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Shiva Kanwariya camp in Delhi’s Seelampur area desecrated by meat throwing by suspected Muslim miscreants, Hindus jammed GT Road.

Kanwariya on Protest

To hurt religious sentiment, piece of meat thrown in Shiva Kanwar camp at Seelampur in Delhi; fierce ruckus and long road jams in GT Road by Hindu devotees.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | July 19, 2022:: There was a big stir after a piece of meat was found in a Shiva Kanwar camp in Seelampur, North-East Delhi on Tuesday afternoon. A piece of meat was lying near Kanwad camp of Kanwadiyas (devotees carrying Ganga water in a procession by foot from one place to another for worshiping Lord Shiva in the Hindu month of Shravan- Sawan)  going to Alwar in Rajasthan with Ganga water from Haridwar. Seeing this, the kanwariyas started a ruckus. Gradually, hundreds of Kanwariyas reached the spot and these people started shouting slogans. A mob of Kanwariyas blocked GT Road at Dharmapura red light signal. The devotees suspected some people of another faith of Jihadi mentality could throw the meat to hurt the Hindu sentiment of the Kanwariyas.

A large number of policemen, including Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Kumar Sain, reached the spot as soon as the matter was reported. He somehow persuaded and removed the Kanwariyas from the road. After assuring the Kanwariyas of appropriate action, a police vehicle was sent along with Kanwariya to Haridwar to retrieve the broken Kanwar. It is believed that some mischievous element did such a thing with the intention of spoiling the atmosphere. The North-East District Police is investigating the whole matter. Senior officials say that legal action will be taken against whoever is found guilty after the investigation.

Delhi Police reached the spot

According to the police, the incident took place at the Kanwar camp near Seelampur metro station. After the start of Sawan month, at present, Kanwariyas of Haryana and Rajasthan are returning to their respective homes via Delhi carrying Ganga water from Haridwar. On Tuesday afternoon at 3.00 pm, a Kanwariya from Alwar, Rajasthan reached the Kanwar camp of Seelampur metro station via Yamuna Vihar. He stayed here to have a meal and rest for a while. He kept his kanwar at one place and went to wash his hands and feet. When he returned after some time, he saw that a piece of meat was lying very near his kanwar. Seeing this, he immediately started crying. The Seelampur areas have been  populated by many Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims in last couple of years. And these fanatic people usually confront with the Hindu people of the area getting a slightest clue of dispute.

Jam in the GT Road

Soon a crowd of Kanwariyas gathered there. Everyone started agitation. The crowd reached the Dharmapura red light signal on GT Road. The road was blocked on both sides. Police immediately reached the spot after getting the information. The victim Kanwaria was talking about breaking his rituals of kanwar Yatra. He said that the person who did this should be caught and handed over to him.

Reaching the spot, Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Kumar Sain tried to  explain the situation to everyone to normalize the situation. About one-and-a-half hours GT Road was completely closed. Due to this there was a long traffic jam on both sides of the road. The police officers visited the Kanwar camp to start an investigation of the case. The authority had sent a police vehicle along with victim Kanwariya to Haridwar to complete his ritual and it was assured to be brought him back by late night.  The entire matter was being investigated with the help of CCTV camera footage.

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__Inputs from Amar Ujala.

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