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Assam Crisis, Bangladeshi Influx, Muslim Politics, Jihadi Militancy and Satra Encroachment.

United Muslim National Army behind clashes in Assam : BLT Leader.

5548 Bighas of religious land of 26 Satra (Vaishnava Prayer Complex) in Assam encroached by Muslim migrants: Report.

Assam in an Islamic deadline?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

04 Aug 2012 | Guwahati  :: Everybody blame on situation. Nobody finds the truth. A neo Islamic invasion in various forms captures Assam day by day to establish a Kashmir in this north eastern state in India. Islamic politics, Muslim appeasement, Bangladeshi Influx, Jihadi Militancy and Satra Encroachment all are put in the bed o Assam to destabilize the land under a definite Islamic design.

Through a breakthrough revelation it is found that Newly formed United Muslim National Army (UMNA) might be  behind the ethnic clashes in Bodoland Territorial Administered Districts (BTAD) in lower Assam that claimed 56 lives, thousand injured and lakhs of people displaced recently. The  former militant outfit Bodoland Liberation Tigers(BLT) alleged this new theory on Wednesday over the recent Indigenous Assam (Bodo) people vs the illegal Muslim migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh.

Jonomohan Mushahary, chairman of the now defunct BLT Welfare Society, alleged that UMNA was created in June 15 this year and was behind last month’s violence with support from All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU)and All Bodoland Minority Students’ Union (ABMSU).

UMNA, he claimed, is headed by policeman Ramjan Islam alias Mohibul Islam alias Ratul who was planning to destabilize BTAD and form a ‘Muslim Land’ including 13 districts of Assam upto Golaghat.

Mushahary urged the government to maintain a strict watch over the activities of AAMSU and ABMSU and asked all organisations to strive for permanent peace in BTAD. He also warned political leaders not to play politics on this sensitive issue.

He demanded immediate update of the National Register of Citizens with March 25, 1971 as cut-off date and early distribution of land deeds so that the rehabilitation of the people could be done on its basis.`

He also urged the government to probe the statement by pro-talk ULFA leader Mrinal Hazarika that a boat carrying arms had crossed the Brahmaputra river from Bangaldesh.

”Hazarika said two more boats are on the way. The government must investigate this. It is a serious matter”, he added.

After the clash when the indigenous Bodo people gallantly defused the Islamic conspiracy to encroach Bodo dominated lands, the perfume Barron  and  All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) president Badruddin Ajmal Qasmi demanded to defunct BTC (Bodoland  Territorial Council). As such it is proved that the Muslims of Assam have been helping the settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims to gave a Muslim majority by any means even through deploying Muslim rioters upon the peace loving indigenous Bodo people.

All on a sudden the sympathizers for illegal  migrant Muslims from Bangladesh have reached to Assam land to run relief works with a certain aim to fuel Muslim militant outfits of Assam. A huge relief fund is being collected to run relief and subversive activities by an Muslim Organization named Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre at Palton Road, Opp Crawford Market, Mumbai-400 001 and  Main Road, Hojai, PIN – 782435.

Notorious MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) president Asaduddin Owaisi is bound to lead  a relief team on Friday (03/08/2012) to Assam which has recently witnessed unprecedented violence and dislocation of lakhs of people. Owaisi along with a team of 11 doctors and two paramedics will visit Dhubri district in Assam.

“Within five days of intense violence over 4.5 lakh people were displaced. The official death toll was about 50. While the relief workers still can’t reach refugee camps, the affected people in Assam need every possible help to overcome their sufferings,” Owaisi told TOI adding that he had visited the ethnic violence-hit state recently. On his return to Hyderabad he announced Rs. 1.25 crore worth of relief material for the affected people. He also met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with Badruddin Ajmal, MP and president of the All India United Democratic Front in Assam and briefed him about the conditions of the affected population. “The people of Assam are going through a rare phase in their history. As a matter o fact MIM and AIUDF are jointly maneuvering a definite Jihad in Assam with syphoning  a huge amount of money in Assam  to help the subversive Muslim groups.

Both the Ajmal and Owaisi told that the 90% victims are Muslims. As per statistics there are  9,57,064 voters in total  in Kokrajhar and the total Muslim voters is 1,84,441. The Muslim organisations and the fundamental Muslim leaders are always referring 3-6 lakhs victims in recent Kokrajhar riot. Then from where these three to six lakh population came within the riot prone areas.  This question has also been raised by Women Right activist Anjali Daimary, who is the president of Bodo Women Justice Forum (BWJF).

Assam is now under the claws of Islamic demon. This demon can only be clamped by a sustainable resurgence of Indigenous spirit of Unity and Patriotism with Traditional valour of Ahom , Bodo, Kamta people and so on.

Our Assam correspondent B Paul informed that the Muslim organisations of Assam have been unified under an unidentified banner like Assam Muslim Parishad to encroach economic, political and demographical power from the  sons of the soil, i.e. Ahom people by their nefarious design. Already, 27 districts in Assam, 11 of them are going to be Muslim majority districts once the 2011 census figures, religion-wise, are likely to be  published by the census authorities in some days.

In a very cunning manner the traditional  Vaishnava Sankirtan Places, Satra lands have been encroached by the illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh under the nose of present Congress Govt. in Assam.

An astounding 5,548 bighas of land belonging to 26 satras is allegedly under encroachment by illegal settlers, most of whom comprise Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh. There is also the growing problem of religious aggression by Christian missionaries who are converting poor, disadvantaged people to Christianity with promises of a better life and opportunities, they alleged.

An investigative report on ‘Satra Land Encroachment’ by Northeast Policy Institute (NPI) has found Alipukhuri Patekibori Than to be the worst affected with 65 bighas, one katha and 12 lecha under encroachment out of the total land of 76 bighas, three kathas and two lechas.

The Satra Study Committee, comprising four members, including chairman of Indian Art History Congress Dr Rabin Deva Chaudhury, Mukul Chandra Barkakoti and Dr Prafulla Kumar Nath and Kusum Kumar Mahanta, visited the different satras across the state, took video recordings, photographs and interviews of satras and satradhikars to learn the extent of the problem.

Releasing the study report on 13th July, 2012 at Guwahati, Deva Chaudhury said the problem of encroachment of satra land goes back to the post independence days when people from erstwhile East Pakistan came to Assam. However, the fact that encroachment is still a persistent reality is a violation of the directives of the High Court and the Revenue Board.

Most of the Satra lands have been encroached for the purpose of settlements of Bangladeshi Muslims, establishment of Muslim Markets, Mosques and Madrashas. In some places Govt grants have been utilized for Muslim rehabilitation. 

The satras were founded in the 15th century by Saint Sankardeva and his disciples Madhavdeva and subsequently by other Vaishnava gurus to propagate the monotheistic philosophy of neo-Vaishnavism in Assam.

Dhubri Ramrai Kutir Satra’s Satradhikar (head man), Sri Jitendra Nath Pradhani  said a large portion of the land the government had granted to the satras after India’s independence are under the control of encroachers who not only stop at grabbing lands but has also taken to theft, dacoities, rapes, murders and other heinous crimes. “Several satras like the Ramrai Kuti, Bishnupur, Damodar, Rangapani, Dharampur in the districts of Goalpara and Dhubri, Samaria, Suntoli, Goroimari, Koimari, Kolakhuwa, Barpeta, Patbausi, Sundoridia, Jonia, Bohori satras, Bordowa, Patekibori, Kobaikota, Rampur, Balisatra in the districts of Nagaon and Morigaon have most of their lands under encroachment,” he said.

Encroached Satra lands at a glace:

Name of Satras Size of encroached land Name of Districts
Bardua Satra 283   Bighas Nagaon
Bali Satra 462   Bighas Nagaon
Rampur Satra 584   Bigha Morigaon
Adi Alengi Satra 450   Bigha Lakhimpur
Bapupara Satra 110   Bigha Goalpara
Vishnupur Satra 161   Bigha Goalpara
Ramrai Kuthi Satra 1000 Bigha Dhubri
Simalabari Satra 195   Bigha Bangaigaon
Barpeta Satra 460   Bigha Barpeta
Kobaikata Satra 120   Bighas Nagaon
Alipukhuri Satra 186   Bighas Morigaon

Besides, due to certain apparent ambiguity in the government’s land policy, even in a place like Majuli, considered as the centre of Vaishnavite culture, permission has been granted for construction of church. Added to that, the vote bank politics, indulged in by political parties is doing great harm to the future of the state’s rich culture and the Assamese society as a whole.

After Kashmir, Assam may be the second land where Hindus and indigenous people are waiting for a harrowing situation through which they have to find new land or refugee camps in another part of India, certainly not in Assam.

Courtesy: The Sentinel | The Seven Sisters Post | TOI | Outlook.

5 comments on “Assam Crisis, Bangladeshi Influx, Muslim Politics, Jihadi Militancy and Satra Encroachment.

  1. hinduawaken
    August 5, 2012

    Reblogged this on Hinduawaken’s Weblog.


  2. MKB
    August 9, 2012

    Be unite, all non-Muslims, other wise ready to Extinguish.


  3. Hindu
    August 14, 2012

    Very very sad, we Hindus are our own enemy. We have never been united. We Hindus pull down Hindus. We are disloyal to our own fellow country men and nation. We are gaddhar. This is not new and hence all these present day Muslims are converted from Hinduism. Their ancestors were coward, some of them converted because they were selfish, they got bribed, they never saw future of the land and the community. Because of our gaddhari we lost to Muslims , then to English. These converted bastards are creating more problems. External forces are helping to destroy the very land that belong to all of us , all hindus( when I say Hindus , I include Muslims and Christians as these are not truemuslims and true Christian ). The external forces are Saudi money and money pouring from American evangelist Christians. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has to answer lot of questions for leaving India in this current mess. Nehru-Feroze family has destroyed this Nation and is hell bent in destroying. We have no leader. All politicians are bloody anti- Hindustan, corrupt, brown babus , their ultimate goal is Swiss Bank. We have never been proud of our oldest , richest civilisation. Britishers have distorted our history. aryan theory is proving wrong. We have not come from any where, we are the natives, we had and have rich culture and ancient civilisation. Look at Israel, any Jew any where in the world is protected and given shelter in Israel. India again not a true name of this land, has never helped Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh. We have lost Hindus and land too- Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, now Assam and the next will be Kerala, which state is going to be the next I wonder? How do we collect funds to help stop conversion. Again I do not donate as most of the money is lost and not used for the cause. A typical present day mind set of a Hindu.
    I feel extremely frustrated and helpless.
    How this Nation will be saved! I have now serious doubts. I hope India does not get divided. Very very dark future ahead of us. Seems like Hinduism an oldest religion and bharat’s civilisation might get extinct.


    • abhishek vorha
      August 26, 2012

      indeed, but we must do something about it.


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