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India and Bangladesh Govt should provide better protection of Hindus: Geert Wilders in Parliament

Through Parliament questions, Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders seeks international attention and support for Hindu safety and security in Islamic Bangladesh including protection of Nupur Sharma, vehemently threatened by Islamists.

Wilders Greet PVVUpendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | July 19, 2022:: The eminent Anti-Jihad Dutch Statesman, Chairman of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid -PVV) and Member of Netherland Parliament ( States General-the Staten Generaal), Geert Wilders conveyed his great concern on the brutal persecution of minority Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh through his written questions in parliament there.

Geert also highlighted his concern about the ex BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma suspended from her party for her remarks on Prophet Muhammad in recent.

Taking his twitter handle the Dutch Parliamentarian wrote: “Parliamentary Questions from today (19.07.2022)  about the Muslim violence against #Hindus in #Bangladesh and #India, the lack of support for #NupurSharma and more international attention and support for Hindu safety and security.”

To express his concern on the Jihadi persecution upon Hindus, Geert clipped a link of a news of ‘The Hindu’ related to the current Islamic Mayhem of Narail in Bangladesh just happened Friday last.

Through his series of tweets Geert has been supporting the stand of Nupur Sharma on her comment about Prophet Muhammad with a condemnation of the killing of Hindu tailor Kanhiya Lal in that row and urged the Hindus, not to bow down to radical Islam.

Now, without compromising to the tenets of Humanity, Geert urged the international attention and support for safety and security of Hindus under the threat of Jihadi Islam.

In the parliamentary questionnaire Geert asked to know the following matters point wise:

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders placed his questions to the Dutch Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Justice and Security to know whether the concerned authorities agree that the atrocities made upon the minority Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh are unacceptable and what are the opinions of Dutch Govt for the increasing violent attacks on Minority Hindus there.

In the questionnaire Greet also wanted to know the Dutch Govt’s position whether it is prepared to show the support for Nupur Sharma to the Indian Govt.

With an intention for the open condemnation by Dutch Govt for the Islamic violence upon Hindus, Geert Wilders went further for the preparation ‘to plead with the governments both India and Bangladesh for better protection of Hindus in their countries’.

In fine, Geert persuades the governments both in India and Bangladesh to provide better protection of Hindus in their countries from the onslaught of Jihad, even he has got many death threats from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India for supporting Nupur Sharma.

Indian diaspora living in Europe and America also came to the street in Paris (July 13) and New York (July 16) respectively to register their protest against the Jihadi mayhem as perpetrated against the Hindu minorities in Islamic Bangladesh.

Courtesy: Twitter | TNIE.

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