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Jharkhand: Hindu girl Rubika was killed brutally by her Muslim Husband Dildar who threw her body after cutting into pieces.

Rubika Paharia

Part-2 of Shraddha Sequel released in Jharkhand. Fatal end of another Love Jihad.

Rubika Paharia murdered and cut into many pieces by her live-in-partner (husband?) Dildar Ansari in Sahebganj.

12 Parts of RubikaSulata Mahato | HENB | Sahebganj  | Dec 18, 2022:: The horrible ‘Sharddha Murder Case’ of New Delhi has emerged as a Part 2 of the sequel  in Jharkhand creating another panic for the people. The similar heart-wrenching case has come to the fore from Sahebganj  in Jharkhand. A 22-year-old tribal girl of Hindu faith named Rubika Paharia was cut into more than 12 pieces with a cutter and thrown away here and there in  Borio locality in the district.  

The authority Borio police station said that the body of the woman was recovered in more than 12 pieces from a kutcha house in Santhali Momin Tola and near it late Saturday evening. Several parts of his upper body, including her neck, have not yet been found for which several teams are searching to reveal the reality of the case. 

According to SP Anuranjan Kispotta, the deceased has been identified as Rubika Paharia (22 years), a resident of Gonda Pahar in Borio area. She was murdered by husband Dildar Ansari (25 years).

The deceased belonged to the primitive Paharia tribe, while the accused belonged to  Muslim community. For the last two years, both were living together, but their marriage is yet to be confirmed. The police have arrested the accused husband and started interrogation.

Rubika was Dildar’s second wife

The SP further informed that Rubika Pahadia was the second wife of Dildar Ansari, as told. They knew each other for more than last 2 years. Rubika was missing for the last few days. Her family had approached the local police station to file a missing report.

The dogs were scratching their feet, then they noticed

In fact, on Saturday evening, the people of Momin Tola saw a herd of dogs behind the Anganwadi building, which was scratching the pieces of meat. On examination, it was found that the pieces of flesh (feet) belonged to a human body. The villagers informed the police. The policemen who reached the spot, while investigating, reached a locked house, where a mutilated body of a woman was found lying.

Dead body was cut with cutter

More than 12 pieces of the woman’s body were found, police suspect that after the murder, the dead body was cut with a sharp tool like an electric cutter. At present, the police identified the deceased and arrested her husband late at night. Now he is being questioned about his intention for the crime and whether any other was involved in the crime scene.

Another Love Jihad meets a fatal end for Hindu girl! 

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Read this news in Bengali: ঝাড়খণ্ডে শ্রদ্ধা কাণ্ডের ছায়া, হিন্দু স্ত্রীকে ১২ টুকরো করল মুসলিম স্বামী


One comment on “Jharkhand: Hindu girl Rubika was killed brutally by her Muslim Husband Dildar who threw her body after cutting into pieces.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    December 19, 2022

    Bharat Sarkar, je kya hai? Where is the Sena? This is not the first time
    HINDU woman is killed by Allah-kafir on a barbaric way. What is your
    answer? Are you not able to defend Hindu women? Hindus, can not
    sit down and taking for granted such a barbaric crime. Justice is not
    enough. The Islam must be wiped out from Indian soil. This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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