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Handover-ing ‘Sir Creek’ area to Pakistan. Is GOI planning to resettle Indian boundary stealthily?

Don’t hand over Sir Creek to Pakistan, Modi tells PM…..

Is GOI planning to resettle Indian boundary stealthily?

~Upananda Brahmachari.

Sir Creek AreaSurat | 12-12-12 :: A burnt child dreads the fire. But both the refugees in Delhi (one from Lahore  and another from Karachi) have forgotten their burnt tents either. The shaky Prime Minister of India and the de-facto Leader of Opposition had nothing to say in the Parliament about the hand over the ‘Sir Creek’ area of Gujarat until it is spoken by Lion of Gujarat Sri Narendra Modi. Hermetically saying I had not a clear idea about this before. But, now it is known that Government of India is planning to settle away this strategical and resourceful ‘Sir Creek’ area to Pakistan on 15th of this month.  At least Sri Narendra Modi, the two times Chief Minister (nobody hesitates for the 3rd round) of Gujarat is saying as such.

GOI have adopted the ‘King Shivi’ policy. According to Indian mythology, King Shivi offered his own flesh cutting from his thigh to an Eagle when a pigeon was saved by the King from the clutch of that Eagle. That Eagle claimed equal portion of flesh that of the pigeon as proportionate meal. Considering the  Eagle as a hungry guest ( as guests are treated as God in Indian consideration), King Shivi did that job of unique sacrifice.

Our Dhilliwala Kings are doing that job in a separate way. Not disturbing their grain of self-interest, they are trying to cut the limbs of our Mother land in order to offer them to our guests coming from neighbouring countries. As per source, Delhi Kings are ready now to offer now the ‘Sir Creek’ regions to the visiting Interior Minister of Pakistan on coming Saturday.

In earlier instances the most unpatriotic Govt in Delhi tried in Sept, 2011 to transfuse (read sell) some blood of our motherland through Teesta water agreement with Bangladesh. But, for a stern rebuff of Mamata Banerjee, the CM of West Bengal, the Manmohan Singh Govt could not materialize that cunning policy to a make desert in West Bengal. For their expansive and innovative thoughts in UPA ( United Progressive Alliance led by Congress), perhaps they tried to expansion of ‘Thar desert’ from Rajasthan to West Bengal.  Bizarre annoyance of Monmohan didn’t affect anything to Mamata Didi. But, for that turmoil Congress Govt in Delhi could not propose to offer some border lands of West Bengal and Assam to our eastern neighbour publicly at the time of exchange the Chittmahals with Bangladesh.

When the Kashmir Interlocutors (Dilip Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar & Co.) tabled their proposal to settle Kashmir Problem, it seemed to us that the so called interlocutors found a perpetual solution of Kashmir Problem. The interlocutors submitted their report on 12 October, 2011.  The Home ministry after suppressing the report for 7 months made it public only on 24 May 2012. They think, if the Kashmir is kept out of the Indian territory, how Kashmir problem can give us a headache all along. While Hurriyat (Liberation-Freedom) is given to Kashmir, it will be kept outside Indian Jurisdiction (though they told a fake control of India over Kashmir), the problem of Kashmir will be removed. But, as RSS vehemently opposed and BJP summarily rejected the Interlocutors proposals, we still see Kashmir within Indian Map, though disputed.

On 10th Dec., our venerated External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid had a great realization to cut short Indian territory for its good administration over undisputed areas. Mr. Khurshid opines, “India has to accept China’s presence in ‘exclusive’ areas“. This great saying of our Foreign Minister means the acceptance of Chinese claim over Arunachal Pradesh and Siachen.  But, not a meaningful retaliation came from any sides of strategic experts or from the political opposition, may be busy for the Gujarat elections.

Now, the blow came from Gujarat itself.  On 12th December 2012 at Bapunagar in Ahmedabad, Narendra Modi alleged the stealthy handover of  ‘Sir Creek’ regions to Pakistan on 15th Dec. In 1965, the Pak invaders tried to enter India through this area to attack our people in the western side. Pakistan is claiming this bordering land of  9,000 sq kms which is not only strategically important for security reasons, these creek beds are enriched with natural gas and mineral oils and also the livelihood means of thousands of fishermen of Gujarat. Though Modi alleged the handover and Monmohan rubbished the matter of ‘Sir Creek’ area, this long pending land and boundary dispute with Pakistan also comes on as the operative part in the de-section table.

It is an irony that the Indian citizens are not lucky enough to know the borders of their own country in actualities. Govt. of India should draft a new map of India and place it to the Nation, if they have not the problem with Indian territory. Otherwise, the riff-raff persons like us cannot be sanguine about borders. The patriotic people of India are determined not to loose an inch of sacred land which we got in Hindusthan through a sacrifice of our forefathers and warriors in freedom struggle.


4 comments on “Handover-ing ‘Sir Creek’ area to Pakistan. Is GOI planning to resettle Indian boundary stealthily?

  1. Money Jihad
    December 13, 2012

    Have they learned nothing from Israel? Peace cannot be bought with land.

    Please sir, tell me what, if anything, India will get in exchange for giving away valuable land to Pakistan. Money? How much?


  2. Surinder Paul Attri
    December 19, 2012

    Subj: ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll predicts landslide victory for Modi

    1. Quote: ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll predicts landslide victory for Modi

    2. COMMENT: The Yanke phrase ” you can’t keep a good man down ” is perfectly applicable to Narendra Modi. I hear some phoney-liberals tell it to me, that it all sound craxy to him. Be that as it may. Against Narendra Modi’s dignity ” a decorum of development, ” what is congress offering:
    A dance into darkness.
    3. To put it into historic perspective, Winston Churchill oberserved that these white caps ( that is the confressites ) have learned the three R’s very weill. They are:
    ” Rogues, Rascals, and Racteers.”
    Stated Winston Churchill:
    I cannot hand over His Majesty’s government in India to a bunch of rogues, rascals, and racteers.
    4. Since the days of Winston Churchill, these white caps have learned the three S’s as well. They are now” Scamsters, Scoundrels, and Suckers ” as well.
    5. Conclusion: The white caps now know the three R’s and the three S’s.
    With this knod of education, they are now past masters in the art of acquiring unjust riches.
    Surinder Paul Attri


  3. yogeshsaxena
    December 21, 2012

    DO you believe that India is the only Country run by Muslims Counter part by be-fooling Hindus, who have either accepted the defeat as Cowardice , superstition, orthodox and hypothetical presumptions in their heart to get the Status Qua at the moment and get Muslims suck the blood like mosquito and sting poison of Adulteration, Misbranding the items under consumption of people under Al E Takiya, Kafa, Jhad, Nawaj Hajj Sex with Daughter In Laws, Conversion of Hindus Girls In Muslims and make them prostitutes for ever. When Some Nath temple was robbed they ( Ponga Pujari) Said that God will come to help us, but no one came and Country Was Robbed. Sonia Gandhi , An Italian Robbed this Country and Mamta , Jaya Lalita Earlier DMK involved in Killing of Rajiv Gandhi through LITTE who pirated 34 Antiques and Charge Sheet of CBI was prepared on 23.2.1993 , But never Implemented to arrest the culprit. The Son in law Of Prime Minister on the Instruction of International Trade Org and International Monetary Fund is Robbing Nation , but Congress has purchasable power and Bjp purchasable party, while Mayawati indulged in Taj Heritage Corruption case, Mulayam Singh In disproportionate Assets Case. Let the Power of Permit Prosecution under Section 19 of prevention of Corruption Act be Enshrined and Power U/S 321 of Cr. p.C. be reserved with Politician, you will beg one Day. Privilege Orientation, Justice U.C. Banerjee Level Corrupt Judges , Sacchar Commission Ideotic Reports Enemy Property Act, Azurruddin Tilted Cricket Batsman May Become M.P., While Shah Rukh Khan , Salman Khan Criminals Of M.F. hussain Painting and Black Buck Killing Criminal Be cherished By Audiance, The Day Is Not Very Far , When Entire Country Will Be Governed By Mecca Masjid Maulvi Type Traitors to Get the Cow Killing And Bukhari NBW warrant Accused Be Allowed to Creat Mosques At Subhash Park. We Had Given ManSarover , Tibbet ,And Gave Kasrgil, Than Kasmir And .Sir Creek And People of India Tolerate All Such Happening . Are You the Prostitute As every one is Allowed to Rape Indians. eliminate Mosquito, Scorpions, Vipers, Cobra And Python From Bharat Varsh Soonert you Do it You May SurVive.


  4. kamlesh jain
    June 25, 2013

    i know and understand thing but most of the indian and pakistani musalman are hindu who convert in mulism so we should remember these thing to them


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