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Durga idol is stolen, Durga idols are broken, Durga Puja Stopped by High Court. What is the meaning of Worship of Power in Durga Puja by Hindus ?


Muslim thief caught stealing silver idol of goddess Durga from Mumbai temple

Idol thief flags a ride to prison
Vijay V Singh, TNN 23 September 2009

MUMBAI: Call it divine intervention. A man, who stole a silver idol of goddess Durga worth lakhs of rupees from a temple in Mumbai’s Jogeshwari  (East), hired an autorickshaw as his getaway vehicle. Only the auto driver was a local, who had prayed at the same idol’s feet a hundred times. The driver drove the vehicle straight to a posse of policemen.

Qudir Shaikh carried out the theft at the Ambe-Mata temple in Gandhi Nagar on Friday evening. He removed his footwear outside the temple and went in like a devotee and then waited for some time till he was the only person inside (besides the half-blind 90-year-old temple priest). Shaikh then quietly picked up the 5-kg silver idol, covered it partially inside his clothes and slipped out.

But the idol proved too heavy to be lugged around and Shaikh was forced to hire an autorickshaw, whose driver proved to be his nemesis. Qadir told autorickshaw driver Harish Gupta that he would give him Rs 50 if he just took him out of the area quickly. Something about his passenger and his strange request, however, raised Gupta’s suspicion.

Meghwadi police station senior inspector Shivajirao Kolekar said: ‘‘The driver then saw Shaikh carrying an idol that looked familiar.’’ Gupta followed Shaikh’s directions, but did not stop till he saw some policemen on duty. The cops immediately arrested Shaikh and recovered the stolen idol from him. When the policemen reached Meghwadi police station along with Shaikh, they found several people of Hanuman Nagar were already there to file a complaint about the missing idol. They were upset as they were busy preparing for Durga Puja and said the theft could not have come at a worse time.

Additional commissioner (west) Amitabh Gupta praised Gupta for his swift action.

Broken Images of Durga Puja….Tension grown in Khardaha

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Barrack pore, West Bengal, India : Only the Idol of  Goddess Durga remains intact. But other idols of  her children are ruthlessly damaged. Some of them were seen without hands, some of them are hacked to neck. In Khardah in Barrackpore sub-division, tension raised to see such an unprecedented iconoclast work in a Public Durga Puja Pandal in the early morning. Police reached to the spot immediately to check the spreading of tension. But the rituals are continued in the auspicious pitcher of Devi ( Mangal Ghat of Devi ). The Organisers of the Puja Committee under the banner of Boys Club of P.K. Biswas Road told to the representative of Hindu Existence that till Friday Midnight the normalcy was uninterrupted, but perhaps in the early hours of  Mahashtami i.e. on 26th Sept, the anti Hindu miscreant did this highly condemnable work unnoticed. All the club members and the visitors were thronged till mid night of Maha Saptami. The Organisers did not care for  any night guard in fact. In Saturday early morning the local residents found the broken images of Lakshmi, Swaraswati, Kartik, Ganesh and the images of Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman in a nearby puja place.

The local area is of a mixed in nature. For a political gain no political party did not show any pro-activeness to arrest the culprits. The local mail9Hindus in morose and did a ‘prayaschitta’ > holy purification rather than to search the culprits to punish them. The Muslims of the area remain silent and some of them (local shop keepers, rickshaw pullers coming illegally from Bangladesh) expressed their religious belief against idolatry. They do not like to be sympathetic in this regard. The Left Parties in the local level think that all these are out of local disputes between different clubs and puja committees. But the Police and the local Administration are totally unsuccessful to keep security measures in Hindu Pujas in this specific case.

Sri Asoke Kumar Balmiki, local councillor of Khardaha Municipality told Hindu Existence not to highlight this matter anymore. But he is not sure whether the unidentified miscreants are Muslims or not. After Vijoya Dashami he may investigate the matter otherwise. He appealed to everybody not to lose the festive mood any way in this puja ceremony.

Kolkata High Court stopped Dura Puja older than 25 years.

Justice  Sanjeeb Bannerjee ordered on 8th Sept, 2009 to stop a 25 years Old Durga Puja in Belpukur Primary Health Centre (PHC) Premises organised by the local Hindus over than two decades out of a writ petition vide WP No. 7349 of 2009 filed in Kolkata High Court by some Sujauddin Molla on behalf of Belpukur Uktia Masjid Committee.

In March 2009 in Belpukur in South 24 Parganas, some 60 Kilometer southern from Kolkata, a tension overwhelmed in the adjacent area for organising a Nabi Divas( Birth Day Celebration of Hazarat Mahammad) by muslims from far villages  in a  Hindu Majority area and over the very spot of conventional Durga Puja over the years. Eventually the Durga Puja of the local Hindus have been taking place in the Belpukur Hospital (PHC) premises which was donated by some Hindus for the development of rural health situation of that area. One dedicated residential Hindu Doctor of that PHC started the Durga Puja in 1975 so that the down trodden Hindu villagers can participate in their Largest Puja Ceremony. This initiated a joy and happiness among the villagers without any dispute and continued till 2008. Afterwards the Businessmen Association of  Belpukur sponsored the Puja on their own.

But the Anti Hindu Muslim Fundamentalist like Sujauddin and others hacked  a notorious plan to organise a Islamic Conference on Navi Divas to propagate Islam and raise a tension to frighten the Hindu Community and Businessmen with in a exclusive Hindu majority area, where there is no need a Islamic Meeting anyway. Under a local protest by the Hindus of  Belpukur, the CPIM supported Muslim Miscreants found unsuccessful for that time being.

kolkathighcourtseaofmomvp6But the Fundamental Muslims of  Belpukur contacted Imam Barkati of  Tipu Sultan Masjid who announced a 5 Lakh rupee incentive to be an able murderer of  Taslima Nasrin. Barkati sent them to Idris Ali, Advocate and   a communal propagator of  21 Nov.2007  Kolkata Riot, who generally instigate the communal Muslims in West Bengal with Taha Siddique of Furfura Sherriff. On behalf of Muslims of outer Belpukur (Hindu Village) Mr. Idris Ali persuaded the case in Kolkata High Court in favour of Muslims to stop the Durga Puja in a Hindu Area, from a place which was donated by some Hindus to the Govt.  Authority to establish a Hospital for everybody, for every Hindu, Muslim or Christians.

Justice Sanjeeb Banerjee did a great job by stopping an old Durga Puja in a Hindu area in a premises which was earlier possessed by some social Hindus dedicated for development for society, but never thought that they would possibly restricted to perform their ancestral rituals like Durga Puja. Justice Banerjee relied upon such a lawyer who was the master mind to drive away Taslima Nasrin from Kolkata as many media persons opined in their column.

As per available reports, Justice Banerjee directed the Police authority to stop all religious activities in all Hospital premises. But Justice Banerjee knows fully well that Hindus will be affected by this order only as there is no authority or power like ‘Sanjeeba Bonnerjee’ will be able to stop muslim religious activities within Many Hospital Premises including big Muslim Majars, Mosques, Tombs and Pir Dargha within PG Hospital Kolkata, Calcutta Medical College & Hospital, R.G. Kar Medical College or anywhere. Does Mr. Banerjee know that the Muslim Majars, Mosques etc in Kolkata and other Hospitals are utilised as centre for various health rackets and muslim anti socials ? But some Temples in these Hospital Premises are utilised as the resting places for the street dogs at night time.

It is noticed that the Fundamental Muslims in West Bengal are now trying to increase the number of Muslim Celebrations in Hindu areas and trying to stop Swaraswati Pujas in School – Colleges and other Pujas from Public Places. Incidentally maximum Public Places, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Other Institutions are erected upon places donated by Hindu Persons Dedicated for Social Causes. But they are/were always reluctant to be organised to possess their Hindu Rights.

From a meticulous analysis it is found that the Muslims in India particularly in West Bengal wants immediate clash with unorganised Hindus and put many impedements to Hindu Religious Rights by throwing severed Cow limbs, breaking Hindu Idols, stopping Hindu Rituals like beating Drums, bells etc., stopping the Hindu processions, stopping the ‘Hari Dhwani’ (Chanting the name of Lord Hari) in the funeral journey and legal resistance upon Hindu Ceremonies. 

In this situation what can Hindu Do all about?

Yes do not perform Dharma meaninglessly. Please Join the War of Maha Bharata. Performing Dharma is a War and Sadhna to Save Dharma. Join this War. And take the weapons from the hands of Hindu Gods and Goddess to win this fight against the Ashura- Devils, may be the Muslims or Christians or the Culprit Hindus.  

Untill Qudir Shaikh in Gandhinagar Mumbai, Sujauddin of Belpukur or Unidentified iconoclast in Khardah are punished severely, what is the meaning of Durgapuja by Hindus ?????

Compiled and reported by upananda Brahmachari with an input from shampa @ Naihati & Kohinoor from Barrackpur.


2 comments on “Durga idol is stolen, Durga idols are broken, Durga Puja Stopped by High Court. What is the meaning of Worship of Power in Durga Puja by Hindus ?

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  2. jignesh bapna
    September 21, 2010

    May goddess Durga bless you
    Like she blessed Lord Rama
    to fight the evil,
    like he fought Ravana
    Happy Durga Puja
    Dassehra SMS.


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