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Hindu Lives Matter: BHBCUC holds protest march in Dhaka.

Protest March by BHBCUC in Dhaka

Request to save in slogans, torch in hands! Bangladesh’s minority Hindus protest on the streets of Dhaka.

Arpita Das | HENB | Dhaka | Feb 25, 2023:: Bangladesh is burning with persecution, torture on the minority people and their protest in retaliation. Finally, the minorities of Bangladesh took to the streets to demand rights and protection. Bangladesh Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC) held a torch procession in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka on Friday. They demanded the protection of minorities from all sorts cof torture, murder, rape, evacuation, conversion and so on.. They demand that the Awami League promises to be fulfilled by the month of July this year.

Unfortunately, no Govt in Islamic Bangladesh took care of the persecuted minorities whether it was  the earlier BNP Govt or the Awamai League Govt at present.

Thousands of representatives of organizations participated in this march. Secretary General of the organization Advocate Rana Dasgupta told the media that such marches will be held in all the subdivisions from March,  If the demands are not met, They have also planned  for ‘sit on hunger’ strike from mid-July.if the situations demand.

The BHBCUC repeatedly highlighted the contribution of minorities in the liberation war of Bangladesh. They said, ‘We are the ones in danger today. We are being tortured day after day. Attempts are being made to frighten us in various ways. Torture is going on in full swing. They fear that the persecution of minorities in Bangladesh will increase as the election comes ahead. The leadership of the organization claims that Bangladesh has come out of the secular ideology of the liberation war only to  move forward to a Sharia state. It is unthinkable.

They claimed that the Awami League had announced in its manifesto in 2018 that the National Commission for Minorities would be created. But even after winning the vote, that promise was not kept feasible. The leadership of the organization also said that the operation for the National Commission for Minorities needs to be materialize quickly for the protection of minorities.

The council claimed that a program was held in support of the demand on January 6-7. But even then no action was taken by the government. On February 19, they also held a meeting with Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader based on seven-point demands. But,  Awami League is not ready to move in favour of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian minorities any more, even  the ruling Awami league agreed to do so in the meeting with minority leaders in many times.

Moreover, the Minority Hindu, Buddhist and Christian organizations are not happy with the halfhearted and reluctant stances of the Indian Govt led by PM Modi as their believed friends in India are not  active to enforce strong action against the fundamental elements by Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hassina when her indulgences create a hell in Bangladesh for the victimized minorities at random.


__Inputs from Bangla Hunt.

One comment on “Hindu Lives Matter: BHBCUC holds protest march in Dhaka.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    February 26, 2023

    Bharat Vasi, same ageya YUD karneke. Jab Bangladesh Hinduonko dukh
    dega, tab khatam karo Bangladeshki. Bangal ek tha aur ek rehna hai.
    Islam dharm nahi hai, Isai/Islam ek kehani hai. Je logon khunime paida
    hua auf khunime jita hai. Hindu UTHO aur YUD karo! Je samachar Sri
    Hanuman Seva Senaki hai.


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