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PM Modi recognises Tribeni Kumbh Mahotsav in Bengal through his ‘Mann ki Baat’.

Tribeni Kumbh in Mann ki Baat 98th Episode

Revival of age-old ‘Tribeni Kumbh Mahotshav’ in Bengal finds mention in PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address with a praise. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Feb 26, 2023:: A three-day Kumbh Mela was recently held during 12-14 February in Tribeni under Banshberia Municipality area of  Hooghly in West Bengal.  Though real Kumbh Snan is held in Makar Sankranti, the Tribeni Kumbha Snan and Mahotsav was scheduled in the phase of Maghi Sankranti. The newly introduced Kumbha started last year after 704 years by Tribeni Kumbh Prichalana Samity, but this year a new Kumba Committee named Banga Kumbha Parishad organised another Kumbha Mela at Majherchar in Kalyani just crossing the Ganges at Tribeni. There was also a three-day bath with a huge congregation of Hindu pilgrims. Spectacular crowd of saints, monks and devotees thronged on both sides at Tribeni and Majherchar Kumbh Mela  this year with greater enthusiasm. Many claim that Kumbh Mela was held at Triveni in Bengal many years ago at the confluence of Ganga ( as Bhagirathi), Jamuna (as Kunti) and Saraswati  which are visible and called Muktabeni. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recognized this Kumbh at Tribeni  on Sunday through the 98th episode of  Mann Ki Baat. (mention of Tribeni Kumbh during 24.45 to 29.10).

A huge Hindu congregation was reflected in both Kumbha Mela at Tribeni and Kalyani this year,  that was even infused in the state BJP as well. The WB  BJP. Party state president Sukanta Majumdar took a holy dip in the Ganga at Kalyani Ghat. and went to Tribeni for offering puja. This time, Modi spoke about Triveni in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program on Sunday mentioning, “Tribeni in West Bengal has been known as a holy place for centuries.

In his musings PM Modi conveys, ” My dear countrymen, when a species of bird, a living being which is going extinct in a country is saved, it is discussed all over the world. There are many such great traditions in our country which had disappeared, had been removed from the minds and hearts of the people, but now efforts are being made to revive them with the power of public participation, so for discussing that… What better platform than ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

“What I am going to tell you now will make you really happy…you will be proud of our heritage. Shriman Kanchan Banerjee, who lives in America, has drawn my attention to one such campaign related to the preservation of heritage. I congratulate him. Friends, this month, ‘Tribeni Kumbho Mohotshav’ was organized in Bansberia of Hooghly district in West Bengal. More than eight lakh devotees participated in it…But do you know why it is so special? It is special, since this practice has been revived after 700 years. Although this tradition is thousands of years old, but unfortunately this festival which used to take place in Tribeni, Bengal was stopped 700 years ago. It should have been started after independence, but that too could not happen. Two years ago, the festival has been started again by the local people and through ‘Tribeni Kumbho Porichalona Shomiti’. I congratulate all the people associated with its organization. You are not only keeping alive a tradition, but are also protecting the cultural heritage of India.

“Friends, Tribeni in West Bengal has been known as a holy place for centuries. It finds mention in various Mangalakavya, Vaishnava literature, Shakta literature and other Bangla literary works. Various historical documents suggest that this region was once a centre of Sanskrit, education and Indian culture. Many saints consider it a holy place for Kumbh Snan on Magh Sankranti. In Tribeni, you will find many Ganga Ghats, Shiva temples and ancient buildings decorated with terracotta architecture. Kumbh Mela was organized here last year to restore the cultural heritage of Tribeni and revive the glory of Kumbh tradition. Seven centuries later, the three-day Kumbh Mahasnan and the fair have infused a new energy into the region. A large number of people participated in the Ganga Aarti, Rudrabhishek and Yajna that took place every day for three days. Various ashrams, mutths and akhadas were also included in the festival this time. Various genres related to Bengali traditions such as Kirtan, Baul, Godiyo Nritto, Sree-Khol, Poter Gaan, Chou-Nach, became the center of attraction in the evening programmes. This is a very commendable effort to connect our youth with the golden past of the country. There are many other such practices in India, which need to be revived. I hope that the discussion about them will definitely inspire people in this direction.”

Organizers of the both Kumbh Committee of Tribeni and Kalyani told HENB that such programmes would help the Hindu regeneration in Bengal to restore the culture and heritage of this land which is under attack for decades due to various reasons.

__Inputs from PIB and Doordarshan National.

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