traditions among the followers meaningfully.

__Inputs from BBC Hindi, Zee News and Wikipedia.

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