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Good numbers of Muslims and Christians from UP and MP returned to their original Hindu faith.

Khurja Bulandsahar UP

Over 100 people reconvert to Hinduism in UP’s Khurja.

Ramprasad Jha | HENB | Bulandshahr | Dec 25, 2022:: More than 100 people of 20 Muslim families in Khurja (Uttar Pradesh) adopted Hinduism on Sunday, a BJP MLA claimed.

According to the president of a social organisation, the conversion took place during a “Ghar Vapasi” programme organised by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).

“100-125 people from 20 families, belonging from different religions, have happily adopted ‘Sanatan Dharma’ (Hinduism),” Khurja MLA Minakshi Singh said.

In this programme, those who had left “Sanatan Dharma” some generations or years ago due to their situation or confusion were brought to the Hindu society again, Singh said.

They have taken an oath to pray to Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and other Sanatan gods and goddesses from now on, she said.

A legal process was also carried out in the programme. All the families have given their consent in affidavits before the rituals were conducted, the MLA added.

Damoh MP

250 people returned home in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, re-adopted Sanatan Hindu Dharma on the occasion of Christmas.

Vaishali Singh | HENB | Damoh | Dec 25, 2022:: About 250 people who left Hindu Dharma and converted to Christianity on Sunday, on the occasion of Christmas festival of the Christian society, re-adopted Sanatan Dharma and returned home. In the event, Havan-pujan was done in Ashirwad Garden according to the rules and regulations.

After this, all of them were called in front of Peethadhishwar Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwardham where they apologized for leaving their religion and took an oath never to leave their religion again. During this, hundreds of men and women returning home came to meet Peethadhishwar.

Many years ago, due to many types of greed and allurement, about 250 people living in the villages around the city had left their religion and adopted Christianity. After that, rejecting the worship of Hindu deities, they used to assemble in the church every Sunday. Being frustrated with the behaviour of the Christian fathers and authority of the church, these people wanted to come back to their original faith, but could not find any way. But, when the converted christian people could be able to contact with the local Hindu organisations, they decided to return to the roots.

A young man Jitendra Ahirwar said that the people who converted his father had asked him to get treatment for his feet, but no treatment was done. He said,  “even if someone dies at home, first they have to come to church and pray, but those people are poor and unable to pray because of going to work, they used to come home and scold them. They used to speak filthy words about Hindu Dharma”.

At this time Shri Ram Katha of Peethadhishwar Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Damoh Bageshwadham was going on, those came to Shashtri and took a vow to return to Sanatan Dharma. On Sunday morning, all these people were called to a local garden where havan and worship were performed by the pundits according to the Hindu rituals. The purification was done by sprinkling Ganges water. All of the participans of the programme were served with Prasadam (sacrament).

__Inputs from PTI and Nai Dunia.

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