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Ayodhya’s progess in harmony, No tension in this 6th December.


Speedy Progress in Temple work, Over 40% completed.

Ramnagari Ayodhya towards progress: Muslims will not celebrate Yom-e-Gham on December 6, Hindu sages and saints will refrain from Shaurya Divas.

Devotees at HanumangarhiPankaj Shrivastava | HENB | Ayodhya | Dec 5, 2022:: On Monday, on the eve of December 6, Ramnagari was buzzing with devotees like every day. Cheers were echoing in the monasteries and temples. There was no atmosphere of fear and tension anywhere. Development works were going on at different places. Neither the Muslims were seen preparing to celebrate Yom-e-Gham, nor were the VHP and saints talking about Shaurya Divas. Every section said that it is better to forget this date.

The date of December 6, 1992 became a dark & delight history of acrimony between the two communities. The Muslim community used to express Yom-e-Gham by hoisting black flags at homes, businesses and places of worship. At the same time, Hindu society, VHP and saints also used to celebrate Shaurya Divas. 6th December until now, was celebrated as a Black day or The Yom-e-Gham (day of grief) by the Muslims and Shaurya Divas as a day of valour by the Hindus.

As soon as the decision comes in favor of the temple and with the commencement of the construction of the temple, Ayodhya seems to be forgetting the controversy and creating a new definition of harmony. The work of widening for the construction of Rampath at Nayaghat was seen going on on Monday. The work of construction of the Ramjanmabhoomi path from Sugriva Fort to Ramjanmabhoomi was also in full swing.

Development in the path of Harmony

Astrologer Saket Sharan found near Sugriva fort said that Ayodhya was once known for temple-mosque dispute, today Ayodhya is getting a new identity. With the construction of the temple, the exile of Ramnagari has ended and the path of development has begun.

Saint Mama Das, who met in Hanumangarhi, said that now there is a need to adopt the religion of bravery, not sorrow, but creation. Compare the time of controversy and today’s time, you will feel the difference yourself. Due to the dispute where no one wanted to come to Ayodhya, today the whole world has gathered in Ayodhya.

Haji Asad, who was a councilor many times, said that now what is the need of sorrow and anger. There is a desire for employment in New Ayodhya, so that the youth do not have to go out. Mahtab Ahmed said that why would the shops be closed, now the sorrow of Ayodhya is going away, we all are seeing the dream of progress coming true.

Let’s make a new beginning by forgetting the past: Iqbal Ansari

Everything seemed normal on Monday at the house of deceased Hashim Ansari, the main center of Yom-e-Gham. Hashim’s son Iqbal was walking in the ground in front of the house with his security guard. Said that there is no need for Yom-e-Gum after the decision of Shri Ram being the birthplace. We are preparing for a new beginning by forgetting the past. This dispute has given a lot of pain to Ayodhya and who wants to remember the pain. The Muslim society has also forgotten everything and wants the progress of Ayodhya.

Qur’an will be recited for the dead

Haji Mehboob, who was in favor of Babri Masjid, was sunbathing at home after the afternoon prayer. Since 1992, at Haji Mehboob’s house itself, the program of expressing Yom-e-Gham has been taking place on December 6. Leaders from Lucknow-Delhi, Maulana used to come here and protest against the incident of December 6, 1992. Haji Mehboob said that now no one will celebrate sorrow. Told that there will be Quran Khawani only for those killed in the violence. After that Fatiha will be recited.

No information about any event on December 6: VHP

VHP’s provincial media in-charge Sharad Sharma says that we do not have any information about any kind of event on December 6. The resolve of crores of Hindus has been fulfilled with the commencement of the construction of the Ram temple. VHP and saints have always shown their responsibility. That’s why this time also there is no information about any event on 6th December. Now the ancient glory of Ayodhya is returning. It is also the responsibility of all of us to cooperate in the construction of new Ayodhya. Sharad Sharma also expressed his pleasure on the speedy advancement in the construction work of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya.

See this news in Hindi: तरक्की की ओर रामनगरी – छह दिसंबर पर मुस्लिम नहीं मनाएंगे यौम-ए-गम, साधु-संत करेंगे शौर्य दिवस से परहेज


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