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During this Ramadan, the Abduction of Hindu girls & women, forceful conversion, and nikah to them reached a peak in Pakistan.

Another Hindu minor girl Nilan Kolhi forcefully abducted from Haji Sultan Tangri, Naukot, Sindh by four Islamists and finally married to one Altaf Tingri after converting to Islam. Other stories of abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girls and women in Pakistan during Ramadan. 

Nilan KolhiRana Ranjeet | HENB | Karachi | April 15, 2023:: The abduction, forceful conversion, and marriage of minor Hindu girls in the Sindh province of Pakistan are all-time high in this Ramadan session.

Another Hindu minor girl Nilan Kolhi forcefully abducted from Haji Sultan Tangri, Naukot, Sindh by four Islamists and finally married one Altaf Tingri after converting to Islam.

The kidnapping and abduction case of Nilan Kolhi, a 12-year-old minor Hindu girl kidnapped from Naukot, has been registered against four accused. The parents said that the girl’s age is hardly 12-13 years, but the Police have mentioned her age as 17-18 years in FIR to help the perpetrators. 

In many cases, Pakistani Police used to help the Muslim perpetrators by increasing the age of the Hindu victims (girls and women) in the FIRs so that the perpetrators ( who abduct, convert and forcefully marry) get the advantage from not doing the offense against any minor.

NDBheel Tweet Apr 13

As per the report, the minor Hindu girl Nilan Kolhi was abducted by Altaf Tingri and his accomplices from the village of Haji Sultan Tangri near Naukot just two days back. After the parents and neighbors of Nilan were protesting for a long time, the police registered an FIR for the abduction. 

But, now it is confirmed that the innocent minor Hindu girl Nilan was converted and married to Altaf Tingri at the residence of Pir Agha Jan Sirhandi, with the alleged help of Pakistan Police. [1][2][3] 

In an Islamic fashion of Pakistan during Ramadan, minority Hindu girls and women are being abducted, converted, and married to Muslim persons under pressure and force. But, afterward, the perpetrators post the videos that the minority girls did all these ‘with ‘goodwill and for their love for Islam’.

As per the Twitter post of Pakistani Human rights activist Narain Das Bheel in the last couple of days,

A minor Hindu girl Soorath D/o Chandiram Meghwar, a resident of near Islamkot, Thar was converted to Islam by Pir  Agha Jaan Sirhandi, and after conversion to Islam and was married to one Araz Muhammad Adhijo. [1][2][3]

One Suman Lohana from Diplo, Tharparkar, Sindh got married off to a Muslim man named Sajjad Maher but she didn’t know what was his husband’s family name. The conversion was made in the Bhurchundi Dargah Sharif of Mian Javed Ahmad Dharkito and converted  Suman Kumari Lohana as Kaynat Bibi.[1][2][3][4][5 

On April 12, Muslim miscreants kidnapped two innocent children, including their mother and aunt Komal and  Sapna from Khamisa village of New Karachi. The case has been registered to the police yielding no results. [1][2][3] 

During this Ramadan, such abduction of Hindu girls and women, forceful conversion, and nikah to them reached a peak in Pakistan.

Experts say, after a long fast during the day, servants of Allah need more sex at night after consuming plenty of food and drinks in a fest.

But, the brute Human Rights agencies like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, UN Human Rights, etc, and Arab boot licker media houses like BCC, Reuters, CNN, AFP, AF, DW, New York Times, Washington Posts, etc., all are enjoying the left out of Iftar parties during this Ramadan.

__Inputs from authentic social media.

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