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Congress Govt in Rajasthan demolished houses of hundreds displaced Pakistani Hindus in Jodhpur.

Gangana demolition

No place in Pakistan, not in India also…

Rajasthan:  Hundreds of houses of displaced Pakistani Hindus were bulldozed by JDA ruthlessly in the Gangana-Chowkha areas without any rehabilitation. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Jodhpur | April 24, 2023:: Houses of Displaced Hindus from Pakistan have been bulldozed by Congress Govt in Rajasthan today in village Gangana at Jhanwar road Jodhpur. The areas come under the Jodhpur Development Authority (JDA) where hundreds of Hindu families established their small houses at Gangana and Chowkha areas after coming to India due to Islamic persecution in Pakistan. Such families have been staying in India under long-term visas related to their religious tours in Haridwar and Jagannath Puri.

Hundreds of Hindu children and women have been forced to live on the streets after losing their houses have been destroyed ruthlessly. These migrant Hindus have been residing in the Gangana-Chowkha areas for a long time, but JDA wanted to vacate their lands of ‘encroachments’, supposedly to deliver those to other businessmen.

This is the colony of mainly Hindu Bhils who have come to India after fighting with Muslims to save their religion and still are coming continuously from Pakistan.

Unfortunately, such migrant Hindus are now facing the same torture and state-sponsored persecution in India as they already faced in Pakistan. More than 200 houses are demolished by the JDA in a day, as reported by authentic sources.

While the Central Govt of India led by PM Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party continuously advertised for CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) to rehabilitate such uprooted Hindus and other religious minorities (except Muslims) from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc, the same distressed people from Pakistan are being tortured and harassed in Rajasthan under a rule if Congress Govt.

In some available video footage, it is seen that the JDA officials along with Rajasthan Police are engaged in action to evacuate the Pakistani displaced Hindus from their newly build small houses forcefully and bulldozing those houses allegedly built in an unauthorized manner.

It is heard in the video, that victims are saying. “We were in sorrow in Pakistan, here in India we are still in sorrow” (Pakistan me ham dukhi the, Hindistan me bhi ham dukhi hai).

It is also alleged that the Police physically assaulted the members of the displaced Hindu family members including their women folk.

While, Police and some local newspapers backed by Congress claimed that the new settlements were ‘unauthorized’ and ‘encroachment, a spokesperson on behalf of the victims claimed the Rajasthan Govt donated huge lands for ‘Maulana University’ at a cost of 1 rupee, but they are evacuating de-facto Hindu refugees from  Pakistan without proving any proper rehabilitation for them.

The victims claimed that the habitation was allowed by the Sarpanch of Chowkha and they appealed both the Central and State governments to give proper rehabilitation of the victims.

__Inputs from Agencies.

2 comments on “Congress Govt in Rajasthan demolished houses of hundreds displaced Pakistani Hindus in Jodhpur.

  1. GRReddy
    April 25, 2023

    Impose president rule in Rajasthan enforce CAA


  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    April 25, 2023

    Bharat Vasi, bolo apna Sarkarse je dukhi logonko reccha karna. Bharat
    HINDU DESH hai. Bharat Vasi UTHO aur KARAM karo. Je semachar Sri
    Hanuman Seva Senaki hai.


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