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The Crash of a Civilization and its Regeneration.

Book Review: The Crash of a Civilization by Kanchan Banerjee

A detailed picturization on how the Indic civilization has been denigrated and why it is rising again today.   

The Crash of a CivilizationUpendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Dec 27, 2022:: In his recently-released book ‘The Crash of a Civilization’, Boston-based author Kanchan Banerjee gives a great insight into one of the world’s oldest civilisations and brings the historical view that explains both why the Indic civilization has been denigrated and why it is rising again today at the forefront of a new global spiritual civilization with a cosmic vision.

An extensively researched book that brings in a fresh perspective on how Indian civilization was impacted by the forces of the West, the book critically views how the profound and long-term influence of foreign ideologies and forces such as Christian, Islamic, and later colonists, western, and Marxists have impacted India, her society, and people.

This book tells how foreign ideologies and forces influenced the land of India not only on strategic but ideological and cultural grounds. The book describes how the deep and long-lasting influence of the first Christian, then Islamic and later colonialists, Western thinkers and Marxists affected India, its society and people. The book gives a detailed and comprehensive account of the history of pre-Islamic Arabia, the foreign invasions and invasions of the Huns, the rule of the Turks to the Islamic rulers, the capture of Delhi, the British colonial and imperialist atrocities and how a great ancient civilization declined. How all these were happened one after another. How did it wound the body and soul of a nation by breaking it into many pieces? And so what is the way of reform and revival? This book not only exposes many such important facts, but also answers many questions related to them.

On December 18, 2022, many dignitaries including Prof Saradindu Mukherjee, Historian; Sri Uday Mahurkar, Author & Information Commissioner (GOI); Prof Subhas Kak, Computer Scientist and Indic Scholar and others were present in a Global Release of the book,  in which the panelists praised the efforts of the writer to focus on the causes of  ‘The Crash of a Civilization’ and the scopes of the regeneration of Hindutva civilization for world peace and prosperity.

The book, ‘The Crash of a Civilization’ published by Prabhat Publication  is also available both in amazon and flipcart.

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