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Anti ISKCON-HINDU Propaganda & Status of Hindus in present Russia. Moscow’s only ISKCON Temple facing threat to demolish under the sanction of Orthodox Christian Church.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 25, 2012

iskcon russia

Conspiracy to abolish Vedic-Hindu-Buddhist influence from Russia.


by Upananda Brahmachari. 

Atishgah temple in Baku

Atishgah temple in Baku. Evidence of Hindu Past.

The Hare Krishna  Hindu temple of ISKCON in Russia, is scheduled to be demolished by Moscow authorities by 15 January 2013. The ISKCON monks announced that the Hindu temple was facing closure by Russian government, a year after the Christians of the country had sought ban of Bhagvad Gita, though the Russian Court of Tomsk rejected the ban on Gita upon the plea of the Orthdox Church.  The temple destruction has been generated by the protest of Orthodox Church of Russia which hold the status of more than ‘State Religion’.

This Orthodox Church of Russia is not going to demolish religious places of other faiths except the Hindus and obviously ISKCON’s.  As this Hindu group is working hard to fulfill the spiritual vacuum among the materialistic Russian people so disgusted by the meaningless services of Orthodox Church. After attacking the Srimadvagabad Gita’s ISKCON version (‘Gita as it is’ by Prabhupada), the Orthodox Christians are directly hitting ISKCON from their sheltering place. The Church authority is hatching a clear conspiracy against the increasing influence of ‘Hare Krishna Movement’ in Russia.

It is hard to reveal  the real Hindu-Buddhist history of Russia. ISKCON has many branches in Russia having Shri Krishna-Gour Netai Temples in Russia. Ramakrisna Mission has its branch in Moscow. Regular Hindu pujas are conducted there in Ramkrishna Temple.

Azerbaijan’s Baku still carries the Hindu reminiscence of ancient Vedic  Agni Puja in Jwalaji Temple (Hindu Temple). Russian Mongolia has still Buddhist (TantraYana) majority and Hindu-Buddhist amity. Buryatia still maintains its Indian roots in religious practices. But, the Christian conspirators are planning to end the Indian influences in Russian religious practices.

In 2007 a ancient Vishnu Deity was unearthed in an excavation work near Volga region. The Vishnu idol found in Staraya (old) Maina village dates back to VII-X century AD. Staraya Maina village in Ulyanovsk region was a highly populated city 1700 years ago, much older than Kiev, so far believed to be the mother of all Russian cities.

The Hindu Council of Russia [HCR] represents members of the Hindu religion in Russia. The council was created on December 19, 2011, in light of the Bhagavad Gita trial in Russia, by “Hindus from Bharat (India), Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal and other countries residing in Russia.” Sadhu Priya Das is the current chairman of  HCR.

The presence of ISKCON,  Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission, Ananda Marga, the organizations associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sahaja Yoga, Brahma Kumari, Satya Sai Baba and Osho Rajneesh unequivocally prove the Hindu Existence in Russia.

While ISKCON and Brahma Kumari appear to have a relatively strong followers in Russia, the other organizations in the list have a marginal but significance presence in this country. So far 80 centers of ISKCON and 20 of Brahmakumari’s are nurturing the Hindu and Buddhist Culture in Russia with the other Indian Root Hindu Organizations.

As of December 2005, the Federal Registration Service recorded the number of registered Hindu groups listing Hindu group and Hindu groups with particular orientation on Krishna (78) and Tantric sects with the 20 self realization centers of Brahmakumari’s.

According to the Hindu Forum of Britain, there are 60,000 Hindus in Russia, over 10,000 of whom live in Moscow.

The present protest against Hare Krishna Temple in Moscow has been orchestrated by the Russian Orthodox Church which did not want land given to a temple one Hindu Organisation as considering it as a measure of  “converting Russian Christians to a Hindu way of life”.  With the vehement anti-propaganda of Russian Orthodox Church, Hindus were victimized, threatened, bullied, beaten and subjected to violence one after another in a so called socialist country and a citadel of ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’ .

Finally, in November 2005, the Mayor of Moscow canceled the land order and took away the piece of land given for the construction of the Hindu temple.

On November 29, 2005, Archbishop Nikon of the Russian Orthodox Church sent a letter to the mayor of Moscow, describing the Hindu deity Krishna as an ‘evil demon’. The letter continued in that manner, using words such as ‘satanic’. Some days after a representative of  Teresa, the Queen of Christian Conversion in India met the anti Hindu Archbishop Nikon with a confidential mission.

On January 14, 2006, Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone handed over letters expressing concern about the harassment of Russian Hindus by the Moscow Government and the Russian Orthodox Church to the visiting Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov in London, even as British Parliamentarians led by Ashok Kumar MP, Lord Dholakia and Baroness Flather got ready to host the launch of the Defend Russian Hindus Campaign at the House of Commons on 18 January of the same year.

British Parliamentarians and members of the all faith communities  adopted then a resolution to  Defend Russian Hindus launch at the House of Commons, urging the Moscow Government to stop harassment of minority religions in Russia. Parliamentarians from all three parties will later hand a copy of this resolution to the Russian Ambassador in London.

After that gallons of water have flown in Ganges and Volga, but the Orthodox opposition to Hare Krishna Hindu Temple of ISKCON still remains intact as majority Christians do not tolerate Hindus any way. They want Christian conversion of this world and India in a very scrupulous evangelical way. Actually, Orthodox Christians in Russia haven taken a vow to end up all Hindu activities in Russia in every footsteps by demoralizing Hindu Scriptures and destroying Hindu temples.

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to India in his official visit on 24th Dec, 2012 for a Indo-Russia strategic purpose. He came and flown away after signing some agreements and deals, but the Indian-Russian cultural disruption did not get a chance to heal up properly.

Anyway, huge numbers of Hindus everywhere and the some confused Hindus in Ramakrishna Mission still observe Christian celebrations of year ending and new christian era.  Christian are destroying Hindu Temples in Russia, converting huge numbers of Hindus in Christianity and we are enjoying 25th December…. 1st January. SHAME.

And we foolish Hindus are celebrating various Christian celebration in our own way. What a suicidal measure we are adopting all around. Stop buying cakes for a persecutors’ (Christian) celebration. Donate for a Hindu Cause to Ramakrishna Mission, ISKCON, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,  Hindu Existence… where ever you get a scope to strengthen our Hindu society.


Important update 28/12/2012: Protest Letter Sent by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to Russian Embassy at Delhi and Mumbai.

ramkrishna vedanta moscow hindu influence in russia


Russia’s only Hindu temple faces threat of demolition.

proposed moscow iskcon templeTNN | Dec 24, 2012 | New Delhi :: The Indian ambassador to Russia has asked the Moscow authorities to give an extension to a temporary temple which is set to expire on December 31, 2012, until they complete the construction of a Vedic cultural centre.
NEW DELHI: A year after Russia sought to ban the Bhagavad Gita, the Iskcon Krishna temple in Moscow is facing closure by the Russian government. By January 15, 2013, Iskcon monks said their Moscow temple, the only Hindu temple in Russia, would be demolished by the city authorities.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives on Monday for a day of talks with the Indian government, the temple issue is likely to figure in the discussions, not least because the issue has been pursued by the foreign ministry.

Indian ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra has asked the Moscow authorities to give an extension to a temporary temple which is set to expire on December 31, 2012, until they complete the construction of a Vedic cultural centre. Asked about the proposed demolition, Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin dismissed fears of demolition.

However, Iskcon monk Madanmohan Das said the demolition order has not been revoked, so the temple is due to come down in January, because the authorities said it “violates the urban building code” and has no legal grounds for existence.

In a statement, the temple officials said they feared that even the permanent temple would face the axe. “A source in the Moscow mayor’s office said on condition of anonymity that Mayor Sergey Sobyanin also ordered to axe the permanent temple project, which Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit and previous Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov had included in a joint declaration in 2006 as a symbol of cultural cooperation between the cities. Following the declaration, Indian ambassador Ajai Malhotra laid the cornerstone for the new project earlier this year,” the statement said.

This year, Russia plans to push for land from the Indian government for a Russian orthodox church in Delhi. In 2004, Moscow’s Iskcon temple was demolished and the Iskcon group was offered another plot to build a temple. Reports said the offer was withdrawn after Russian orthodox church members protested against the temple building plans.

Last year’s Bhagavad Gita trial had brought Lok Sabha to its feet and in a rare move, Parliament had collectively asked Russia to prevent the ban. The latest issue of demolition promises to put another wrinkle in the bilateral relations. [Courtesy: TOI]

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Revival of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is connected with the Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 23, 2012

Revival of ancient Hindu Rashtra in Nepal

Why, What and Whom for Secularism in Nepal?

Revive the ancient Hindu Rashtra in present Nepal immediately.

By Dirgha Raj Prasai.

hindu existence logoNepal was bigger during the ancient time. ‘Himwatkhanda-Nepal’ extended from Bramhaputra in the East to Hindukush in the west, Kailash Mansovar in the North and Ganga in the South. In time the ‘Himwatkhanda Nepal’ disintegrated into many smaller nations. The fact is mentioned in the Prayaga archive of Samudra Gupta, the son of Bikramaditya, that ‘Nepal’ is a place lying in between Kamrup (current Assam) and Karkarpur (current Kumau). We can infer from these facts that Himwatkhanda Nepal in the ancient times was bigger than what is today. This area of the Himwatkhanda is the golden land. A veteran Rishi (Hindu’s ascetic Guru) in a special Vedic scripture has mentioned about Himwatkhanda, “Bharatkhande Utarayane Himalaya Tate Swarnabhumi, Swarnabhumi,” meaning ‘the northern part of Bharatkhande, the Himalayan mountains is the golden land and just haven’. We can draw inference as to the greatness of this land. Kalidash in his ‘Kumaar Sambhav’ has mentioned, “The land from Eastern Himalayas to the Western Himalayas is the Arya land.” Before the Muslim and English regime, Bharatbarsha had comprised 25 nations. After the unification of India by East India Company, then India was called Hindustan. But, before the King, the creator of greater Nepal- Prithvi Narayan Shah 1800 B.S (Bikram Sambat era) had said- ‘Nepal is the real ‘Hindusthana‘ at 1800 Bs (1753, AD)

During the time when Himwatkhanda Nepal remained a unified country the current powerful nations were divided into many smaller nations. Bismark had unified Germany, which had existed in the façade of many smaller nations, a hundred years after Nepal’s unification. Italy was also divided into many smaller nations a hundred years before Nepal’s unification, which was transformed into a greater Italy by good sons as Kabur and Gyalibhardi. Japan came out of the dark-age under the leadership of its King after Mehiji restoration hundred years after Nepal’s unification. Two decades before the unification of Nepal the now superpower America was a British colony. Prithvinarayan Shah had already unfurled the flag depicting the Sun and the Moon and unified the small kingdoms into a Himwatkhanda Nepal to save the tradition of this area. The Sanskrit language was the popular language of ancient Nepal and India. A famous Scholar Max Mucller has written in his book- ‘India-What Can it teach us’-‘ Sanskrit no doubt has an immense advantage over all other ancient language of the East. In a certain Sense we are still speaking and thinking Sanskrit or more correctly Sanskrit is like a dear aunt to use and she takes the place of a mother who is no more. Let us take a brief look at additional evidence to help verify the ides that Sanskrit was the original language of the world, and that it is connected with numerous countries and cultures. Latin and Persian are dialects of Sanskrit. Greek has borrowed a lot from Sanskrit. French & English are full Sanskrit words, roots and speech forms.

So, the identification of Himwatkhanda Nepal is associated with the ancient Vedic Hindu religion. May all be happy in the world and let no one suffer from disease and be sad. May no one keep ill will towards another being? May all be liberal and compassionate? ‘Basudhaiv Kutumbakam’. All humans of the world are our relatives. May all receive equal amount of food, relation and shelter. Let us become a liberal character of compassion and be active for omnipresent. May all worlds be well? ‘OM- Shanti’  is Vedic Hindu customs cleansed indicative. The welfare and happiness of all is the supreme system which is the belief of the Vedic Hindu society. Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri writes, “Hindus worship the Sun. The light that emanates from Sun is common for all. Without water no living being can survive. This is everyone’s right. Such things are beyond divisions, and consumed by all as per their necessity. For the prosperity of human life there must remain equal right and prerogative among us. No one should be hindered from contributing to their nation. So it is mentioned in the Veda, ‘Let us all rise for national awareness.’” This shows that Hindu religion is the vehicle that would show path to all human societies. Bramha- Bishnu-Maheshwor (the three Lords) is the guidance of Vedic Hindu life. In the ancient, Vedic Hindu religions the supreme is the ocean where anyone can swim anyhow.

Among all religions of the world Hindu religion is considered as the most liberal. According to renowned philosopher Voltaire, Hinduism is the best gift of the East to the West. Similarly, George Bernard Shaw, Irish litterateur also said ‘Hindu religion is the most important and the most liberal religion in the world. According to Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are even found in the present Islamic country like Iran. A stone scripture of 486 BC found in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus. Even an ancient Parsi scripture ‘Shatir’ has lifted a word of Ved Vyas ‘I am a true Hindu born in a Hindu country’. Another Hindu philosopher Manu has taken the area between Bindhya in south India and the Himalayas in the north as Aryabrata, the land of Aryans. Even outside travelers like Megasthaniz and Fai Han have written in their travel memoirs after their visit of the Kingdom of Chandra Gupta Maurya that Hindus have tall figure, long life, healthy, who avoid narcotics, simple, intelligent, truthful, who do not keep witness in transactions, do not lock their houses and there is no theft. So, in the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization, Hindu philosophy is taken as liberal, simple and tolerant.

The declaration of Nepal as a Hindu Kingdom does not signify just its religion rather it is taken as the source of Nepalese nationalism and an inseparable part of Nepal. So, the party leaders made a grave mistake by declaring Nepal as a secular state. If instead of declaring Nepal as solely a Hindu country, it would have made sense if it were declared both Hindu and Buddhist country. But it is a matter of serious concern for whose interest Nepal was declared a secular state. Nepal is a small country and on the south there is a big country with open border. There are about 800 million Hindus and Indian Hindus respect Nepal as a Hindu kingdom. This should be taken as a matter of pride for us. For security reasons also, Nepal has a big advantage by being a Hindu country. If the Maoists are for Nepal’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, all Nepalese request them to change their idea about secularism. Even if one is a Christian or a Muslim, they should support to keep Nepal a Hindu country. But the seven political parties have made a great mistake by announcing Nepal as a secular state.

Even if one talks about secularism, the census 2001 AD can be taken as referendum. That time those who call them intellectuals, leaders of ethnic communities and communists and those who call themselves Christians had made campaign not to write anything in the column for religion or not to write Hindu as their religion. But the Hindus never confronted them or made it an issue. Despite the campaign against Hinduism, the number of Hindus in Nepal was found to be 82 per cent. If one keeps the Buddhists out the number of Hindus before the 2001 census was 83 per cent. Half of the diminished numbers were increased in Buddhism and Kiratis and there was half percentage point increment in Christians. The rise in Buddhism and Kiratis do not make much of a difference because Buddhism and Hinduism are complementary to each other and Kiratis also worship the same gods such as Shiva and Bhagawati like the Hindus.

Therefore, if instead of declaring Nepal as solely a Hindu country, it would have made sense if it were declared both Hindu and Buddhist country. But it is a matter of serious concern for whose interest Nepal was declared a secular state. No one has right to trample believe and conviction of more than two-thirds majority of the people. Even if there is a referendum, more than 85 percent Nepalese will vote for a Hindu country. More than that Hindus have the freedom to pursue their own way of observing the religion. Therefore, if Nepal is to be declared a secular country, all countries, which call themselves as Christian or Muslim countries should also be declared secular countries. If they want Nepal to become a secular country, they should also be willing to shun their ‘Cross’ of the Christians, ‘sign of David’ of the Jews and ‘Kaba’ of Muslims. Actually, Kaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of perambulation is still meticulously observed and strictly followed. However, it needs to be pondered that even if Nepal was a Hindu Kingdom, its nature was  a defacto secular country as Hindus have never done anything that would harass or trouble other religions. (So, the abolition of an only official  Hindu Rashtra (Nation-State) in Nepal in 2008 was actually a clear violation of secularism as public realize it now generally. At least Maoists are not secular any way. They are the bloody Communists against Humanity in all sense. Ed. Hindu Existence).

It is shameful to write that in Nepal there are some existing international non-governmental organization (INGO) who are talking to develop Nepal but they were and has been involving in spreading the Christian religion with money and giving the fallacious assurance. The Nepalese religious people always regard the other religions. Nepal and the monarch never show the religious intolerance. From the very beginning, there are two Mosques in front of the Royal palace, near Clock Tower, have never faced intolerance. But, the so-called big party leaders and some civil society’ and INGO conveners who are the puppets Christian Mission are active to destroy the indigenous culture and identities. We should remember the quotation of Voltaire: “Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”

Despite knowing this fact it is intriguing on whose interest the so-called big parties including Maoist declared Nepal a secular state. They had directly hurt the feeling of the majority of the Hindus in the country and more than 1 billion Hindus all over the world. Political leaders must rethink its decision. What they should have done is to remove the anomalies such as untouchables and other caste-based and social discriminations. This would have been the real tribute and service to the country and to the religion. Apart from some social anomalies there is nothing in Hindu religion that should be opposed. By declaring republic and Nepal a secular country; they are only serving the interest of a narrow group. Otherwise, if one thinks of the liberalism and tolerance, Hinduism comes first and foremost of all other religions.

If we want to understand the reality about the secularism we can study the national history of India. A world renowned Hindutva analyst Stephen Knapp says- India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) is through the process of secular or Christian education. In public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. There are no possibilities to study the ancient Hindu literature or art in such institutions. The Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their home land. 5th Feb. 2008- Peoples Review). In fact the Christian saints order to destroy the huts where they keep the idols of Hindu’s God & Goddess and to break the statues of Hindus idols into tiny pieces. That was there goal to destroy Hindu & Buddha culture and make the country a Christian nation. The most dangerous steps is that the Indian Congress I- leadership groups are all Christians.

The Cultural Analyst Stephen Knnap writes- India is a predominantly Hindu nation.  83% of the Indian population is Hindu.  But it is a matter of great regret that India is the only country in the world where the Hindu majority population is being ruled by the other 17% minority communities. Sonia Gandhi, the President of the ruling Congress Party is a practicing Catholic Christian. Her son Rahul Gandhi who is being groomed as the next Prime Minister of India is also a Christian.  Sonia’s daughter Priyanka Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra are also Christians.  India’s Defense Minister is A K Anthony, a Christian. Sonia’s closest advisers are Christains:  Margaret Alva (resigned recently), Oscar Fernandez,  Ambika Soni, all are Christians. (yes, despite Ambika’s big Hindu sounding  name, she is a Christian).

It is a matter of grief that the nonsense foreigners (both the Evangelic and Arabic Groups – Ed. Hindu Existence) who want to destroy the Nepalese identities, sovereignty had and have been supporting the Maoist groups. A Nepalese  political analyst Prakash A. Raj  writes-‘The end of monarchy in Nepal and the declaration of republic would not have been possible without the support of Government of India as the Indian brokerage of ’12 Point Accord’ played the most important role in the success of Jana Andolan-2 (public agitation)  in 2006. Thus. India,  the secular country (actually anti-Hindu and run by an Italian lady – Ed. Hindu Existence) having the largest Hindu population in the world unfortunately played a dominant role in abolishing the only Hindu kingdom in the world. The stand taken by two European countries, Norway and Switzerland in supporting the Maoists after King Gyanendra took over power in February 2005 and before April 2006 is very revealing as it helped to gather support against the monarchy. Norway has shown a lot of interest in Nepal and was one of the few countries to welcome the first Maoist Prime Minister (Prachanda) of Nepal-2008. Now, all the foreigners are suffering by their mistakes.

Therefore, the question is why and how could they throw away the oldest and the most liberal of all religion just to serve the interest of another religion (Christian). The most important thing is that no religion and at the moment Hinduism must not be made a political issue. But by declaring republic & Nepal a secular state, they have made mixed religion with politics, which could be very dangerous and detrimental to the whole Nepalese society.  Now it is a high time Nepal should be careful to save her indigenous culture. So, let all Nepalese unite and raise voice to revert the irresponsible party’s decision and again declare the constitutional monarchy as well as Hindu Rashtra in Nepal as a fortified and flourishing land of traditional Hindus & Buddhists as a resource of Global Peace and Humanity.

(This revival of ancient Hindu Rashtra in Nepal mostly depends upon the tie-up of Nepal Monarchy and Public in a coherent good-faith, welfare of public by the existing Hindu dynasty in Nepal and Hindu Sentiment in general. But, the role of Bharat is the main factor which must be a pro-Hindu form from all sides. Unless and until Bharat is declared as a Hindu State within 2025, the revival of a Hindu State in Nepal is remote. Revival of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is now connected with the Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. So, the adherent Hindus of Nepal and Bharat (India) must fight jointly for the Hindu States both in Bharat and Nepal. Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram! Jai Bharat Hindu Rashtra !! Jai Nepal Hindu Rashtra !!! – Ed. Hindu Existence). 

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Declare Bharat as a Hindu Country

Hinduism third (?) largest religion of world: Pew research.

But ‘Indian-Hindu root religion’ is still the largest religion of world if you consider Hindus (15%) + Buddhist (7%) + Other Religions (nearly 1% most of them are Sikhs, Jains etc) +  Religiously Unaffiliated (16% most of them are in China and hide their practicing Buddhist culture due a oppressive Communist Govt & others actually follow the offshoot of Hindu faiths)……… SO THERE IS AT LEAST 35% INDIA ROOTS RELIGIONISTS IN THIS WORLD LARGER THAN 32% CHRISTIANS AND 23% MUSLIMS SO FAR.

Hindu Roots are the largest Religion in the WorldPTI | Washington | Wed Dec 19 2012 :: Hinduism is the third largest religion of the world after Christianity and Islam and 97 per cent of all Hindus live in three Hindu-majority countries : India, Nepal and Mauritius, according to a study.

India, which accounts for majority of world’s Hindus, is also home to almost all the major religions of the world, a Pew research said Tuesday.

Pew demographic study  ‘based on analysis of more than 2,500 censuses, surveys and population registers’  finds 2.2 billion Christians (32 per cent of the world’s population), 1.6 billion Muslims (23 per cent), 1 billion Hindus (15 per cent), nearly 500 million Buddhists (7 per cent) and 14 million Jews (0.2 per cent) around the world as of 2010.

In addition, more than 400 million people (six per cent) practice various folk or traditional religions, including African traditional religions, Chinese folk religions, Native American religions and Australian aboriginal religions.

An estimated 58 million people ‘ slightly less than one per cent of the global population’  belong to other religions, including the Baha’i faith, Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Tenrikyo, Wicca and Zoroastrianism, to mention just a few, it said.

Pew said overwhelmingly, Hindus and Christians tend to live in countries where they are in the majority.

Ninety seven per cent of all Hindus live in the world’s three Hindu-majority countries (India, Mauritius and Nepal), and nearly nine-in-ten Christians (87 per cent) are found in the world’s 157 Christian majority countries.

The median age of two major groups ‘Muslims (23 years) and Hindus (26)’ is younger than the median age of the world’s overall population (28), it said adding that all the other groups are older than the global median.

Read Original PEW Reports:  The Global Religious Landscape | Global Hinduism | Global BuddhismReligiously UnaffiliatedGlobal Christianity  | Global Muslim | Folk Religionists | Other Religions

Hindu Existence Post Script: 

Why the 1 (one) billion Hindus of the world have not a single Hindu Country for their own?

If the 32% stake holders Christian has about 30 declared  Christian Countries (157 Christian-majority nations) in this world….

The 23% stake holders Muslims have 57 declared Muslim Countries….

The 7% stake holders Buddhists have 8 Buddhist Countries….

The 0.2% stake holders Jews have 1 Jews Country….

Actually,  ‘India root religion’ is still the largest religion of world if you consider Hindus (15%) + Buddhist (7%) + Other Religions (nearly 1% most of them are Sikhs, Jains etc) + Religiously Unaffiliated (16% most of them are in China and hide their practising Buddhist culture due a oppressive Communist Govt & others actually follow the offshoot of Hindu faiths)……… SO THERE IS AT LEAST 35% INDIAN-HINDU ROOTS RELIGIONISTS IN THIS WORLD LARGER THAN 32% CHRISTIANS AND 23% MUSLIMS SO FAR. As Pew is a Christian affiliated organisation, it addresses the crisis and problems before the Christianity in order to propagate the Christianity in a top place. Within this theoretical module the ‘Indian Roots Religions’ are shown in an easy fragmentation which is quite unopposed.

The existence of Aryavarta-Bharat-Hindusthan-India solely depends upon the Hindu Majority and an establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. We have to encounter forceful conversion of Hindus into Islam and Christianity. Until and unless a meaningful Dhramarashtra on the basis of Hindu principles is established here the entity of Hindusthan will be always challenged by the Islam, Christianity, Communism, Consumerism and Corruption. We should compete our vision to make a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat within 2025.

So, why 15% Hindus of global population have no rights to have their own Hindu Country? Why the delay of declaring Bharat as a Hindu Rashtra? WHY???

Jayatu Jayatu Hindurashtram. 

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‘Kumbh Mela’ the Greatest Show on Earth and The World’s Most Massive Act of Oldest Faith…

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'Kumbh Mela' the Greatest Show on Earth and The World's Most Massive Act of Oldest Faith...

‘Kumbh Mela’ the greatest show on Earth, says a study

According to the study done by a team of professors across the UK and India, the Kumbh Mela attracts worldwide attention as a remarkable spectacle: millions of pilgrims bathing in the Ganges, parades of gurus on thrones, flanked by naked Naga Sadhus smeared in ash…..

Kumbha Hindu ExistenceLondon | Tue, 18 Dec 2012 | By PTI :: The Kumbh Mela, one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, to be held at Sangam in Allahabad early next year has been described as the “greatest show on Earth” in a four-year study by British and Indian researchers.

Up to 100 million people will gather on the shores of the Ganges to celebrate the Hindu festival commencing on January 14, 2013. For four years the team of British and Indian researchers have been studying the event, seeking to understand how people treat each other, how they experience the crowd and what impact the crowd has on their everyday lives.

They will present their findings at a special event at Allahabad University on January 24, 2013. The study described the Kumbh Mela as an incredible event and the “greatest show on Earth”.

The Kumbh Mela attracts worldwide attention as a remarkable spectacle: millions of pilgrims bathing in the Ganges, parades of gurus on thrones, flanked by naked Naga Sadhus smeared in ash.

This research, led by Nick Hopkins at the University of Dundee, Prof Stephen Reicher at the University of St Andrews, and Prof Narayanan Srinivasan at the University of Allahabad shows it to be remarkable in other ways as well.

How is it that a vast city of strangers emerges from nothing every year, and yet it functions harmoniously? How is it that people thrive in an environment that is densely crowded, intensely noisy and often insanitary?

The event in Allahabad will provide the answers to these and other questions about the Mela. It will also provide insights that are relevant, not only to the Mela, but go to the heart of processes that make human social life possible, which create (or undermine) social cohesion and which shape our sense of well being. ‘Sometimes we look at the Mela as an exotic event and focus on how different the pilgrims are from us. Our work shows how the pilgrim experience has lessons for all of us about how to create a good community and to ensure that people thrive in the community,’ Hopkins said. ‘By all the tenets of conventional wisdom, the Mela shouldn’t work. It is crowded, noisy and unsanitary.

One might expect people to be stressed, quarrelsome and conflictual. Yet the event is harmonious and people are serene. Studying the Mela has forced us to reconsider many basic beliefs about how people function in society,’ Reicher said. Narayanan said, ‘This has been the largest ever social science collaboration between the UK and India and possibly the most successful. The event in Allahabad will be very exciting. It will reveal findings that are sure to surprise people. It will change their understanding of crowds and communities.’

Hindu Existence  Post Script:

The Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage in which Hindus gather at the Ganges, river Godavari and river Shipra, where bathing for purification from sin is considered especially efficacious.

Mainly, the Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela is celebrated every six years at Haridwar and Allahabad, the Purna (complete) Kumbh takes place every twelve years, at four places Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nashik. The Maha(great) Kumbh Mela which comes after 12 ‘Purna Kumbh Melas’, or 144 years, is held at Allahabad.

Five Types of Kumbh Melas • Maha Kumbh Mela – occurring every 144 years – only in Allahabad. • Purna Kumbh Mela – after every 12 years – last one took place in January 2001 in Allahabad. • Ardh Kumbh – 6th year after Kumbh Mela. • Kumbh Mela – every 3rd years, rotating through Prayag, Nasik, Haridwar and Ujjain. • Magh Mela – Annual, held every year except years of Kumbh Mela and Ardh Kumbh Mela Held in Magh (Jan-Feb); hence the name. Only in Allahabad.

According to the Mela Administration’s estimates, around 70 million people participated in the 45-day Ardh Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, in 2007.

The previous Kumbh Mela, held in 2010 in Haridwar, was, before it occurred, estimated by the authorities to attract between 30 and 70 million people. Coming Ardha Kumbh Mela will start on 14-January-2013 at Allahabad.

Most Significant Days During The Kumbh Mela

Makar Sankranti  (14th January 2013 Sunday) – Shahi Snan

Kumbh-the greatest show on earthA Holy bath during this period carries special significance. Those who take a holy bath in the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri acquire pious credits . Ganga is considered as the river of heaven. This river came to earth by the religious austerity of Bhagirath and river had conjunction with ocean for the reclamation of ocean. The day Ganga dissolved in ocean was the day of Makar Sankranti. Hence, the virtue of bathing in Ganga today is much more than any other day. In Kolkata, lakhs of devotees come to take bath in Ganga sagar. In Allahabad as well, great masses come for bathing and doing charity on the banks of Sangam. One month of Kalpvas(kumbh mela) is also started in Allahabad from the day of Makar Sankranti, which is been followed since the era of Ramayana.

Paush Purnima (27 January 2013 Sunday)

The day occurs when the moon is full in the Hindu month of Paush. This is the last full moon of winter. By this time, the sadhu and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims arrive at the Kumbh Mela. On the day of Paush Purnima, devotees take baths in various sacred rivers like Ganga and Yamuna. People take baths at various places including Haridwar and relieve themselves of all their sins and problems. Taking baths, donations, charities etc are considered very sacred on this day. The baths of Magh month start with Paush Purnima and hence, this day is considered very important. It is believed that all wishes come true on this day.

Ekadashi Snan (6 February 2013)

Ekadashi, Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month  Magha, 2069 Vikram Samvat. At times Ekadashi fasting is suggested on two consecutive days. It is advised that Smartha with family should observe fasting on first day only. The alternate Ekadashi fasting, which is the second one, is suggested for Sanyasis, widows and for those who want Moksha. When alternate Ekadashi fasting is suggested for Smartha it coincides with Vaishnava Ekadashi fasting day. Ekadashi fasting on both days is suggested for staunch devotees who seek for love and affection of Lord Vishnu.

Mauni Amavasya Snan (10 February 2013 Sunday) – Shahi Snan

For the holy men and women, this is the main bathing day. New members to various holy monastic orders receive their first initiation on this day. The Amavasya of Magh Masa is called the Mauni Amavasya. Sun and Moon enter and the Capricorn sign, because of the transit, on this day. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Manu Rishi. It is believed, Lord Brahma gave origination to Maharaja Manu and queen Shatrupa. Hence, this day is considered as the beginning of the universe creation. Capricorn sign has the Yoga of Sun and Moon which increases the significance of this Amavasya. Bathing in Sangam of Allahabad, gives virtues to an individual, on this day. According to some scholar, Maun Vrat should be observed. Maun (silent) Vrat means to control all our senses. It depends on a person for how long he wants to observe silence. People take the resolution of Maun Vrat for a day, or a month, or for one year.

Basant Panchami Snan (14 February 2013 Thursday) – Shahi Snan

This is the fifth day of the luminous half of the lunar month and is the beginning of spring in North India. Vasant Panchami day is dedicated to Goddess of learning Maa Saraswati, the source of knowledge, enlightment, music, arts, science and culture.  Goddess Saraswati is worshipped on Vasant Panchami day. Vasant Panchami is also known as Shri Panchami and Saraswati Panchami.

Rath Saptami Snan (17 February 2013 Sunday)

Rath Saptami festival is observed on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha in the Magh Month (January – February) in the traditional Hindu calendar.

Bhishma Ekadasi Snan ( 21 February 2013 Thursday)

On this day, Bhishma Pithamaha, the oldest, wisest, most powerful and most righteous person belonging to the Kuru dynasty (approx. over 5000 years ago), narrated the greatness of Lord Krishna through Sri Vishnu Sahasranama to Yudhishtira, the eldest brother of Pandavas.

Maghi Purnima Snan (25 February 2013 Monday) Magh Purnima or Magha Pournami, also known as Maha Maghi, is one of the auspicious Pournami days for Hindu devotees. Purnima is considered as significant in terms of spiritual practice and performing religious rituals.Samudra Snan or Punya Nadi Snanan (holy dip in holy waters) on Maha Maghi is highly meritorious deed. It is auspicious for Snana, Daana, Japa, and Parayana.

And at last Mahashivratri Snan on 10 Mar 2013 Wednesday.

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Islamic Militants killed more than 5000 Buddhists including 50 Children, 150 Teachers and 450 Women in Thailand, so far in last eight years.

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Protect Buddhist entity of Thailand

Islamic States do not allow Temples, Pagodas, Churches or Synagogues anyway. Then, why a Buddhist State Thailand allowed so many Mosques there? Removal of  all the epicentres of Terrorism is beneficial to the Modern States.

Buddhist Teachers, Women Children Are Being Targeted by Muslim Militants in Thailand.

~ Upendra Bhikshu.

Save Buddhism in ThailandBangkok | 16th Dec 2012 :: Education is bad, Sharia is good. Sharia loving people are now killing the teachers mercilessly who do not believe in Sharia  maintaining  the Islamic dictum  to instill the Terror in the mind of Infidels. As Quran says: in  8:12- “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.”  The threat of Islamic terror is now working. Now, the Buddhist Teachers in Southern Thailand have become the series target of Malay Muslim militants forcing many to seek transfers fearing further attacks.

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra  visited Muslim majority southern Thailand on Thursday on 13th Dec 2012 , after horrific attacks this week in which six people died, including an 11-month-old baby and two teachers, who are increasingly seen as targets. The most recent killings caused the southern teachers’ union to stage a two-day strike last week, shutting 1,300 public schools.
Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra and the head of the Thai Army visiteof Thailand accordingly the area on Thursday, although Human Rights Watch said insurgents circulated leaflets during their visit that promised further school attacks. Yingluck met teachers and security officials during her visit. “Whatever happens, children need to have a safe place to learn. I thank teachers for having the courage to teach and I will ask for reinforcements and extra troops to ensure their security,” Yingluck told reporters.
Attacks on Buddhist schoolteachers by Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand have escalated terribly in recent days, like last week, when men with M-16s walked into a school cafeteria in Pattani Province, separated out two Buddhist instructors and killed them on the spot. One of them, the school principal, was shot in the head at point-blank range.
With teachers becoming targets of militant attacks, a large number of Buddhist educators in the troubled deep South have applied for transfers. Their morale is at its lowest point following reports that they have become a new target group in the southern insurgency, Deputy Education Minister Sermsak Pongpanich said recently. Statistics show that 80 per cent of the roughly 150 teachers killed in the violence in the area over the past eight years were Buddhists, he said.
More than 5,000 people have been killed since 2004 in the three Muslim majority provinces (Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat)in the country’s south in the Buddhist majority country. Most attacks have been blamed on Muslim insurgents.
Teachers at 1,200 schools in South Thailand have decided to suspend classes today and tomorrow following a spate of attacks by insurgents. The decided to suspend classes after meeting school administrators on Wednesday on 12th Dec 2012.
Car bombs, home-made grenades, assassinations and arson have become part of daily life in southern Thailand since a wave of separatist and sectarian violence began there in 2004.

The closure of all schools in 10 secondary educational service areas will allow security forces to review their performance, lay out plans to protect teachers, and hunt down the assailants, Boonsom Tongsriprai, the chairman of Confederation of Teachers in the Southern Border Provinces said.
The confederation called an urgent meeting with school administrators in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat the three Muslim majority provinces yesterday after fresh attacks.

Khru Ya, a retired teacher in Pattani, and a Muslim, told The Bangkok Post: “There is a saying among insurgents: ‘Get Buddhists, gain merit.’ They believe that if they kill Buddhists, they will go to heaven.”

An investigative report released Monday on 10th Dec by Human Rights Watch demanded that the insurgents end their school attacks and called for added security measures by the Thai government.

“Insurgents in southern Thailand who execute teachers show utter depravity and disregard for humanity,” said Brad Adams, Asia director for Human Rights Watch (HRW). “These attacks harm not only teachers and schools, but the Muslim students, their families, and the broader Muslim community the insurgents claim to represent.”

Teachers in the Thai-Malaysian border areas have asked for security cameras to be installed at their schools, the HRW. report said, along with increased hazard pay for educators and government compensation for the relatives of victimized teachers.

More than 50 children have been killed and some 340 injured in the provinces bordering Malaysia since 2004, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

UNICEF’s representative in Thailand, Bijaya Rajbhandari, called the attacks “a tragic, senseless and unacceptable act”.

Successive governments of Thailand (a Buddhist Country) have spent more than 160 billion Thai Baht (1.00 THB = 1.79 INR / 1.00 USD = 30.59 THB) in the past eight years to quell the violence but the Islamic insurgency has rumbled on only to annihilate Buddhist community people in of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces in order to make a sovereign Muslim region there.

Islamic States do not allow Temples, Pagodas, Churches or Synagogues anyway. Then, why a Buddhist State Thailand allowed so many Mosques there? Removal of  all the epicentres of Terrorism is beneficial to the Modern States.

Courtesy: Buddhist Defense League | NY Times.

CAUTION>>. Some GHASTLY Site of Thiland Killing.<<Low Nerves Should Not See Please.

Related readings: Islamic Terrorists Have Killed 35,000 Pakistanis Since 9/11…

Graphic warning!! Most Ghastly sights: Pictures from the Jihad in Thailand: “We’ll continue to kill Buddhists”…

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Massive Human Chain – Protest Rally in Dhaka to Arrest and Punish Biswajit Killers.

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Human Chain Biswajit 14-12-12 Dhaka Press Club

Biswajit Murder: BJHM & SIF Human Chain and Protest Rally in Central Press Club, Dhaka.

”We demand immediate arrest and punishment of the killers of Biswajit.  Otherwise Home Minister must Go Down”. 

SIF Human Chain Biswajit Killing 14-12-12 DhakaDHAKA | 14 Dec 2012 :: A huge Human Chain was organised in front National Press Club of  Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. In protest of brutal killing of Biswajit Das in open daylight in the street of Dhaka amidst a nationwide bandh (blockade)  on Dec 9th, called by ’18-party-alliance’ of the opposition,  this Human Chain and protest rally were organised by  Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote (BJHM) and Sanatan International Foundation (SIF), Bangladesh. Starting at 10-30 this morning the programme was continued more than two hours. In the middle of that programme the aggrieved agitators in the Human Chain protest rally, blocked the adjacent roads by sitting an lying on road that created a traffic jam for a while. [Program duration at human chain is to 11.45 am. Procession and road block program time duration is 12.00 pm to 01.10 pm].

The rally demands the resignation of the BD Home Minister MK Alamgir as he cannot avert liability of the killing of Biswajit and for the alleged inaction to arrest and punish the culprits connected with Biswajit.

Addressing the programme, Biswajit’s cousin Nabin Das said, “Home Minister could not avoid responsibility of the killing. So he should quit from his post shouldering the liabilities.” He also demanded exemplary punishment to the killers.

Nobin alleged that high-ups of the government are trying to save the killers through making derogatory, confusing and light comments on the killing.

Beauti Bonik, sister of late Biswajit, however, could not speak much as she burst into tears in the programme. She only demanded punishment to the killers on immediate effect.

It was substantiated through the first proof from the media coverage (both electronic and print), a 24-year-old tailor Biswajit was brutally killed by a group of ruling party-backed Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL – student union of Awami League) activists during the road-blockade of the opposition 18-party alliances on December 9. But, Mr Abul Klam Azad, Press Secretary of Prime Minister of Bangladesh and Awami League Supremo, categorically denied it and claimed BNP-Jamat connection with the murder so far.

Now it has been authenticated that most of the killers were students of BD capital’s Jagannath University (JnU) and Kabi Nazrul University College.

After the heinous murder the Home Minister Mahiuddin Khan  Alamgir also repeatedly denied Chhatra League link with the killers.

Press Release BJHMBut JnU authorities expelled 3 of the killers from the university and cancelled certificates of 2 for their involvement in the killing. Still photos and video footages clearly show the killing incident which drew huge criticisms across the country and the social media like facebook and twitter. May be as repercussion, the Officer-in-charge of Sutrapur Police station, Mr Nazrul Islam has been transferred to Police Training Academy in the evening of the day of protest, as reported.  A Dhaka Court today placed three accused of Biswajit killing case–Nahid, Kibria and Kaium–who were arrested earlier, on 8-day remand for police interrogation in the case.

In a press statement, Advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik, the Gen. Secy. of Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajot (BJHM) expressed the  anxiety of Bangladesh Hindu Minorities as the State Administration and the Police are very much reluctant to prosecute the murderers of Biswajit and with a silent support of the Police the Hindus of Dinajpur, Bagerhat, Satkhira, Chattagram and Coxbazar were victimized in various torture like loot and dacoity, abduction and arson to their houses and so on in recent times.

In the press statement of BJHM, it is also stated that it was very strange and fatal decision that the Central Administration did not deploy the RAB to check the situation on apprehension for which the culprits were chanced to kill Biswajit in a meaningless deployment of inept police force.

The rally was attended and addressed by  Freedom Fighter- Smt Roma Das, dignitaries, rights activists, advocates, artists  and  intellectuals like: Prof. Nikhil C. Paul (Chairman SIF), Justice Jhumur Ganguli (Rtd.), Adv. Rabindranath  Ghosh (Bangladesh Minority Watch), Chitra Paul (HBCUC, EU), Muhammad Abdul Khaleque (Bangabandhu National Independence Council), Pinaki Das (Natioal President, BJHYM), Ripon Dey (Joint Secretary, SIF), Topon Chokraborty (Rights Activist, SIF), Prof. Sushil Mahato, Prof. Ananda Biswas,  Smt, Madhuri Roy (Artist) and many others.

The veteran Freedom Fighter of Bangladesh Mukti Yuddha, Smt. Roma Das told in a great sensation that the Nation has its definite duties to protect its citizens. So, the State machinery must not the victim of street politics. She strongly demanded the immediate justice in this brutal murder of very very innocent Biswajit Das

Chitra Paul the International advisor of BJHM and the Hindu Buddha Christian Unity Council, European Union Leader (HBCUC, EU) told that the name of ‘Biswajit’ is not a name any more, rather it has been symbolized as an icon of a piety Hindu minority to whom this Nation has no answer for the safety, security and the dignity of same people under a threat of majority to minority. She claimed proper and fast adjudication of the case now laundering in a course of reluctance and inaction.

Adv. Rabindranath  Ghosh (Bangladesh Minority Watch), a veteran Human Rights Activist in Bangladesh pointed out the deprivation of BD minorities in both the constitution and politics for which such discrimination and the torture can happen time and again. Adv Ghosh demanded immediate justice to the bereaved family of Biswajit by booking all the perpetrators of Biswajit Murder and revival of a true democratic rights and law-enforcement to stop killings of innocent people like Biswajit.

Muhammad Abdul Khaleque, Spokes Person of Bangabandhu National Independence Council (BNIC) sensitized the secular conscience by saying that Biswajit was my brother and this land must provide the equal rights to live for every minority Hindu, Buddhist, Christian like the majority Muslims. So, rejecting all political equations and others the murderers of Biswajit must be drawn up under exemplary punishment.

Pinaki Das , Joint Secretary of Sanatan International Foundation (SIF) thanked the Media persons who took the video footage in severe risk and continuously reporting in  both print and electronic media to reveal the truth of Biswajit murder. He requested to Smt. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister and Mr. MK Alamgir, Home Minister, Bangladesh for an ensured application of  law and control over the total situation so that minorities would  be protected meaningfully. He also demanded immediate arrest of the actual culprits in a sagacious manner.

Over a thousand protesters including some monks from different temples and monastery of Dhaka and obviously the family members were present in the human chain and protest rally. Some of them put black badges and displayed many banners and posters, in one of which it was written: ” ‘আমি হিন্দু’, জামায়াত-শিবির নই…” (I am a Hindu; I am not a supporter of Jamat, Don’t Kill Me”). Another was displayed: “We demand punishment for Biswahit Murder, Prime Minister – Give us answer”.

Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajot (BJHM) warned the Awami League Govt in Bangladesh to start indefinite and bigger agitation everywhere in Bangladesh, if all the culprits of Biswajit murder are not arrested within 3 days.

SAM_5127  SAM_5135 SAM_5081

SAM_5132 12070_394259057321189_1271809486_n 18302_394259187321176_294473610_n

Courtesy: BJHM | SIF | bdnews24.

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Again a renowned Hindu Doctor shot dead without any empathy of Islamic Administration in Pakistan.

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A Baloch Hindu doctor shot dead again in south-west Pakistan by skull capped gunmen.

HINDU DOCTOR SHOT DEAD IN BALOCHISTANQUETTA | Thursday 13th December 2012 | News Agencies :: A well-known Hindu doctor was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in the restive  Mastung district of Balochistan province of south-west Pakistan today, police said. Mastung district of Balochistan, is about 25 kilometres south of Quetta.

Dr. Lakshmi Chand was going home when two gunmen riding a motorcycle fired at him in Mastung town, police officials said. The violent incident remain still clueless and the assailants are suspected as  fanatic Islamist.

Dr. Chand was killed instantly and the skull-capped gunmen fled from the spot. Police sent the body for an autopsy and registered a case.

The motive for the killing could not be immediately ascertained.

Members of the minority Hindu community in Balochistan have been targeted by criminal gangs and extremists in recent months.

Several middle class Hindus, mostly petty traders, have been kidnapped for ransom. Daily wager poor Hindus are not paid timely and sometimes treated as bonded labour. Hindu women are abducted and raped.

About one year ago (8th Nov 2011) four Hindu doctors were murdered at their clinics in Sindh province. Eleven Muslim people were held then for the brutal murder.

Experts say that Hindus in Pakistan are being brutally killed as Kafir due to fanatic incitements from the Muslim clergies out of hate preaching of Quran. The incitements are dangerous like these:  The Koran defines the kafir and says that the kafir is:
Hated- Q. 40:35 They who dispute the signs of Allah [kafirs] without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers. So Allah seals up every arrogant, disdainful heart. and despised by Allah.
Mocked- Q. 83:34 On that day the faithful will mock the kafirs, while they sit on bridal couches and watch them. Should not the kafirs be paid back for what they did?
Punished- Q. 25:77 Say to the kafirs: My Lord does not care for you or your prayers. You have rejected the truth, so sooner or later, a punishment will come.
Beheaded- Q. 47:4 When you encounter the kafirs on the battlefield, cut off their heads until you have thor-oughly defeated them and then take the prisoners and tie them up firmly.
Confused- Q. 6:25 Some among them listen to you [Mohammed], but We have cast veils over their [kafirs] hearts and a heaviness to their ears so that they cannot understand our signs [the Koran].
Plotted against- Q. 86:15 They plot and scheme against you [Mohammed], and I plot and scheme against them. Therefore, deal calmly with the kafirs and leave them alone for a while.
Terrorized- Q. 8:12 Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, “I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the kafirs’ hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fin-gers!”
Annihilated- Q. 6:45 So the kafirs were annihilated. All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
Killed- Q. 4:91 If they do not keep away from you or offer you peace or withdraw their hostilities, then seize them and kill them wherever they are. We give you complete authority over them.
Crucified- Q. 5:33 The only reward for those who war against Allah and His messengers and strive to commit mischief on the earth is that they will be slain or crucified, have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished from the land. This will be their disgrace in this world, and a great torment shall be theirs in the next except those who repent before you overpower them. Know that Allah is forgiving and merciful.
Made war on- Q. 9:29 Make war on those who have received the Scriptures [Jews and Christians] but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax [jizya], and they are humiliated.
A Muslim is not the friend of a kafir- Q. 3:28 Believers should not take kafirs as friends in preference to other believers. Those who do this will have none of Allah’s protection and will only have themselves as guards. Allah warns you to fear Him for all will return to Him.
And 100s of such satanic verses which can be misinterpreted easily are used as the deadly weapons against Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan.

PR And ISI Blueprint To Sabotage JSMM Movement Exposed.



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Handover-ing ‘Sir Creek’ area to Pakistan. Is GOI planning to resettle Indian boundary stealthily?

Posted by hinduexistence on December 13, 2012

Don’t hand over Sir Creek to Pakistan, Modi tells PM…..

Is GOI planning to resettle Indian boundary stealthily?

~Upananda Brahmachari.

Sir Creek AreaSurat | 12-12-12 :: A burnt child dreads the fire. But both the refugees in Delhi (one from Lahore  and another from Karachi) have forgotten their burnt tents either. The shaky Prime Minister of India and the de-facto Leader of Opposition had nothing to say in the Parliament about the hand over the ‘Sir Creek’ area of Gujarat until it is spoken by Lion of Gujarat Sri Narendra Modi. Hermetically saying I had not a clear idea about this before. But, now it is known that Government of India is planning to settle away this strategical and resourceful ‘Sir Creek’ area to Pakistan on 15th of this month.  At least Sri Narendra Modi, the two times Chief Minister (nobody hesitates for the 3rd round) of Gujarat is saying as such.

GOI have adopted the ‘King Shivi’ policy. According to Indian mythology, King Shivi offered his own flesh cutting from his thigh to an Eagle when a pigeon was saved by the King from the clutch of that Eagle. That Eagle claimed equal portion of flesh that of the pigeon as proportionate meal. Considering the  Eagle as a hungry guest ( as guests are treated as God in Indian consideration), King Shivi did that job of unique sacrifice.

Our Dhilliwala Kings are doing that job in a separate way. Not disturbing their grain of self-interest, they are trying to cut the limbs of our Mother land in order to offer them to our guests coming from neighbouring countries. As per source, Delhi Kings are ready now to offer now the ‘Sir Creek’ regions to the visiting Interior Minister of Pakistan on coming Saturday.

In earlier instances the most unpatriotic Govt in Delhi tried in Sept, 2011 to transfuse (read sell) some blood of our motherland through Teesta water agreement with Bangladesh. But, for a stern rebuff of Mamata Banerjee, the CM of West Bengal, the Manmohan Singh Govt could not materialize that cunning policy to a make desert in West Bengal. For their expansive and innovative thoughts in UPA ( United Progressive Alliance led by Congress), perhaps they tried to expansion of ‘Thar desert’ from Rajasthan to West Bengal.  Bizarre annoyance of Monmohan didn’t affect anything to Mamata Didi. But, for that turmoil Congress Govt in Delhi could not propose to offer some border lands of West Bengal and Assam to our eastern neighbour publicly at the time of exchange the Chittmahals with Bangladesh.

When the Kashmir Interlocutors (Dilip Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar & Co.) tabled their proposal to settle Kashmir Problem, it seemed to us that the so called interlocutors found a perpetual solution of Kashmir Problem. The interlocutors submitted their report on 12 October, 2011.  The Home ministry after suppressing the report for 7 months made it public only on 24 May 2012. They think, if the Kashmir is kept out of the Indian territory, how Kashmir problem can give us a headache all along. While Hurriyat (Liberation-Freedom) is given to Kashmir, it will be kept outside Indian Jurisdiction (though they told a fake control of India over Kashmir), the problem of Kashmir will be removed. But, as RSS vehemently opposed and BJP summarily rejected the Interlocutors proposals, we still see Kashmir within Indian Map, though disputed.

On 10th Dec., our venerated External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid had a great realization to cut short Indian territory for its good administration over undisputed areas. Mr. Khurshid opines, “India has to accept China’s presence in ‘exclusive’ areas“. This great saying of our Foreign Minister means the acceptance of Chinese claim over Arunachal Pradesh and Siachen.  But, not a meaningful retaliation came from any sides of strategic experts or from the political opposition, may be busy for the Gujarat elections.

Now, the blow came from Gujarat itself.  On 12th December 2012 at Bapunagar in Ahmedabad, Narendra Modi alleged the stealthy handover of  ‘Sir Creek’ regions to Pakistan on 15th Dec. In 1965, the Pak invaders tried to enter India through this area to attack our people in the western side. Pakistan is claiming this bordering land of  9,000 sq kms which is not only strategically important for security reasons, these creek beds are enriched with natural gas and mineral oils and also the livelihood means of thousands of fishermen of Gujarat. Though Modi alleged the handover and Monmohan rubbished the matter of ‘Sir Creek’ area, this long pending land and boundary dispute with Pakistan also comes on as the operative part in the de-section table.

It is an irony that the Indian citizens are not lucky enough to know the borders of their own country in actualities. Govt. of India should draft a new map of India and place it to the Nation, if they have not the problem with Indian territory. Otherwise, the riff-raff persons like us cannot be sanguine about borders. The patriotic people of India are determined not to loose an inch of sacred land which we got in Hindusthan through a sacrifice of our forefathers and warriors in freedom struggle.


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A brutal killing of a Hindu Youth by Islamic goons in Dhaka. Chatra League of Ruling Awami League is behind the killing. Islamic BD may turn again as a killing field of Hindus. Punish the murderers of Biswajit immediately.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 10, 2012


আজ (১৪/১২/২০১২) সকাল সাড়ে ১০ টায় ঢাকা প্রেস ক্লাবের সামনে উন্মাদ রাজনীতির নৃসংশ বলি বিশ্বজিত দাসের নির্মম হত্যার প্রতিবাদে এক মানব বন্ধন অনুষ্ঠিত হবে ।
বিশ্বজিত দাসের খুনিদের বিচারের দাবিতে সনাতন ইন্টারন্যাশানাল ফাউন্ডেশনের এই মানব বন্ধনে সকলকে যোগ দিতে আহ্বান জানাই ।

বিশ্বজিত দাসের বিদেহী আত্মার চির শান্তি কামনা করি । তাঁর শোকাহত পরিবারের জন্য সমবেদনা জ্ঞাপন করি । 
তীব্র ধিক্কার জানাই সেই নরপশুদের যাদের অমানবিক অত্যাচারের শিকার হয়ে বিশ্বজিত কে অকালে ঝরে যেতে হলো ।

ঈশ্বরের  কাছে প্রার্থনা করি এক শান্তি-শৃঙ্খলা-সৌহার্দের বাতাবরণ বিরাজিত উন্নত, ধর্ম নিরপেক্ষ ও সংখ্যালঘুর অধিকার সুরক্ষিত এক আধুনিক বাংলাদেশের ।আর কোনো বিশ্বজিতের মায়ের কোল কখনও যেন খালি না হয় । অনুষ্ঠানে যোগ দিতে না পারলে যে যেখানে থাকবেন , আজ (১৪/১২/২০১২) সকাল সাড়ে ১০ টায় বিশ্বজিতের আত্মার শান্তি কামনায় ১ মিনিট নীরবতা পালন করবেন ।                  || জয় বাংলা ||

Biswajit Manab Bandhan

Biswajit Killing - A 100 percent Islamic Murder.

Biswajit Killing in Dhaka

Innocent Hindu Tailor ghastly murdered in open day light by fanatic Muslims in Bangladesh Bandh.

Dhaka | Dec 9 2012 | HE BD Bureau (updated – 11/12/12) ::  A Hindu young man was beaten to death by a Islamic mob near the district courts in the Old Dhaka amid nationwide Bandh (blockade) today clashes that halted the Dhaka-Aricha Highway.

The Bandh was called by the opposition group of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (Nationality means here the Islamic Nationality of BD) and the Jammat-e-Islami Party of Bangladesh.

It has been alleged that members of the students union of both parties ‘Jatiyatabadi Chatra (Students) Dal’ and ‘Islami Chhatra Shibir’ were behind the brutal killing of this Hindu Youth named Biswajit Kumar Das (24 yrs) with lethal weapons like Iron rods and sharpened chopper. But it was proved reverse later on.


Who will wipe out the tears of Mother and Sister of Biswajit in perpetual sleep? HINDUS, DO NOT FORGIVE THE MUSLIM MURDERERS OF BISWAJIT.

It is said that suspecting Biswajit as a member of Chatra League, the student unit of ruling Awami League of Bangladesh, the Islamist in Jamaat and BNP found a easy prey for killing of a Hindu infidel (Kaffir) per chance. Near relations of deceased  said that Biswajit was never connected with any politics or students union so far. This report aired all around and came to us as first lead.

But, a second source had an input that the student union of Awami League, Chhatra League killed Biswajit to create a severe tension so that the police and para-military could intervene the blocked programme of the opponents to disperse it. This source says that Biswajit was murdered by a single group beyond the timings of actual clash of two opponent students union. This source is taking the proof of a picture in which some assailant of Biswajit is shown in a leading position of a rally of Chatra League. And it was subsequently authenticated that the Muslim goons in Chhatra League, the student wing of Awami League was behind the Biswajit killing  in Dhaka roads in an open day light.

Most shockingly, the present situation in Bangladesh proved again that there is no difference between Jaamat, BNP or Awami, as they have the good numbers radical practitioners of Islam with each and everybody, who can easily murder any Hindu or non-Muslim in their breakfast time.

Biswajit was a owner of a  tailoring shop (Amantran Tailors)  at Shankharibazaar  in the area of Old Dhaka.

A police officer said he had no clue who killed him. “We don’t know who beat him,” said Kotwali Police OC Abu Bakar Siddique of the 9am incident near Victoria Park.

Biswa Khun - Khuni ke Chatro league

This picture shows the involvement of Chatra League with the Murder of Biswajit.

Witnesses say BNP-Jamaat lawyers began a procession inside the Judge Court premises in support of the blockade programme in the morning. They alleged that the members of the Chhatra League unit of the Jagannath University were cordoning off the area with counter slogans.

At one point the two groups engaged in chase and counter chase; and made detonations of several hand-bombs were also reported near a petrol pump at Victoria Park.

Witness Ripon, a rickshaw-puller, told  a Bangladesh Media House (  that some 25 youths started beating up Biswajit shortly after the detonations.

Biswajit tried to hide into a Dental Clinic, but the fanatic members of  ‘Jatiyatabadi Chatra League’ and ‘Islami Chhatra Shibir’ rushed into the clinic to attack Biswajit with iron rods and finally mutilated him with sharpened chopper. From the gory situation Biswajit tried to escape again but fell down unconsciously in an approach lane to Shankhari Bazar. With the help of some Hindu locals a rickshwapuller rushed the injured Biswajit to Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital; where he was declared brought dead.

The Asst. Registrar of Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital, Emergency Department said Biswajit was died due to trauma and excessive and unchecked bleeding.

Mohammad Babul, a businessman, said Biswajit was the owner of ‘Amantran Tailors’. “He was on his way to the shop from his home. I never heard he was with any of the political parties”.

From family source it is known that Biswajit was a simple boy who was a youngest amongst their two brothers and one sister. Biswajit used to stay with his brothers family at Hrishikesh Das Lane of Old Dhaka. In a middle class family, Biswajit was also a  bread earner and a big helping hand.

Brutal killing of a Hindu boy in Islamic BangladeshPro Islamic activists of the BNP-led 18-Party alliance blocked roads with torched tyres in Gabtali area at around 6am halting traffic on the crucial Dhaka-Aricha highway.

The pro-blockade activists swooped on with police when the law enforcers tried to disperse them a little bit later. The groups two chased each other while pickets vandalised about a dozen vehicles creating a violence all around.

It is also reported that at one stage, pro-government activists were seen in action, triggering much bigger clashes. At least five hand-made bombs were reported detonated, two buses were torched and and public life dismantled accordingly .

Pro-BNP Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal and Jamaat-e-Islami-backed Islami Chhatra Shibir brought out processions, simultaneously, shouting anti-government slogans in the area on a demand of ensuing parliamentary polls under a non-party caretaker government.

Anyway, while Biswajit was being assaulted with dire consequences or he was being Islamically chopped out by the assailants  nobody in the opponents came to save Biswajit, as Biswajit was a ‘Kaffir’ Hindu under the holy attack by ‘Momin’ Muslim.

Though the Bangladesh Police is now prবিশ্বজিৎ হত্যাকাণ্ডে খুনি কারা?
৩+৪=১১!etending as novice and found nothing about the clue or the perpetrators of cool blooded murder of Biswajit, the published photographs here and Bangladesh media categorically say the motivations of 100% Islamic attack upon a ignorant Hindu young man who succumbed an unfortunate and immature death due to an Islamic treatment to a Hindu Kaffir in Bangladesh.

Whether it is BNP, Jammat or Awami Leage, the murderers of Biswajit is the deadliest evil of Human society and brutality in Islam is increasing day by day under a Constitution of Bangladesh which is superscribed under ” Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim “.

News Source and Courtesy: RDG | BJHJM | Prothom Alo | bdnews24 | Kaler Kantho | Samakal.

Last updated 14-12-12.

On Record: হামলাকারীরা ছাত্রলীগ কর্মী   || Arrest Biswajit’s killers in 24 hrs’ || বিশ্বজিতের রক্তে হাত রাঙিয়ে আনন্দ  || বিশ্বজিতের খুনিরা কেউ ছাত্রলীগ কর্মী নয় || বিশ্বজিৎ হত্যাকাণ্ডে খুনি কারা? ৩+৪=১১!

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A Little Miracle of Lord Ganesh. Peace TV of Zakir Naik is now facing ban in Bharat.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 7, 2012

Little Miracle of Lord Ganesh

Anti Indian and Lord Ganesh defamatory Peace TV of  Zakir Naik and other 23 others facing Ban in India.

MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs)  glare on hate channels: Govt puts on notice 24 foreign TV channels showing anti-India content after intel alert.

leading-from-the-behind1Pratul Sharma   |   MAIL TODAY  |   New Delhi, December 6, 2012 ::  Hate channels which are illegally down-linked and freely available to viewers near the India-Pakistan and north-eastern borders have become important weapons in the psychological war against India.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has red flagged 24 “illegal” foreign channels for beaming anti-India programmes. The potential for mischief by these channels was serious enough for the government to concede in Parliament:

“The content of some of these channels is not conducive to the security environment in the country and poses a potential security hazard.”

The government has initiated steps to enhance the penal provisions for beaming such channels. Amendments to the Cable TV Act, which will include higher fines apart from the existing jail provisions, are ready to be introduced in Parliament.The government’s move to block the channels follows a spate of communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, Assam, Srinagar, Mumbai and other parts of India in recent months following motivated reports.However, the authorities find it difficult to jam all channels. Encouraged by this lack of control and easily available in the border areas and even elsewhere, these channels are brought into homes via cable TV.

Ajit Doval, former director of the Intelligence Bureau, said, “If these channels are indulging in anti-national and seditious activities which are detrimental to the security of the country, then the government should take suitable legal action and a technological response to counter them.” Read details in India Today>>

[Courtesy: India Today.]
Ban List
With Hindu Organizations like SUDARSHAN TV, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Sri Ram Yuba Sena, Pratyancha, Akhil Bharat Hindu Yubak Sabha and Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Hindu Existence Forum have been in action to unmask Dogtor Zakir Naik and Peace TV continuously  Now, here is a little success under the obvious blessing of Lord Ganesh. Hence a huge propaganda against Bharat (India) and Hindus by Dr. Zakir Naik under ‘Cyber Jihad’ @ ‘Net Jihad’ @ ‘Media Jihad’ is banned now for this time.
Related Readings from Hindu Existence:  LIKE US and UK, BAN DOGTOR* ZAKIR NAIK in BHARAT (INDIA).

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20 years after Babri demolition. Hindus are uniting to build both Ramajanmabhoomi Temple and Hindu Rashtra very soon.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 6, 2012

20 yrs after 1992

How much we have to wait for a Ramjanmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya and a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

upananda-brahmachariOn December 6th of 1992 in Ayodhya , by demolishing the ”ILLEGAL” and “DISPUTED” Babri Structure , We Karsewak’s have reclaimed our rightful Holy place, Sri Ram Janma Bhoomi, Lord Rama’s Holy Birth Place. Since then  6th December  is celebrated as ‘Vijay’/’Shourya’ Diwas – ‘Victory Day’ or ‘Valour Day’ by Hindu’s all over the Globe. But after 20 years that VIJAY is still incomplete and it may termed as an ‘Ardha Vijay Diwas’  as it is a Victory in a half done condition.

Hindus won a big litigation in the Mandir-Masjid land dispute, but the controversy is still being kept alive by some followers of Babar who destroyed a magnificent Rama Temple by his commander Mir Banki in 1528 to make that disputed structure to humiliate the Hindus in many ways. Through a series of war over 450 years the followers of Lord Rama clearly knocked down the followers of Babar  in 1992. But, the pseudo secular politicians with Islamic, Christian and Communist faith are putting many hurdles to build a magnificent Ram Temple at Ayodhya.  Not only that, many holy places of Hindu Faith are waiting for the liberation from the plunderers’ Jihadi signs amidst its bloody history of Bharat in Islamic or Christian rules.

The crisis in the Hindu leadership and treating the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Movement as an used or less important issue, did a great harm to the resurgence of Hindu Rashtra Movement in India.  Actually, Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Movement was activated as to rise a Hindu Wave to build up a meaningful management of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat with Hindu Empowerment in all dimension. But that ethos are now somehow skipped by the political power monger Hindu Leadership always searching a short-cut to reach the goal.

I am not contradicting the Political power to be captured by the Hindus. But that cannot be first priority before making the foundation work so strength-fully. Horses should pull the chariot. Chariot cannot pull the horses. If we don’t possess that strong foundation or well trained horses to that Hindu Chariot, never can we reach that goal of Hindu Rashtra or Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya as a highest symbol of it.

So, the Hindu empowerment in all the social and economical faculty, Hindu empowerment in Judiciary and Administration,  Hindu empowerment in Police and Military, Hindu Exploration in Science and Technology  are needed as the horse-power to the Hindu Chariot leading to the goal of Hindu Rashtra. But, politics need a Hindu enforcement here instead of empowerment, so that the Indian Politics cannot be a subject of any Jihadi, Evangelical or Communist powers likely venture a stabbing on Indian Independence, Integrity and Sovereignty.

If we wish to see our Holy places  and signs of pride rebuilt once again to the glory as it were, we have to sacrifice more. With out spontaneous support from every sphere of Hindu Life such a big Hindutva movement cannot be helpful to reclaim our Holy places  or one and only Hindu Rashtra in Bharat for a billion of Hindus in the world. With the spirit of December 6 1992 , let us march together for re-establishing of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat to become a Vishwa Guru and a Real World Power.

In this context I have three suggestions to make our movement successful.

One. Real Unity in Hindu Leadership. Hindus are divided as the Hindu Leadership is divided. If there is a real unity in Hindu Leadership, Hindus will be united in a moment. Respect to others and political dissolutions are the important factors here.

Two. Issue based joint strategy.  Many issues before the Hindus put Hindus in an issue-less confronting situation. Common and Commanding issues can put forth maximum Hindu success. Go-Ganga Raksha. Hindu’s highest sentiment over Go-hatya (Cow-slaughter) and Ganga Raksha to save the environment as habitable, must come to the priority.  Dharmasthan Raksha. Reclaiming Rama Janmabhoomi. Mathura Krishna Janmasthan and Kashi Vishwanath Jirnoddhar comes most important, but 100s of Bhagya Lakshmi Temples at Charminar or Bhojpal Temples are shrines are to be liberated through consistent movements. As the whole of Bharat is treated as Matru Bhoomi and Dharma Bhoomi, it should be liberated from anti Hindu force. Nari Raksha-Samaj Raksha. War front must be opened to fight against Love Jihad and Christian Conversion. With these issues Bharat must speak in a word, think in a way and win over the opponents of Hindutva.

Three: Local leadership for Hindu empowerment.  Just make a group of Ten to Fifteen boys (your friends) in your para (locality) and take a vow not to face any defeat from the opposition. Be Strategic. Powerful and then Successful. Self Defence and Arms Training is must. Keep keen vigil to stop Jihadi Terrorism. Take the help of RTI and HR in possible cases. Try to maintain a liaison with local PS. Gradually expand your group and set specific responsibilities in some smaller efficient groups. IT/Social Media Groups, Legal Cell, RTI Cell, Human Rights Cell, Fund Rising, Co-operatives, Hindu Help Line, all these will come up one after another, but all these should be saturated by the Pure Hindutva Concept. Without a dedicated, diligent and desperate Local Hindu Leadership, nothing can be achieved.

This is a matter of  strength out of profound Hindu faith.  We have to show the world about the power of Hindu Dharma. Hindu Dharma will defeat the Jihadi Terrorism, Christian Conversions and pseudo Secular Politics. Let everybody inform to join the Hindutva movements and find the solutions how to stop attacks on Hindu Dharma and how to win in the war for formation of Hindu Rashtra.

20 years have already gone after hearing the assurance one after another.  But now, we cannot wait for an indefinite time to establish a Ramajanmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya. I think Hindu Groups in many fronts are getting reactive day by day through facing various Political, Islamic and Evangelical hazards. Proactive Hindus have set their alternative ways out of any big banners to run a struggle for Hindu Freedom to usher a New Hindu Age in Bharat Bhoomi. Big Hindu houses will be compelled to compensate for the real Hindu demands under pressure. In that calculation we will build a Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya in 2015 and a Dharma Rashtra – Hindu Rashtra in Bharat in 2025. Swagatam. welcome to this Hindu Rashtra.

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In Pakistani Hell now a Hindu minor girl is sexually assaulted by Paki Beasts.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 5, 2012

Rape by Pakistani Beast

Hindus protest demo over sexual assault on Hindu girl.

6 years old Pakistani Hindu girl raped in Pakistan in a pure Islamic atmosphere.

Pakistan Police denies filing case of 6 years old Pakistani Hindu girl rape.

374439_525811927429572_1775932653_nHYDERABAD: December 4, 2012. (Abbas Kassar) A 6 years old Hindu girl Wijenti Meghwar, student of class 1 who was raped in Ghulam Nabi Shah town while playing in street yesterday was lying on death bed at civil hospital Mirpurkhas that also on intervention of PPP minister Mardan Ali Shah otherwise the doctors at Mirpurkhas civil hospital had refused to admit her and had asked for police letter from Ghulam Nabi Shah police station of Umerkot district.

But it was irony that concerned police has not registered case so far and instead of arresting the culprit involved in heinous crime of raping an infant child girl, has arrested a man whom father of girl describes as not related to crime. The relatives Iserdas, Sangeeta and others have complained that doctors at Mirpurkhas civil hospital were indifferent to her treatment.

The rape victim girl first was taken to Umerkot district hospital where there was no doctor on duty and then took her to Mirpurkhas which is on distance of 76 kilometers which cause enormous bleeding. Relatives say her condition has deteriorated due to bleeding and that the medical staff at Mirpurkhas civil hospital was giving less attention towards her recovery.

After coming to know about rape of a young child girl local PPP leader Mir Ali Raza Talpur, Fatima Baloch and Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party leaders Mehar Banglani and Nind Lal Malhi visited Mirpurkhas hospital to inquire about health of girl and warned of strong protest if accused was not arrested immediately.

The parents of girl told that the footprints of accused led to an Otaq of a powerful local Wadera as well as stiffer dogs also identified that spot, yet to mess up the matter and to save landlord, police has arrested a man named Naval to cool down the issue.

The incident has sent a wave of terror among minorities whose girls have given up to go to schools or even out of their homes. It was amazing to note that doctors who are called as Messihas (life savers) did refuse to attend the bleeding girl and asked parents to bring police letter until they were asked by Pir Madaan Ali Shah the provincial minister of Sindh.

The citizens of town Ghulam Nabi Shah were shocked on rape incident and closed down their shops to mark protest against the inhuman act of violence against a minor girl of minority Hindu community. The citizens of town Ghulam Nabi Shah led by Sardar Bhayo, Kanjee Mal and Mustaf Mehr held protest demonstration in front of local press club.

Meanwhile minority MNA Khatoomal Jeewan also talked to relatives of girl and on his direction SSP Umerkot Riaz Soomro rushed to civil hospital Mirpurkhas and inquired about the health of victim girl. He assured the parents that accused will be arrested without any fail.

It may be recalled that the life of minorities in Pakistan including Hindus, Christians and Sikhs and others have been made miserabale and Pakistan has turned difficult for minorities to live. Thousands of Hindus have migrated to India which they consider safer than Pakistan. The rape and abduction of Hindu girls is common in Pakistan especially in Sindh where the rulers have shut their eyes to such crimes against humanity. Leader of Hindu Panchayet MNA Kishan Chand has said that no month passes when more than 20 Hindu girls are not kidnapped and then forcibly converted. [Courtesy: Pakistan Christian Post].

Protest demo over sexual assault on Hindu minor girl in Pakistan.

protest-demo-over-assault-on-hindu-girl-1354652473-5354KARACHI | December 05, 2012  :: Workers of various political parties and people of religious minorities on Tuesday staged protest demonstration against the sexually assault five year old girl at a village in Umerkot.

A large number of Menghar community, political workers and civil society activists assembled outside the Karachi Press Club and chanted slogans for arrest of people involved in the sexual assault of a minor girl, Vejenti Menghwar, resident of Ghulam Nabi Shah Village. According to the protesters, minor Vejenti Menghwar was sexually assaulted and thrown at a deserted place in unconscious condition in Ghulam Nabi Shah Village on Sunday, but police had failed to arrest the culprits even after three days.

They alleged that Hashim Mangrio, a relative of an influential personality of the area, committed the crime, but he was still roaming free due to partisan role of police.

Hareef Chandio, Ghulam Qambar Hajano and Rasheed Sadhayo of Awami Jamhori Party, Zohra Akbar and Nasir Mansoor of Labour Education Foundation, Saeeda Gopan of Sindh Aurat Tanzeem, Sundar Phul Menghwar of Sindh Academic Foundation were also among the protesters.

Protesters demanded for immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of the culprits involved in sexual assault of minor girl. [Courtesy: The Nation PK]

[Post Script: Few minutes ago in our facebook page some one commented that “under a conspiracy the Pakistan authority may surface any Hindu name as perpetrators to remove all the allegations of persecutions upon Hindus in Pakistan by the Muslims there.  Immediately the commentator removed his posting from facebook.]

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Pakistan is being a Hell for Hindus. Pakistan authorities are trying hectically to destroy all Hindus and Hindu signs in Pakistan.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 3, 2012

Pakistan the Hell for Hindus.

100-year-old Hindu temple demolished in Karachi, angry Hindus ask Pakistan Govt to arrange tickets to India as their safe Home. 

pakistan a hell for HindusKARACHI | Dec. 2nd 2012 :: In a hectic operation with all Islamic enthusiasm to  vandalize an ‘infidel place of worship’, a Pakistani Muslim builder agency demolished a century-old Hindu temple in Soldier Bazaar in Karachi on Saturday morning while the Sindh High Court was hearing a petition seeking a stay order.

Apart from razing down the pre-partition Shri Rama Pir Mandir, the private builder also demolished four or five Hindu houses located next to it. Over 40 people of Hindu faith has become homeless as a result.

“They destroyed our mandir and humiliated our gods,” said an angry Prakash, pointing towards the huge debris of concrete, stones and walls of the temple. The demolishing team did place the statues of four Hindu deities on the side but the residents accused them of taking away their gold jewellery and crowns.

Pointing to bruises on his arms, another man identified as Lakshman said, “They hit me with their guns when I tried to stop them. I told them to kill me instead of destroying our holy place.

A woman named Banwri said the demolition team arrived at around 11 am while she was preparing breakfast.

She rushed outside when she heard the sound of a bulldozer and was given instructions to move her bed, cupboard and other essential items outside her home.

“I watched my house go down in just minutes and I couldn’t do anything,” she said.

Banwri said that during the demolition, the area was cordoned off by police and paramilitary Pakistan Rangers.

Outsiders were not allowed to enter the area, she added.

Saveeta was among the 40-odd people who lost their homes. With her husband away from Karachi, she said she and her three children would spend the nights in the open.

The area around the temple had 150 Hindu residents and some four families lived in each of the houses that were demolished, according to an elderly resident named Kaali Das.

“People were living in cramped houses, separated only by curtains. Over here, we live like animals,” he said.

Angered by the demolition, the Hindus demanded that the Pak government should arrange tickets to India for them. “If you don’t want us, we will go to India,” screamed a woman.

Protest- Pak Temple DemolitionFollowing the demolition, the Pakistan Hindu Council organised a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday afternoon.

They protested the demolition by the builder and the lack of action on the part of authorities.

Pak President Asif Ali Zardari took note of reports of the demolition of the temple in Karachi and sought a report on the incident from concerned authorities, presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said.

Zardari reiterated the governments commitment to continue safeguarding the rights of minorities as enshrined in the Constitution to ensure that no discrimination was made to any community in any manner.

Actually big talks and assurance like these from Pak authorities to the dying Hindu People of Pakistan do not carry any meaning. Under a definite conspiracy, the 16% strength of Hindu populace in 1947 in Pakistan has come down to a crying 1.86% now as a prominent symbol of last days for Pakistani Hindus anyway. Each and every day the dignity and the Rights of living of Hindus in Pakistan is narrowing in a vanishing point.

India should take direct initiatives to liberate Sindh as a Free State to ensure that land as a place of Free Thinkers, Secular People, Universal Brotherhood and the sanctuary of Pak Hindus. Unless there will be no Hindu in Pakistan after the next ten years.

In Bharat (India), the Shiva Sena and other Hindu Organisations are protesting over these issues of rampant persecution over Pakistani Hindu Citizens  time and again by both the Pakistani Muslim Citizens  and the various Pak authorities & other Talibani organisations. 

Input and Courtesy: Express Tribune | India Today.

BJP activists burn Pakistan flag in protest to Rama Pir Temple at Karachi.

BJP activists burn Pakistan flag
TNN | Dec 4, 2012, 02.58 PM IST :: KANPUR: Activists of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) burnt the national flag of Pakistan at Parade crossing protesting against demolition of Ram Pir temple. The temple was demolished in Pakistan on Sunday.

On the occasion, Surendra Maithani, district convener of the BJP and legislator Salil Vishnoi said the Pakistan police and Army had been inflicting atrocities on the Hindu minority in Pakistan demolition of temple there was a glaring example. After this a flag of the neighbouring country was burnt by the BJP members who demanded Central Government to cancel the India-Pakistan cricket series scheduled to begin from January. The activists also said Pakistani nationals should not be given VISA for coming to India to see cricket matches.

Surendra Maithani said if Pakistan was not given a befitting reply, the activists of BJP will hit the streets in protest and said that Kanpur unit of BJP will write to Pakistan embassy to register their protest.

Among those who burnt Pakistan flag were Sunil Bajaj, Rakesh Sonkar, Neena Awasthi, Mohit Pandey, Amit Bathan and some others. [Courtesy: TOI].

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Like US and UK, Ban Dogtor* Zakir Naik in Bharat (India).

Posted by hinduexistence on December 3, 2012

: Appeal to Hindus :

Join the demonstrations against Zakir Naik at Thane,  Maharashtra


During Ganesh Festival, Dr. Zakir Naik had hurt religious sentiments of Hindus by making statements like ‘Prove that Ganapati is God; only then I will have the holy sacrament (Prasad)’. Cases have been filed against his above statement at many places; even then, Zakir has been granted permission to hold a public meeting at Mumbra. This has created a wave of anger amongst Hindus all over the country and intense demonstrations will be held on Monday, 3rd December 2012 at 4.00 p.m. outside Government Rest House near District Collector’s office at Thane (W) demanding withdrawal of the permission granted to Zakir Naik for holding the meeting and his arrest by filing case of treason against him.

After the demonstrations, delegation of pro-Hindu activists will meet the District Collector and Police Commissioner to submit a representation.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has made an appeal to all Hindus for participating in the demonstrations in large number. Dr. Zakir’s program at Somayya Grounds is cancelled !

Read more at 

Unveiling Jihadist *Dogtor (D0g-orator) Zakir Naik….जाकिर नाइक का पर्दाफाश @ Sudarshan TV


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Ayodhya: Twenty years on, a refusal to see the truth of Ramjanmabhumi.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 2, 2012

JSR 6th Dec 1992

Ramjanmabhumi: Twenty years on, a refusal to see the truth 

- Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Swamy on Janmabhoomi1 DEC 2012  | New Delhi  | Daily Pioneer ::  The pseudo-secular narrative has triumphed on the Ram Janmabhoomi struggle which climaxed twenty years ago on December 6. The tragedy is that all the blood and gore could have been avoided through a negotiated settlement

On December 6, 1992, a superstructure called the Babri Masjid standing in the city of Ayodhya, came crashing down. It remains even today a traumatic event for the nation, because modern Indians have not yet been weaned on a true history of India, and hence a large section of our educated classes still view the destruction of the structure as criminal vandalism. What happened exactly? There was a superstructure built on the site of an ancient temple after demolishing it. That was the real vandalism.

Two years earlier, by a coincidence, on the same month and day, I had met representatives of the VHP and BJP at a house, next door to mine, on Mathura Road. The newly sworn in Prime Minister, the late Chandrashekhar, had asked me (I was then his newly sworn in senior most Cabinet Minister) that as the new Union Law& Justice Minister, I should talk to them about withdrawing their proposed nation-wide stir slated to begin on December 9, 1991 for building a Ram temple at the site the super-structure had then stood in its gloomy glory. He told me to assure the VHP that our government would get removed the Babri Masjid with the consent of Muslim leaders through discussions.

The VHP and BJP leaders I met readily agreed to call off the stir since we were a new government. Their decision to go on a stir was taken when VP Singh was in power – his government fell in November. Thereafter, in January 1991, talks initiated by Chandrashekhar himself began with the Muslim leaders. Unfortunately, despite the zig-zag progress in the talks, our government did not last long enough to fructify it. Had history taken a different turn and our government lasted for a year more, I am confident we would have amicably liberated the Ranjanmabhoomi for building a befitting Ram temple, that too with the consent of the Muslim community, even though the Government was in the minority in the Parliament.

From my personal experience as a Minister in a minority government, I can therefore say that lack of majority is no excuse for implementing any agenda, if the leadership had the mindset to get things done. As a Minister of Law &Justice, for instance, I got the controversial Sessions Judge of Faizabad, KM Pandey, a High Court judgeship, despite the fact that the previous V.P. Singh’s “three-legged” government had issued orders on file that since Pandey had directed the locks on the so-called Babri Masjid be removed in 1986, he should never be made a High Court judge.

Mulayam Singh was our Chief Minister of UP, but with firmness I got his protests sufficiently moderated to his permit me to go ahead. He cooperated because he knew I would do it anyway– make Pandey a judge of the High Court-and hence he acquiesced since he wanted other things done for him by me,. The same clarity enabled the Chandrashekhar government to get Saifuddin Soz’s kidnapped daughter freed without releasing any dreaded terrorists. There are methods for doing that-mostly based on retaliation. In each case it is the mindset of those elected to high office that matters, not the size of the parliamentary majority or lack of it.

It was this mindset that enabled the Chandrashekhar government to nearly solve by an agreement the question of building of a Ram temple in Ayodhya. However, the government however fell before it could be clinched. But could the Babri Masjid have been demolished in a more legally authorised way? Hindus should not be defensive in the face of an onslaught by the fashionable secularists about removing mosques built on where temples had once stood, because the Supreme Court has held in the Faruqui vs. Union of India case [(1994)6 SCC360], that a masjid is not an essential part of Islamic theology, and these can and have been be demolished for public good.

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and even in British-ruled undivided India, Masjids have been demolished to facilitate roads. The government of Saudi Arabia did not think twice before demolishing the Bilal Masjid in Mecca where Prophet Muhammed used to read namaz. A masjid, like a church, is not a religious place in the sense a temple is. Masjids and Churches are places for worship, i.e., buildings which serve as facilitation centres for namaz and prayer. Namaz can be read anywhere even on a railway platform. In the United States, the VHP buys disused Churches and converts them into temples, and yet no Christian there objects.

But temples, once it is shown that a prana prathista puja has been performed to build it, is where God or deity resides, and belongs to God forever. As Union Law&Justice Minister in 1991 I got our government legal team to prove this to the satisfaction of the House of Lords in Britain, to bring back a Nataraja statue taken from a disused Thanjavur temple. It was at Rajiv Gandhi’s request I took interest in the case!

Of course, because of this fact about masjids and churches, no one in a democracy has the right to take the law into his own hands to demolish them. But on the other hand, a government can remove in a legal and orderly way the masjids in Ayodhya, Kashi, and Brindavan (this mention is supposed to be Mathura as the birth place temple of Lord Krishna – Ed. HE), in fact in 300 other places, to rebuild the original temples under law. We can get Muslims to cooperate in this. I am confident of this. Babri Masjid was built as an affront to Hindus. Otherwise it could have been built anywhere else since namaz can be offered anywhere. Hindus have however prevailed because despite 800 years of Islamic and 200 years of Christian domination, Bharat today is still over 80 per cent Hindu and a continuum of an ancient civilisation. Hence, now we must resolve to rectify what is essential to rectify and reclaim. For that, the restoration of three holy sites, in Ayodhya, Vrindavan, and Kashi, is necessary. Patriotic politicians must resolve: Come our way or go the highway.

But it is easier said than done to expect that politicians would do or die for it. As our rudderless democracy has drifted, we are today in a “match-fixing mode” even in electoral contests. In Tamil Nadu, the DMK and AIADMK are bitter enemies, but in most crucial constituencies, a match-fixing arrangement for money have been worked out for decades between Sasikala of the AIADMK and Arcot Veerasamy of the DMK, who are alter egos of their respective top leaders, and determined to keep out the Hindutva forces from Tamil Nadu.

The same match-fixing disease has spread to other parties nation-wide. We have to cure it before it completely debilitates and destroys our democracy as it has done in Banana Republics of Latin American countries such as Colombia and Peru.

The reluctance today to confront and expose the anti-Hindu personages in Parliament, academia and media because of this disease of “match-fixing”. It is said that such attacks would be “personal” and “counter productive”. There is however nothing “personal” in such directed and organised attacks. Just as the world focused on Hitler or Mussolini, without thinking of it being personal, therefore we should identify and expose especially the person who today has emerged as the fountain head of the anti-Hindutva campaign.

But we cannot prevail in this struggle, if we have in our midst those suffering from the “Arjuna virus” as-the late Swami Chinmayananda once pointed out, referring to Arjuna’s initial reluctance to fight at Kurukshetra. The Babri Masjid legacy is that virus we still have to cure twenty years later.

(The writer is President, Janata Party | writer can be reached at | Courtesy: Daily Pioneer)

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