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Is it not the right time to end up this Islamic menace through a great retaliation by Hindus?


Pic [Top]. Agitated protesters of a Muslim group damaging a bus at Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on 10-08-2012 in a  protest against the killings of Muslims in Myanmar.
Pic [Below]. Agitated protesters of a Muslim groups start for a Jihadi activities in Mumbai on 11-08-2012 in a protest against the killings of Muslims in Myanmar and Assam.

Anti National Muslims of India want to create Jihadi hell here.

Is it not the right time to  end up these Islamic menace through a great retaliation by Hindus?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

An exalted Jihadi Rioters in Mumbai making a Photo shot for memory line.

The hell of Islamic Jihad is sprawling all over India to simply burn out the Hindu Kafirs here. And unfortunately Hindus are voluntarily jumping to that Islamic hell of fire in an utmost embarrassment.

In the row of so called protest over the killings and riots against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Kokrajhar, Assam, their Indian Counterpart waged a jahadi war against the State and public in general. By the by, these Rohingya Muslims are also the illegal Muslim population migrated from Bangladesh and have established a huge settlement of 4500 Rohingyas in the capital city of India,Delhi.

As per available information, 50,000 illegal BD Muslims have been efficiently disappeared from the North Bengal bus stops, railway stations, markets, urban and rural areas and obviously from the refugee camps for Kokrajhar victims (?), so warmly maintained by the West Bengal Govt and ruling TMC party as well. As per record these migrant BD Muslims are the head ache for the State administration from United Kingdom to United States. While the Bangladesh Govt. is negating the entry of Rohingyas in  BD, the Muslim leaders in India have lost their sound sleep in these matters.

The Indian Muslims are crying and retaliating for the illegal Myanmar and Kokrajhar Muslims. Ferocious Muslim leaders are raising a hue and cry in the state assemblies and Indian parliament for the rehabilitation of these illegal intruders as a new contingent of Islam to fight against the Indian Nation to break it up with fresh formation new Pakistans.

The anti national Muslims of Ranchi attacked the unwarranted Indian public all on a sudden to the Myanmar Muslim issue on Friday, 10th August; the Muslims of  Mumbai plan fully gathered in Friday’s weekly prayer at Azad Maidan to protest the violence in Assam, while the Raza Academy also convened a protest meeting on Saturday (11/08/2012) to retaliate over Rohingya killings at Myanmar.

Sources disclosed that Raza Academy members were stunned to see the crowd swelling from their expected 1,000-odd number to over 50,000. Though police ascertains only a 12-15 thousand mob did all these holy Islamic activities against the State and its people. Mainly Kashmir, Assam and Myanmar Muslims were in the main agenda to provoke Jihad in the Muslim psyche to dismantle the total Police and Administration in Mumbai city.

The agitation was supported by other organisations like Sunni Jamaitul Ulma and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa. Awami Vikas Party (AVP), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.

As per reports Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri (U.P) was main Culprit for Mumbai menace on 11/8 Mumbai riots, whose inflammatory speech changed the situation so virulent.  When Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri was giving a provocative speech, a mob of around 3,000 became agitated and came out of the Azad Maidan with banners, flags and bamboos in their hands and raised slogans. They were joined by a group of 1,000 young men who came out of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. They raised slogans, used abusive language, and soon turned violent despite the police’s appeals for peace, the report stated. It is believed that the mob too wanted to join the protest.

Senior police officials said they were in the process of ascertaining if any provocative speech was made from the dais that instigated the mob. Official sources said 17 speakers were on the dais during the protest. Only five had finished their speeches. When the fifth speaker — Maulana Kadri — was giving a provocative speech, he was allegedly stopped by a policeman. The speeches made by Maulana Niyamat Noori, Guddu Bhaiyya, Maulana Akhtar Ali, Maulana Amanullah Barkati and Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri are under the police scanner. The police said that if their speeches were found to be provocative, they would be arrested and booked under Section 153(a) of the Indian Penal Code. According to the report, the rioters allegedly molested women constables on duty, snatched two Self-Loading Rifles and one service revolver, 160 live rounds of cartridges, including 150 rounds of SLR and 10 rounds of service revolver. They also desecrated the ‘Amar Jawan’ memorial at CST and tried to burn down police vans with policemen in them. “It was sheer luck that we were able to rescue the policemen from the vans. The mob had locked them in and was not allowing them to come out,” a senior police officer told. Unofficially, it has been ascertained that 50,000 Muslims of Mumbai were participated and helped the rioters  in various ways.

The police arrested 23 people in connection with Saturday’s violence at the Azad Maidan rally that left two people dead and many injured.

All have been booked for rioting, murder and attempt to murder, molestation of women constables and damaging public property and media’s OB Vans etc. Media personnel were also put in a severe attacks.

All the 23 rioters so far arrested by Mumbai Police are devout Muslims and fanatic  Jihadis, some of them exploited and  vandalised the iconic Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial near CST.

Now Mumbai police, having drawn flak for its massive failure to contain the riots on Saturday, is now going on an overdrive to nab the miscreants.According to reports, the entire force and its network is hot on the heels of these unidentified protestors, who kicked at the memorial, smashed it with a lathi, and then damaged the rifle and helmet inside the fibre glass casing.
Mumbai might have been organised at the behest of elements linked to All India United Democratic Front. AIDUF chief and perfume baron Badruddin Ajmal, who represents the Dhubri Lok Sabha constituency, has been demanding dissolution of the Bodo Territorial Council, saying that its structure was skewed against non-Bodos (or Bengali-speaking Muslims) who formed the majority. Ajmal is said to have wide business interests in Mumbai. However, Ajmal has denied any AIUDF link to the violence in Mumbai. In these days Badruddin Ajmal of AIUDF and Asaduddin Owaisi, MP of Hyderabad and Leader of AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) are going hand to hand to polarize Muslim vote bank and communalize the Indian Politics as Muslim League’s strategy as before.

Curfew in four areas in Bareilly,  UP. 

In a very shrewd manner, the Muslims of India are now crying purposely for victim of Assam or Myanmar Muslims only to rouse a crude communal feelings in Muslims society so that the major portion of them can start a direct action against Hindus of their prime localities.

In this connection the riot situations have been plotted in Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) also. The frenzy Muslim Mob directly attacked vehicles, shops and public life in Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on Friday (10-08-2012) in the matter of Myanmar and Assam Muslims. But, in Bareilly the Jihadi Muslims foiled with Hindus over a Janmastami (Birth day of Lord Krishna)  procession on (11-08-20112) and the Muslims speakers started provocation with the reference of Myanmar and Assam incidents

Understanding these unholy design of Muslim provocateurs, we have to ugly and subversive strength behind it. Apparently the Indian Muslims are crying for Muslim brethren in Myanmar or Assam, but they are fighting the Islamic flag atop the Parliament or President’s House in India.

We have only one demand. We want a Muslim India.

In the demands of higher Muslim reservation in every sphere by notorious Azam Khan, the Uttar Pradesh Minister of Minority Welfare Deptt., or the demand of dissolution of Bodo Council in Assam by Badaruddin Azmal , or restrictions imposed on Ramnavami in Hyderabad by Akbaruddin Owaisi, the local MLA of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen,or demanding a Muslim Chief minister in West Bengal by Nazrul Islam, an IPS Officer in concurrent service, or the deadly lust for the killing of a law consultant Pallavi Purakayastha by a Muslim night-watchman (actually Kashmiri) to fulfill a Love Jihad, or a huge coordination between all the Muslim NGOs and the Religious groups to form an alternative political power in India to conquer  the Indian scenario, have a certain unison for the simulation of Pan Islamism in India.

This making of Dar-ul-Islam in India cannot be completed with bloody Jihad. So the streets and corners of Mumbai, Korajhar, Bareilly or Ranchi are bound to see the repetition of bloodshed and social crisis with every possible ares in India.

Still then why Hindus are sleeping all along?

1. Our imposed secularism in Indian constitution always caring for the 2nd largest population of India, i.e. Muslims. But, what kind of treatments are given to the 2nd largest population of Pakistan and Bangladesh, i.e. Hindus there? Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh are leaving their soil after a sever Islamic persecution as a well-known factor now a days.

But the same persecuting Muslim people demand a prospective Pakistan once again. Now reservation, next new home land for Muslims like the demand of Pakistan as earlier. The Muslims strength about 3.75 crore now reached 18.75 crores. Just 5 times growth in 65 years. It can never be possible in any discriminating situation like the minorities in separated parts of India.

Muslims are flourishing enough in India within minimum reservation and maximum appeasement.

2. Again Muslims of India does not believe in Indian constitution and Vande Mataram unanimously. They believe and put high the Sharia above the Indian Constitution. So, their claims of constitutional reservation for job, education, politics, grants, subsidies, trades etc. are ultra vires.

3. This ancient land of Bharatvarsa was divided in Bharat – Pakistan on the basis of Two Nation Theory, very unfortunately in 1947. Higher majority of Muslims of then India voted Muslim League to perpetuate the Two Nation Theory. The claimed even exchange of population. They denied stay in an Undivided Nation with the Hindu Kaffirs. This is the reality of History so far ignored. MUSLIMS GOT THEIR PAKISTAN. THIS BHARAT IS OBVIOUSLY MEANT FOR HINDUS. Muslims have no right to stay in India. How the Muslims have got the rights to stay here to raise their cheater’s voice to make a new Pakistan here so openly. STOP MUSLIM RESERVATION MUSLIM RESERVATION IMMEDIATELY.

4. Hindus of Pakistan is now turned a microscopic race there with a meager 1.86% at present. In 1947 Hindus were the 16% of total population of Pakistan. But through an Islamic chain of persecution including killing, looting, molestation, ransom, abduction, hate preaching, forceful marriage and conversion, Hindus have been dying every moment in Pakistan. The Hindu batches coming to India and seeking long-term visa in India tell the truth. This truth relates to Islam which inspire Muslims to convert this whole world into Islam and the seize the live rights of Non Muslims. Statistics may differ, but the truth is virtual. From the beginning Islam captured their land by mitigating the rights of Non Muslims at any cost. Arab was fortified with 100% ethnic cleansing of non-believers. Gradually this Islamic theme was adopted in every Muslim Country for which Non Muslims are not safe in any Muslim Country or in any Muslim majority area. In Islamic Bangladesh the Hindus and Other Non Muslims are facing the same situation. Muslims always target the land, populace, women and money of others as a hard rock reality. The  27% Hindu population of Bangladesh in 1971 came down to 9% today under the same Islamic persecution.

This set examples of insane and brute Islam only demand a ravage retaliation to Islam by paying back them in their own coins.

5. While  offence is the best defense, why Hindus of India do not undertake the ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ policy to ensure Hindus’ safety, security and future. Hindus must start retaliation against persecuting Islam everywhere with an ultimate goal of Hindu Rashtra (Hindu State) in India, as one billion Hindus have no Hindu State in this world. The claim, war and establishment of Hindu  Rashtra in Bharat (India) is the ultimate solution of Islamic menace in India.

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5 comments on “Is it not the right time to end up this Islamic menace through a great retaliation by Hindus?

  1. yogeshsaxena
    August 15, 2012

    CAMPAIGN FOR JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND REFORMS Resolution passed at the convention presided over by Sri Yogesh Kumar Saxena , Advocate Allahabad high court, & Supreme Court representative of middle east Asia in WORLD PARLIAMENT DEMOCRACY EXPERIMENT AT BONN , GERMANY at CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL , CHIEF JUSTICES OF WORLD CONFERENCE at Lucknow on 12.12.2010 The Convention was attended by over 200 people representing various organizations and movements from across the country. The Convention was addressed by a range of distinguished speakers on the twin issues of judicial accountability and reforms specifically dealing with the issues of appointment of judges and complaints against and removal of judges, the judiciary and public discourse, the judiciary and the environment development dichotomy, the judiciary and civil liberties as well as the judiciary and the poor. At the conclusion of the convention, the Campaign resolved as follows: There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come . Ideas are in truth ,forces .Infinite too is the power of personality .A union of the true always make history . The voice of the intelligence is soft and weak ,said Freud .It is drowned out by roar of fear .It is ignored by voice of desire . It is contradicted by voice of shame. It is hissed away by hate and extinguished by anger .Most of all is it is silenced by ignorance. “ Great things are done when men and mountains meet ,this is not done just by jostling in the street” William Blake.
    Our constitution with its gospel to achieve and resolve the glorified socialistic sovereign democratic republic through the processor of therapeutic justice to escalating psychosomatic maladies and explosive rights with enforceable duties to the citizen is regenerating the spiralling professional delinquencies .It promises to keep and mile to go to its citizen ,before they may undertake the sleep. The Quest of mankind is to grasp the fundamental truth ,the tenacity without even the least touch of faith in reality has diminished the entire surrounding and undergone a radical transformation to the point of extinction. This is the political freedom ,the self independence, what the India has achieved after attaining the freedom from British domination .
    The structure of the society rests on the foundation .We cannot escape the consequences of losing all access to abrader a vision It creates a narrow-mindedness in the prospects of a development .Few amongst the citizen ,the masses have the ever given any serious consideration to the problem of life. Thus the problem of life still remain unsolved. Let us discuss that why are not having the solid foundations without access for the broader vision having an extinction for our existence. Freedom from bondage is liberation there is a goal of life with and devotion. Our tryst with destiny has not brought any desired changes for wiping out the tears from every eye .There cannot any political will amongst the individuals who are craving to get power. The Political will is guided by our constitution of India and we find that it is not having strong hold to keep the nation intact ,the society move and the country prosper .Some radical changes are needed to maintain country’s unity and integrity .The prosperity of the citizen do not lies in the form of government, chosen by them but in the accountability and the stability in its precepts and practice . There is no representative Govt. but an equation of inducting themselves as the representative of the to form there govt. It is only the constitution which may provide a device to ensure a degree of self assessment .We want more stability and lesser responsibility upon these representatives chosen from amongst the people by the appropriate amendment in our constitution .There should be periodical assessment of the responsibility of executives .The present constitution is the reproduction of the Govt. of India Act,1935 and the combination of ideals of western liberal democracy nurtured to achieve the goal of our constitutional aspiration . The federal system is based on decentralisation and it is a system evolved of the governance of heterogeneous , diverse and plural society in a small country to have been based on the representative Govt. and not on the basis of indirect representation through parliamentarian democratic system .It leads to instability we should take notice ofd the expectations of the people who fought the battle of independence by adopting the policy of self realisation as being professed by our father of nation. Our constitution is based on the assumption of the authority where the entrustment of power is imposed by having the restriction upon the excessive power. Let us accept that it was weakness of the character of our citizens that Indian dominion has to live under the British sovereignty and we had to fight a struggle for attaining the freedom. The need for imposing the restrictions are required to be done to keep the society intact from adjuring violence ,dealing with corrupt politicians and to control over burden some disastrous consequences .Let us examine how to fight against criminalisation, black-marketing ,essential service maintenance and law & order situation .There is a lake of political will in those are actively participating in service tom the nation ,they are being subjected to oppression and harassment .There is no place for benevolent honest citizen and those who are dishonest opportunist with a criminal background are seldom being respected by our citizens . The genesis of the character is based on the falsehood and in such circumstances until and unless accountability of the individual in public life is not fixed upon the representatives of the Govt. there is no hope for the revival of the nation .
    A constitution is the basic law ,the highest state craft entrusted to keep the ideals and inspired the Nation. It is the exponent of the ideals with pragmatic approach having sensitive awareness articulated in the feeling of fellow citizens. The constitution becomes supreme importance as it reciprocates with the wisdom and sanctity of the founder of the nation ,the vision and foresight of its maker and to govern the people with discontentment depending upon the happiness and well being of the successive generation as being gathered by enthusiastic approach whole drafting the same .The vehicle is now come to a stand still and the horse is now riding over the cart instead of pulling the same for the advancement of nation.
    The presidential form of Govt is to avoid the decentralising tendencies and to re-enforce centralising evaluation of the governance of the people in heterogeneous ,diverse and plural society inhabiting through the vast land and lastly to avoid the head on collision between head of state and head of Govt. in down capacity. The tradition of party system is like a mushroom growth with no defined policy or ideology has been destructive because of its origin in the upsurge against the imperial rule and asserting the independence was not real without making people educate in running the administration .The growth of country the depends by taking care of the poverty prevailing and to ensure stability to some meaningful reform .The presidential form of Govt. offers the best solutions to the problems created by the chaotic spectrum of the splinter parties projected on the national scene in order to bring the stability and the progress which is caused by the growth of descendants and groupies in the parliament and thereby having a great danger to the integrity of the nation .The consequential change in the constitutional change in the constitution of India is appropriate on account of electoral defection mid term polls and coalitions bargaining and to arrest the disproportionate growth of infra-structure to provide a stable Govt. equipped to absorb the shocks of the progress policies .The political climate of authoritarian emanating has provided a sustain jeopardise to our basic constitutional ideals in pursuit of gaining power by making the social justice ,harmonious co-ordination and national integration to an utopian umpire .
    The realisation of the God by introspection is by learning truth ,justice and benevolence by having the characteristics of patience ,forgiveness, self denial ,honesty, purity mastery over the sensibleness, knowledge, veracity and the cheerfulness .To surrender thyself to the self in the process of disintegration is to provide unity factor against Gherao’ s , the tactics providing nuisance or dedication to the cause of nation .There must be the power of will for expansion and the fear has to be vanished by getting will to do is self imposed rigor of duty .It is the outcome of parliamentarian democracy that poverty is acting like the disease of the skin of the nation while the disintegration and hatred amongst the fellow citizen is like the cancer of the liver .We should ride a horse bridled, but not lose as to trample upon us. The starving realities leads to the economic slavery and the insurmountable foreign debts are the signs of future slavery of our country.
    The non-violent persuasive method of enforcing the will of the people have adversely affected social and economic administration in the country .India has reached to a stage of political stability . The employment avence are being reduced causing an adverse effect on the social order .The political aspect of the situation vulnerable to the aspirants, opportunists in India is disintegrating tendency, which is a gradual the process of further aim to provide political ideological immortality amongst the political leaders and it has become a more struggle for the power ,then adherence to duty to serve the people, the political disintegrating tendency cannot be checked by the parliamentarian democratic set-up which may ultimately lead to social instability and the people may start seeking salvation of such psychological maladjustment against the social concept of the society . Thus there is need for amendment of our constitution as the road to inflation , increasing prices lowering in the value of money entering the common standard of living of man . Economical dissatisfaction being susceptible may be reduced to the margin and the anti national activities may be curbed down and the people may not resort to dishonesty corruption , deception by hitting at the route of social structure .the economical slavery is meant to surrenders freedom to foreign power .
    India’s foreign debt is directly proportionate to the value of rupees in comparison to foreign currency . The devaluation in the value of the rupee has made loan liability by constant increase in the foreign exchange liability and to estimate the Indian foreign debt which was more than four thousand crores in 1966 has been multiplied due to the devaluation of the value of rupee by making an increase to 48.43 crores within a decade and now the fear of foreign power domination is paramount which may ultimately lead to social slavery .People of India desirous of revival society require a suitable system for the creation of such a spirit ,which may be devised for practical implementation of our country. The moment the socio and economic problems are solved we will able to stand on our own feet for making the nation stronger .The role of sovereign people is distinguishable from the sovereignty from the parliament . In the recent years the will of the people is represented by the right of representatives associated in the majority which is giving place to the more plebiscite system , thus the political party even with a clear majority require s the direct endorsement of the people which is not possible in the representative Govt. This aspect has its importance by looking into the relevant extract from the constitution of USA,FRANCE,IRELAND,SWITZERLAND, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, COSTARICA, MEXICO, URAGUAY AND VENEZULA having the presidential form of Govt. We have Srilanka , Philippines, Indonesia , and the latest South Africa where this system prevails . Law and life are integral , therefore the sensitive legal control through constitutional process is pragmatic of the power for the responsible Govt. under democracy . The constitutional law is symbolic for commanding compliance be patiently corrective to gain credibility and confidence. Thus the constitution is not an omnipotent sacrosanct instrument ,but it is political legal document fundamental in character and value based regulatory measurement to strike between the need of people and the power process. Thus the constitution is not an omnipotent instrument , but it is political legal document fundamental in character and value based regulatory measurement to strike between the need of people and the power process.
    Thus the vigilant intellectuals with the constructive attitude and analytical criticism may persuade the people for the corrective and practical angles to be emerged for a better perception by the periodical constitution review and reforms .This is a dynamic approach for constructive politics . The hypocrisy of the constitutional immutability by having the crutches of Anglo- Saxon Jurisprudence as an instrument of status Quo through resisting radical innovation in the use of constitutional power set up in the light of socio-economic policy to the aspirations of the liberated people of our nation .The basic structure of our constitution as ‘Rule of law ‘ separation of power independence of judiciary ,uncertainty in law with the power of judicial review are the basic and essential feature of constitution . The Indian judiciary is the guardian and protector of the rights and the liberty of people of India since the constitution is regarded to be the supreme of all the institutions whether legislative ,executive ,and judiciary has to function under it in strict compliance of its provisions and as such the needs form its review as to achieve a just social order is required to play a decisive role in the quest for social justice .There is the need of expansion of the doctrine of locus standi and involvement of the experts and voluntary organisations in judicial fact finding process, accountability of the people in power and democratisation of the remedies available to them. We have to take the recourse the new strategies new tools and new remedies to serve the goal of delivering the social justice which may penetrate to the cause of poverty and exploitation and demolish them by reorganising social ,economic and political relations .The democratisation of judicial remedy as professed by Justice Bhagwati requires the enforcement of fundamental rights in relation to the benevolent citizens as to enforce the new remedies for their effective enforcement and for that purpose we have to renounce these rights by dominant esteem of judicial creativity ,through enforceable fundamental duty to maintain basic harmony of the constitution. Millions of the people of India belonging to deprived and vulnerable sections of the humanity are looking it the constitution for improving their life conditions as to make basic human rights more meaningful and enforceable unfortunately the preamble of our constitution being the signature time for providing social and economic justice has not yet been drafted as to provide the corrective process of executive errors removing the quality and characteristics of political authority and to provide a curve over excessively political governance which tends to destroy the delicate balance by the separation of power between its three basic institutions. We find that 1% of wealthy people are having the control over 20%of urban wealth and 4%of top ,41%of the urban wealth as the sheer magnitude of the problem by demarcation between the dishonest opportunist and the benevolent innocent and until the suitable restrictions are not being enforced. There can not be the democratisation of judicial remedies.
    The concept of crime in its socio-legal essence is in the contradictions of social development .Thus the social prevention of the offences is required to aim in a society free from exploitation of man by another man .This is required for economical potential which will lead from each according to his need ‘by strengthening law and order .We may ensure consolidating civil discipline as the decisive factor of unsuccessful construction .Criminal as being self contained are not isolated form the society and creates problems of social consciousness and as such change the basic concept of directional proposition on its mobile nature to the phenomenon of reality in respect of the enforceable duties castled upon them. The approach is an essential condition for revealing an identification of the activities relating to the essence of crime .Crime is a social phenomenon dealing with the global problem but its identification with the individual connected with the criminal activities depend upon the different approach relating to the disciplinary measurements and the degree of independence from the society. Corruption scams and loot of public money have become the order of the day. Not a single days passes when some kind of scam is not exposed. It seems as if the entire machinery is neck deep in corruption and surviving on a parallel economy of loot and plunder. Commonwealth Games scam, Adarsh society scam, 2G spectrum scam and many such minor and major scam symbolizes the order of the day. It’s laughable that the Congress should stake claim to probity in public life. Raja’s 2G Spectrum scam exposes the true face of the party and the Prime Minister. Now that the Comptroller and Auditor-General’s opinion on the underselling of 2G Spectrum licences by former Telecom Minister A Raja is in the public domain, we have a better idea of the price Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has made us pay just so that he may remain in office. Initially it was assumed that the fraudulent allotments had cheated the public exchequer of Rs 70,000 crore. The revised estimate is that the total loss caused by this Minister could be an unbelievable Rs 1.76 lakh crore. This figure is truly mind-boggling because, as Ms J Jayalalithaa, the AIADMK leader, said the other day in a television interview, most citizens would find it difficult to imagine the number of zeroes that go to make this number. However, since this could well be the biggest scam indulged in by a Minister or Government official in the ‘history of humankind’, one must give it a shot. The situation is turning from bad to worse with no serious attempt taken to weed out the growing cancer of corruption. While the people are used to corruption in daily life, the corruption exposed at the higher level seems to be enormous and the blatant manner in which it is going on is not only condemnable but shocking. It seems that corruption has eaten into the vitals of our system pushing it to the brink of virtual collapseOne should not be fooled into thinking that the Islamists have relinquished such thinking. Recently a senior ideologue of the largest Islamist party in Pakistan – the Jamaat-i-Islaami – assured Pakistanis that once Hindu India is conquered, the Hindus will be enslaved and distributed among Pakistani muslims. The atrocities upon the Darfurites by muslim arabs also follows the Islamic blueprint for Jihad upon Kafirs to the word – a fact carefully hidden by the leftist media. The Darfurites are not “pure muslims” – following their animist beliefs alongside Islamic ones. Thus, they are kafirs and fit to be exterminated, enslaved, and raped. This is the underlying ideology of the genocide in Darfur. European readers will now understand why some of the muslims protesting the Danish cartoons would chant “we want your women as war booty”, etc. Enslaving the women of infidels as “war booty” is a central tenet of the Islamic doctrine of war. The reporting of the land mark judgment given by Honorable Kolkata High Court completely banning the slaughter of cows on the occasion of Bakri Idd ( W.P. No. 1378 of 2010, Judgment/Order delivered by Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr. J N Patel and Hon’ble Justice Mr. A K Roy on 12-11-2010), is totally unknown by the Bengali population. No media (electronic & print) in West Bengal or at the national level publicized it under the whim and whip of pro Islamic intellectuals and media persons reigning over West Bengal, causing utter humiliation of and onslaught on Hindus in West Bengal. Despite the specific direction of the Honorable Kolkata High Court in this regard, “The Authorities are, therefore, bound to implement the provisions of the West Bengal Animal Slaughter (Control) Act, 1950 and if any instance of cow slaughter on Bakri-Idd is brought to their notice, they will have to take cognizance and act in accordance with law.”, in numerous places the direction of the Kolkata High Court is being flouted in the broad day light to appease the fundamentalist Muslim massOver the years we have all heard about the many attempts that have been made in India to convert various sections of society from Hinduism to either Christianity or Islam. But only after one of my trips to India did I really get a much clearer understanding of what has been going on. Furthermore, most people, as well as many Indians, are not fully aware of how the war against Hinduism is happening, nor how serious it is. It is taking place on many levels, and because of this, in some areas the practice of Hinduism is declining rapidly. When I was traveling in June of 2001, I had gone on a lecture tour, speaking every night on the importance of Vedic culture at places like Mumbai, Nagpur, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderbad, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and Chennai. So I had the chance to meet with many of the intellectuals and some of the spiritual leaders in these areas, and learned how conversion was a very hot issue. Now I don’t have anything in particular against Christianity itself. I was born and raised a Christian, so I know what it is, but also how they work. My main contention is when the teachings that are said to come from Jesus are twisted and misinterpreted into something that does not spread the genuine love of God and humanity that we are all supposed to develop, but becomes the dog-like barking and criticism against every other religion that is not Christian. This does not only go on toward every religion outside of Christianity, but also within it between Catholics and Protestants and other denominations. It seems that this faith has become not something that promotes our similarities for cooperation, but our differences in that everyone who is of an unrelated Christian denomination are all going to hell. In regard to India, there is a great number of missionaries of various denominations who are working there right now, all competing for the most number of converts. The Southern Baptists alone are a group that has nearly 100,000 career missionaries in North India, all working to spread the “good word.” We also find that in order to make converts from Hinduism some of the numerous Catholic priests in Southern India dress like sannyasis, and call their organizations ashramas. This is to make Christianity more similar to the Vedic traditions. Bharat Natyam dance is also taught in the Christian schools, but with Christian symbols and meanings replacing the Vedic. This is all in the attempt to actively sway Hindus over to Christianity. One way they are trying to bring Christianity deep into the culture of India is by superimposing its rituals, symbols, and even types of dress on the Hindu forms of the same. Thus, you will see the cross on the lotus, some priests dress in saffron, and some churches have the ambiance of a Hindu temple. If this keeps up, maybe one day Christianity will be more Hindu than Christian. While traveling in the far Northeastern states of India I have seen some of the tactics that the Christian missionaries have used to help make converts, such as offering cheap polyester pants to the tribals of the Northeast if they become Christian, or even offer motor bicycles if they help convert their brothers, which also means their wives and family. In other places like Madhya Pradesh, as noted in the Neogy Report, the missionaries give small loans on interest to the tribals, who cannot pay back such loans easily. However, if they become Christian, then such loans and the interest are dismissed. This is what goes on in the democracy of India, and under the tolerance of the Hindus, while if one such incidence would ever occur in a Muslim country, the result would be an immediate expulsion of the missionary from that nation. Another trick that has been done is that missionaries, while treating the sick, will give medicine of no value and ask the tribal to take it while offering prayers to his local deity. Naturally, no cure of disease is likely to occur with the useless medicine. Then the missionary gives the tribal real medicine and asks the tribal to take it while offering prayers to Jesus. Then when there is a recovery, it is attributed to the power of Christ and not to the medicine. Such conversion activities take place these days more often in the tribal areas under the guise of social service. However, true social service should be done without expecting anything in return, including conversion. Another thing that takes place is mass healings at meetings similar to revivals. What they do is pay people to attend the healings portraying themselves as being sick, or invalids on crutches, etc., who then get called up and are miraculously cured of their disease. This is attributed to the power of Christ, which then convinces many tribals that they too can benefit in various ways if they become Christian. This has not had much of an effect amongst the Brahmana classes, but the lower classes who attend are more vulnerable and are impressed by such things, and are then swayed toward Christianity. This is why Christian conversion tactics have been focused more toward the tribal areas than other regions of India. So these conversions are not taking place due to pure preaching of the Bible or the message of Jesus, but are accomplished by trickery and the emphasis on material facility. This is, of course, what is being objected to by the general Hindu population. However, when or if people convert for purely spiritual reasons, then there is no objection. Another way conversions are accomplished is with the promise to the Dalits or the lower caste Hindus that they will not have any more caste recognition by becoming Christians. However, after conversion many find out that this is not true. Even amongst the converted Christians there is found to be a caste mentality, with the lower castes forced to use separate doorways, separate seating, or have marriages performed only among equal caste Christians and in separate facilities, or to even be buried in separate cemeteries. When this becomes obvious to those who are newly converted, some of them want to come back to being Hindus again, which has been facilitated by such organizations as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). An interesting point is that in spite of these duplicitous ways of converting that the Christians have used, the Christian churches have threatened violence against the process of reconversion back to Hinduism that had been launched by the VHP. It is as if they do not want anyone to have the right to do what they are already doing. It was Rev. V. K. Nuh, secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Convention who said, “If someone tries to impose their faith, Christians in this region will not surrender. There will be a battle and we shall have no option. There will be a physical and religious war if attempts are made to propagate Hinduism by forceful means in the Northeast.” In this same line of thinking, Rev. M.D. Oaugma, head of the Garo Baptist Convention of Meghalaya said, “It could be a threat to Christianity if we remain silent to the VHP’s game plan of mass conversion. We shall have to fight, we shall have to resist.” (Maharashtra Herald, July 11, 1998) Of course, it is easy for Hindus to be nonchalant toward other religions because they feel that each spiritual path takes you toward God. So in this light, it is alright to be tolerant of them or let them thrive. But the problem is that not all religions feel the same way toward Hinduism. Some feel that Hinduism is a culture that should be removed or destroyed. An example of this is that in Northeast India, in states like Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur, they have witnessed a surge of nearly 200% in their Christian population in the past 25 years due to the wily tactics of foreign missionaries. Their grasp is so strong now that practicing Hinduism is forbidden in some areas. Where is the democratic freedom in that? Hindus can no longer do worship or arati in the open because of the fanaticism in parts of the land. Durga puja has become almost obsolete as deities are destroyed or stolen in broad daylight. This confrontational climate has led to numerous militant outfits sponsored by the Church who are fighting for secession from India. So now the Northeastern portion of India wants to secede from it, and another part of India will be lost if this should happen.If the Catholic Church in particular is supposed to espouse the message that God is love, and that it is by love of God and neighbor that mankind is saved, it certainly has not shown much of that kind of love toward any other religion. With the Pope’s recent call for conversions in Asia, it certainly shows that it is not a friend of other religions, but still holds the goal that other spiritual paths should be brought down to be replaced by Christianity. This should be clearly understood. This is also the case with the Baptists and other denominations. While I was in New Delhi, I also met with Mrs. Shanti Reddy, a member of a government agency called the National Committee for Women. She revealed that another thing that missionaries have done was to kidnap young Indian children. What one Christian missionary couple in Chennai was doing before they were arrested was to bribe tribals into giving their young baby girls to them. They would pay the tribals as little as 2000 to 5000 rupees for baby girls, and then turn around and sell the girls to foreigners for as much as $30,000 to $40,000. According to the records that had been confiscated from the missionaries’ home, this had been a thriving business, and nearly 25 of such transactions had already taken place. The Indian authorities said they probably saved 300 baby girls from such a fate from the indications on the records they found. So this has been another one of the forms of activities that such missionaries do for their own benefit and profit against the real interest of India. However, whenever Hindus react with force against such people, they are labeled as fundamentalists, antagonists, communalists, or worse. But how can you expect that Hindus should not display serious and violent reactions when such activities become obvious? It usually takes a lot to make Hindus react, as they are often most pacifistic and tolerant people. This is also why they make lousy terrorists, they just do not see things that way. Nonetheless, another way that India is slowly losing its Vedic culture is through the process of secular or English and Christian education. Of course, in public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. So there are no possibilities to study the ancient Indian literature or art in such institutions. So Vedic values are no longer part of what the children are taught. Furthermore, the Christian schools, often staffed by Christian missionaries, can teach Christian values in their classes, and include a short study of the Bible everyday, or the Koran if it’s an Islamic school. The so-called secular government has even helped them with free land and facilities. Since these schools offer English in their education, along with good discipline, many of the middle classes of Indians are favoring sending their children to these schools. Today, in the Indian cities, many of the parents of children are the graduates of Christian schools, who also send there own children to such schools. As this trend continues, there will be a decreasing number of Hindus in the educated sector. Thus, children in India, with the help of the secular government, are learning Christian values and perceiving their own history and culture as something less than honorable. They are taught that such important books as the Bhagavad-gita, Ramayana, Bhagavata Purana and other Vedic texts are nothing more than mythology, and not a result of one of the most profound civilizations in the world. They are also taught that their own God is but a demon and the only real way to God is through Jesus.
    An example of this is that a few devotees from the New Delhi Iskcon (Hare Krishna) temple go out and give presentations to the children’s classes in schools. Some of the questions that are asked by the children are, “Who is your God?” and “hat can your God do for me?” and so on. Obviously, these questions are nothing but a direct result of the Christian and English oriented education that these children are receiving. Now I ask anyone, isn’t this practically a covert form of conversion? This form of education indoctrinates the children to doubt their own culture, and disrespect their own history and traditions. As a result of this form of education, the Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their homeland. As I traveled around, it was not unusual to see elementary schools around India with a name something like “Saint Xavier’s School.” People should know that this Francis Xavier, who is now one of the greatest so-called “saints,” feverishly declared, “When I have finished baptizing the people, I order them to destroy the huts in which they keep their idols; and I have them break the statues of their idols into tiny pieces, since they are now Christians. I could never come to an end describing to you the great consolation which fills my soul when I see idols being destroyed by the hands of those who had been idolaters.” (From “The Letters and Instructions of Francis Xavier,” 1993, pp 117-8) This was his goal, to destroy Indian culture and make India a Christian nation. So it is ironic that now India embraces the schools that honor him in this way. How could they not know his true intention?What is often not recognized is that, up until recently, for the last 50 years the politicians who have been directing the destiny of India are the ones who have an anti-Hindu attitude. They have set the economic direction and the educational policies that the country has been forced to follow. They have also promised the protection of the religious minorities with the hopes of acquiring votes. This has been one of the reasons why the secularists in the Congress party have treated everything that is Hindu with disdain.Another aspect of the loss of Vedic culture in India is that the younger Indian people, especially ages from 15 to 25, are readily giving up Vedic customs to follow the more decadent so-called freedoms of the West. They see the western movies, they read what the celebrities say in the papers, and they admire them and want to adopt their forms of dress and lifestyles. Thus, in the big cities like Mumbai you have Indian couples living together without marriage, which is something you never would have seen before a few years back. Now the Vedic principles are looked upon as something obsolete, something that restricts the style that those who look to the West want to adopt. Thus, they are leaving Indian traditions behind and losing respect for anything Vedic. In this way, they adopt foreign standards, or lose so much respect for Indian and Vedic values that they become embarrassed to admit their Hindu background and heritage. Furthermore, Sanskrit scholars at the temples are also slowly dying out, and the modern Indians view the Ramayana and Mahabharata as merely myths or gaudy television shows.Although India has been invaded by outsiders so many times and has always survived, what we are talking about is more than mere property or geography. What is actually being threatened is the basis of Indian culture itself. As younger generations give up their Vedic heritage, even if they return to it later when they are older and looking for more philosophical support, with whatever percentage of loss occurs with each generation, time has shown that it is never fully recovered. A portion of it is lost forever.
    Another way of looking at this is that India presently enjoys an 85% Hindu majority in its population. This may sound quite significant, but in actuality this includes 15% Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains. So it is really only a 70% majority. How many more generations will go by before we see a big drop in this percentage due to the process of secular (meaning Christian or English, or even Islamic) education, or with the present rate of conversions by tactless Christians? This percentage could easily drop well below 50% in only a few more generations at the present rate of change. How many more generations will it take before the Hindu majority is no longer a majority, but a minority in its own country? As Hinduism declines, you will see that the demands on the government and those voted into politics will also change, and the laws will also alter more in favor of the increasing minority religions at the expense of declining Hinduism. Then as the years go by there will appear only small clusters of Hindu or Vedic communities, most likely centered around prominent holy places, until the more aggressive religions act in ways to diminish these as well, in the same way that they are presently doing in other countries. The point of all this information is that it is time for all Hindus and supporters and followers of the Vedic culture, Sanatana-dharma, to realize what is actually happening and give up your timidness or nonchalance and speak out while such freedom still exists. We must become more pro-active for defending this culture. The point is that if you do not take it seriously, I can assure you that there are others who take this inaction and tolerance extremely seriously to promote their own goals and religions in India. It is because of this that India may not always remain the homeland of an active and thriving Vedic culture as it is now. We need to protect whatever is left of it and maintain the present liberties that Hindus or followers of Vedic culture still have in India. Then we all can continue to engage in Vedic traditions without hindrance, and with full freedom. For this, we need to unite ourselves in a concerted effort to make this happen. And it most certainly is possible.
    Not long ago, as told to me by Professor Subhash Kak, it was noted in a reputable publication that now 1% of the Russian population claim that they are Hindu. The article stated that this was primarily due to the preaching efforts of Iskcon. This shows a major social impact. This shows what is possible if we can work together in a concerted effort. This is why I am convinced that if we all work in a pro-active way under the banner of a united family of Vedic followers, or Global Vedic Community, we can keep and even expand the present freedoms that we now have to practice Vedic and indigenous traditions, and keep India as the homeland of Vedic culture, the most ancient roots of humanity.
    India must be protected and kept as the homeland and center of the Vedic heritage, Sanatana-dharma, Hinduism. Without it, what is its value, in spite of whatever else it accomplishes? The value of Hinduism and India are clearly expressed in the words of the famous English theosophist Dr. Annie Besant. She put great emphasis on the value of India, its history, the Vedic culture, and its importance to the world. As written in the cover notes from the book, Hindus, Life-Line of India, by G. M. Jagtiani, she says: “After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophic, and none so spiritual as the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. The more you know it, the more you will love it; the more you try to understand it, the more deeply you will value it. Make no mistake; without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are struck, and torn of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place. Many are the religions and many are the races flourishing in India, but none of them stretches back into the far dawn of her past, nor are they necessary for her endurance as a nation. Everyone might pass away as they came and India would still remain. But let Hinduism vanish and what is she? A geographical expression of the past, a dim memory of a perished glory, her literature, her art, her monuments, all have Hindudom written across them. And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one.”
    In this light, it is absolutely necessary that as followers of Sanatana-dharma, Vedic culture, we realize that we need to repair whatever differences we have between us regarding whatever issues there may be. This is necessary in order to work with some cooperation with whomever we can if we expect to be a substantial force in defending the Vedic cause. Otherwise, all the issues that invariably come up, although these should not be ignored, should not take so much of our attention that our preaching or sharing or promoting of our culture stops. Otherwise, we will only serve as contributors to the continuing deterioration of all spiritual standards as the age of Kali-yuga progresses. This preaching, of course, means that we must all stay in touch with and practice the Vedic standards, and be ready to let others know of its advantages, and to defend it from those who wish to see its demise. We cannot allow ourselves to be led into the danger of endless debate that leads to inaction. We all must be pro-active in some way to help defend and spread Vedic culture. Then we can work together to keep the freedom we presently have to practice the Vedic traditions and keep India as the homeland of a thriving, dynamic, and still living tradition. Such freedom does not come without its challenges, and we must be prepared as a society to meet those challenges. To take such freedoms for granted means that it’s only a matter of time before they are lost. And that is exactly what some people want to happen. So we must be willing to work all the harder to prevent such a decline of our Vedic heritage.Any act is forbidden by law is an offence ,it is an unlawful act , a breach of law ,the classification has further laid down the responsibility of such wrong doer as a criminal offence ,civil administrative financial and other economical offence. In assessment of its ingredients with infringement ,the form of anti social behaviour in accordance with its degree of guilt has to be taken into consideration as affecting to the socio-economic and legal concept for the various social aspects can a criminal having anti social behaviour with the emergence of individual negative qualities having no responsibility and control over anti social phenomenon presupposes an appropriate judicial qualification for the enforcement of his fundamental right. This will distort the picture for prevention of the crime became it affects human destiny and provide an attack over moral fabric of the society. A socially dangerous act is more dangerous than an individual act towards the objective aspect to concrete omission which constitutes the corpus deliecti to regulate human behaviour. Thus the fundamental rights which are considered to be invalidated for implementing the directive principles of the state policy by introduction of Article 31-a,31-b and 31-c removing to some extent the veto of Article 13 as being upheld in Keshvanand Bharti case should necessarily be restricted in respect of its enforceability in favour of anti social criminals protection as a part enforceable fundamental duties of others.
    After the 42nd amendment Article 32-C was further amended by making the fundamental right s conferred by Article 14 and 15 to the directive principles by giving prianacy over fundamental rights may not be coming in the way as regarded violative of the basic structure of the constitution in Minoura Mills case .The judgement of seven judges of the Hon’ble Supreme court has upheld in L.Chandra Kumar case (1997 (3) S.C.C 261).Although the constitutional maker have enshrined the expression ‘procedure established by law ‘ in determining the criteria whether the procedure is reasonable to the content of the enacted law but the supreme court by introduction of the doctrine of reasonableness transparency and the principles of proportionality apart from having the concept of natural justice embodied under Article 14 has virtually introduced in the expression due process of law in Article 21 of our constitution ;then why not such ideal laws enunciated in the opinion of the court may not be introduced as the measurement of legal duties and responsibilities in the life of legal philosophy for the ethical constant consistent with its frame work for a attending the ultimate set of social condition. The morality of the law in the pre condition for the advancement of social set-up in the society .The end of all political association is the conservation of the natural rights of the man. Thus the rights to rebellion against the dictatorial existing structure of our constitution provides for orderly and peaceful change , which is pertinent in this context .The next question as to be dealt with regarding imposition of the restriction through the power of the parliament to modify the rights of the members of the armed forces in respect of the restrictions abrogation under the garb of ensuring the proper discipline of duties has to be read in respect of the enforceability of such rights of the anti social elements who is providing disintegration, disassociation and disco-ordination amongst the citizens and whether such discipline is not required for the governance of the nation and prosperity of the people as that of those who are assigned for the protection of the unity and integrity of the nation they are being curtailed such fundamental rights while those who are indulged in the anti national activities are getting protection through our constitution .Constitution must correspond to definite social relation and the stage of social development according to changing norms and value of the society .There must be substantial change in the static and invariable constitutional classes as there is need for its renovation. The constitution must replace by the new provisions reflecting the change conditions and the needs. Duty to uphold and protect the unity and integrity of the nation as to render national resources and to promote harmony against its citizen and to abjure the violence to rise with higher levels of endeavour and achievement must be enshrined in the preamble of the constitution of India. The preamble is the part of the constitution . There is the duty for preventing exploitation of one individual by other individual .
    Socialism is based on each according to his ability to each according to the work ‘There is no constraint responsiveness of the public opinion so that administration may be increasingly diverse and meaningful .Democracy is not a slogan ,but rather striving to raise the level of social justice to the individual. Socialism is something different from social justice. It is not the privilege orientation to some individual ,but requires potential for upliftment of the society at large.
    Slogan do not solve the problem. The ornamental democratic norms set-up by some individual consisting of a body of 292 people representing the different constituent assemblies cannot fulfil the ideals and aspirations of an individual citizen till there may not be enforceable duty governing to others fundamental right in the pursuit to govern ,advance and prosperous nation. The potential resources of our country are not vested in the privilege to its legislature ,but requires to be invested to strengthen the ideological front based on the principle of equal opportunity and popular sovereignty .The social order is essentially a system of class relating. The doctrinaire approach to the problem of socialism and pragmatic view provided to enable the courts to learn more and more in favour of nationalisation and state ownership,but unfortunately the same has resulted into our 240 public sectors governed by the central Govt. and 740 public sectors being owned by state Govt. as money guzzles and the black whole in the economy of the nation. Let we should also have some enforceable duty upon the propagator of the theory of socialism through representation to their leaders as the economic justice would mean the development of more productive economy and stability to eliminate the disparity in the economic status Every legal system is required for a living society and thus our constitution must be alive .It is not merely the imprisonment of the past but it is also the unfolding of the future. It demands the most flexible and imaginative adjustment for harmonising the national and the social interest .It is a dynamic process in the function of the state craft . Thus the constitution cannot be applied in disregard of the external circumstances. The significance is vital , not formal ; it is to be gathered not simply by taking the words from the dictionary , but by considering its origin and its utility .A constitution is the principles for an expending future. The judicial approach should be dynamic rather than static pragmatic and not pedantic and elastic rather than rigid . The courts instead of ascertaining the intent may now provide some meaning to the constitutional clause by adopting ‘Due process of law’ and the attempt should have been made for maintaining a delicate balance in between the due process and procedure established under the law .The court while acting as sentinel on the quivive to protect fundamental right and the larger and broader interest of society. In India the majority is not a political majority . The majority is born ; it is not made .This is the difference between a communal majority and political majority and one should destroy it .Until and unless this thing is not been done by the adequate safeguard provided to our constitution, the oligarchic approach of our guardian ,the so called representative by the process of the election that “Damn your safeguards ,we do not want to be ruled by you “, who are these people there must be the much exposure to such people who are sceptical to public opinion and are only interested to keep on the system based on no assessment of the responsibility through the periodical assessment of the election by the communal majority in our parliamentarian system of democracy .
    The intelligentsia of country feels that our electoral system and parliamentary form of the Govt. are responsible to great extent to the political instability. Dissension , self interest ,moral degradation and political conflict are spreading like a wild fire. The problem of bread and butter is accrued but we proudly claim that our country is progressing towards the materialism which is destined to fall soon. The demeaned duties are accomplished by the human being of high calibre and not by the representatives of communal majority under the garb of their so called socialism. The time is ripen for its final phase . It is becoming chronic to maintain country’s integrity and unity . Some radical changes are needed to maintain country’s prosperity , integrity and unity of the Nation
    “Who never ate his bread in sorrow ,
    Who never kept till midnight hours ,
    Weeping & waiting for the morrow ,
    He who knows ye not ,ye heavenly powers.
    The present system of appointments by the Collegium of Judges suffers from nepotism, caste affiliation, favoritism, arbitrariness and lack of transparency. We need a full time Judicial Appointments Commission for selecting judges of the higher judiciary as well as members of Commissions, Tribunals, etc. This should not comprise merely of retired judges, but should include other eminent members of civil society. This Commission must first lay down the criteria for selection and the method for selection as per the criteria. In particular the understanding of and sensitivity towards the social conditions of the common people must be an important criteria for judging the suitability of judicial appointments. The selection process must be transparent and the credentials and qualifications of the prospective appointees must be in the public domain. The difference in the retirement age of High Court and Supreme Court judges has made many High Court judges subservient to the Collegium who decide their elevation. This has led to lobbying among High Court judges and Chief Justices as well. The Campaign believes that there is no justification for a different retirement age for High Court and Supreme Court Judges. The fact that there is considerable corruption in the higher judiciary is evident from the string of recent scandals such as the Ghaziabad Provident Fund scam, the Chandigarh cash at judges door scam, the Justice Soumitra Sen and Justice Dinakaran cases, etc. The present system of impeachment has proved to be totally impracticable and ineffective for disciplining judges. There should be a similar commission for dealing with complaints against judges. This must have its own independent investigative machinery and should be empowered to examine the complaints and recommend the action against the errant judges, which would include removal and registration of criminal cases against them. The commission may appoint a tribunal of three jurists to adjudicate on the misconduct of judges before its final decision. These complaints must also be dealt with transparently. A code of conduct for judges must be framed with full public consultation and made strictly enforceable. The Campaign notes that misconduct of the bar has also grown enormously in recent times. The Bar Council of India has completely failed in disciplining misconduct lawyers due to conflicts of interest and corruption within the Bar Council of India. The Bar too must be made accountable to a completely independent statutory body. This is important because the bar is also an important actor in the administration of justice. It is the principle feeder cadre for judges and is often complicit in judicial corruption. We feel there is no justification for retaining “scandalising the court or lowering the authority of the court” in the definition of criminal contempt and this should be deleted. Respect for or public confidence in the judiciary depends upon how the actions of the judiciary are perceived and not on preventing people from making any kind (including harsh) criticism. The laws of civil and criminal defamation are adequate to protect judges from scurrilous abuse. The Campaign notes with regret that though the judiciary had itself declared the Right to Information as a fundamental right and had applied it to various institutions including candidates contesting elections, it is now dragging its feet and resisting the application of the RTI Act to itself. This is being done by framing rules which deter citizens from asking for information and put unreasonable restrictions on the disclosure of administrative or financial information about the court. This is also being done by the interference of the Courts with judgments of the Central Information Commission ordering disclosure of information with the judiciary such as for appointments of judges and complaints against judges, etc. The judiciary is thus defeating the object of the Right to Information Act which is to make every institution including the judiciary accountable to the people. The Campaign finds that the judiciary has of late rendered many decisions displaying gross insensitivity to human rights and civil liberties particularly of the weak and the poor. Draconian laws such as POTA, TADA, AFSPA has been upheld and progressive laws such as the IMDT Act have been struck down and other pro people laws such as Contract Labour Act, Industrial Disputes Act are not being implemented. The insensitivity towards human rights is also apparent from the fact that even where prosecutions of innocent persons were found to be malafide and based on fabricated evidence, no action was ordered against the offending police officers. This has led to impunity in the police and the spectre of innocent persons being framed in a large number of bogus cases. The Supreme Court has gone to the extent of saying that laws made by Parliament should be interpreted in accordance with the economic policies of the executive government. In certain instances, this has led to a peculiar situation where economic policies of the government are given the judicial stamp. This often strangulates political debate, as well as mobilisation of public opinion. In particular, in the area of workmen jurisprudence and land acquisition disputes, the Campaign notes the attitude of the judiciary as being dismal. The current judicial system is getting far removed from the needs and rights of the poor and deprived section of society in substantial deviation from the directive principles of state policy as enshrined in the Constitution of India and even restricting the interpretation “right to life” as delineated in earlier pronouncements of the court. In fact the common people have virtually no access to the judicial system being unable to afford lawyers and also often because the language of the court is alien to the culture. The security obsession of the superior courts is also preventing access even to visitors thus destroying the very concept of open courts. With the current technology is would be easily possible to video record and indeed web telecast court proceedings which must be started immediately. Courts have often been used to execute the desires of the incumbent government even against the law. Thus jhuggis along the Yamuna Pushta were demolished on the orders of the court to pave the way for the common wealth games village and the Akshardham Temple , in violation of formal government policy. The Courts have acted whimsically and arbitrarily on environmental matters and have often invoked environment to demolish jhuggis, displace forest dwellers, etc. However the same considerations have not prevented them from allowing the use of the same spaces for corporate interests. There is a clear need for the courts to strengthen and rationalise the systems of environmental appraisal and clearance. Environmental approval committees should be given statutory status and appointed in a transparent manner to represent particularly the interests of the concerned masses rather than “technical corporate or bureaucratic interests”. The statutory appellate authority should also be transparently appointed through the judicial appointments commission


  2. ramkrishnagoeldr
    August 17, 2012

    After reading this article the pseudo- secular congress should awake. I have seen in Vadodara how our PUCL Parivar saved muslims in Vadodara. Even muslims were not so fanatic for Islamic Jihad. The Vadodara muslims are Vohra those are business class abd they also don’t want any jihadi activity in Gujarat. Most of them want to live in peace. Ptof. J.S. Bandukwala of Vadodara got Indra Gandhi Communal Harmony award despite a suffered a lot. His daughter is married to a hindu boy. We need in India muslims like Dr. J.S.Bandukwala. This Islamic militants have to be stopped by all means those want another Pakistan. Their dream will not be fulfiled. We Indian Hindus should also show tolerance of Hindu religion which we teaches in world. But enough is enough now. The Indian politicians those are creating their vote bank by pleasing muslims will be suicide for them. Now it looks that Narendra Modi is only the solution to stopp further Islamic militants in India keeping secular Constitution of India. Modi is wrongly defamed to be anti-muslims. He is repeatedly saying that in Gujarat he cares for 6 crores Gujarati’s for all round development. He said that he don’t count how much Sabarmati water goes to hindus stomack and to muslim stomack. Modi’s Secular image needs to be propogated by all means to save India from Islamic militants.


  3. arishsahani
    August 17, 2012

    Hindus problem is we have let our hindus brothers convert to islam or christian with no fight.
    These converts after conversion learnt to hate all around them. Hindus ,nation , culture .
    Our war is against our own Hindu brothers who have converted.
    Hindus have no leaders to bring this topic in open.
    We let our hindu convert demand nation we gave them and foolishly let many stay here to multiply and demand again in future.
    Only way is Get control of govt. Vote100 % get country in hand and make converts relies they will not be pampered if they destroy the county they are born.
    Converts are getting fooled by teaching they are destroying their future.


  4. Ashwini
    August 25, 2012

    Great idea !but for that ,reconstruction of our society&make ready” by body built,by mental, by wealth” is must to retaliate tremendously !


  5. arman agarwal
    August 25, 2012

    jab 1947 main partitionn hii thi, tab hindu na ja kanun kyu nai bnaya ki muslman 1 se jyada shadi nai kar sakta, india ke leader ko vote ki jo jrurt thi, indian leader na apni jaba hi bhari, us time ja kanun kyu pass nahi kiya gaya, ki muslmano ki 1 se jyada shaadi nahi ho sakti, je hindustan hindu ka hai or india main rule vi hindu ka hona chayia,hindu teyar ho jayo, hame sacrifice ke liya abi se teyar ho jayo, jadi india main muslmano ki population bad gayi to ye ham par raj karanga; kyuki har muslaman vote dalta hai, and agar muslmano ki vote hidu se jyada ho gayi to ye muslman india ko pakistan bna denga, and hmari hindu istri surakshit nahi rhagi, pakistan main hindu istri ko utha kar la jata hai and unki ijat luti jati hai, app sab hindu ye sab janta hi hai, hindu apna dharam hinduism ki raksha kra jai hind hindustan only hindu ka hai…
    hindu pakistan main hindu 1947 main 16 % tha and ab 1% hai and bangladesh main 1971 main 27 % tha and ab 9 % hai and muslman 1947 main india main kitna tha and now time india main kitna hai jago india jago, hinduism ki raksha kro….


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