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Ban on Hindu Jagruti Site will produce a Stronger and Unbeatable Hindu Media in Bharat.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 31, 2012

Ban on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Site will produce a Stronger and Unbeatable Hindu Media in Bharat.

~Upananda Brahmachari.

History repeats itself. The days of suffocating British Raj is back again through a notorious Italian lady, Sonia Gandhi nee Sonia Antonio Maino, (the real Vatican representative) and her Indian counterparts by censoring Hindu Media in a gag.   The present Congress led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) Govt. in India has banned numerous Hindu websites, blogs and pages in social media including the internet organ of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, a famous Hindu organisation with world reputation. Pro Muslim and Pro Christian Congress Party in a mood to persecute the majority Hindus all along.

If we want to look back the repression in the British Raj, we see that the infamous “Gagging Act” of 1857 has been passed following the 1st Great Indian War against the British. It sought to regulate the establishment of printing presses and to restrain the circulation of printed mater. All presses had to have a license from the government. No distinction was made between publications in English and other regional languages. The Act also held that no printed material impugning the motives of the British Raj, tending to bring it hatred and contempt and exciting unlawful resistance to its orders. When the British Government found that the Gagging Act was not potent enough to repress all Nationalist sentiments, it went on to create a more forcible law, designed in part by Sir Alexander Arbuthnot and Sir Ashley Eden, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. In the course of time, the Vernacular Press Act was passed in 1878 under the Governor Generalship and Viceroyalty of Lord Lytton, for ‘better control” of Indian language newspapers. The purpose of the Act was to control the printing and circulation of seditious material, calculated to produce disaffection, which was already present, against the British Government in India in the minds of the masses.

So far, thirty five vernacular papers in Bengal, including the Amrita Bazar Patrika, the editor of which was one Mahatma Sisir Kumar Ghose. Sir Ashley Eden summoned him and offered to contribute to his paper regularly, if he allowed what he published to go under scanner by Sir Ashley’s office first. Ghose refused, and remarked that “there ought to be at least one honest journalist in the land.” The Vernacular Press Act might be said to have grown from this incident. About the time the Act was passed, Sir Ashley remarked in a speech that forty five seditious writings published in fifteen different vernacular papers were presented before him before the Act was finalized. The Vernacular Press Act stated that any magistrate or Commissioner of Police had the authority to call upon any printer or publisher of a newspaper to enter into a bond, undertaking not to print a certain kind of material, and confiscate any printed mater it deemed objectionable. The affected party could not seek redress in a court of law. General threats to the Indian language press were these:

1. Any attempt to subvert the functioning of democratic institutions.

2. Agitations and violent incidents.

3. False allegations against British authorities or individuals.

4. Attempts at endangering law and order to disturb the normal functioning of the state.

5. Threats to internal stability.

Any one or more of the above were punishable by law. No redress could be sought in any court in the land.

In such a way of violation of jurisprudence and toeing the nature of democracy, the Britishers banned most of the Nationalist news papers and periodicals and also proscribed the writings of Vivekananda, Tilak, Aurobinda, Subhas, Savarkar and so on to curb on the struggle for freedom prior to our Independence in 1947.

Those black days are overlapping in a situation of semi-emergency now in Bharat (India), when the present heirs of those colonial authorities are repeating the same thing by banning Hindu Media to dismantle the unachieved Struggle for Hindu Freedom in Bharat. The corrupt Congress or the UPA is shameless. The so called social interlocutors and the media magnets are also magnificently malafide in nature.  So, we must condemn all of them with our utmost resentments.

As per reports the Govt in India has banned over 300 sites, blogs and pages, most of them are managed by Hindu individuals and organisations, without giving any intimation to the site owners. It is told that this ban has been made upon precautionary or preventative measures to check the Assam aftermath. But, there is hardly any Hindu retaliation yet in any corner of India except Assam, so that we may collect any evidence as a proof in connection with any repercussion generated from any Hindu site. But, most of the active Hindu sites are banned and the reactionary Muslim sites are allowed for the subversive activities against our Country and its people.

Those who are thinking that the ban on Hindu websites is effective on Hindu mainstream of life and Hindu activities, they are idiots enough. After banning the HINDUJAGRUTI SITE, hundreds of blogs and pages have erupted their pure dedication of Hindu Journalism as a supplementary to the HINDUJAGRUTI WEBSITE. And this can be a landmark to start a strong Hindu Media to replace the conventional Secular Media run by the Arab and Christian money power. So, a strong Hindu media is also an urgent need of the hours to kneel down the media menace of the secularists and to  nullify the Cyber Jihad waged against India by the Mullahs, as well.

We must enter now into building a strong Hindu Media in this critical juncture to knock down the anti national and anti Hindu ‘Secular Media’ which is most dangerous than anything.

Ban on Hindu Jagruti Site will produce a Stronger and Unbeatable Hindu Media in Bharat.

Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram!

Read some important reactions:

UPA banning HJS’ Website : Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi ! – B.R.Haran.

Senior Journalist.

I know the spirit of every Hindu volunteer serving under the banner of HJS is unbeatable – V.Sundaram, Janta Party.

It is a matter of great regret and shame that HJS website has been banned by the UPA ! – Narain Kataria, President, IAIF, USA.




HJS Press Conference protesting illegal ban upon HJS Site.

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Fiery demonstrations by Hindus at Jantar Mantar against ban on HJS & other Hindu Websites.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 30, 2012

Strong protest against Indian Govt’s Censorship on freedom of expression of media !  

New Delhi : On one hand, Central Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde declares Pakistan’s involvement in riots started by fanatic Muslims all over the country and on the other hand, the Central Government imposes ban, without giving any prior notice, on patriotic Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)’s website ‘’, ‘Twitter’ accounts of ‘Panchajanya’, Hindu journalists, leaders and organisations etc. thus jeopardising the freedom of expression. If such autocracy of the Congress Government in Centre continues, it may directly impose ban even on newspapers and news channels. The Central Government has put a curb on the freedom of expression and thoughts of media by imposing indirect Censorship. HJS, Bhagatsingh Krantisena, Shri Ramsena, Hindu Mahasabha and Panch Nad, therefore, held demonstrations at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to strongly oppose the Government’s stance.

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Hang Kasab Immediately as Supreme Court upholds Kasab’s death sentence.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 30, 2012

26/11: Supreme Court upholds Kasab’s death sentence.

NEW DELHI | Aug 29, 2012 : The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the plea of Ajmal Kasab in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case and upheld the sentence of death penalty awarded by the Bombay high court.
Kasab and his nine fellow jihadis had attacked CST railway station, Cama Hospital, Vinoli Chaupati junction, Oberoi Hotel, Taj Hotel, Nariman House and Leopold cafe in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 resulting in killing of 166 people and injuring 238 others.
A two-judge bench of the apex court pronounced the judgement at 10.30am.
The bench said the first and foremost crime committed by Kasab was that he participated in a conspiracy to wage war against India.

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Muslim perpetrator arrested for desecrating Amar Jawan memorial in Mumbai.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 30, 2012

Muslim perpetrator named Abdul Quadir Mohammed Younus Ansari who desecrated Amar Jawan memorial in Mumbai arrested from Bihar.


Younus Ansari ?!

Mumbai &Sitamarhi | 29thAugust, 2012 :: One of the two alleged rioters, who had vandalised the iconic Amar Jawan memorial during the August 11 (2012)violence here, was today arrested, taking the total number of arrests in the case to 54, police said today to the media.
Abdul Quadir Mohammed Younus Ansari (19), an unemployed youth, was picked up from Sitamarhi in Bihar yesterday. Ansari, who had damaged the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial, was preparing to flee to Nepal by crossing the border when he was apprehended,” said Joint Police Commissioner (crime) Himanshu Roy.
“Ansari was brought here today and placed under arrest, following which he was produced before a local court which remanded him in police custody till September 4,” Roy added.
Ansari, who hails from Bihar, had fled to this state in a train after his photograph was published in the news paper, to evade arrest, police said.

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Hindu Rashtra Conference in West Bengal.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 30, 2012

The Inauguration Of Hindurashtra Summit West Bengal Successfully Started With Passion For Hindurashtra

Hindurashtra Will Certainly Be Established With A Combination of Brahmatej and Kshatratej  - Sri Charudatt Pingley, National Guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.
Upananda Brahmachari, Mahesh Yogi, Charudutta Pingley
and Swami Pradiptananda (L to R) inaugurating the programme
Hindu Janjagruti Samiti organised a historical Hindu Rastra Adhiveshan(10th – 14th June, 2012) at Ramnathi, Goa for the re-establishment of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat within 2025. It was resolved then to hold state level conference in each state for the materialization of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. In this connection a state level conference is being organised at Arya Samaj Mandir, Salkia Howrah, on 25th and 26thAugust, 2012.
In the inaugural session the saints and dignitaries namely Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Swami Mahesh Yogi, Arya Samaj, Haridwar, Pujya Charudutta Pingle, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, emphasied on the immediate need for the Hindurashtra.
The audience observing the program
The grand occasion started with the inspirational speech of Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj from Beldanga Bharat Sebashram Sangh. He took the audience to the world of Hindurashtra where they could taste its essence in the uplifting of the nation as well as the universe and the need for Indians in general and Hindus in particular to make their lives status better in the current pseudo-secular nation. He revealed the way how Hindurashtra can be achieved in a path concreted by spirituality on one hand and nationalism on the other. The saint resembled Swami Vivekananda whom the westerners called a “soldier saint” due to his inbuilt nationalist spirituality. After listening to his intellectual caliber and stern voice one can easily guess why is he facing constant threats from the jihadists?

Hindurashtra in Bharat is the Birthright of World Hindus : HJS.

Hindurashtra in Bharat is the Birthright of World Hindus : Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan – West Bengal.
Team Asansol News, August 27, 2012; Kolkata.
From left: Swami Mahesh yogi, Pujya Charudatta Pingle, Acharya Brahmadatta and Swami Agamananda on dais 
The first day of the 2 days long Bengal Hindu Summit was successfully followed to the second day with only increased enthusiasm. After the main function met an end at the first day, the Hindu brothers and sisters present over there broke the barriers of age and the difference between speaker and audience, they took active part in the group discussions with the same panellist status to all of them. Group discussions were conducted on three problems viz. Goraksha under the leadership of AcharyaYogeshShashtri of Goraksha Dal, Love Jihad under TituShadowson of Asansol News and the present status of the Bengali Hindus under UpanandaBrahmachari of Hindu Existence.

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Four Cyber Jihadis arrested from Pune for spreading recent communal tension in India through SMS & MMS.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 22, 2012

The Islamic perpetrators who created recent riots, tension and loss in India, are exposed.

NE Exodus: 4 Muslims held for circulating objectionable SMS in city in connection with NE Student attacks…

Pune | Aug 22, 2012 ::  Four persons have been arrested by the cyber crime branch of city police in connection with inflammatory SMSes circulated here to allegedly foment violence against the north eastern residents.

The SMSes had allegedly incited the recent violent attacks on the north eastern students and workers that led to an exodus of the affected people to their home states, police said.

So far, the Pune police have arrested four persons for allegedly circulating objectionable SMS messages with the aim of creating enmity between two religions. The police identified the suspects as 1. Arif Munnawar Khan (47) of Bibvewadi, 2. Mohammed Afzal Abdul Rehman Khan (38) of Bhagyoday Nagar, Kondhwa, 3Imran Irfan Khan (39) of Sanjay Park, Viman Nagar and 4. Sarfaraz Mohammed Iqbal Khan (32) of Mamta Nagar, Sangvi.

They have been booked under Section 153 (a) of the Indian Penal Code for creating enmity between two groups on grounds of religion and Section 66 (a) (c) of the Information Technology Act.

Two offences were registered at the Cantonment and Kondhwa police stations after the attacks on Northeast students and working professionals in the city.

Around 15 youths from the Northeast were attacked or threatened in Pune since August 8 and later thousands left the city.

Investigations revealed that rumours spread through SMSes and a doctored MMS clip had triggered the incidents.

The cyber cell of Pune police found that four suspects were involved in circulating these objectionable SMSes. Deputy Commissioner of Police (cyber cell) Sanjay Shinde said, “All four suspects are well-educated and are employed at different private firms. One of them holds a postgraduate degree, Masters in Computers Management (MCM).”

[But their Islamic attitude, fundamental education, zeal for frenzy Jihad made them obstinate to wage a war through a cyber conspiracy against the general people, students of North East as well the peace loving people of other Indian cities.

In the recent Islamic riots and hooliganism in Ranchi, Bareilly, Bangalore, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune and other places, the so called Indian Muslims upsurged a Jihad against the Indian Nation and Majority Hindus.  They exploited Hindu women (including female constable on duty), hurt Hindus ruthlessly, spread panic and spoiled 1000 crores of public properties. ~ Ed. HE.]

The suspects were arrested on Monday. They were produced in the Cantonment court on Tuesday and remanded in police custody till August 23.

Police informed the court that the suspects, after getting the objectionable SMSes on their cellphones, circulated it. Police said objectionable SMSes were found in the cellphones used by all the four suspects. Police sought custody of the suspects to probe from where they had got these SMSes and to whom they had passed it on.

Police said a probe is on to identify the masterminds behind the objectionable SMSes and MMS clips. They added that the details of the calls made from the cellphones of the arrested suspects are also being probed.

DCP Shinde added the MMS clips that were circulated widely was “doctored and fabricated.” “We have got the report from experts about the doctored video clip,” he said.

Courtesy: Express News | Jagran Post.

Related Reading : India blames Pakistan for “cyber jihad” designed to spark ethnic strife. Source: The Telegraph. UK.

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GOI blocks Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Website in India ! Who is next ? Oh Hindus ! Start a Dharma Yudh !

Posted by hinduexistence on August 22, 2012

Indian Govt. blocks HJS Website in India !

Adhik Bhadrapad Shukla 3, Kaliyug Varsha 5114 | August 20, 2012  | Mumbai.

Ban on HJS Website : Ploy to suppress rising voice of Hindus

Because they cannot ban Sanatan Sanstha (SS) and Hindu Jnanjagruti Samiti (HJS), the rulers are putting a ban on the propagation of the mission of these organisations ! The rulers who  have imposed a ban on the websites of the Samiti today, will not hesitate to impose a ban on ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ as well as Sanatan Sanstha and HJS, tomorrow. 

ccording to an order from the Union Government, 250 websites that spread provocative news about the riots in Assam have been banned. Since yesterday, whenever readers throughout Bharat tried to visit, they were getting the message ‘As per the instructions from the Telecommunication department, this website has been blocked’. As a result they could not visit the website. If the readers have  experienced this, please let us know the name of the city, State, date etc. Samiti is consulting legal experts on this issue.

Samiti’s page on the social networking website Facebook also blocked !

After this decision, from the night of 19.8.2012 Samiti’s page ‘’ on social networking website Facebook has also been blocked.  Presently this page is not accessible all over Bharat; however, it is accessible abroad.

After the order was passed, it has been noticed that the page ‘’ belonging to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the social networking website Facebook has been blocked. Presently this page is not visible anywhere in Bharat; however, it visible outside Bharat.

On the website of HJS as well as the page on Facebook, articles that depicted the truth underlying the riots in Assam and Mumbai were placed. There was no provocative matter in these articles. Because of these articles, Hindus around the world were getting to know the truth about these issues. Hence, the possibility of the Union Government as part of its Muslim appeasement policy, banning this page that vents the atrocities faced by the Hindus, cannot be denied.

Until such time as the ban on Samiti’s page on Facebook is lifted, the readers are requested to visit the new page on Facebook –

If the visitors of the website want any guidance about the course of action to be taken pertaining to Nation and Dharma, they may please contact the local activists of the Samiti. [Source: HJS].


N.B. One can view the site of http://hindujagruti%5B.%5Dorg through http://ninjacloak%5B.%5Dcom . Try it.

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Is it not the right time to end up this Islamic menace through a great retaliation by Hindus?

Posted by hinduexistence on August 14, 2012


Pic [L]. Agitated protesters of a Muslim group damaging a bus at Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on 10-08-2012 in a  protest against the killings of Muslims in Myanmar.
Pic [R]. Agitated protesters of a Muslim groups start for a Jihadi activities in Mumbai on 11-08-2012 in a protest against the killings of Muslims in Myanmar and Assam.

Anti National Muslims of India want to create Jihadi hell here.

Is it not the right time to  end up these Islamic menace through a great retaliation by Hindus?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

An exalted Jihadi Rioters in Mumbai making a Photo shot for memory line.

The hell of Islamic Jihad is sprawling all over India to simply burn out the Hindu Kafirs here. And unfortunately Hindus are voluntarily jumping to that Islamic hell of fire in an utmost embarrassment.

In the row of so called protest over the killings and riots against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Kokrajhar, Assam, their Indian Counterpart waged a jahadi war against the State and public in general. By the by, these Rohingya Muslims are also the illegal Muslim population migrated from Bangladesh and have established a huge settlement of 4500 Rohingyas in the capital city of India,Delhi.

As per available information, 50,000 illegal BD Muslims have been efficiently disappeared from the North Bengal bus stops, railway stations, markets, urban and rural areas and obviously from the refugee camps for Kokrajhar victims (?), so warmly maintained by the West Bengal Govt and ruling TMC party as well. As per record these migrant BD Muslims are the head ache for the State administration from United Kingdom to United States. While the Bangladesh Govt. is negating the entry of Rohingyas in  BD, the Muslim leaders in India have lost their sound sleep in these matters.

The Indian Muslims are crying and retaliating for the illegal Myanmar and Kokrajhar Muslims. Ferocious Muslim leaders are raising a hue and cry in the state assemblies and Indian parliament for the rehabilitation of these illegal intruders as a new contingent of Islam to fight against the Indian Nation to break it up with fresh formation new Pakistans.

The anti national Muslims of Ranchi attacked the unwarranted Indian public all on a sudden to the Myanmar Muslim issue on Friday, 10th August; the Muslims of  Mumbai plan fully gathered in Friday’s weekly prayer at Azad Maidan to protest the violence in Assam, while the Raza Academy also convened a protest meeting on Saturday (11/08/2012) to retaliate over Rohingya killings at Myanmar.

Sources disclosed that Raza Academy members were stunned to see the crowd swelling from their expected 1,000-odd number to over 50,000. Though police ascertains only a 12-15 thousand mob did all these holy Islamic activities against the State and its people. Mainly Kashmir, Assam and Myanmar Muslims were in the main agenda to provoke Jihad in the Muslim psyche to dismantle the total Police and Administration in Mumbai city.

The agitation was supported by other organisations like Sunni Jamaitul Ulma and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa. Awami Vikas Party (AVP), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.

As per reports Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri (U.P) was main Culprit for Mumbai menace on 11/8 Mumbai riots, whose inflammatory speech changed the situation so virulent.  When Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri was giving a provocative speech, a mob of around 3,000 became agitated and came out of the Azad Maidan with banners, flags and bamboos in their hands and raised slogans. They were joined by a group of 1,000 young men who came out of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. They raised slogans, used abusive language, and soon turned violent despite the police’s appeals for peace, the report stated. It is believed that the mob too wanted to join the protest.

Senior police officials said they were in the process of ascertaining if any provocative speech was made from the dais that instigated the mob. Official sources said 17 speakers were on the dais during the protest. Only five had finished their speeches. When the fifth speaker — Maulana Kadri — was giving a provocative speech, he was allegedly stopped by a policeman. The speeches made by Maulana Niyamat Noori, Guddu Bhaiyya, Maulana Akhtar Ali, Maulana Amanullah Barkati and Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri are under the police scanner. The police said that if their speeches were found to be provocative, they would be arrested and booked under Section 153(a) of the Indian Penal Code. According to the report, the rioters allegedly molested women constables on duty, snatched two Self-Loading Rifles and one service revolver, 160 live rounds of cartridges, including 150 rounds of SLR and 10 rounds of service revolver. They also desecrated the ‘Amar Jawan’ memorial at CST and tried to burn down police vans with policemen in them. “It was sheer luck that we were able to rescue the policemen from the vans. The mob had locked them in and was not allowing them to come out,” a senior police officer told. Unofficially, it has been ascertained that 50,000 Muslims of Mumbai were participated and helped the rioters  in various ways.

The police arrested 23 people in connection with Saturday’s violence at the Azad Maidan rally that left two people dead and many injured.

All have been booked for rioting, murder and attempt to murder, molestation of women constables and damaging public property and media’s OB Vans etc. Media personnel were also put in a severe attacks.

All the 23 rioters so far arrested by Mumbai Police are devout Muslims and fanatic  Jihadis, some of them exploited and  vandalised the iconic Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial near CST.

Now Mumbai police, having drawn flak for its massive failure to contain the riots on Saturday, is now going on an overdrive to nab the miscreants.According to reports, the entire force and its network is hot on the heels of these unidentified protestors, who kicked at the memorial, smashed it with a lathi, and then damaged the rifle and helmet inside the fibre glass casing.
Mumbai might have been organised at the behest of elements linked to All India United Democratic Front. AIDUF chief and perfume baron Badruddin Ajmal, who represents the Dhubri Lok Sabha constituency, has been demanding dissolution of the Bodo Territorial Council, saying that its structure was skewed against non-Bodos (or Bengali-speaking Muslims) who formed the majority. Ajmal is said to have wide business interests in Mumbai. However, Ajmal has denied any AIUDF link to the violence in Mumbai. In these days Badruddin Ajmal of AIUDF and Asaduddin Owaisi, MP of Hyderabad and Leader of AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) are going hand to hand to polarize Muslim vote bank and communalize the Indian Politics as Muslim League’s strategy as before.

Curfew in four areas in Bareilly,  UP. 

In a very shrewd manner, the Muslims of India are now crying purposely for victim of Assam or Myanmar Muslims only to rouse a crude communal feelings in Muslims society so that the major portion of them can start a direct action against Hindus of their prime localities.

In this connection the riot situations have been plotted in Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) also. The frenzy Muslim Mob directly attacked vehicles, shops and public life in Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on Friday (10-08-2012) in the matter of Myanmar and Assam Muslims. But, in Bareilly the Jihadi Muslims foiled with Hindus over a Janmastami (Birth day of Lord Krishna)  procession on (11-08-20112) and the Muslims speakers started provocation with the reference of Myanmar and Assam incidents

Understanding these unholy design of Muslim provocateurs, we have to ugly and subversive strength behind it. Apparently the Indian Muslims are crying for Muslim brethren in Myanmar or Assam, but they are fighting the Islamic flag atop the Parliament or President’s House in India.

We have only one demand. We want a Muslim India.

In the demands of higher Muslim reservation in every sphere by notorious Azam Khan, the Uttar Pradesh Minister of Minority Welfare Deptt., or the demand of dissolution of Bodo Council in Assam by Badaruddin Azmal , or restrictions imposed on Ramnavami in Hyderabad by Akbaruddin Owaisi, the local MLA of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen,or demanding a Muslim Chief minister in West Bengal by Nazrul Islam, an IPS Officer in concurrent service, or the deadly lust for the killing of a law consultant Pallavi Purakayastha by a Muslim night-watchman (actually Kashmiri) to fulfill a Love Jihad, or a huge coordination between all the Muslim NGOs and the Religious groups to form an alternative political power in India to conquer  the Indian scenario, have a certain unison for the simulation of Pan Islamism in India.

This making of Dar-ul-Islam in India cannot be completed with bloody Jihad. So the streets and corners of Mumbai, Korajhar, Bareilly or Ranchi are bound to see the repetition of bloodshed and social crisis with every possible ares in India.

Still then why Hindus are sleeping all along?

1. Our imposed secularism in Indian constitution always caring for the 2nd largest population of India, i.e. Muslims. But, what kind of treatments are given to the 2nd largest population of Pakistan and Bangladesh, i.e. Hindus there? Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh are leaving their soil after a sever Islamic persecution as a well-known factor now a days.

But the same persecuting Muslim people demand a prospective Pakistan once again. Now reservation, next new home land for Muslims like the demand of Pakistan as earlier. The Muslims strength about 3.75 crore now reached 18.75 crores. Just 5 times growth in 65 years. It can never be possible in any discriminating situation like the minorities in separated parts of India.

Muslims are flourishing enough in India within minimum reservation and maximum appeasement.

2. Again Muslims of India does not believe in Indian constitution and Vande Mataram unanimously. They believe and put high the Sharia above the Indian Constitution. So, their claims of constitutional reservation for job, education, politics, grants, subsidies, trades etc. are ultra vires.

3. This ancient land of Bharatvarsa was divided in Bharat – Pakistan on the basis of Two Nation Theory, very unfortunately in 1947. Higher majority of Muslims of then India voted Muslim League to perpetuate the Two Nation Theory. The claimed even exchange of population. They denied stay in an Undivided Nation with the Hindu Kaffirs. This is the reality of History so far ignored. MUSLIMS GOT THEIR PAKISTAN. THIS BHARAT IS OBVIOUSLY MEANT FOR HINDUS. Muslims have no right to stay in India. How the Muslims have got the rights to stay here to raise their cheater’s voice to make a new Pakistan here so openly. STOP MUSLIM RESERVATION MUSLIM RESERVATION IMMEDIATELY.

4. Hindus of Pakistan is now turned a microscopic race there with a meager 1.86% at present. In 1947 Hindus were the 16% of total population of Pakistan. But through an Islamic chain of persecution including killing, looting, molestation, ransom, abduction, hate preaching, forceful marriage and conversion, Hindus have been dying every moment in Pakistan. The Hindu batches coming to India and seeking long-term visa in India tell the truth. This truth relates to Islam which inspire Muslims to convert this whole world into Islam and the seize the live rights of Non Muslims. Statistics may differ, but the truth is virtual. From the beginning Islam captured their land by mitigating the rights of Non Muslims at any cost. Arab was fortified with 100% ethnic cleansing of non-believers. Gradually this Islamic theme was adopted in every Muslim Country for which Non Muslims are not safe in any Muslim Country or in any Muslim majority area. In Islamic Bangladesh the Hindus and Other Non Muslims are facing the same situation. Muslims always target the land, populace, women and money of others as a hard rock reality. The  27% Hindu population of Bangladesh in 1971 came down to 9% today under the same Islamic persecution.

This set examples of insane and brute Islam only demand a ravage retaliation to Islam by paying back them in their own coins.

5. While  offence is the best defense, why Hindus of India do not undertake the ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ policy to ensure Hindus’ safety, security and future. Hindus must start retaliation against persecuting Islam everywhere with an ultimate goal of Hindu Rashtra (Hindu State) in India, as one billion Hindus have no Hindu State in this world. The claim, war and establishment of Hindu  Rashtra in Bharat (India) is the ultimate solution of Islamic menace in India.

Courtesy : News Agencies | Related Electronic and Print Media | PEW Forum.

An Important Notification from ABVP

enlarge it for easy reading:

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Again a top Hindu Saint arrested by anti Hindu Congress Govt. in India. Baba Ramdev arrested from marching towards Parliament and released subsequently.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 13, 2012

Baba Ramdev will end fast today but agitation against Corruption and Black money in foreign banks will go on : Hindustan Times.

After cops threaten eviction, Ramdev says will end fast today : Indian Express.

Tension builds as Baba Ramdev, supporters refuse to leave stadium. Ultimately released.

Baba Rramdev speaking after release.

New Delhi: 13 August, 2012 :: With his arrest in the capital today, yoga icon Baba Ramdev delivered the sort of momentum and energy that was missing at the protest camp where he spent the last four days on a hunger strike against corruption and black money.

As the guru was brought, riding atop a bus, into the Ambedkar Stadium in Central Delhi, just minutes away from the Ferozeshah Kotla stadium, there were huge traffic jams, the result of sudden showers and thousands of his followers, streaming into the makeshift jail where Baba Ramdev was to be detained. By 7:30 pm, there were 8,000 people at the stadium; worried about crowd control, the police said they were free to leave. “We have won 100%,” he said to his audience. “The victory of a movement lies in its people,” he said. The crowd roared.  Read details here.

Police release Baba Ramdev and supporters : DNA.


Baba Ramdev exhorting his supporters to remove the Congress-led UPA from power, while being arrested by Delhi Police. [Pic. L].

Lakhs of activists following Baba Ramdev’s Sansad Abhiyan. Baba arrested and released ultimately.  [Pic. R].

Agitation against corruption and bring back black money from foreign bank under the preventive list of Congress and UPA – II.

Baba Ramdev taken into preventive custody.

Think an Abdulla Bhukhari or any non Hindu Leader here. What happened then?

PTI | Aug 13, 2012, 02.52PM IST :: NEW DELHI: Yoga guru Ramdev on Monday courted arrest after he was stopped by Delhi Police from marching towards Parliament as part of his intensified protest against corruption and bringing back black money stashed away on foreign shores.

Ramdev courted arrest along with thousands of his supporters near the Ranjit Singh flyover, just a few metres away from the Ramlila Maidan in central Delhi, the venue of his fast protest since Thursday.

“Delhi Police is a puppet in the hands of the Central government. We will not do anything that disrupts peace. We wanted to march towards Parliament in a peaceful manner to make our voices heard,” he told his supporters before courting arrest.

“Our intention is not to disrupt peace. We will cooperate with the police and go according to the law. We have respect to the law of the land,” he said before getting into a Delhi Transport Corporation bus which Delhi Police had brought to take him.

He is being taken to Bawana on the outskirts of Delhi. Holding the national tricolour, Ramdev hopped into a open vehicle from outside the Maidan in central Delhi and began his march at 1:15pm. He was soon joined by thousands of his supporters.

“Let us start the march to Parliament. Our march is not to gherao Parliament. But to agitate. None of our volunteers should indulge in violence,” he told his supporters before beginning his march.

Ten minutes into the march, the cavalcade was stopped by Delhi Police near the flyover, saying that they do not have permission to march.

Heavy police presence could be seen outside Ramlila Maidan and Ranjit Singh Flyover, the route of the protest march.

Ramdev announced on Monday morning that he and his supporters would march towards Parliament and hold an agitation outside the complex.

“The government has become completely deaf. We have to make them hear us. Now our protest will be outside Parliament. We are not talking about gherao,” Ramdev said while addressing his supporters in the morning.

“Lok Sabha polls will be in 2014 and 99 per cent could be in 2013. This protest is to ensure that no dishonest person enters Parliament. Such people should be boycotted. We do not have a political agenda,” he said.

Earlier, BJP president Nitin Gadkari and JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav shared the dais with Ramdev, who attacked Congress and asked people to throw out the UPA government accusing it of not acting against corruption and black money.

The NDA leaders appeared on the stage and sat with Ramdev and his supporters. TDP leader Nama Nageshwara Rao, BJP MP Vijay Goel and Akali Dal representatives also shared the stage with Ramdev.

The presence of NDA leaders assume significance in the wake of Ramdev taking a vow to oust the Congress in the 2014 elections.

Gadkari pledged his party’s “full support” to the yoga guru’s agitation against black money and launched a blistering attack on the Congress-led UPA Government on issues like corruption and black money.

In his address, Gadkari told Ramdev that the BJP would stand “fully behind him” in his agitation demanding bringing back black money stashed away in foreign banks and that the party was raising the issue in Parliament.

“There is no political agenda to this agitation. This agitation should not be seen from political prism. This is an agitation of the people of the country and not of one single party. Black money should be brought back to the country and spent on the country’s development,” he said. [ Courtesy: PTI | TOI | HT | IBN Live | Indian Express | DNA.]

Again a Hindu Saint arrested by anti Hindu Congress Govt. in India.

Courtesy: News24.

Related readings : Baba Ramdev detained, plan to protest outside Parliament foiled : Hindustan Times.

Baba Ramdev detained, anti-black money protest ends : IBN Live.

Baba Ramdev detained on the way to Parliament, gets support from NDA, SP : India Today.

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Indian Muslims cry for illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam and Mayanmar. Trying Riot in every corner in India. Red Alert for Mumbai.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 12, 2012

Protesters carried Pakistani Flag or the Flag of Muslim League as alleged. Indian Muslims for illegal BD and Maynmar Muslims to rehabilitate them in India. Photo – Agencies.

2 dead, 55 hurt as protest over Assam riots turns violent in Mumbai.

Vehicles in flames near CST Station after a protest against Assam riots turned violent in Mumbai.  PHOTO/SHASHAK PARADE.PTI.

MUMBAI | 11 August, 2012 | PTI  | Agencies ::  Two persons were killed and at least 55 injured, including 45 policemen, when a protest here against Assam riots turned violent here today as demonstrators clashed with the police which opened fire to disperse the mob.

Hundreds of people poured in at Azad Maidan in south Mumbai this afternoon on a call given by a city-based outfit, Raza Academy, to denounce the riots in Assam and also alleged attacks on a minority community in Myanmar. [Some 10 Thousand Rohingya Muslims from Mayanmar are staying illegally in Delhi and other places in India. – ed.]

The protesters torched vehicles of the media and the police and pelted stones.

Unconfirmed reports said one of the deceased could have been hit by a bullet fired by the police.

Police spokesman Nisar Tamboli said only a postmortem would bring out what exactly caused the deaths.

Hundreds of people turned up at Azad Maidan Ground, the popular protest venue, in south Mumbai this afternoon on a call given by a city-based outfit, Raza Academy, to denounce the riots in Assam and also alleged attacks on minority community in Myanmar. Awami Vikas Party (AVP), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.

The protesters suddenly turned unruly and set afire vehicles, damaged buses and indulged in stone-pelting.

Police opened fire and resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the mob, said a policeman deployed at the Azad Maidan.

At least 55 persons were injured of whom two succumbed in a government hospital at south Mumbai.

“Two youths, Mohammed Umar (22) and Altaf Shaikh (18), who were injured in the violence and were in critical condition, died while undergoing treatment at St George Hospital,” a civic body official told PTI.

Among the injured were some mediapersons, including Prashant Sawant of `Sakal Times’ and Vivek Bendre of `The Hindu’. All injured were shifted to J J Hospital, St George Hospital, GT Hospital and Bombay Hospital, police said.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said in a statement that the Crime Branch has been asked to probe “whose hand was behind the violence and how the protest turned so violent”.

He said altogether 45 police personnel and 10 others have been injured.

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Taka 643.55 crore to propagate Islam through Digital Quran site for converting Hindu-Bhuddhist-Christian Minorities in Bangladesh.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 11, 2012

Under the policy of Pan Islamism, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina  lunched ‘Quran Digital site’ to propagate Islam and to convert Non Muslim Minorities in Bangladesh.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Opening of Digitalised Quran Site ( by Fundamental BD Prime Minister.

Dhaka |  Aug 10, 2012 — Now the pro Islamic attitude of BD Prime Minister is exposed enough. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the Awami League Supremo, Sheikh Hasina on Friday asked Muslims in Bangladesh to follow the life of Muhammad   and encourage people from other religions to convert to I-s-l-a-m

“We want to let everyone know about Islam. We all should try to get others drawn to taking to Islam,” the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said this while launching the website “Al Quran: Digital” at a function at Osmani Memorial auditorium here today.

She hoped the message of peace in Islam would reach the people in all levels of society ‘very easily’ through this initiative of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Hasina said, “We want to reach the message of peace of Islam to people as we always hope that the aim of the teachings of the Holy Quran will be achieved.”

“We need to do our duties to the people understanding the essence of Islam. I want to continue work for human welfare following the path shown by Prophet Muhammad.”

During the ceremony, the Prime Minister inaugurated the web portal, Al Quran: Digital, in a laptop and the application in an iPad.

Arabic, Bengalee and English versions, both for reading and listening, of the Quran will be available on the website ( The Quran can be downloaded in e-book format from the site while ‘Al Quran: Digital’ will also be available in DVDs.

Hasina also expressed gratitude to the Almighty Allah for having the opportunity to inaugurate the website in the month of holy Ramadan, also the month of the advent of the holy book.

“The Quran is very much a scientific book, as well it’s a guideline for our personal, family and social life. It preaches message for people’s right, justice, equality, brotherhood, religious fraternity and harmony,” she said.

In this context Sheikh Hasina highlighted her government’s steps taken for promotion of Islam and said her government is working in this regard as followed by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Sheikh Hasina addressing the function: “encourage people from other religions to convert to Islam.”

She said Bangabandhu during his three and a half years tenure had made immense contribution to promotion and publicity of Islam in the country. He had founded Islamic Foundation and Madrasa Board, allocated land for Kakrail mosque and for Biswa Ijtema in Tongi, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, Bangabandhu joined OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries)  to build up ties of Bangladesh with Muslim world and project country’s positive image before them.

“We are following the path of Bangabandhu, she said noting that her government has arranged Mosque based children and mass-education programme for millions of children to learn Quran, which was closed by BNP-Jamaat alliance government.

“Our government allocated Taka 643.55 crore for the programme, creating job opportunity for thousands of Aleem and Olema and helping millions of children and elderly persons to learn the holy Quran in right order,” BD Prime Minister said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has taken initiative to involve religious leaders with human resource development activities. A Hajj-friendly policy has been prepared eliminating all irregularities in Hajj management and discipline has been restored in this sector, she said.

As such it is re-established that the present Govt in Bangladesh is dedicated to re frame Bangladesh as a pure Islamic Country in which the non Muslim minorities have to face the Islamic persecution under the diktat of Quran.

Two Rioters of Great Calcutta Killing Side by side. Suhrawardy (left) with Mujibur Rahman (Right).

Actually the father of  Sheikh Hasina, (the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh), was the founder of Bangladesh. The founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman was obviously a very communal personality and close aide to Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, (the then Premier of undivided Bengal) both of them were notorious for operating Great Calcutta killing (Direct Action Day) in 1946 against Hindu people very ruthlessly.  History ascertains that  Mujib was one of the Muslim politicians and hard core  working under Suhrawardy during the communal violence that broke out in Calcutta, in 1946, just before the partition of India. Now Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of infamous culprit of Great Calcutta Killing is maintaining her crucial  role to complete Islamisation of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Govt is now trying hard to convert all the Non Muslim, Hindu-Buddhist-Christian people of Bangladesh very unethically by promoting a barbaric cult of looting, raping, killing and destroying a free civil society.  Islam is not a religion at all. It is nothing but an expansion of Arab supremacist  through out the world.  International Indian Communities and Hindu Orgs. must address this ethnic crisis of Bangladesh in right forums very promptly.

Read here:  The Plight of Pakistani Hindus.

Pakistani Hindus arrive with horror tales : Hindustan Times Report.

In the backdrop of a 14-year-old Hindu girl’s abduction in Pakistan’s Jacobabad city in Sindh province three days ago, a controversy erupted when a delegation of 150 Hindus was detained by Islamabad for seven hours on Friday before being allowed to enter India for a pilgrimage.  Head of the delegation Anup Kumar said they were supposed to cross over to India in the afternoon, but their arrival was delayed because the Pakistani authorities were apprehensive that they may not return due to the law and order problems in the southern province of Sindh, where most of Pakistan’s estimated seven million Hindus live. Read the full story here.

Pakistani Hindu pilgrims say they don’t want to return from India: Read details in IBN Live India.


Courtesy: CNN-IBN | IBN Live India | Hindustan Times | ND Tv India.

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A senseless UPA and Congress Govt deepening Assam Riots. Fresh Riots recurring. CBI probe starts. Join Signature Campaign against Illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 10, 2012

Assam riots: CBI probe starts amid fresh violence

View Every updates of Assam Riots :

PTI | Aug 09, 2012, 16:16PM IST :  Guwahati: A CBI inquiry into the Assam violence has been initiated and the Army put on alert, the government told the Rajya Sabha on Thursday as the opposition alleged that the region was not safe because of vote bank politics by the ruling Congress.

Replying to a debate on the issue of violence in Assam that has so far claimed 74 lives, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said the government was taking the issue seriously and has already initiated a CBI inquiry to ascertain the causes behind violent incidents.

“The government is taking this issue very seriously. A CBI team has gone there and an inquiry has started….I have instructed the Army to be alert,” he said.

As the opposition created an uproar expressing dissatisfaction over his reply, Shinde said, “I have instructed the Army to be on alert. What else do you want?”

He also listed the steps taken by the government to provide relief and rehabilitation, but the opposition dismissed what he said by creating uproar.

Earlier, leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley charged the government with adopting the policy of vote bank politics that led to the current violent incidents in the state and alleged that the region was “not safe in its hands” if such a policy continued.

Jaitley also urged the government to have a relook at “this vote-bank policy” and start identifying the real problem of illegal infiltration that was causing unrest in the area.

“If you adopt the original line of Gopinath Bordoloi (who wanted the cultural and linguistic identity of the Northeast) India will be safe in your hands. But if you adopt vote bank politics, I don’t think this region is safe in your hands,” he said.

Jaitley accused the Centre of adopting a “clerical” approach to the problem and urged the Home Minister to reject such an approach.

“Here was a government which not only discarded the original Assam line…” but encouraged illegal infiltration enmasse in search of votebank politics, he said.

Welcoming the CBI probe into the issue, Jaitley urged the government not to treat this as a “simple crime” and not “miss out” on the issues as to why such incidents have taken place.

He also feared that going by “the kind of situation that is existing in these areas, such incidents are likely to be repeated”.

“Is this is not a normal consequence of the unnatural change of the demography that has taken place in those areas?” he asked.

Reminding the Congress leadership of the policy adopted by its former leader in Assam Gopinath Bordoloi, who wanted the cultural and linguistic identity of the North East, particularly of Assam, to be maintained, the BJP leader charged the ruling party with adopting a policy of vote-bank politics by allowing illegal immigrants and not deporting them.

“The Congress leadership at the time of partition was fully conscious of the North East and rightly so that its identity has to be maintained…Unfortunately somewhere post- Independence the line that the Congress took before partition was altered by the subsequent people in the party.

“They realised that Assamese vote was going away from them and so they were in search for an alternative vote bank…It is the pursuit of that alternative votebank that is the reason for the problems today,” Jaitley said. [From Dainik Bhaskar].

Assam riots: Four more bodies found, toll 77

PTI | GUWAHATI | 8 August 2012:: Four more bodies were recovered today in lower Assam, which witnessed fresh incidents of violence, taking the toll to 77, police said.

“Two bodies, that of a male and a female from the minority community, were recovered from Kokrajhar district, and one each from Baksa and Chirang districts,” Assam IGP (law and order) L R Bishnoi said.  [Pic. given above is representational].

He said of the two bodies found from Kokrajhar, one was fished out from Champa river and another was recovered from Gossaigaon area.

“There were certain fresh incidents of violence but the police has taken timely action to prevent escalation,” Bishnoi said.

The rival Bodo and Minority communities had planned attacks but intelligence inputs had helped in prempting the violence. They had planned arson in several interior villages but were thwarted by security forces, the IGP claimed.

Curfew is on in all four strife-torn districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Dhubri, he said.

AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh is currently touring affected areas of Kokrajhar today.

The state government has directed the district administration to take stern action to ensure that there is no further outbreak of violence.

Fresh clashes between Bodos and minority immigrants had erupted on August 5 in the lower Assam districts after a relative calm of 10 days.

A CBI team is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow following chief minister Tarun Gogoi’s recommendation for a probe by the central agency, officials said.

A five-member team of Group of Ministers, constituted by the chief minister, visited refugee camps in Dhubri reviewed relief measures and directed the district administration to ensure health and hygiene. [From TOI].

Pic. Rep.

Join Signature Campaign to protest against Assam Rioters and Illegal Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators: 

Foil the attempts of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators to capture Assam.

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Heinous Firing on Sikh devotees in a US Gurudwara on Sunday services. Hindu Existence strongly condemns.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 6, 2012

Man with 9/11 tattoo kills six in US Gurdwara

At least seven killed in shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple ~ gurudwara.

Sikh brothers protest on Gurudwara Killing in US.

WISCONSIN, US |  Monday, August 6, 2012 – A shooting during Sunday services at a Sikh temple yesterday left at least seven people dead, including a gunman, and at least three critically wounded. Police said they believed only one gunman was involved.

A white man with a 9/11 tattoo, that’s how the coldblooded killer who shot dead six persons at a Gurudwara in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek, Wisconsin was described by eyewitnesses. 

The 40-year-old man is said to be a resident of the same neighbourhood, entered the Gurdwara from the kitchen side with a gun, when food was being prepared for Sunday community lunch, and started firing indiscriminately. By the time the police arrived and engaged him in a gun fight, he had shot dead 6 persons and injured at least 10. 

The senseless killer was shot dead by the police. 

The mass killing began when a gunman or gunmen walked into the kitchen of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin about 10.30am local time and started shooting, according to congregation members in touch with people inside the building. “It was a very co-ordinated thing. It wasn’t haphazard,” temple member Amardeep Kaleka told CNN.

He said his father was wounded in the attack at the temple in a suburb south of Milwaukee.

Greenfield police chief Bradley Wentlandt said four people were killed inside the temple.

Three were shot dead outside, including a gunman killed by a police officer.

He declined to say whether there was more than one shooter, but hours after the attack heavily armed officers were still searching the sprawling temple complex for other suspects.

Milwaukee’s Froedtert Hospital said three men had been brought in wounded and were in critical condition. One was in the operating room, the hospital said in a statement.

The 20-year veteran officer who exchanged fire with the gunman was hit several times, Mr Wentlandt said. He was taken to hospital and is expected to survive.

Witnesses said hostages were being held inside the temple but police did not confirm this.

US president Barack Obama, alerted of the shooting at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, said he was “deeply saddened” by the attack, according to a White House statement.

He said his administration would give whatever aid was needed to respond to and investigate it.

The Indian embassy in Washington said it was in contact with the White House’s national security council about the shooting and an Indian diplomat had been sent to the Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

The mass killing in Oak Creek is yet another in a recent rampage by gunmen in suburban America.

Hindu brothers and sisters mourn in candle light.

In July, 12 people were killed and 58 wounded when a shooter opened fire at a screening of the latest Batman film in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado. In January 2011, then-congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords was the target of an assassination attempt in which six people were killed and 13 were wounded.

“The gunman is worse than the one at the theater a couple of weeks ago because he targeted an entire community,” said temple member Jagatjit Sidhu.

He was among dozens of temple members and onlookers who gathered in a car park near the temple after police sealed the building off.

The Sikh faith includes belief in only one God and that the goal of life is to lead an exemplary existence. It is the fifth-largest organised religion in the world with more than 30 million followers.

The temple in Oak Creek was founded in October 1997 and has a congregation of 350 to 400 people. There are an estimated 500,000 or more Sikhs in the US.

In the US, especially since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, Sikhs have sometimes been confused publicly with Muslims because of their turban headdress and beards. In September 2001, a Sikh petrol station owner in Arizona was shot dead by a man who was said to be seeking revenge on Muslims for the attacks on the US.

Members of the Milwaukee Sikh community complained to police and a state representative last year about an increase in robberies and vandalism at Sikh-owned petrol stations and shops. – (Reuters/Zeenews Bureau).

Related Stories: Alleged Sikh temple killer had a long history in the white-power rock scene: civil rights watchdog. : Daily News.

US gurdwara shooting: 6 killed, 3 critically wounded. :The Indian Express.

US gurudwara shooting: FBI joins probe, hunts for motive. :Hindustan Times.

Gurdwara gunman ambushed police officer as well. :First Post.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin: Family, Friends and Victims Mourn Shooting. :abc News.

Courtesy: All links above.

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Assam Crisis, Bangladeshi Influx, Muslim Politics, Jihadi Militancy and Satra Encroachment.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 5, 2012

United Muslim National Army behind clashes in Assam : BLT Leader.

5548 Bighas of religious land of 26 Satra (Vaishnava Prayer Complex) in Assam encroached by Muslim migrants: Report.

Assam in an Islamic deadline?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

04 Aug 2012 | Guwahati  :: Everybody blame on situation. Nobody finds the truth. A neo Islamic invasion in various forms captures Assam day by day to establish a Kashmir in this north eastern state in India. Islamic politics, Muslim appeasement, Bangladeshi Influx, Jihadi Militancy and Satra Encroachment all are put in the bed o Assam to destabilize the land under a definite Islamic design.

Through a breakthrough revelation it is found that Newly formed United Muslim National Army (UMNA) might be  behind the ethnic clashes in Bodoland Territorial Administered Districts (BTAD) in lower Assam that claimed 56 lives, thousand injured and lakhs of people displaced recently. The  former militant outfit Bodoland Liberation Tigers(BLT) alleged this new theory on Wednesday over the recent Indigenous Assam (Bodo) people vs the illegal Muslim migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh.

Jonomohan Mushahary, chairman of the now defunct BLT Welfare Society, alleged that UMNA was created in June 15 this year and was behind last month’s violence with support from All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU)and All Bodoland Minority Students’ Union (ABMSU).

UMNA, he claimed, is headed by policeman Ramjan Islam alias Mohibul Islam alias Ratul who was planning to destabilize BTAD and form a ‘Muslim Land’ including 13 districts of Assam upto Golaghat.

Mushahary urged the government to maintain a strict watch over the activities of AAMSU and ABMSU and asked all organisations to strive for permanent peace in BTAD. He also warned political leaders not to play politics on this sensitive issue.

He demanded immediate update of the National Register of Citizens with March 25, 1971 as cut-off date and early distribution of land deeds so that the rehabilitation of the people could be done on its basis.`

He also urged the government to probe the statement by pro-talk ULFA leader Mrinal Hazarika that a boat carrying arms had crossed the Brahmaputra river from Bangaldesh.

”Hazarika said two more boats are on the way. The government must investigate this. It is a serious matter”, he added.

After the clash when the indigenous Bodo people gallantly defused the Islamic conspiracy to encroach Bodo dominated lands, the perfume Barron  and  All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) president Badruddin Ajmal Qasmi demanded to defunct BTC (Bodoland  Territorial Council). As such it is proved that the Muslims of Assam have been helping the settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims to gave a Muslim majority by any means even through deploying Muslim rioters upon the peace loving indigenous Bodo people.

All on a sudden the sympathizers for illegal  migrant Muslims from Bangladesh have reached to Assam land to run relief works with a certain aim to fuel Muslim militant outfits of Assam. A huge relief fund is being collected to run relief and subversive activities by an Muslim Organization named Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre at Palton Road, Opp Crawford Market, Mumbai-400 001 and  Main Road, Hojai, PIN – 782435.

Notorious MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) president Asaduddin Owaisi is bound to lead  a relief team on Friday (03/08/2012) to Assam which has recently witnessed unprecedented violence and dislocation of lakhs of people. Owaisi along with a team of 11 doctors and two paramedics will visit Dhubri district in Assam.

“Within five days of intense violence over 4.5 lakh people were displaced. The official death toll was about 50. While the relief workers still can’t reach refugee camps, the affected people in Assam need every possible help to overcome their sufferings,” Owaisi told TOI adding that he had visited the ethnic violence-hit state recently. On his return to Hyderabad he announced Rs. 1.25 crore worth of relief material for the affected people. He also met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with Badruddin Ajmal, MP and president of the All India United Democratic Front in Assam and briefed him about the conditions of the affected population. “The people of Assam are going through a rare phase in their history. As a matter o fact MIM and AIUDF are jointly maneuvering a definite Jihad in Assam with syphoning  a huge amount of money in Assam  to help the subversive Muslim groups.

Both the Ajmal and Owaisi told that the 90% victims are Muslims. As per statistics there are  9,57,064 voters in total  in Kokrajhar and the total Muslim voters is 1,84,441. The Muslim organisations and the fundamental Muslim leaders are always referring 3-6 lakhs victims in recent Kokrajhar riot. Then from where these three to six lakh population came within the riot prone areas.  This question has also been raised by Women Right activist Anjali Daimary, who is the president of Bodo Women Justice Forum (BWJF).

Assam is now under the claws of Islamic demon. This demon can only be clamped by a sustainable resurgence of Indigenous spirit of Unity and Patriotism with Traditional valour of Ahom , Bodo, Kamta people and so on.

Our Assam correspondent B Paul informed that the Muslim organisations of Assam have been unified under an unidentified banner like Assam Muslim Parishad to encroach economic, political and demographical power from the  sons of the soil, i.e. Ahom people by their nefarious design. Already, 27 districts in Assam, 11 of them are going to be Muslim majority districts once the 2011 census figures, religion-wise, are likely to be  published by the census authorities in some days.

In a very cunning manner the traditional  Vaishnava Sankirtan Places, Satra lands have been encroached by the illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh under the nose of present Congress Govt. in Assam.

An astounding 5,548 bighas of land belonging to 26 satras is allegedly under encroachment by illegal settlers, most of whom comprise Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh. There is also the growing problem of religious aggression by Christian missionaries who are converting poor, disadvantaged people to Christianity with promises of a better life and opportunities, they alleged.

An investigative report on ‘Satra Land Encroachment’ by Northeast Policy Institute (NPI) has found Alipukhuri Patekibori Than to be the worst affected with 65 bighas, one katha and 12 lecha under encroachment out of the total land of 76 bighas, three kathas and two lechas.

The Satra Study Committee, comprising four members, including chairman of Indian Art History Congress Dr Rabin Deva Chaudhury, Mukul Chandra Barkakoti and Dr Prafulla Kumar Nath and Kusum Kumar Mahanta, visited the different satras across the state, took video recordings, photographs and interviews of satras and satradhikars to learn the extent of the problem.

Releasing the study report on 13th July, 2012 at Guwahati, Deva Chaudhury said the problem of encroachment of satra land goes back to the post independence days when people from erstwhile East Pakistan came to Assam. However, the fact that encroachment is still a persistent reality is a violation of the directives of the High Court and the Revenue Board.

Most of the Satra lands have been encroached for the purpose of settlements of Bangladeshi Muslims, establishment of Muslim Markets, Mosques and Madrashas. In some places Govt grants have been utilized for Muslim rehabilitation. 

The satras were founded in the 15th century by Saint Sankardeva and his disciples Madhavdeva and subsequently by other Vaishnava gurus to propagate the monotheistic philosophy of neo-Vaishnavism in Assam.

Dhubri Ramrai Kutir Satra’s Satradhikar (head man), Sri Jitendra Nath Pradhani  said a large portion of the land the government had granted to the satras after India’s independence are under the control of encroachers who not only stop at grabbing lands but has also taken to theft, dacoities, rapes, murders and other heinous crimes. “Several satras like the Ramrai Kuti, Bishnupur, Damodar, Rangapani, Dharampur in the districts of Goalpara and Dhubri, Samaria, Suntoli, Goroimari, Koimari, Kolakhuwa, Barpeta, Patbausi, Sundoridia, Jonia, Bohori satras, Bordowa, Patekibori, Kobaikota, Rampur, Balisatra in the districts of Nagaon and Morigaon have most of their lands under encroachment,” he said.

Encroached Satra lands at a glace:

Name of Satras Size of encroached land Name of Districts
Bardua Satra 283   Bighas Nagaon
Bali Satra 462   Bighas Nagaon
Rampur Satra 584   Bigha Morigaon
Adi Alengi Satra 450   Bigha Lakhimpur
Bapupara Satra 110   Bigha Goalpara
Vishnupur Satra 161   Bigha Goalpara
Ramrai Kuthi Satra 1000 Bigha Dhubri
Simalabari Satra 195   Bigha Bangaigaon
Barpeta Satra 460   Bigha Barpeta
Kobaikata Satra 120   Bighas Nagaon
Alipukhuri Satra 186   Bighas Morigaon

Besides, due to certain apparent ambiguity in the government’s land policy, even in a place like Majuli, considered as the centre of Vaishnavite culture, permission has been granted for construction of church. Added to that, the vote bank politics, indulged in by political parties is doing great harm to the future of the state’s rich culture and the Assamese society as a whole.

After Kashmir, Assam may be the second land where Hindus and indigenous people are waiting for a harrowing situation through which they have to find new land or refugee camps in another part of India, certainly not in Assam.

Courtesy: The Sentinel | The Seven Sisters Post | TOI | Outlook.

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Four explosions rock Pune. Suspect Injured.Govt says terror angle cannot be ruled out.

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Four coordinated blasts rock Pune, one injured.

Agencies ||Mumbai, August 01, 2012, Updated on August 04, 2012 || Four coordinated low-intensity explosions struck the busy arterial JM road in the heart of Pune today on a day new home minister Sushilkumar Shinde was scheduled visit the city. Shinde confirmed that four low intensity blasts hit Pune injuring one person. He also said that he was scheduled to attend a function at Tilak theatre at 6pm but cancelled his trip.

He parried questions in Delhi on whether it was a terror attack, saying they were minor explosions and a probe was on into the blast that occurred between 7.27pm and 8.15pm.

“At this moment I cannot say anything, matter is under investigation,” Shinde told reporters.

He said that a NIA team from Delhi has boarded a flight to Pune.

The new home minister said that the person who was slightly injured in the blast has been admitted to Sasoon hospital and that his statement will be recorded.

The blasts came as Shinde officially took up his duties after being given the key portfolio the previous day.

Ironically, his last two days in the power ministry was marked by a major power outage due to collapse of three grids.

Pune police commissioner Gulab Rao Pol described the explosions as an act of mischief but Union home secretary RK Singh said terror angle cannot be ruled out since it seems to be a planned attack.

A man allegedly carrying one of the bombs was injured in the explosions and has been taken into custody and is being interrogated, Singh said. He has been admitted to Sasoon hospital.

Pol said the explosives carried by the injured man was kept in a cake box with sticky material, two detonators and a pencil cell.

One detonator went off in the explosion while the second was defused by a bomb disposal squad team.

The explosions occurred at JM road at spots near Balgandharva Theatre, Dena Bank branch, a McDonald food outlet and Garware bridge. The first explosion went off at Balgandharva Theatre where the suspected bomber was injured.

The explosion outside McDonald went off in a dustbin while the blasts near Garware bridge and Dena bank were reported from a cycle which had a bucket with explosives strapped on, police said.

The entire JM Road area has been cordoned off.

Pol said explosives at one of the sites was kept in a polythene bag.

Maharashtra ATS and Bomb Detection and Disposal Squads were at the spot, police said.

Asked if it was a terror attack, Maharashtra DGP Sanjeev Dayal told PTI, “It is not appropriate to comment at this moment. Police teams have reached the spot and are looking into the matter.”

Maharashtra additional DG (Law and Order) Satyapal Singh said, “the first explosion near Balgandharva Theatre occurred at 19.27 hours and the rest followed afterwards though the exact timings are not yet clear, while one cyclist was injured”.

Singh said he had no information about any fifth explosive device being found and defused.

Pol said, “All are minor explosions. The public need not panic. Police are alert and they are doing their job.”

Pune was rocked by a bomb blast at German Bakery in February 2010 in which 15 people were killed.

Courtesy: HT.

Courtesy: NDTV.

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