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Bengali Nababarsha 1430 celebrated in Kolkata as ‘Bangabdo’ introduced by Shashanka, not by Akbar.

Mangal Shobhayatra 1430

‘Poila Baisakh’ – Bangla Nababarsha celebrated in Kolkata highlighting the ‘Bangabdo’ introduced by ‘Bangadhipati GaudaNripati Raja Shashanka’.  

8861a16f-3df4-439f-87de-33f98184065bKalyanashish Sarkar | HENB | Kolkata | April 16, 2023:: With hundreds of celebrations to start with the new Bengali calendar year 1430 throughout Bengal, Kolkata has observed it highlighting the ‘Bangabdo’ introduced by ‘Bangadhipati GaudaNripati Raja Shashanka’.

Two Bengali Socio-Cultural organizations, ‘Bongiyo Sanatani Sanskriti Parishad’ and ‘Bangla Abar’ observed the First Day of the Bengali Calendar Bangla Nababarsha ‘Poila Baisakh’ at Ranu-Chaya Manch in the vicinity of the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.   A colourful procession was also oraganised on this occasion starting from Mohar Kunj as ‘Shashank theke Bartaman – Mangal Shobhayatra’, followed by various cultural programs and artistic dissertations related to Bengali Art and Culture.

Actually, Bangabdo was introduced by the King of Gauda Banga Dhramadhipati Raja Shanshanka on 12th April 594 CE in his coronation. Bangabdo was not introduced by Mughal King Akbar or anybody else as propagated by the left-liberal Historians in a view to suppressing the historical facts.

In her article, writer-researcher Monidipa Bose Dey derived that, “Bangabda Era has its roots in the Hindu tradition of the Solar calendar and goes back to antiquity, much earlier than the lunar Hijri calendar had even started.  To back this, there are two Shiva temples in the Bankura district, one at the Dihargram village and the other at the Sonatapan village, which are more than a thousand years old and have the years recorded in Bangabda. Thus, clearly, these two temples support the view that the Bangabda calendar was in existence more than 1000 years back, much earlier than Akbar’s rule came into existence”.

Bose also landed in the plane of Bangabdo as: According to linguist Rahmatulla Bangali in his book “Bongabder Jonmokotha” it was Raja Sasanka (reign period: 594 CE – 637 CE) who first established Bongabdo. Sunil Kumar Bandhopadhyay in his scholarly essay “Bangabder Utsho Katha” also stated that “as per the solar science-based mathematical calculations the start of Bongabdo was on 12th April 594 CE.” This coincides with the coronation ceremony of Bongadhipati Sasanka, who was initially a sub-vassal of the Maulkhari kings (alternatively the Guptas), declared his independence and became the king of Gauda with his capital at Karnasuvarna, and Bongabdo started with the celebrations of his coronation year.

To instill the actual legacy of Bangabdo in public mind, ‘Bongiyo Sanatani Sanskriti Parishad’ and ‘Bangla Abar’ organized the progrrame of ‘Mangal Shobhayatra’ and “Sanskritik Anusthan” on April 15, featuring various cultural parts as playing Dhak and Shri-khol, the performance of Gaudiya Nritya, Kirtan , Baul, Poter-Gan, Bengali Poems and various discourses upon Bengal Dhrupadi song, dance, natak, and karu-kala.

The programmes were presented in such an attractive way, many passersby also joined the program enthusiastically.

Though, such an observation was made in ICCR’s  (Indian Council For Cultural Relations) Satyajit Ray Auditorium last year, this year the organisers of ‘Bangalir Nababarsha – Mangal Shobhayatra’ decided the program larger with the public.

The chief organiser of the programme, Sri Prabir Bhattacharya on behalf of ‘Bongiyo Sanatani Sanskriti Parishad’ and Sri Pritam Sarkar on behalf of ‘Bangla Abar’ expressed their pleasure for the success of the program and they thanked all participants in the event.


A Bengali Claneder of Bangabdo 1430 with the picture of Bangadhipati GaudaNripati Raja Shashanka was also published in the programme.

__Inputs from Agencies./ Courtesy: Newsroom Post.

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