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Danger most situation for Hindus of Usthi in WB. Is it going worst than Deganga or Canning Riot?

Posted by hinduexistence on January 30, 2015

The Islamic March in Bengal



Thanks to all concerned like Bhavani_Sena-Hindu_Jagran_Manch-RSS-VHP-BJP-Hindus of all Fornts are now united to fight against extinction.


*** 7.00 pm. 30/01/2015.
A High source tells that today the anti-socials of Usthi, Deula, Magrahat will attack Hindus of Nainan, Chousa, Satghara, Deyarak in dark of Night to teach a final lesson to Hindus. Usthi PS (09674372172 / 03174-250203), SDPO DH (03174-255221), SDO ( 03174-255222) SP S24 Pgs (033 – 2479-3333), DIB Control (033-2448-0118), Chief Secretary, WB (033- 22145858)  are requested to save the life of law abiding people of Usthi and adjacent areas and restrain the law braekers. Plz Plz. Don’t ignore this message and save many lives.

Indications: 1. After Friday Namaz there were spl meetings of notorious anti-socials in many places reported.
2. Muslims are sending their women and children away to vacate their homes. a) They will accommodate outsiders there. b) They will set fire in the vacate houses to blame Hindus.
3. Police is under pressure and started their dialogue in a very mysterious way. A very unpredictable situation before a great disaster.

Muslims vandalized Hindu areas and business in West Bengal with the help of State Minister.

Muslims attacks Hindus and vandalized, looted, torched Hindu shops in Usthi (South 24 Pgs, WB) area in the alleged presence of State Minister Giyasuddin Molla.

Abhi Mitra | Spotlight Media | Usthi 29 January 2015::  Massive attack on Hindus went on at several places under Usthi PS, Mandirbazar PS & Diamond Harbour PS in West Bengal since yesterday (28/01/15) night. Hindus are under attack from organised Muslim mobs in Usthi Bazar, Kuleshwar, Deyarak, Nainan, Deaula, Gholar more, Bholerhat, Mandir Bazar, Hatugunj,and other adjacent areas.  Minister in-charge of Minority Affairs Giyasuddin Mollah is allegedly leading the anti-Hindu mayhem. Muslims are being instigated and asked to join the rioting through Masjid loudspeakers. Police was usually came late in the vicinity to protect Hindu shops and homes.  The situation in Usthi Bazar, Kuleshwar, Deyarak, Nainan, Deaula, Gholar more, Bholerhat, Mandir Bazar, Hatugunj and other areas are still tensed. The armed Muslims are awaiting in Mosques and Madrasas to attack Hindu areas in the dark of night at some sources leaked.
It is alleged that Md Giyasuddin Molla, the Minority Affairs Minister, WB and TMC Leader of the area was guarding all Muslim areas with his pet goons and restraining Police to enter into the Muslim villages where anti-socials have already taken position. Police started random searching and torturing in Hindu villages. The situation may be deteriorated if the Central BJP and Police do not take immediate steps.

Some small groups of Hindu Jagaran Manch and Bhavani Sena are giving some protection for Hindus. But, big bosses like RSS, BJP, VHP etc.are away from the areas of disturbances as reported. Muslims started rally with brandishing swords and ire arms when reports came in last at 2.30 pm on 29/01/2015.

Facebook Post by State BJP Leader Tathagata Roy.

Facebook Post by State BJP Leader Tathagata Roy.

When we wanted to know the cause of this communal flare up in Usthi area, then a local youth Sameer said,  “On 27 th evening there was a ruckus between the Hindus and Muslims in a matter of way back to a Saraswati Puja Immersion. Muslims assaulted a Hindu youth on the way back to his home. Hearing this Hindus retaliated. The matter did not shape into an end there. Muslims organised themselves through Loud-speakers of nearby all Mosques and thundered over Hindus. Local Hindus are fighting to save their position without any help!”. Other source said that it was a family scuffle between Hindu couple when a Muslim passers by badly intervened. Actual cause is still unearthed.

Hindu Public conveyed their de-satisfactions as There are many Hindu Orgs and BJP in South 24 Pgs, as per information but no  team from them were seen in the area or to interact with the police as perhaps they are busy otherwise. Bengal Media is supressing this news as usual.
Today (29/01/2015) many Hindu shops were burnt & looted by Notorious criminal kalo (Ajijul Sarder) & his gang at Usthi Market, South 24 Parganas from 10 A.M. onward.  Main culprit  Ajijul Sarder (kalo) S/O Idrish Ali Sarder was assisted by Obedur Rahaman (Liton), Rauf Baidya , Emadul Sarder , Eunus Gaji, Siraj Baidya, Gaus (S/O- Kausor) and many others goons attached with TMC and very close to Giyasuddin Molla, the local TMC MLA and the MIC, Minority Affairs of West Bengal.
They hurled crude bombs at random on the spot and destroyed more than 50 Hindu shops viz. Maakali Mistanna Bhandar, Mandal Electronics , Das Watch Co, MahaMaya Hindu Hotel, Narayan Mistanna Bhandar etc.  After looting & injuring many Hindu shopkeepers .
Notorious criminal Kalo(Ajijul Sarder) and his gang were seen with Local TMC MLA sharing Tea each others.  This Muslim gang is politically sheltered & protected by local MLA & Minister (Minority Affairs Dept.) Giyasuddin Molla.  Molla was present there to lead the Islamic looting on Hindu shops.
This mayhem was little bit controlled by the RAF and Armed Police Forces not to cause  of looting any Muslim shop in the same market. Two Hindu shops were burnt to ashes. Sec. 144 Cr. P. C.  was imposed to control the situation afterwards.
As the news flared up in the adjacent areas, tension en-gripped in some areas in Mandirbazar, Kulpi and Diamond Harbour PS also. Muslims jointly appeared in  roads and started slogans against Hindus and BJP/RSS/VHP in a very fanatic way.
Courtesy: Bengal Spotlight | Links used above.


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Hindus will take all the challenges to save their Motherland: Dr Pravinbhai Togadia in Kolkata.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 20, 2014

VHP Virat Hindu Sammelan - Kolkata - 20 Dec 2014..

Clarion Call for Hindu Rashtra from the Big VHP Golden Jubilee Rally in Kolkata.


Hindus are ready to take all the challenges to save their Motherland at any cost : Dr Pravin Togadia.

Dr TogadiaUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | 20 Dec 2014:: The West Bengal Unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad organised a ‘Virat Hindu Sammelan’ at Sahid Minar ground of Kolkata on 20 Dec 2014 on its national programme for its 50th Foundation celebrations. In a full packed programme over 1 lakh Hindus were present to protest Jihad fundamentalism in Bengal and demanded the Rights of Bengali Hindus being challenged by the Ruling party’s (TMC) Islamic appeasement.

Dr. Togadiya said that Hindus have taken the vow to stop all subversive activities of any party including TMC and Hindus will save the Motherland. Hindus are not dependent upon any political party but they will win the war. Hindus will not sell cows and stop the cow slaughter. They will detect the illegal infiltrators and drive them away. They will take the way of Swadeshi and Swavlamvan (self dependence) and enrich the country’s finance and rural industries. In this decade of Hindutva, Hindus will be more powerful and make this country as a real Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation-State).

Dr Togadia has emphatically mentioned that Bengali Hindu will uproot the Jihadi Culture of Bengal at any cost very soon. In his speech Dr Togadia touched the sensational issues like Christian conspiracy for conversion, Love Jihad, Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration and enactment of common civil code in Bharat. He also also warned the various anti Hindu elements who are torturing Hindu minorities in neighbouring countries and anywhere in this world.

Dr Mohan Bhagwat of RSS, Sri Ashok Ji Shinghal and other prominent Hindu leaders and Saints are also present in the today’s mighty confluence of Sahid Minar Ground, Kolkata. Saints of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Ramakrishna order, Vaishnavaites and Sikhs were present in the big dais for bestowing their blessings to the Hindu activists under the banner of VHP. 


Dr Mohan Bhagwat and Dr Pravin Togadia are seen alongwith other Saints in Kolkata Virat Hindu Sammelan at Shahid Minar on 20.12.2014.

In a very disciplined and well organised meeting the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Cheif, Dr Mohan Bhagwat stressed upon the unity of Hindus in this crucial point of time under the thrust of communal and political excesses when malfunctioning of Bengal scenario is felt very badly.

Expressing his support for the anti-conversion bill to be proposed by the Central Govt, Bhagwat asked Opposition parties to facilitate bringing law in Parliament, if they did not like conversion. Dairing all political rivals, he says ‘ghar wapsi’ will continue to welcome all Hindus once converted into Islam or Christianity under religious repressions or any unfortunate situations.

The Sangha Chief proclaimed that Bharat will be declared as a Hindu Rashtra before loosing the the youth of the present generation.

Shri Ashok Singhal, the living legendary  of  Rama Janmabhoomi Movement could not be present in the meeting but sent a message describing that ‘all the hurdles of constructing a magnificent Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be vanished very soon under the blessings of Lord Sri Ram. But, for that golden moment of Hindu History, Hindus must work with full devotion as Shri Hanumanji did for Prabhu Ram’.

Four big rallies reached from 4 different parts of the ‘City of Joy’ covering the points of Sealdah, Howrah, Ganja Park (South Kolkata) and Shyambazar (North Kolkata). Saffronizing the so called ‘Secular’ texture of Kolkata, the ‘Hindutva-vadis’ of Bengal came together in the capital city of Bengal to show their solidarity for a pure Hindu cause.

Dr Sachin Singha, the chief area co-ordinator of VHP, Bengal unit thanked all Hindus concerned for their whole hearted participation in this events for its grand success.

Related:: RSS chief dares political rivals, says ‘ghar wapsi’ will continue: HT.

Bangladesh infiltration threat to national security: Pravin Togadia:: Indian Express.

Read this news in Hindi:: जवानों की जवानी जाने से पहले हिंदू राष्ट्र बनाना हैः भागवत: NBT.

धर्म परिवर्तन पर आपत्ति हो तो बनाएं कानून: Patrika.

Read this in Bengali:: পশ্চিমবঙ্গকে অনুপ্রবেশকারী মুক্ত করার ডাক দিলেন প্রবীন তোগাড়িয়া: Ekhon Kolkata.

যুবকদের যৌবন যাবার আগেই হিন্দু রাষ্ট্র সম্পন্ন হবে : সঙ্ঘ প্রধান :: Ei Samay.

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High level probe must be started on the run that ‘Mamata funded Jaamat with Saradha money’.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 12, 2014

How Mamata Banerjee was fanning  Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh to promote a political Jihad in West Bengal with Saradha money?

Rare Frame. 19.06.2014.  Kunal-Mamata-Imran in NIS.Raktim Das | HE Media Bureau | Dhaka and Kolkata | 12 Sept 2014::  A serious allegation has been leveled against  Mamata Banerjee and her closest aides for helping  Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh to promote a political Jihad in West Bengal with Saradha cheat fund money. Alleging involvement of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) with fundamental outfits, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior leader Siddharth Nath Singh told journalists here on Thursday that party’s chairperson and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had funded Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh.

Ms. Banerjee sent money taken from the scam-tainted Saradha Group to the outfit in exchange for its help to influence voters in Bengal and win elections, Mr. Singh said and added that certain newspapers both in Bangladesh and well as in India had reported the issue.

Quoting a Bangladeshi newspaper, which alleged Ms. Banerjee’s relations with the terrorist outfit, Mr. Singh said: “Mamata has a relationship with Jamaat-e-Islami… The story elaborates how the money from Saradha group was stuffed into bags, smuggled into Bangladesh and the BSF’s activity was manned by newly-elected All India Trinamool MP Ahmed Hassan Imran [founder of Bengal branch of the Students Islamic Movement of India].”

Mr. Singh said as per the Bangladeshi report, Ms. Banerjee’s links with the Saradha Group went back to 2010 when she was the Railway Minister and had used the money to win the 2011 Vidhan Sabha elections and 2014 Lok Sabha election.

He said that had Ms. Banerjee been innocent, she would have denied it and filed a defamation suit against the media houses.

The Trinamool MP, however, dismissed the allegations made by Singh. Mr Hasan said that he has no links with the organisation and is contemplating filing a legal suit against the BJP leader.

Bengal’s leading Bangla daily Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) has actually blown the lid off the links between Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh and West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress.

In a front-page expose, ABP claimed Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Ahmed Hassan Imran as the crucial link between Trinamool Congress and Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh .

“Before 2011, the Jamaat helped Trinamool with huge funds secretly transferred across the border. Imran played a key role in it.

“Later when the Jamaat faced government’s ire during its opposition to war crimes trials, it received funds from Trinamool which had come to power in 2011 and many of whose leaders were ministers in the Manmohan Singh government,” the Ananda Bazar Patrika report said, quoting extensively from a detailed report it claims was given to India by Bangladesh intelligence.

Indian intelligence, the report said, corroborated these claims.

While Kunal is in jail, why Imran is roaming freeMamata Banerjee’s stiff resistance to the Teesta water sharing deal and the Land Boundary Agreement is part of the ploy to destabilise the Sheikh Hasina regime, the report claimed.

“She is totally influenced by some Urdu speaking Muslim leaders in her party who are close to Jamaat and who mobilised critical minority support and huge funds for her in the rundown to the 2011 West Bengal polls when the Left was ousted from power.

“Mamata has always tried to keep these leaders happy and her opposition to the Teesta and the Land Boundary Agreement follows her efforts to keep these leaders happy,” claims the ABP report.

It says Mamata Banerjee was a minister in Indian government when the Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), of which Imran was a key functionary, was banned.

It quotes BJP leader SN Singh, now in charge of the party’s Bengal campaign, as saying that Mamata’s nominating Imran as a Rajya Sabha candidate is a ‘high act of treason’.

“Both Imran and Mamata should go to jail for what they have done. They have betrayed the nation and conspired to disrupt our good relations with a friendly neighbour,” Singh was quoted by Ananda Bazar Patrika as saying.

The high pitch BJP campaign against Mamata follows the visit to Kolkata by the party’s national president Amit Shah, who has advised his Bengal party colleagues to focus on Saradha scam and Mamata’s Jamaat links in the rundown to some assembly by-elections in Bengal.

In fact, the ABP report claims that much of the funds that Trinamool leaders sent to Jamaat after 2011 to funds their ‘violent disruptive campaign’ came from Saradha coffers.

“To gain a political mileage in West Bengal politics, Mamata Banerjee has done blatant Muslim appeasement in that scale of insanity to make treachery and act of subversiveness, if the allegations are proved and she must be sent behind the bar accordingly”, Upananda Brahmachari, editor of Hindu Existence told this reporter over telephone.

[Input from The Hindu and BD News 24.Com]

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Mamata Banerjee nominates a ‘Hard Core SIMI Man’ and ‘Fundamental Editor of Dainik Kalom’ for a Rajya Sabha Seat in WB. TMC is too dangerous for the existence of Hindus in West Bengal.

Shameless Sudipta Sen of Saradha Chit Fund arrested from Sonmarg. But, what was this anti-Hindu culprit doing in Kashmir Valley?

Political Jihad in India: Barkati (Imam, Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata), calls a Jihad. Bukhari (Imam, Jama Mosque, Delhi), boosts Communal Separatism.

Mission Bengal Jihad. Mmamata Banerjee to  convert West Bengal as a Muslim state step by step.

Rampant Muslim appeasement in West Bengal by Mamata Banerjee. Who will stop this Islamic Insanity?

Communal Clashes soar in West Bengal under the protection of Mamata Banerjee only to victimize Bengali Hindus !

Practicing Muslim (?) Mamata Banerjee will be the evilest Prime Minister to the Hindus, if such disaster happens!

Hindus Fighting to Save Cows in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee, TMC and Police Promoting Cow Slaughter.

Ban Mamata Banerjee in all BJP run States.

Mamata Banerjee – Fearsome Anarchist, Dangerous Islamist and 100% Hypocrite.

Muslim Trinamul Congress leader arrested with 45 kg Gold and allegedly to use it for election purposes.

Assam Rioters and Bangladeshi Muslims have reached North Bengal from Kokrajhar. Red Carpet Welcome by WB CM & TMC. A sinister design to change WB demography.

Capturing Governance by Bengal Islamist. One step forward to a Muslim Bengal.

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Hindu cremation needs Islamic approval and police permission in West Bengal !

Posted by hinduexistence on July 30, 2014

In a state  run by Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool Congress where Islamic hooliganism has no limit.



Dead body of late Kalidasi Saradar is awaiting in an uncertain situation. Normal Hindu cremation needs Islamic approval and police permission in Bengal ! West Bengal: A Jihadi State in India.

Hindu Existence Media Bureau | Malda | 29 July 2014:: Hindus staying in Muslim majority areas in West Bengal are in an inexplicable mess towards a journey underlined with a clear mark of extinction from their home and hearth. 

Now,  very dangerous report has been surfaced where it is seen that the Hindus are denied their rights of cremation in a 200 yrs old burning ghat (Samshan Ghat) solely possessed and owned by the Hindus.

There is a  Burning Ghat at the bank of Ganges in Arjunpur (Farakka Block, PS. Farakka, Pin. 742231, Dist. Murshidabad) which is 200 yrs old at least as per records and hear-say run in. Hindus of the locality viz. Hazarpur (within 1 KM), Sankopara (3 KM), Shibnagar (4 KM), Bhabanipur (5 KM), Mahadebnagar ( 5 KM ), Beniagram ( 6 KM ) , Nayansukh ( 7 KM ) , Malancha ( 9 KM ), Farakka (10 KM), and the Hindus even far off have been taking the advantage to do their last rites at Ganga for their nearest and dearest one at their expiry.

In the recent past Muslims from Bangladesh and other Muslims from here and there gathered at Sankopara Hlat Rly Station (nearest Rly station for the all places mentioned above) and established a Jehadi land there and tried to uproot the Hindu influence from the adjacent locality. Now they are trying to grab the land of Arjunpur Hindu cremation place step by step.

On 4th May one Biren Pal of village Hazarpur expired and his relatives took the mortal body of Late Biren Pal to Arjunpur Samshan Ghat for cremation.  Immediately the local Muslims started disturbance to take away the body  in other place for cremation as burning of the mortal body is not permitted in Islamic belief. As Hindus protested and started the cremation (burning rituals),  the fanatic Muslim charged two bombs and Hindus compelled to flee leaving the half burnt dead body on the pyre in the Samshan ground. Finding no other option Hindus went to lodge a complain to the nearest police station. When the Hindus reached again to the Samshan Ghat accompanying police staff, they did not find the remains of dead body as the Muslims threw the half burnt body in the Ganges.

Smt. Rakhi Pal, widow of late Biren Pal has lodged a FIR (PS case No 142/14 of Farakka PS) on 4th May and Police has started a case under IPC 326/34 and 3/4 E 3 Act accordingly.
Though police registered cases against Bhadu Sheikh (s/0. Soleman), Rafiq Sheikh (s/o. Mahasin), Amin Sheilh (s/o. not known), Habil Shiekh (s/o late Wares) and 25-30 unknown perpetrators,  still police did not arrest them. Rather they are roaming free to create tension and fear among Hindus.
Moreover, Police issued an instruction to Hindus to give an information for any death in the locality so that Police may accompany with the dead body for safe cremation at Arjunpur Samshan ghat. This was fixed in the all party peace meeting held by the BDO Farakka where IC Farakka and the SDPO, Jangipur were also present.
Complain of Smt Rakhi Pal and the FIR in Farakka Police Station.

Complain made by Smt Rakhi Pal and the FIR in Farakka Police Station.

In the very next day on 6th May (mid night of 5th May), one elderly woman of Arjunpur died on heart attack and the matter was duly informed to Police Station. When the Police and the cremation friends reached near Arjunpur Samshan Ghat in the morning, the Muslim hooligans started stone and brick pelting heavily. Police was completely unsuccessful to tame the Muslims and anyway take away the dead body to the local sub- Health Center in the afternoon. While the Hindus started protest against Muslim miscreants and for the callousness of Police, Police forcefully took away the body to Farakka Barrage area (at Farakka Feeder Canal) and cremated the dead body without the consent of the relatives of the deceased.

As a result, a Hindu retaliation flared up in the near by Hindu villages and they arranged a protest meeting at Arjunpur market on 6th May and Muslims miscreants came all on a sudden and ransacked 4 shops of Gunadhar Ghosh who was giving a leadership for the Hindu protest.
Again on 8th May, when the relatives of one deceased Madan Mondal (s/o Late Parameswar) informed Police to give protection for cremation in Arjunpur Samshan Ghat, Police hectically took away the dead body of Madan near to Farraka barrage for a cremation without considering any say of the relatives of Mondal.
Finding no other option, Hindus now perform cremation rites of dead body of  their relatives not in Arjunpur Samshan Ghat but in a far off place under compulsion. The rights of Hindus for a dignified last rites in the bank of river Ganga is snatched away from Hindus in a State run by Smt Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister of WB) alias Mamtaz Banu for her enormous appeasement policy and giving a free hand of Jihad to her Muslim brothers. Hindus are gradually loosing their rights in Bengal under a Jihad promoted by the Govt. itself.
We think it was a time for Gen Election in May and our Media friend were very much busy for the election coverage etc. and did not get any time to see  such a silly (!) thing of Hindu rights violation. But, now Hindus are denied to perform their last rites (fire cremation) for long three months as a final setting in a 200 yrs old Samshan Ghat in Murshidabad, West Bengal. Would they please manage some time to verify this truth of this report or be prepared to face an Islamic hell in their family in their own place within very few days!!!
The matter of violation of the Hindu rights caused by obstinate Muslim mentality has been reported by the villagers under Arjunpur and Nayansukh Gram Panchayet to the District Magistrate through a mass petition dated 3rd June without yielding any proper redressal for such a gross violation of religious and human rights. Hindu villagers in the locality put a question to the authority that while the illegal occupation of the Rly land by the outsider Muslims in the locality is being valid, how the rights of the age old rights of cremation land of the Hindus is violated by illegal Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh.
Where the teaching of Quran prevails, the paramount torture of Jihadis persist, and the rights of Infidels are snatched. It is no exception in Bengal. The Jihadis in West Bengal are so empowered  by the State Govt. to take every account of Hindus in their birth and death. Muslims in Bengal have started objection for the cremation of Hindus in Bengal. They will object the birth of Kaffir Hindus in the next very essentially!
Sankopara HaltArjunpurArjunpur in Murshidabad
(more information can be obtained by mailing at

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The wheel of Jihad in Bengal. War against West Bengal’s Hindus.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 26, 2013


Dr. Richard L Benkin. 

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One Panchayat Polling Date in WB is fixed on Ratha Yatra. Change the voting schedule from 10th July to another date to facilitate Hindu Voters.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 17, 2013

Panchayat Election Date on Ratha Yatra

Why the Panchayat Voting Date in WB is fixed on Ratha Yatra? Change the poll day as scheduled on 10th July.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.  

KOLKATA | 17 May 2013:: Though there are differences at a meeting on Thursday between the State Election Commission (SEC) and the West Bengal government over fixing dates for the three-tier panchayat elections after the Calcutta High Court’s direction that the two mutually agree on it, the dates for panchayat election in West Bengal is tentatively fixed for 2nd, 6th and 10th July of 2013. Counting will be on 13th July as the news touched in the headlines of all leading Bengali News papers today.

A big conspiracy against Bengali Hindus has been hatched against the Bengali Hindu voters by fixing this voting schedule. And anti Hindu Mamata Banerjee Govt. is doing all such nefarious work against Hindus from the beginning.

Holy Ratha Yatra Festival falls on 10th July this year and Bengali Hindu devotees and the Hindu mass in general will be engaged in that day with their festival and ‘Dharmik Krutya‘ (religious activities) of Ratha Yatra.  Fixing this date as one of the elections dates, the pro Muslim Politics in Bengal wants to deter the Hindu Voting  in the process of Panchayat Election.

Apprehending a Hindu backlash for the rampant Muslim appeasement, the ruling Trinmool Congress Govt. is also trying to resist the anti-TMC voting in this election by fixing a day of Hindu festival, when Hindus will be engaged in their festivity and they will be not be able to cast their votes in the last phase of ensuing panchayat election as it scheduled so far.

It is surprising that  Smt. Mira Pandey, The Chief Election Officer of West Bengal, Smt. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, all other political parties including BJP, all together are indulging in such a matter, that amounts a gross violation of Human Rights also, as the voting rights of Hindus are being snatched away  by a very subtle way though too much conspicuous.

In this situation, all Hindu Organisations in Bengal including Bhatat Sevashram Sangha, Ramakrishna Mission, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Samhati, Hindu Jagran Manch, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti must register their protest for not to fix a polling day in  Hindu festival like Ratha Yatra, when Hindus will be busy for their religious reasons.

More than Two Lakhs Hindu people every year reach Puri Jagannath Dham Ratha Yatra from West Bengal in normal course. They will loose their voting rights in this panchayat election, if the date is not changed from 10th July.

Can you imagine that a voting date is ever fixed on Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zoha or 25th December?

What is going on against the Bengali Hindus in West Bengal?

Change the date of 10th July (Ratha Yatra) to fix another date for panchayet voting Schedule.

PROTEST, PROTEST and PROTEST against the humiliation Hindu Sentiments and Dharmik Rights in West Bengal.

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Posted by hinduexistence on March 22, 2013

TG ARRESTED AGAINNews Flash Updates (23-03-2013): Some hrs back it is learnt that Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh of Hindu Samhati was again put to the jail custody in Alipore Central Jail on extension upon some technicalities of Gopal Nagar PS (in relation of Case No 410/12). He is still in ACJ. The release was expected as the bail had granted earlier. Justice suppressed by Admin.

Illegal Cow Saughter at Gopal Nagar, N 24 Pgs 

i. On the very day of Bakri Eid (27-10-2012), some outsider (named Md Jubbar Mondal),  came to Magurkhali Village under Gopal Nagar PS, North 24 Parganas to help some fundamentals of the locality viz. Selim, Sohet and Khayrul Mondal to organise  illegal cow slaughter in that mixed area where Hindus are not minority yet.

ii. In this alarming situations the local Hindu villagers protested the barbaric animal cruelty and illegal slaughter and found the OC of Gopal Nagar PS helped the Muslim butchers to kill one cow already. Due to public wrath out of criminality of Police itself, the Hindu villagers attacked the Police vehicle and injured the OC, Gopal Nagar PS, following the heavy lathi-charge of the police.

iii. Local MP and MLA (both of TMC- Total Muslim Congress) were compelled to intervene to rescue the all Police personnel put in a besiege in the Police Station. Police started a case 410/12 dated 27-10-12 in Gopal Nagar PS mentioning four Hindu Villagers.

iv. As the news reached Hindu Samhati Media Cell, as per source, the news was published in Swadesh Samhati Samvad in its issue no. 8, vol no. 2 in the month Nov 2012. As the villagers contacted Hindu Samhati  for getting suggestion, the O.C. Gopal Nagar afterwards included the name of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh very unreasonably while Hindu Samhati was not actually connected with that public resistance in no way as mentioned above.

v. As a bare example of State Repression upon Hindus and their Organisations, the State authority cunningly connected the case no 410/12 of Gopal Nagar PS under section 147, 148, 149, 325, 353 186, 427,34 IPC along with P.D.P.P. Act (Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984) etc, just half an hour before the expected release of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh from Alipore Central jail on 23-03-2013. Sri Ghosh is facing an extended detention in ACJ and may be taken under the Police Custody of Gopal Nagar PS on 24-03-2013 after production him in the respective Court on the same date.

vi. Sri Ghosh is likely to be produced at Bangaon ACJM Court on 26 March 2013 as reported by lawyers connected with affairs.

vii. Sri Ghosh is now at Bangaon Sub-Divisional Jail in North 24 Pgs. (updated upto 27-03-2013).

viii. Hindu Samhati activists announced a protest rally on 30-03-2013 at Metro Channel, Kolkata to get an answer from the State administration, why their leaders are still in Jail without sufficient reasons. West Bengal State Police and Administration took the matter seriously and started  to spread a caution all over the state to dismantle the rally. Side by side, the State administration started a process to materialize the release the Hind activists in jail custody. The State Police in the higher echelon wanted to know from Hindu Existence, what is the actual demand of the aggrieved activists of Hindu Samhati. Then it was clearly conveyed the demand of unconditional release of Hindu activists detained in different jails of West Bengal and to stop the Muslim appeasement by the ruling party in West Bengal. The Samhati rally of 30-03-2013 was postponed. (updated upto 30-03-2013).

ix. Kakdwip ACJM granted bail to Sourav Shasmal, a Samhati activist on 01-04-2013 and relaesed from Diamond Harbour Jail. (updated as on 01-04-2013).

x. On 02-04-2013, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President Hindu Samhati and Sri Bikarna Naskar were released on bail from Bangaon Jail and Alipore Central Jail respectively as the bail were granted by the respective Hon’ble Courts in function. (updated as on 02-04-2013).



HND gave memorandum to Smt Mamata Banerjee, Cheif Minister through Resident Commissioner of West Bengal and Mukul Roy, MP West Bengal to take action to stop persecution upon Hindus in West Bengal. 

TG HS RELEASEDHE Correspondent | Kolkata & New Delhi  | 22 March 2013 :: Despite the State oppression to malign Hindu Leaders and to demoralize the Hindu activists of West Bengal, the Hon’ble Dist. & Session Judge in the Judges Court, Alipore granted the bail today in favour of  Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Prominent Hindu Leader and President of Hindu Samhati.

Sri Tapan Ghosh was taken to Police Custody by Kultali P.S. and the normal date of hearing was fixed on 28.03.2013. But, the Ld. Advocate Sri Nabakumar Ganguli and others for Hindu Samhati, pleaded hard for the bail, as no material charges could be substantiated in the FIR to detain the President of Hindu Samhati any further. Ld. Advocate Sri Santanu Singha with Ld. Advocate  Sri Gopal Ghosh & Others were also present for Hindu Samhati.

After completion of formal procedures, Sri Ghosh is likely to be released from Alipore Central Jail tomorrow.

Sri Chittaranjan Dey, Senior Leader of Hindu Samhati and Sri S G Das, Convenor, Legal Cell of HS confirmed news of granting bail in favour of the President of Hindu Samhati.

In a very Important move , the activists of Hindusthan Nirman Dal (HND) today submitted a memorandum to Smt Mamata Banerjee, Chief minister of West Bengal through the Resident State Commissioner of West Bengal at A/2 State Emporia Building, Baba Kharak Singh Marg in New Delhi- 110001 with a demand to release Sri Ghosh immediately and stop persecution upon Bengali Hindus in West Bengal in a row of Deganga and Canning violence.

Afterwards, the activists of HND went to the Delhi residence of Sri Mukul Roy, Rajya Sabha MP at 181 South Avenue, New Delhi- 1 and Sri Shailendra Jain of HND met Sri Roy to describe the plight of Bengali Hindus in a TMC ruling state of West Bengal, where the dreadful incidents of Deganga and Canning is happening on regular basis. Sri Jain also requested Sri Roy to take early action to release all Hindu Samhati activists with its President confined upon fake charges. Sri Roy conveyed that he is nor fully aware of the Canning incident and he will see the matters in the written memorandum.

In the memorandum it is pressed that “We the members of Hindustahan Nirman Dal, a registered Political Party accredited by the ECI, would like to crave your kind attention to the following fact concerned to the plight of the Hindus in West Bengal.

1. We are deeply concerned with the intermittent of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati along with two whole-timers viz i) Sri Bikarna Naskar and ii) Sri Saourav Shasmal with four supporters including two juveniles. Sri Ghosh and others were arrested from different places on 14th March with very fake charges to malign Hindu activists and Hindu Organisations in West Bengal. The FIR against Sri Ghosh mentioned 147/148/149/332/333/353/427/152/153/109/186/507/186 and 307 I.P.C, while Sri Ghosh is working only to give a safe-guard to the victimized Hindus in Bengal.

2. The Hindus in West Bengal are grossly victimized in the Muslim Majority areas in many districts in West Bengal. The Riot of Deganga (North 24 Pgs) in 2010 or the recent Violence in Naliakhali Canning in 2013 (South 24 Pgs) are the eye-opener for the dreadful situation of the Hindus under the attack of anti-Hindu Forces. No Political Parties are serious to hear about the increasing plight of the marginalized Hindus in many places in west Bengal. Loot, dacoity, rape, teasing, torturing, land-grabbing, replicating religious rights, discrimination are the main reasons for the day-to-day degradation of the Hindus in Bengal.”

Further it is demanded by HND that “In this situation we demand: 

A. Immediate release of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh with all Hindu Samhati Activist and lift the cases under quick procedures.

B. Give a right safe-guards and justice to all Hindus so that they may not be further victim of any communal conspiracy hatched against them.

C. Don’t make discrimination on Hindus upon minority-majority basis. Stop appeasement to Muslims on religious ground. 

Otherwise start same concessions and facilities to the Hindus where they are minority in Development Block (BDO) basis.

Hope that you will be kind enough to take necessary action through transmitting our concern to the appropriate authority to see and act accordingly.”


In the course of discussion it is conveyed to both  the Resident State Commissioner of west Bengal in New Delhi and to Sri Mukul Roy, MP, Rajya Sabha and the Ex Rly Minister that Muslim appeasement in West Bengal is evident from undermining the rights of Hindu People in West Bengal. In the name of minority welfare, the Ruling Party in West Bengal (TMC) is giving various concessions and facilities to the Muslims only violating Right to Equality in various ways. The Muslim Imams and Muazzins are only getting the monthly honorarium only, but not the poor purohits, padris or garnthis. Only Muslim Girl students are getting Cycle without considering any economical status. But the poor non-Muslim girl students coming from very poor families are not getting any cycle under such scheme. While Madrasha Education and Urdu language are being promoted highly by TMC Govt., they are doing nothing for the Sankrit Pathshala-Toll education or the Sanskrit language. The list is never ending. But it is clear that the slogan for “Maa-Mati–Manush” has been changed as “Musalman Maa-Mati–Manush” under a dangerous Islamic Change. The Infiltration from Bangladesh and the Jihadi activities in West Bengal are also growing high without any check. Attack upon Police Stations by Muslim mob or killing of Police personnel by Muslim goons are being easy method to terrorize Hindu Public by the perpetrators. The problems of Hindus in bordering districts were also raised in the course of discussion.

Hindustan Nirman Dal and Hindu Existence Forum are jointly contemplating to start bigger movement in New Delhi to stop the “Row of Hindu Persecution: Deganga to Canning” in West Bengal.

From source it is obtained that the Hindu Activists in Delhi are contemplating to take  a harder stand to treat the West Bengal MPs who are reluctant to see the benefit and security of the persecuted Hindus in Bengal.

Update on 24-03-2013. Sopporters of Hindusthan Nirman Dal took out protest rally on Sunday in Delhi Roads (KARAWAL NAGAR CHAOWK SE BHAJAN PURA CHAOWK) to register their concern over the ongoing torture upon Hindus of West Bengal under TMC support and immediate release of Hindu Samhati leader, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh.

Update on 24-03-2013. Supporters of Hindusthan Nirman Dal took out protest rally on Sunday in Delhi Roads (KARAWAL NAGAR CHAOWK SE BHAJAN PURA CHAOWK) to register their concern over the ongoing torture upon Hindus of West Bengal by Muslim fundamentals under TMC support and immediate release of Hindu Samhati leader, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh.

Courtesy: HND | Ramranjan Roy.

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A Black Phase in the History of West Bengal. The nasty repression upon Hindu Organisations and Hindu Leaders by TMC Government.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 16, 2013

Release Tapan Ghosh and all Hindu Samhati Volunteers immediately

Release Tapan Ghosh and all Hindu Samhati Volunteers immediately

Worsening West Bengal  due the limitless appeasement of Muslims at the cost of Hindu oppression… 

Upananda Brahmachari|  Kolkata | 15 March 2013:: Sri Tapan kumar Ghosh, one of the Founders and President of Hindu Samhati (A prime state level Hindu Organisation in West Bengal)  was arrested on 14-03-2013 morning and was produced in Bankshall Court by Kolkata Police in afternoon. As the actual case caused in S 24 Pgs (Kultali PS), he was  placed into transit remand accordingly. Subsequently, he was produced at  Baruipur ACJM Court on 15-03-2013.  Unfortunately, the bail has not been granted and next date for hearing is fixed on 28-03-13 for Kultali PS Case No. 71/2013. Advocate Samir Pal, Advocate Shantanu Singh, S G Das, Legal Advisor HS, Swarup Dutta, HRA and others were present in Baruipur ACJM Court. The legal cell of Hindu Samhati is contemplating to move Judges Court, Alipore as the case has no material for the charge under 307 IPC. No heavy injury report could be produced by the state. The other charges against Shri Ghosh are  147/148/149/332/333/353/427/152/153/109/186/507/186 I.P.C.

It is really a Black Phase in the History of Bengal. A nasty repression is rolling over the common Hindus by various means by the pay-loader of West Bengal State Police under the specific instruction of WB CM, Mamtaz Banu Arjee. All Hindu Rights for Social Demands/Programmes/Organisations are totally under a TMC (Total Muslim Congress) oppression and grossly violated. The Bail plea for Hindu Samhati President was rejected in the afternoon.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America Requests Governor of West Bengal to Ensure Safety and Immediate Release of Hindu Samhati Volunteers

V H P of America Requests Governor of West Bengal to Ensure Safety and Immediate Release of Hindu Samhati Volunteers

Now the Basanti Police Station came all on a sudden this evening at 5 Bhuban Dhar Lane, Kolkata – 700 012 to arrest (read ‘abduct’) Sri Bikarna Naskar, one state leader of Hindu Samhati. As per latest news, Bikarna is under 3rd Degree torture by a Police Inspector named Shaidul. DID YOU WANT THIS ISLAMIC CHANGE IN BENGAL? PROTEST. PROTEST. PROTEST. Write wall to free HS Leaders. Organise protest rally, give written deputation everywhere.

Though Sri Tapan Ghosh’s confinement is connected with Jalaberia Protest over Canning Violence upon Hindus, it is not clear about the arrest of Sri Bikarna Naskar by Basanti Police troop in civil dress.

It is reported that the police is trying to give some arms cases to Bikarna to book him for a long time, so that he cannot proceed for his normal Hindu organizational work.

The Police action upon the Hindu activists are all time high in West Bengal. Just on 07 March 2013, the Hindu Existence Forum arranged the bail of Five HS activists under Usthi PS from Diamond Harbour Criminal Court (Usthi PS Case No 40/13).  Sri Tapan Kumar Biswas, Ld Advocate pleaded successfully to arrange the bails for 1) Bablu Ghosh (S/O Sushil), 2) Goutam Mondal (S/O Joydev), 3) Probir Naskar (S/O Jatin),   4) Dilip Naskar (S/O Panchanan) and 5) Pratap Hazra (S/O Judhisthir Hazra). Sri Pratap Hazra is a prominent dist. level leader of Hindu Samhati of South 24 Parganas, a Islamist prone southern district of West Bengal. The bail for Pratap and others was granted on the condition of attendence to Local PS, thrice in a week, until further order. The Charges were framed u/s  147/148/149/295A/323/325/379/506 and 392 IPC. But, the Advocates of Hindu Existence Forum moved for this case very tactically and arranged the bail in a record shortest time.

Now, it has been confirmed that Sri Saurav Shasmal,  one of the prominent whole timer of Hindu Samhati was arrested from Kakdwip (South 24 Pgs) on Thursday and sent to Diamond Harbour Jail on Friday (15-03-2012) with another HS activist. Sasmals were arrested when they were conducting a protest meeting at Kakdwip with a demand to free Tapan Ghosh immediately. IPC 153/153A/295A etc. have been mentioned in the FIR, as being stated. (This para is updated on 17-03-2013).

The situation of West Bengal is speedily worsening due the limitless appeasement of Muslims at the cost of Hindu oppression.


Demonstration by Hindusthan Nirman Dal & Hindu Vahini in Delhi on 15-03-2013 to Release Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati and to protest the rampant Muslim appeasement in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

392828_551636921542654_1646651338_n  734603_551637134875966_121616400_n

71971_552301321476214_1591909377_n   556708_552301094809570_138802221_n

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The First Available Video on Canning Riot. Muslims Had Planning to Make Another Noakhali.

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Understand Noakhali through Canning persecution. 

Unedited versions from the site of a Jihadi onslaught upon Hindus.

VSK-Plz don’t cry.

Villagers~ We have lost everything. How do I arrange education for my children?

VSK- Do you know anybody, who put the fire in houses yesterday?


VSK- Any idea who could do it?

Villagers~ Muslims burnt our houses.

VSK- How many are they in numbers?

Villagers~ They were thronged uncountable. About 25-30 thousand spread over the area. They came with petrol and bombs in vehicles. 

VSK- Please come in front of camera.

Villagers~ There was a vehicle parked in front. The vehicle was full of petrol and bombs. 

VSK- They came with vehicles, all on a sudden?

Villagers~ Yes, the came here with 100-150 vehicles from outside. Not only that, they were fully equipped with Guns, Bombs, pistol and other things. They came here with full readiness. Whenever they saw any Hindu Man, they started beating. 

VSK- How many houses have been burnt per your estimation?

Villagers~ 150-200 at least. But it was more than that.

VSK- Some says that the numbers raised to 320 for burning of houses…

Villagers~ That may be. We did not go to up to the end of village area. 

VSK- What is the name of this village?

Villagers~ This side is known as Goladogra- Maniktala Para. The another side is Naliakhali. 

VSK- Were those attacker Muslims from nearby?

Villagers~ Some came from nearby, but they came also from far sides.

VSK- Did they attacked upon local Muslims also?

Villagers~ No, they didn’t even burn a single house of a Muslim.

VSK- How can you be sure of that?

Villagers~ We are very sure that they didn’t touch any Muslim House here. We have verified it and  Musllims at Naliakhali side stayed there without any trouble. 

VSK- Did they set fire on Temple?

Villagers~ No, they didn’t do that. But urinated in Temple and Tulshi Manch (holy alter of Basil tree) and destroyed Deities and Idols of Gods-Goddesses with rods. They caught Hindu Women and broke their bangles. They started molesting Hindu women and girls. The frightened women folk were then ran away. 

VSK- Haven’t  you  get any help from Administration and Police?

Villagers~ No. Nobody came froward. They did not save us. Actually all these persecution came all along in the presence of Police and Administration. 

VSK- What is your name please?

Villagers~ My name is Gopal Patani.

VSK- Do you belong to this village?

Villagers~ Yes, this is my village, I reside in other side. This is my brother’s house. He is my brother.



This was an interview with the Hindu victims of Goladogra Village of Canning Riot scenario, captured by VSK-Kolkata reporters. The present victims are the descendants of the Noakhali Riot victims in 1946. Forefathers of the present victims settled in the Canning area once upon a time,  after uprooted from Bagerhat, Khulna, Satkhira or Noakhali in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

The last visuals of the interview showed a complete devastation of Hindus, weeping, wailing and discussing the cause and result.

The Jihadis then made a brutal Genocide of Hindus at Noakhali, now they are trying a repetition in Canning, Deganga or many places in  West Bengal to  grab new areas for Muslim after frightening Hindus in many ways under a definite support of ruling political parties in Bengal. Naliakhali Canning) violence, 2013 is nothing a crude reminiscent of Noakhali Riot in 1946.

Unless Hindus will not the understand the significance of sacrifice above the self interest, and will not be ready to retaliate in the method of tit for tat, no way to return in a life of might and right.

Text rendering: Upananda Brahmachari.

Four Pictures sent to West Bengal Human Rights Commission–>

Canning communal assault 3 Canning communal assault 2

Canning communal assault Canning communal assault 4

Photo and Video Courtesy:  VSK-Kolkata.

Related News: 200 Hindu houses burnt in Bengal village by Muslim mob protesting Islamic cleric’s death: See Original in NDTV.

Hindu houses burnt, looted. Temples and idols desecrated by Muslim lumpens in 24 Paraganas: Organiser. 

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Protest over Canning (WB) Riot. State Human Rights Commission asked reports immediately.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 23, 2013

Protest Before TMC Office in New Delhi.

Hindu Activists Protest Before TMC Office in New Delhi.

Canning Riot: Protest in front of TMC Office, New Delhi. Deputation to SDO, Canning. WB Human Rights Commission asked report within three weeks.

188247_10151344569853381_754944459_nKolkata | Hindu Existence Media Bureau | 22 Feb 2013 :: Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Sena and Hindusthan Nirman Dal youths  demonstrated before the Trinamool Congress  Office in New Delhi at 181 South Avenue, New Delhi – 100 011, (Tele-Fax: (011) 23794291) on 21 Feb 2013.

They rose their voice against the recent attacks on Hindus in 24 South Pargana district of the West Bengal. Addressing demonstrators, the state convener Bajrang Dal, Shri Shiv Kumar asks TMC chief that whether she is he CM of West Bangal or Bangladesh? He further questioned that when more then 150 houses of innocent Hindus torched by Muslim attackers at Naliakhali, Herobhanga,Goladogra and  Satmukhi (Itkhola Panchayat – Canning I, Block) in  Canning Subdivision on 19 Feb  and the presence of  Bangladeshi infiltrators and Zihadis in these areas are all time high, why the TMC run West Bengal State Government kept mum as a routine to promote Hindu onslaught in rural Bengal all along?

Speaking on the occasion, the state organizing secretary of VHP shri Karuna Prakash said that it is not the only incident, Hindus are regularly being attacked in the state but nobody has the time to listen o their voices. In a same pattern, the Hindus of Deganga (North 24 District) were also attacked and tortured in 2010 by the Muslim hooligans led by a Criminal TMC leader Hazi Nurul Islam, MP of Bashirhat.

VHP state vice president shri Brij Mohan Sethi, shri Neeraj Donerio and shri Deepak Kumar of Bajrang Dal, shri Vishnu Gupta of Hindu Sena and shri Sailendra Jain of Hindusthan  Nirman Dal were amongst those who addressed the gathering.

As more than 300 Hindu families of rioted area are only Hindu, the pro Muslim TMC Govt is ignoring the plight of victimized Hindus in a very discriminatory way by giving them only Rs 10,000/= per family. When the Hindu families of Naliakhali, Gopalpur,  Goladogra, Herobhanga are lost everything through Islamic loot, Jihadi torture and fire, the victimized families succumbed an average loss of Rs 1,50,000 (per family), the TMC Govt of Mamtaz Banu Arjee adopted to policy to give an alms of Rs. 10,000/=.

Canning RiotsIn this development of tension and widespread riot news from social media, the West Bengal State Human Rights Commission (HRC) took the cognizance over the matter. Honb’le Chairperson of HRC , Sri Ashoke Gangopadhya, (Justice, Retd.) has issued a letter of inquiry to District Police Superintendent of South 24 Pgs to submit a report comprising the cause of the riot, the volume of the loss of the riot victims and the measures taken by the concerned authorities by three weeks of time.

It is conceived that Sri Tathagata Roy (Veteran BJP leader of West Bengal) sensitized the matter in all forums after his visit in the riot affected areas of Canning on 20 Feb. A team comprising by Sri Roy, Sri Dilip Ghosh (Hindu Jagaran Manch), Swarup Chattopadhya (RSS leader) and others entered the Satmukhi areas rejecting the adminstrative hurdles only to rebuild the confidence of the frightened Hindu people and lastly they lodged FIR on the matter of havoc plight upon Hindus, so far.

On, 22 Feb, a massive demonstration was held against the communal assault on Hindus at Naliakhai and desecration of Hindu places of worship at the Canning SDO office under the banner of ‘Vishwa Hindu Parishad’ (VHP).

BJP Leader Tathagata Roy is speaking with the riot Affected Hindus at Satmukhi, Canning.

BJP Leader Tathagata Roy is speaking with the riot Affected Hindus at Naliakhali-Satmukhi, Canning.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha and Other Hindu Organisations have been requested to start immediate relief works in the Naliakhali-Satmukhi areas immediately. Hindu Existence Forum is trying to keep keen vigil over the entire situation to resist any further havoc upon the Hindus in the related areas.

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Canning Hindus under Islamic Inferno. Hell bent Situation for Hindus in West Bengal.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 20, 2013

Canning Riots

Islamic Violence upon Hindus after murder of a Imam by unidentified persons. Hindu Persecution in Canning is being suppressed otherwise by secular media. 

Canning Town | South 24 Parganas, West Bengal | 20 Feb 2013:: Again  Islamic Jihad engulfed the  the unwarranted Hindus on Feb 19, while the whole situation of Canning put under inferno of Islamic brutality– the entire area chanced to  witness again the worst Hindu persecution in recent times and as at least four Hindu Villages viz. Naliakhali, Boyeramari, Herobhanga and Simultala were set on fire after plundering devastatingly and molesting Hindu women and girls and  the saga of thrashing Hindus is extending far and wide, strangulating the adjoining areas of Joynagar, Kultali, Basanti and Sandeshkhali as well, as the reports came in.

Nobody is willing to understand the actual communal situation of West Bengal under the ‘Parivartan Raj’ of TMC. One Muslim Maoulavi was murdered by some unknown persons. Nobody knows the clue. But Muslims attacked Hindu villages planfully and plundered the Hindu villages and put fire. Hindu women molested in a riot like situation. Muslim goons reached Canning from Rajabazar, Park Circus, Metaburz or Gardenreach of Kolkata City only to make a Jihad in Canning.Police and RAF took possession after Hindus lost everything. Nobody feels the reality. In a “Change Syndrome’ of Bengal, Bengali Hindus going to enter into a Carnage.  The dreadful face of Islam in Canning cannot be singularized out in the rise of Neo-Rajakars in  Bengal Politics. But, the political parties and the media are preaching a Secular sermon only to complete a total Islamization of West Bengal.

As per available report, the murder of an elderly villager by a gang of suspected robbers sparked large-scale violence in Canning subdivision on Tuesday morning. Fuelled by wild rumours spread by the Islamists in different mosques and anger against police for allegedly taking the case lightly, Muslim mob of thousands plundered four villages and burnt down more than 200 houses.

The administration has been shaken the most by reports that a section of Muslim attackers was ferried from Kolkata in trucks. They came from the Islamic Dens of Park Circus, Rajabazar, Metiaburz, Garden Reach (all Mini Pakistan in Kolkata).  This has been confirmed by intelligence officials, say sources. The situation is still tense and there is apprehension that the violence may spread to other parts of the district. Reinforcements have been rushed from neighbouring districts.

According to residents of Naliakhali village in Canning-I block, the victim was returning to his home in Basanti after a religious concert  (Islamic Jalsa) at Jamtala village late on Monday when he was accosted by a gang on Naliakhali Main Road. Ruhul Kuddus, a 49-year-old Muslim religious leader (Moulavi and an Imam of a Mosque in Park Circus area) was on a motorcycle with an aide when the goons fired, killing him and injuring the other person, Sirajul Molla (45). Sirajul was admitted in Canning Sub-Divisional Hospital for treatment at first but transferred afterwards to CMCH, Kolkata as his condition turned critical.

As per a report published in Hindustan Times: “Police sources said Kuddus was carrying Rs. 11,50,000 on him which the attackers looted.” Other sources say that a huge amount of unaccounted money (mainly from some cheat funds like KWIL, VIVA, GREEN VALLEY etc. headed by Muslim businessmen) are being used for procuring un-licensed fire-arms and ammunition to carry on Jihad in entire West Bengal. But the appropriate agencies are reluctant to investigate the matters of tantamount Islamic warfare now speedily going in West Bengal under a political blessing of ruling Trinmool Congress.

Samir Sen, a bus driver, was the first to see the body around 4.25am on Tuesday. “Mine was the first bus to Canning from Golabari terminal around 3.50am. At Naliakhali, I found a man lying on the road and decided to check on him with conductor Biswanath Singh. We saw that he was dead. His clothes were soaked in blood and a motorcycle lay by the side of the road. Finding nobody else around, we left and reported the matter to the police in Canning. By then, some other bus drivers had also called police but the cops made no effort to arrive,” Sen said.

The injured aide had managed to reach a safe place and got in touch with friends and relatives. By first light, a large crowd had gathered on the spot and rumours started swirling around. Initially, police didn’t treat the matter seriously enough and sent a junior officer and two constables to remove the body. The crowd barricaded them. A few more policemen were sent, but by then the mob had swollen and a rumour had spread that the killers were from Naliakhali village. The mourners blocked roads and railway tracks.

“Police stood by and watched as thousands of men stormed our village around 10am,” said Biswajit Sardar, whose two-storied building was torched in the violence. Others alleged that most of the attackers were outsiders, who hurled bombs at houses, poured petrol and set them ablaze. “Whoever dared to protest was beaten up,” said villager Sanatan Adhikari. The rampage continued for three hours.

The Hindu villagers in Naliakhali say they had no clue about the murder. “It was only at dawn, when police arrived, that we came to know of the killing,” said Shaktipada Adhikari, an elderly villager whose house near the crime scene was reduced to ashes.

Only at the Kholakhali Baazar (P.S. Joynagar), medicine shop of Sachin Sardar and one saloon of another Hindu individual were attacked and despoiled and all these happened before the police stationed there – effete enough to protect Hindus in any case.

The  Islamic persecutions were spreading then with the help of armed outsiders with slogans of “Naraye Taqbir – Allah ho Akbar”.

Mamata Banerjee, Cheif Minister of West Bengal appealed a peace in Canning and West Bengal and described her ‘Muslim brothers as Peace Lovers”.

Even if Hindus managed to take some measures in self-defence only in few areas, the wild fire of Islamic onslaught is being witnessed in the vicinity – areas of Notunhati in Joynagar and Simultala in Basanti being the greatest victims. Road blockades by Islamists are going on in full might at several areas including Natunhat, Priyor More (P.S. Joynagar), Bhangankhali (P.S. Basanti), Boyarmari (P.S. Sandeshkhali). The wild attacks have extended to P.S. Sandeshkhali, District: 24 Paraganas (North) by now.

Kolkata – Basanti Road has been blocked at Boyarmari. Sanjay Singh, resident of Boyarmari and also CRPF jawan, posted at P.S. Goaltor, District: Medinipur has been beaten up at Boyarmari for refusing to get off from his cycle.

Police and administration have deputed a huge contingent of armed policemen, issued a red alert but it is getting more than impossible for them to contain the widespread violence. Police is running to and fro haplessly. The wrath of Islamic mob did not scared the Police contingents also. The Second Officer of Canning Police Station Sri Anup Kumar Samaddar was attacked by brick-bating and finally fell down due to head injury. Some Police Officials have been admitted to Canning Hospital in a critically injured situation. At least two police officers have been severely injured while two police vehicles have been burnt down.

Last but not least, a large number of motor vehicles carrying thousands of Muslims from Garden Reach, Metiabruz, Tilajla, Park Circus areas in Kolkata have been seen to proceed towards Joynagar. They are also heading towards Ghutiari Shariff by train phase wise still now.

To tackle the situation, rather guarding the Jihadists, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Miss. Mamtaz  Banu Arjee sent a State Delegation of TMC (Critiques say, Total Muslim Congress) comprising Firhad Hakim (Minister – Urban Development and Municipal Affairs), Mohammad Sufi (Minister – Waterways Transport), Giasuddin Molla (Minister – Minority Affairs), Javed Khan (Minister –  Fire Brigade), Haider Aziz Safi (Minister – Cooperative Dept.) and Abu Taher (Karmadhkshya of Civil Matters, South 24 Pgs Zilla Parishad). Anyway the local MP, Sri Tarun Kanti Mondal (SUCI) reached the spot and took a good initiative to distribute foods, tarpouline, medicine etc. to the victimized Hindu people of the affected areas.

Under a strategic Islamic design, Islamist aired various rumours in entire South Bengal. As an immediate effect Muslim fundamentalists tried to spread communalism in the areas of Kalna (Burdwan); Sarberia, Malancha, Ghatakpukur, Belegachi, Godra, Amraberia, Chadaneshwar, Bhoto Mollar Pole (all South 24 Pgs); Panskura (Purba Medinpur); Santragachi, Kona (Howrah), Bhangore, Barasat-Kadambgachi (North 24 Pgs) etc. and blocked the roads in some those areas, until police cleared the roads.

In this situations Hindus are put under a compulsion for a self defense,  while  police and political protections have been made a farce to them. When an unarmed police is failed to protect themselves in Kulpi and Canning Police station attacks or the blood of killed Late Tapas Chowdhury (SI, Special Branch, Kolkata Police, shot dead recently by a Muslim goon in Gardenreach area) is not fully soaked yet, Hindus must think of their own protection in every villages in West Bengal. Right to Live as Hindu is not Crime. But, allowing Hooliganism in the name of minority appeasement is obviously a crime on the part of an one-eyed TMC Govt in West Bengal.

Base Reports: TOI | HS Media. Photo Courtesy: Ekdin Epaper | HS Media | Krishanu Dey 

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Islamist-Naxal-CWG operators target West Bengal to destroy it’s Hindu identity.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 19, 2012

For the Dubious Role of Mamata Banerjee, the Islamist-Naxal-CWG tie up has been geared up to increase subversive activities in West Bengal.  Conspiracy to destroy Hindu identity of West Bengal.

Naxals forged ties with ISI with SIMI’s help: Bengal DGP

Reports complied from the input of  Sudhi Ranjan Sen , NDTV and , TNN  | Oct 19, 2012 | NEW DELHI:  West Bengal’s top cop today told the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that there was clear and a growing link between the CPI (Maoist) and Pakistan’s dreaded Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Agency. West Bengal Director General of Police (DGP) Naparajit Mukerjee also told the MHA that the link between the Maoist and the ISI was clear in four districts bordering Bangladesh, including Murshidabad.

Mr Mukerjee made this revelation to the MHA in a meeting to review the progress made by states to deal with the threat of Maoist insurgency. Maoists have a strong to moderate presence in as many as nine states in India. Central security agencies have earlier warned about the growing links between the CPI (Maoist) and militant Islamic outfits like the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). A link between Pakistan’s ISI – accused of being the master mind of the 26/11 Mumbai strikes and also believed to have strong links with terrorist organisations the Lashkar-e- Taiba (LeT) – and CPI (Maoist) hasn’t yet been said so definitively.

In a related development, the MHA has asked the states not to swap hardcore Maoist to secure the release of hostages. In May this year, the Maoist had kidnapped Sukma collector Alex Paul Menon. He was kept a hostage for 13 days and Maoists had demanded the release of several hardcore arrested insurgents. The MHA has also asked the states to have a trained and dedicated team of negotiators for hostage negotiations. Maoists may have been facing all-round reverses in West Bengal ever since chief minister Mamata Banerjee took charge of the state last year, but they have forged a deadly alliance with the Pakistani spy agency ISI through overground radicals and remnants of the banned outfit SIMI during the period.

Revelation was made by the West Bengal police chief Naparajit Mukherjee here on Thursday when he told a gathering of chief secretaries and DGPs of other naxal-affected states about the growing Maoist-ISI nexus in four districts of the state.

Expressing his anguish over the development, he is learnt to have said that the nexus had been reported after arrests of some Maoists who elaborated how overground sympathizers of the Red Ultras acted as a ‘link’ for them.

Murshidabad, West Midnapore, Purulia and Bankura are the four districts where the West Bengal Police had noticed actions that hinted at Maoist-ISI linkages. The link is believed to be helping the ultras in getting arms and ammunition through existing network of north-east insurgents.

Though the Union home ministry did not add to what Mukherjee told the gathering over the nefarious link, security and intelligence agencies spoke about the possibility through Maoists sympathizers. They also said that the Maoists’ support to the Jammu & Kashmir terrorists for their cause in the bordering state had never been a secret.

The disclosure of Mukherjee comes even as Bengal has shown remarkable change in the situation where it effectively controlled the Red menace in the past one year through consistent intelligence-based operations against the Red Ultras.

Home ministry latest figures on naxal violence show that West Bengal – once a hotbed of Maoist activities – has, in fact, moved closer to what Andhra Pradesh had achieved by reporting zero casualty consistently in past so many years.

Ministry’s statistics, based on state’s reports, show that none of three highly Maoist-affected districts – West Midnapore, Purulia and Bankura — did not reported any killing in the past 10 months. The period, which incidentally coincides with the Banerjee’s rule in the state, had also seen the elimination of senior naxal leaders including top CPI(Maoist) politburo member Kishenji and arrest of several others during joint operations of state police and central paramilitary forces.

West Midnapore, which witnessed as many as 360 deaths (out the casualty list, death of 95% Hindus proved that the Maoists targeted Hindus to terrorize the common people to control them under gun fire. – Ed. Hindu Existence.)  of civilians and security personnel during 2009-11, has reported zero casualty this year. Purulia, Bankura, Birbhum, Murshidabad and Malda have also not reported any casualty.

Officials here believed that human intelligence-based ‘specific’ operations as well as the CM’s approach to reach out to people directly in the Maoist-affected districts had played important role in achieving such a situation in West Bengal.

“Mamata Bannerjee is the only chief minister who holds regular meetings and rallies right in the naxals’ dominated districts. This political move to fill the vacuum created by the retreating Maoists proves to be a boon for West Bengal”, said a senior home ministry official.

Hindu Existence says: West Bengal was created by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee by cutting the territory of East Pakistan, only to make a safe and secured place of Bengali Hindus. Patriotic Hindu Saint Acahray Swami Pranavanada (Founder of Bharat Sevashram Sangha) and Dr. Mukherjee (Founder-President of Jana Sangha) contributed their all endeavour relentlessly to make West Bengal as a fortified land of Bengali Hindus. History tells us who were with Dr. Mukherjee that time and who opposed it to tag this land with East Pakistan for retaining an Islamic Supremacy over the Bengali Hindus.

Again, those descendants of Muslim Leaguers are presently trying to regain the Islamic Supremacy in West Bengal with a hand to hand conspiracy between Naxalites, ISI-DGFI-SIMI and various Christian War Groups (CWG). In the event of murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati by the Maoist and CWG nexus, brought the truth of Naxal-Christian coordination against Hindus in the broad day light.

Manifestations like going to Haj by the senior most Communist Leader – Razzak Molla, meeting of ADGP(T) – Nazrul Islam with Naxalite leader  Santosh Rana to create a Dalit-Muslim force in West Bengal, as reported or hobnobbing with Islamist like Taha Siddique or Nurar Rahaman Barkati by Mamata Banerjee herself or pretensions of the WB CM by adopting an Islamic culture and dress-up even in Hindu festivals, are the clear milestones of a Changing West Bengal within a Islamic frame work.

We must convey our gratitude to Mr Naparajit Mukherjee, DGP, West Bengal Police for his courageous stand to reveal the up-growing threat of Islamic and Naxalite threat to West Bengal with all its seriousness.

Allah’s Missionaries in West Bengal.

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