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Hindu Temples in Kashmir are out of control of Hindus. There are Muslim Priests in Hindu Temples.


Pandit organisation demands passage of  Kashmir Temples Bill 508px-Shankaragaurishvara_temple

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Published by: Noor Khan
Published: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 at 19:07 ISTF Prev Next LJammu: The Kashmiri Pandit Sabha today demanded the passage of the Kashmir Shrines and Temples Bill, saying it would ensure protection and preservation of the temples in Kashmir valley.

“We demand that the Kashmir Shrines and Temples Bill be passed in the assembly after tabling it in the House. The bill would help in preservation and protection of the temples and shrines in Kashmir valley by setting up a trust under it,” KPS president B L Sadhu told reporters here.

Sadhu also hailed the package of 15,000 jobs for displaced Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir and said, “The state government should act speedily on it to rebuild confidence among the community”.

Just in the last year (2008) when a visitor from Bengal went to Pahelgaam to join Holy Amarnath Yatra, surprisingly saw a MUSLIM PRIEST cum CARE TAKER in an Old Shiva Temple ,named MAMALAKA SHIVA TEMPLE upon the near by rock across the river ‘Leader’. The man named Abdul is given an honorarium of Rs. 2000/- pm from the State Custody.


Mohammad Abdullah (right) and Ghulam Hassan, caretakers of the Mamalaka Temple, outside

Built on the right bank of the Lidder river by Raja Jai Suria (1128-1155 AD), the 8 sq ft temple was a popular destination for everyone on a pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave shrine. Till 1990, the temple, a property of the Jammu and Kashmir State Archaeology, Archives and Museum Department and a protected monument, had Pandit Radha Krishan, who hailed from Ganeshpora, responsible for its maintenance. This Temple is an unique 900-year-old Shiva temple with a two-foot “shivaling”. Some Hindus beleive that it is Oldest Mamalewsar Joytirliga Temple where the Pandava came to the course of  their Vanabas ( Exile to the Forest).


But with militancy rising in the 1990s, Pandit Radha Krishan was made to leave along with other Hindus of the area, abandoning the temple. So far the Temple is maintained by the local muslims, rather made easier to capture that temple.

This is not a case to be singled out. There are so many cases of destruction and Muslim occupation of Hindu Temples here and there in Kashmir. Those who believe that destruction of Hindu Temples are nothing but an aftermath  of December 1992, Ayodhoya Babri destruction, they are simply wrong. Here is a short list of  Temple destruction list of Kashmir before Dec 1992. More over, the pro-muslim J&K Government do not maintain the Old Hindu Heritage Hindu Temples & Shrines properly.

List of Temples Destroyed by the Islamic Terrorists

The following is based on a report published in Nav Bharat Times (Feb. 18, 93) New Delhi, the Hindi Daily of the Times of India Group of papers.

According to a report from Home Ministry official, 36 temples were the butt of communal violence In 1986, 8 in 1988, 12 in 1989, 8 in 1990, 5 in 1991, and 24 in 1992. The report carries the names of the temples, their addresses, the mode of attack, date and the extent of damage done. The following is the 1ist of the temples hit by communal violence in J&K on the basis of Home Ministry Report.

1. Ganpatyar temple, Srinagar – Stoned – Window panes broken.
2. Bhairav temple, Maisuma – Stoned – minor damage
3. Temple in front of Gurudwara at Amiradadal – ransacked – no damage
to the building.
4. Shiv temple, Jawaharnagar – attempted arson – minor damage to a window,
5. Bhairav Mandir, Karan Nagar – attempted arson – Carpet burnt, no
damage to the building.
6, Shiv temple near secretariat – attempted arson – minor damage.
7. Shiv Mandir, Chota Bazar-60-70 rioter tried to attack the temple; police
fired four rounds in the air – no damage,
8. Narayan Math Mandir in Tulsi Bagh – attempted arson and stoning –
minor damage to windowpanes and door.
…..     …. 

9. Gautam nag mandlr at Sarnal – set on fire – heavy damage; 3 out of four
rooms destroyed.
10. Shivalay Mandir, Nai Basti – heavy stoning, attempt to destroy and
ransack – damage worth Rs. 10,000.
11. Temple at Wanpoh on Khanabal-Qazigund Road – set on fire- extent of
damage not known.
12. Another temple at Vanpoh – set on fire – extent of the damage not known.
13. Temple at Aishmuqam – attempt at ransacking – one idol damaged.
14. Temple at Dhanbogund, Kulgam – set on fire – extent of damage not known.
15. Navgam temple, Shangas – Heavy stoning – extent of damage not known.
16. Achhabal temple near Navgam – Heavy stoning – extent of damage not known.
17-20. Four temples in Lokbhavan village of Thana Qazigund – attempted
21. Harish Chandra Seva Mandir, Beejbehara – ransacking – idols destroyed.
22. Devi Mandir, village Karebal Beejbehara – ransacking – Idols damaged.
23. Shivalay Mandir, Janglat Mandi, Anantnag town – ransacking – extent
of damage not known.
24. Temple of Dyalgam – attempt at ransacking – extent of damage not known.
25. Temple at Fatehpura village, Qazigund Tehsil – set on fire – extent of
damage not known.
26. Temple at village Siligam, Thana Aishmuqam – attempt at ransacking.

27. Shiv Mandir at village Koil, Thana Pulwama – attempted arson.
28. Temple at village Trisal, Thana Pulwama -Attempted ransacking –
idols, microphone taken away; compound wall of the adjacent cremation
ground broken.

29. Kali Mandir in Jamla Kadal Mohalla, Sopore – attempted arson, local
people foiled the attempt – no damage.
30. Fatapura temple, Sopore – stoning – minor damage.

31.Chandi Puiarl temple, VYosu Thana Qazigund) – Arson – damage worth Rs. 20,000.

32. Sharda Devi temple, Yalkot (Thana 8adgam) – attempt to arson – one part burnt.
33.Shiv Temple, Sanghampura – (Thana Biru) – attempt to arson – verandah damaged in arson.
34. Shiv Mandir, Magam (Thana Vodura) – attempt to arson – minor damage.

35. Temple in Bandipore – arsoned – minor damage.
36. Temple in Bandipore – arsoned – minor damage.

1. Ram Mandir, Maharajganj, Srinagar – attempt to arson – minor damage.
2. Shiv Mandir, Sarafkadal, Srinagar – stoned – minor damage.

3. Shiv Mandir, Bandipur – arsoned – Heavy damage.
4. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Barmulla – explosion in Mandir – minor damage.

5. Shiv temple, Shopian – Fully destroyed; heavy damage.
6 . Local tempIe in Tral – Arsoned – Heavy damage.

7. Devi Mandir, Anantnag – arsoned – minor damage.

8. Basaknag mandir, Bhadrawah – arsoned – minor damage.

1. Shri Ram mandir’s Hall, Barbarshah Srinagar – explosion – minor damage.
2. Shiv Mandir Chota Bazar, Srinagar, Fully damaged.
3. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Srinagar – attempt to arson – minor damaqe.
4. Building of Ramkrishna Ashram, Chota Bazar, Srinagar-arsoned-minor damage.

5. Suchcha Nath Mandir, Shopian – arsoned – heavy damage.

6. Shri Ram Mandir, Badgam – destroyed; idols looted – heavy damage.
7. Rama Mandir, Udhampur – heavy damage.

8. Supernag Temple – Idols looted and temple burnt.
9. Siv Mandir Kiratwar – explosion on 2nd Nov. – minor damage.
10. Buichhal Mandir – explosion on 10th Nov. – heavy damage.
11. Temple in Kulharad village – arsoned on 12th Nov. – heavy damage.
12 Temple in Bharat village – arsoned on 12th Nov. – heavy damage.

1. Arya Samaj Mandir and School, Srinagar – explosion an 10th Feb. Minor damage
2. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Srinagar – attempted arson on 24th Feb., minor damage.
3. Arya Samaj Mandir and School Wazir Bagh, Srinagar – explosion on 21st July – heavy damage.
4. Shri Ram Mandir, Babarshah Srinagar – Conference Hall attacked with rocket on 2nd Sept . – minor damage .
5. Shitalnath Mandir, Srinagar – arsoned on 18th Nov. – heavy damage.

6. Lakshmi Mandir, Bijbehara – arsoned on 4th August – Heavy damage.

7. Sharda Mandir, Kalusa, 8andipur-arsoned on 7th Nov.- Heavy damage.

8. Handura Mandir – Precincts desecrated and idols stolen on 13th Nov. –
heavy loss in the form of disappearance of idols.

1. Nagbal Mandir, Anantnag – Explosion – Minor damage.
2-3. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Anantnag – Explosion, Grenade thrown – minor damage.

4-5. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Srinagar – seven houses of Hindus and two temples arsoned – minor damage.

YEAR 1992All arsoned; and minor damages:
1. Raghunath Mandir, Karafali Mohalla, Srinagar – 8 May.
….Months before Dec, 2009 Source : There are other 23 in the temple destruction list after 6th Dec, 2009. Visit the above link for details. Though the Govt. of J&K declared the damages are minor, these are sufficient to hurt the dignity of Hindus to a great extent.

3 comments on “Hindu Temples in Kashmir are out of control of Hindus. There are Muslim Priests in Hindu Temples.

  1. Mir Alam, Sri Nagar
    October 1, 2009


    (Mamal) Pahalgam, May 4, 2009

    This is a place where politicians need to come and take a few lessons in secularism. After militancy forced Hindus to migrate from the Kashmir valley in the 1990s, Muslims have been acting as “priests” and “caretakers” of the ancient Mamalaka Temple on the outskirts of Pahalgam.
    Not only has this 900-year-old Shiva temple with a two-foot “shivaling” been preserved in its original form, Mohammad Abdullah and Ghulam Hassan have ensured that all these years the temple did not go without “parshad” or “aarti” even for a single day. Besides the regular rituals, a daily prayer is held here in which the Muslim priests pray for the return of the Hindus, who had migrated.
    Built on the right bank of the Lidder river by Raja Jai Suria (1128-1155 AD), the 8 sq ft temple was a popular destination for everyone on a pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave shrine. Till 1990, the temple, a property of the Jammu and Kashmir State Archaeology, Archives and Museum Department and a protected monument, had Pandit Radha Krishan, who hailed from Ganeshpora, responsible for its maintenance.
    But with militancy rising in the 1990s, Pandit Radha Krishan was made to leave along with other Hindus of the area, abandoning the temple. Initially, Abdul Bhatt, who was close to Pandit Radha Krishan, looked after the temple for many years. Bhatt was transferred from the area about five years ago and ever since Mohammad Abdullah and Ghulam Hassan, both employees of the government, were entrusted the task of maintaining the building and its surrounding. However, not satisfied by merely keeping the temple clean, the two have ensured that the temple remains fully functional despite threats from the militants. The temple continues to be preserved in its original form in its eight-by-eight premises. It houses the entire family of Lord Shiva comprising Ganesha, Mata Parvati and Hanuman carved in stone. Besides, the temple has a natural spring that fills the holy pond.
    According to Abdullah, during the last two-three years, the number of Hindu devotees to the temple has increased slightly. These include some visiting Hindu families that left the area as well as tourists, who know about the place.
    Talking to The Tribune, he said, “We have guarded this place for the Hindus. It is their “amanat”. But now the situation has improved. We want that a Hindu priest should take over this holy place. Being Muslims, we tried to do whatever best we could to keep the temple functional, but it should ideally be run by a Hindu priest”.
    Further Abdullah and Hassan say their daily prayer includes a special mention to the Hindus when they say, “Lord, the heaven on earth is here in the valley. Please facilitate the return of our Hindu brothers from the hell outside”.


  2. C.N.Subramanian
    March 12, 2011

    Shivaji was born as the result of the penance observed by Jeeja matha; Vivekananda that by Bhuvaneswaridevi . In the Lalithaa saha sra naam DEVI is called VEERAMAATHAA(MOTHER OF HEROES). The key to save Hindu is with the Hindu women only. each and every Hindu couple should pray for such children .Not for the slavery of the MLECHAS..!


  3. Anand
    July 8, 2011

    Pseudo secularists should realize that Hinduism is the only preaching and practicing secular religion in this world. Though Hinduism has been plagued with several superstitions, rituals and caste systems imposed by the powerful and greedy, it is the only religion that has been embraced by people without the need for its implementation by force. Other religions like Islam and Christianity spread through sword and terror. The Muslims and Christians even fought crusades to establish supremacy. Hinduism with its ideals of peace, righteousness and humility is being venerated and accepted by people in the west as they are tired of violence in the name of religion. May be in future Muslims will come to understand and respect Hinduism. But at present Hinduism faces a grave threat from self styled secularists who blame Hindus for the evil of terrorism without acknowledging the acts of Islamic terrorism perpetrated during partition and which continues to this day. Millions of Hindus continue to languish as refugees in the Hindu holy land of Kashmir while in Delhi, seculars cry foul and insult Hinduism and Hindus by calling us communal and violent. People will ultimately find out the truth one day and celebrate Hinduism. Secularism and corruption work hand in hand to destroy Hinduism and thus the fabric that holds India together. While Islamic nations forever simmer with violence and turmoil, Hindu India presents a contrasting picture where people show more concern for peace, justice and development. At the end I would like to tell these self styled secularists, look at the history of Islam and Christianity? Look at the way South American, African, East European and West Asian countries have been ravaged by Christians and Muslims in the name of religion, justice, democracy, commerce and you will find a group of powerful and shameless people who lecture others and preach to others, but work for their own profit and greed. Their followers here in India emulate them to the extent possible and profit due to the ignorance and silence of the masses. Maybe one day we will see a revolution which will bring about real democracy, the rule of law, justice, liberties and development. Only an enlightened India can make this happen. And this enlightening can only happen with Hinduism. That does not mean people of other religion must be forcibly converted back to Hinduism. Rather every Indian must realize the glorious past of India and Hinduism and strive to take India to such heights by practicing the preachings of justice and democracy that have been the basic tenet of Hinduism. Long live the Hindu way of living and may god shine light on the right path for these secularists. Let us hope that today’s speculars attain enlightenment.


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