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Kalicharan Maharaj demands anti-Love Jihad & anti-Conversion law in Ahmednagar Rally.


Huge ‘Jan Akrosh Morcha’ (Public Wrath Rally) : Vote for Hindutva, Hindu Rashtra only. Pass the anti-Love Jihad and anti-Conversion Law, says  Kalicharan Maharaj.   

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Ahmednagar | Dec 15, 2022:: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is not only the king of Marathas, but of Hindus. So leave provincialism and casteism and unite as Hindus. The Anti-Love Jihad Act will not happen just by protesting. A staunch Hindu king is needed for that. Modi, Shah, Yogi alone will not be able to do anything. Public must select the hardline Hindu rulers from their respective areas. Once in five years, show unity and vote 100 percent to Hinduize politics. As Article 370 was removed, Hindu Rashtra is needed to prevent love jihad. Kaliputra Kalicharan Maharaj asserted that Hindu Rashtra will be established in the country only if we vote for Hindutva.

A Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha (Public Wrath Rally) was organized in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra on Wednesday by the Ahmednagar District Sakal Hindu Samaj to demand the passing of a law against love jihad and forced conversions. It was led by Kalicharan Maharaj and Kajaldidi Hindustani from Gujarat. In the meeting held after this march, both of them addressed the audience and expressed their thoughts.  The march, which started by paying floral tributes to the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Imperial Chowk, ended near the Delhi Gate.

Kalicharan Maharaj and Kajal Didi Hindusthani from Gujarat gave speeches on this occasion. Many slogans like ‘Jai Bhavani-Jai Shivarai’, ‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Har Har Mahadev’, ‘Bol Bajrang Bali Ki Jai’, ‘Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj ki Jai’ etc.  were chanted by the attendees wearing saffron caps and saffron clothings. A heavy police force was deployed to maintain law and order. No untoward incident took place on the march route as well as during the public meeting.

40 thousand cases of love jihad in the country every day: Kalicharan Maharaj

The population of the country is 140 crores. There are 94 crore Hindus and the rest are anti-Hindu. As per estimation  40 thousand cases of love jihad are tried by the Muslims in the country every day. Kaliputra Kalicharan Maharaj of Madhya Pradesh claimed that vashikaran (black magic) and witchcraft are used for this. Efforts are being made to make India an Islamic nation under the name of Gajwa-e-Hind. He appealed to come together to prevent this.

Conspiracy to create an Islamic nation: Kajal Didi

Kajal Didi Hindusthani appealed to become Hindus, give business to Hindus and buy materials from Hindus and boycott Hindu opponents financially. Hindu girls are being cheated through love jihad. Girls are trapped through social media. There is a conspiracy to attack Indian culture and create an Islamic nation.

Love Jihad is glorified through movies

Kajaldidi Hindusthani also said that along with protecting the daughter and educating the daughter, the daughter should be empowered and Chhatrapati Shivarai will be born only if the daughter is made Jijabai. Love Jihad is being glorified in some Hindu films. Therefore, it is very necessary to work to bring awareness among girls, expressed the opinion of Kajal Didi Hindusthani.

All-night police combing operation in Nagar city

In the wake of the march, the police conducted a combing operation in the city throughout the night. As many as 98 social activists were deported. Bajrang Dal’s Kunal Bhandari and BJP’s Bunty Dapse were taken into custody by the police before the start of the march. Heavy police presence was deployed on the march route. The march was being monitored with the help of drones.

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__Inputs from Divya Marathi and Maharshtra Times.

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