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Hindus in Maharashtra in India under the attack of the Islamists.

History of  MIRAJ in SANGLI District in MAHARASHTRA, INDIA.


We do not find any direct references of Sangli before 1801. Historical references since 1024 show areas called Mirinch i.e presently Miraj and Karhatak  i.e. Karad under the areas rules by Gonk  a Shilahar  king and sangli was included in these areas. The first clear and direct refernce to sangli can be found in the sankrit poem Shiv-Bharat .  During the time of Shivaji Maharaj, his courageous Sarnoubat  Netaji Palkar captured Sangli, Miraj and Brahmnal from the Adilshah in 1659. In the times of Peshwas, Indroji Kadam and later Sardar Patwardhan became the ‘Jahagirdar’ of this region. Sangli and Miraj has a clear Hindu connection in tradition. But the Muslims in these area are fortified with the Indian Politics to do anything against Hindus. The recent incident in Miraj shows this in the event of Ganesh Festival. The Shivaji Utsav and Ganesh Utsav are intermingled for the Maharashtrians (Marathis) since Tilak initiated these Festivals for boosting up the morale of the rightist worriors for independence of India.

In Miraj, the organisors of Ganesh Festival displayed a Picture of Shivaji Maharaj treating Afjal Khan in his own way of gallantry. Such a true picturisation led the Muslim fundamentalist towards a riot with Hindus.


  This is the arrested Idol breaker Muslim, Imran Nadaf

Miraj Riots: 8 Hindus arrested for showing the riot related VCD on the website. Hindus Have no Right to tell the Truth ??

October 1, 2009Ashwin Shuddha Dwadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111 

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Truth of Miraj riots : Which secular media won’t tell you. 

  • Muslims desecrate three Ganesh Idols &there have been attacks on Hindus at many places in Miraj (Dist. Sangli).

  • Reason for Riot is the scene erected which depicts the slaying of Afzhal Khan.

  • Muslims attacked the Police with sticks & stones.

  • The Police arrested the Shiv Sena & other Pro-Hindu leaders stating the reason as being violation of the ‘Code of conduct’.

  • One Tata Sumo of the Police, one Tata Indica of a citizen & another four wheeler were damaged by the rioting Muslims.

  • The Police threatened Hindus who were not ready for Ganesh Idol Immersion due to Idol desecration.

  • Muslim youth hoisted their Green flag on the top of SP (Superintendent of Police) Krushna Prakash’s van and he did nothing and on the other hand Krushna Prakash beat Hindu youth mercilessly and even beat Hindu women in their homes upon the false complaint from Muslim youth.

  • SP Krushna Prakash folded his hands before Muslims to keep them quite. The same SP had mercilessly beaten Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, founder, ‘Shivpratishthan’ and the activist of ‘Shivpratisthan’ while they were protesting against the anti-Hindu movie Jodha-Akbar in Sangali.

  • Muslims threw beef near a Hanuman Temple. Thus enraged Hindus attacked a few mosques.

  • Police arrested MLA Mr. Chandrakantdada Patil, Suresh Khade, ex-MLA Sambhajirao Pawar, Deputy Mayor Mr. Shekhar Inamdar, District chief of Shivsena, many Shivsainiks and Hindu youths.

  • ‘Bandh’ in Sangali continued even on the 2nd day.

  • All Hindus including Hindu women were silently taking out a protest march but the Police stopped them and started beating them mercilessly. Even women were not spared.

  • Ganesh Mandals refused to immerse Idols until the scene of Afzhal Khan’s killing was erected again.

  • Muslim ladies in the surrounding areas left their homes one day prior to the riots.

  • The Police arrested four Hindus and mercilessly beat those who were stoning the Hotel and at the same time they just arrest the Muslim coming out from the Hotel with a ‘Koyta’ (a type of heavy knife used to break coconuts)

Miraj Riots: Commissioner evades to answer important questions about Riots!

September 30, 2009

Ashwin Shuddha Ekadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

‘Islam’ is a superior religion ! – Addl. Police Commissioner Suresh Khopde

Miraj (Maharashtra): I know Islam. After studying Islam, I have learnt that the meaning of Islam is to enter into peace. (From the past history, does the meaning seem to have been proved meaningful ? – Editor SP) The Islam religion is superior and has the capability to become a universal religion like Hindu Dharma. The above comments were made by the additional Police Commissioner Suresh Khopde from Mumbai in a program held here.

In this program, Mr. Khopde was asked questions like ‘Why the Government does not take action against those who pre-plan riots?’ but he tried to evade giving an answer. (The Addl. Police Commissioner following the foot-steps of politicians is avoiding important questions and singing the praises of certain religions! – Editor SP)

A lecture by Suresh Khopde was organized at I. A. M Hall on the topic ‘Experiment to control riots in Bhiwandi’ when he made the above comments.

In this program, Mr. Khopde explained about how communal riots are started, the damaging effects of riots, the strain on the police etc. in detail. He, however, did not elaborate on who is mainly responsible for  igniting the riots, on how many people are involved in starting the riots, whether the police takes action etc. (Thus after giving half hearted information, the police administration is ready to blow its own trumpet that they enlightened the citizens on issues such as riots! – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan PrabhatFor more details :

1252598011_m1Instead of investing their efforts in following up with those who caused the riots, the Police are after those who have only published the news about riots. The oppression of Kashmiri Hindus was not allowed to come out in the open by the police and all political parties; the result of which is that there are no Hindus now left in Kashmir.

Miraj (Maharashtra): The police have arrested 8 Hindus from Sangli for showing a VCD recording the riots on the internet. The arrested Hindus are – Tamma Basappa Shirgir (Age – 35 yrs), Umesh Rajaram Magdum (29 yrs), Pintu alias Tejas Pratap Bedekar (20 yrs), Vijay Nikam (29 yrs), Prashant Yadav (33 yrs), Jayant Jabshetty (33 yrs), Prabhakar Wandre (29 yrs) and Hardik Patel (23 yrs).
The above action was taken by Miraj city Police Inspector B. B. Reddy, chief inspector Bajirao Patil of ATS and Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Mahadik of ‘Cyber Crime Department’.1252598031_m2

The police have alleged that the accused have video recorded one-sided happenings of the riots and this worsened the riot situation. The various equipment which were used by the accused in sending messages or making VCD have been confiscated by the police. They have also taken into custody 5 persons for inquiry in connection with sending SMS messages related to the riots on their cell phones and sending scenes shot by them in connection with riots. (This indicates that now in this Congress regime, nobody should reveal anything about any incidents actually happening in society. One should not inform anyone about such incidents but just keep their mouth shut and tolerate the oppression. What is the difference between a dictatorship and such a Congress regime ? – Editor SP)

The Police Superintendent Krushna Prakash has made an appeal to the citizens to give information about the ‘white collar’ criminals and has promised not to disclose the names of such informants.

 Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

for more details see :

History: Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan

1252434737_kaman1 Miraj_Riots

The picture that created tension and riot in Miraj.

O Hindus by birth (Janmhindu), When you will create History like Shivaji Maharaj by creating fear in the hearts of the Enemies (of Hindu Dharma)?

Know more about the arrest of the seekers Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Click Here to see: ‘Exploring the underlying Root Cause of the Miraj Riots and Learn from it !’ & other news about Miraj Riots

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  1. vishal jagtap
    January 19, 2010

    Save Hindu Dharma. Keep Your Blog-Site Alive and Practical. Jato Dharma, Tato Jaya.


  2. HEM
    August 14, 2012

    shanti shanti shanti ye kamjor manusya ka wakya hain. jago jago jago hindu ya mar jao.
    sabhi hindu sangathano se mera anurodh hai ki aap sabhi ek joot ho jao. apne prant apni bhasa apni jati se uthkar kewal socho ki hamari ek hi jati hai woh hai hindu.hindu mandir hindu asmita ke upar koi prahar karta hai to ushe jadse ukhar pheko.chahe tumhe jitni muskilon ka saamna karna pade.


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