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6th December……… An Open Letter to Ashok Singhalji.

An open letter to venerable Ashok Singhalji in commemoration of 6th. December

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Respected Ashokji,
Sadar Pranam (Obeisances unto you).
At the very outset, let me state it unequivocally that Ram Mandir shall be built. Yes and at the exact place where Lord Ram was born. Lifelong penance of Paramhansa Ramchandra Das can’t go to waste. The supreme sacrifice of Ram Kothari, Sarat Kothari and others can’t go in vain. But, construction of Ram Mandir got deferred for a long. An enduring seventeen years have passed after demolition of the notorious Babri structure. Time has elapsed and 6th. Dec., the ‘Hindu Shaurya Divas’ has again revolved back. Let us review on this very day as to why Ram Mandir could not be constructed so far.
Many would give a very simple answer ” owing to treacherous BJP”. They went to poll in the name of Ram and jumped up their tally in parliament from 2 to 192 and then simply forgot. The very insidious BJP simply put into oblivion the very issue that brought them to power. However, BJP is only one of the causes but surely not the only cause.
Let us delve into depth the factors those are in favour of and against the construction of Ram Temple.
The favourable factors are:-
1) Fathomless devotion to Shri Ram in the core of the heart of 100 crore Hindus all over the world.
2) Out of the above, 25 crore Hindus cherish a keen desire to construct the Temple at the very site.
3) Irrefutable proof of the Temple being at that very site 481 years back.
Anti national and intellectually bankrupt communists created an unnecessary/futile debate as to the authenticity of the proof of Ram’s birth place. Communists are characterised for creating confusion in every aspect of life to satisfy their heinous ends. We do not need to answer them. Historic archaeological and Scientific proofs are there. Mir Bnaki under instruction from Babar destroyed the Temple in 1528 AD –all sorts of proof exist to corroborate that. We adore Ram. So, we shall construct the Ram Temple at any cost at that very place.
Let us now review the factors those act against the construction of the temple.
There are too many antagonistic factors. Always more factors assemble against Dharma and few factors converge in favour of Dharma. Dharma is guided by Truth and protected by Basudev himself. In the battle of Kurukshetra, 11 divisions were fighting for the Kauravas as against 7 divisions of Pandavas..
The factors against Ram Mandir are as under:-
a) Outbreak of an epidemic distorted “Secularism” in the mindset of educated Hindus in India.
b) “Resignation to fatalistic passivity”–prevalent amongst common Hindus.
c) Blatant Muslim appeasement by the vote hungry and unscrupulous political parties.
d) Anti Hindu govt administration.
e) Irrational Constitution and laws of our land.
f) High Courts and Supreme Court of India.
g) The Muslim community of India who by thoughts and actions are anti Hindu, who consider
themselves to be off springs of Babar rather than Ram.
h) Islamic Ummah or Pan Islamic Brotherhood.
i) Relentless flow of Petro Dollars.
j) Media and Journalists mostly bought out by Petro Dollars.
k) Agents of Dawood Ibrahim and ISI in Indian administration, Political parties, Bollywood and in our cultural sphere.
It was no easy task to destroy Babri Masjid by defeating the above eleven forces. It is neither easy to construct Ram Temple by defeating these 11 forces. Despite all these obstacles, by virtue of Dharma and Truth, by virtue of sea wave of pent-up human emotion, by virtue of Organization, by virtue of Supreme sacrifice of many Karsevaks and penance of Sadhus and last but not the least by virtue of proactive policy and killer instinct of Late Moropant Pingle and Vinay Katiar, Babri Masjid was wiped out from this crust of the earth. But, still the temple could not be built. Why? Is BJP alone responsible for it?
The temple could have been built. But, we made a blunder, a truly Himalayan blunder. ‘WE’ does not mean the common mass or ordinary Karsevaks. The leadership of the movement made the blunder. The blunder that can never be condoned, never, never. This blunder was not a mere blunder. An undercurrent of ‘Greed’ was working in the subconscious mind of the leadership of the movement. The leadership won’t admit it publicly. But, if they ask their own conscience, they themselves will get the answer. The fault line was straight and simple. The acquired ‘capital’ of Ram Mandir movement was invested for acquiring political power.
Ram Mandir movement was the greatest mass movement ever enacted in Indian history. Gandhi’s mass movement had much lower participation, much fewer representations from every strata of society. The huge, unparalleled public support that we got was enough for demolishing that structure of four hundred and fifty years in just four and half hours. This public support ought to have been invested for the construction of Ram Temple.
In lieu of  channelizing that unprecedented public support towards construction of Ram Temple, we very wrongly diverted it towards gaining political power. Our acquired ‘capital’ flew into political canal. The logic that was put forward in defence of this line was that after acquiring power, the temple would be built up by enacting new legislation. Actually, in deep sub conscious mind of the leadership fatigue and greed worked on. The same thing happened to Congress leadership in 1947. ‘How long should we not be in opposition?’ ‘ How long should we carry out agitation and struggle?’ My life is nearing an end. Will we not be able to see that we have acquired power? Not only the BJP leaders, but most of the Sangha Parivar leaders thought in the same line. This thought process, this fatigue, this greed worked in the subconscious mind of most Sangha Parivar leaders. So, they made this historical Blunder. Political power was captured, but Ram Temple remained a distant dream. To compromise with ideology and to politicise this Ram Mandir issue–this was not a sole BJP decision, the whole of Sangha Parivar took the decision. So, BJP alone is not responsible for renouncing ideology.
The leaders forgot that a small movement started in 1984 and the gate of Ram Temple opened in 1986. That the gate was opened as per Court’s directive is a lame excuse. Rajiv Gandhi was in power that time with 315 MPs. BJP only 2. Jawaharlal and Indira never enjoyed this level of majority. So, Rajiv Gandhi had no political challenge and imminent danger in front of him. What made him open the Gate of Ram Temple? Then came 9th.Nov, 1989, Karseva and Shilanyas at the designated place besides the Sanctum Sanctorum. The Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court gave the ruling that the designated spot is within the disputed 3.77 acre of land. Hence any construction or Foundation of stone is not permissible. Rajiv’s Home Minister Buta Singh flew from Delhi to Lucknow the previous day. He declared that the designated spot for Foundation of the stone falls outside the disputed land. He made everything clear and Foundation Stone laying ceremony took place on 9th. Nov, 1989 as scheduled. That time Rajiv and Congress was in power. Then came the D-day 6th. Dec, 1992. Still Congress was in power with Nrasimha Rao being the Prime Minister. In front of the media of the whole world Karsevaks reduce the Babri structure to rubbles. Narasimha kept mum. He did not object. Three domes were demolished and a temporary temple with clothes was made. After all these happened,
Narasimha Rao dismissed the Kalyan Singh Govt. in UP at 5 in the afternoon. Clearance of the rubbles of the structure took one more day. Karsevaks took two more days to leave Ayodhya and Faizabad. The Govt. did not arrest a single person out of lakhs of Karsevaks.
So called pro-Hindu BJP was not in power. How were all these possible with Congress, an out and out appeaser for Muslim votes being in power?
There is another glaring example from History. BJP was not even born then. It was Jnasangha. RSS drew up a plan of constructing a grand temple on the famous Vivekananda Rock in Kanyakumari. Guruji Golwalkar entrusted Eknath Ranade with that responsibility. Humayun Kabir was the education minister in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet then. This Kabir and the Christian fishermen of Kanyakumari were hindering and actively obstructing the movement. Ranade took the signature of 300 MPs belonging to Congress, Socialists, Communists, Janasangha, etc.
The memorandum was submitted to President of India. The ministry approved the same. The temple got accomplished and formally inaugurated.
All these incidents clearly point out that Political leaders of all hue and cry understand the pulse of the people. Whether RSS has political power or not that does not matter. There was a great potentiality in the Ram Mandir movement and it was not an ordinary bomb but an atomic bomb which could unleash an earthquake beneath the chairs of Power and Pelf—this very truth was known to Rajiv, Narasimha and Congress. That is what made them comply with everything and bow down before the people’s sentiment. Their field is not people’s power, their specialization is not on religious sentiment. Their only expertise is politics and they can play in political field only. As long as we were in our fields, we were in advantageous position. The moment we left our field and entered to play in their fields, we lost the advantage. The outcome,192 to 125. If we tread the same path, we shall reduce to cipher.
Then what ought to have been done? We have won three battles without being in political power. We should not have left our forte, our own, our very known field. In a nutshell, not ” First Power and then Temple” but ” First temple and then power.” We had to wait till we can win absolute majority on our own. Till that time we had to stick to temple issue and never to haste for power. But that would submerge few people into quagmire of unhappiness. Their time would run out. They would never be PM. They had to enjoy fruits of Power. So, Samata, Mamata, Lalita—a heterogeneous mixture came into being. Even the son of the very murderer Seikh Abdullah who annihilated founder of Jnasangha—Shyamaprasad Mukherjee, also got inducted into the new formation. Everybody knew that with them scrapping of article 370, enactment of Uniform Civil Code, construction of Ram temple is next to impossible. So blaming BJP alone is a cry in wilderness. Who took the decision that day to form a government with 23 political parties who have got no ideological foundation or intonation and who had nothing in common except lust for power? Those decision makers have to take the blame. So, not only BJP leadership, Shri Ashok Singhal and RSS central leaders are also to be equally blamed who took this absolutely wrong decision. Whenever they put the red light on their cars they have shown the red light to Ram as Ram belongs to common man.
The Ram of that age killed Bali but did not ascend throne. He skillfully utilized the regiment of Kishkindhya to rescue Sita. The by product was the annihilation of Ravan. That was the real aim, the annihilation; rescue of Sita was the means. Today’s Ram ( Hindu collective leadership) killed Bali ( demolition of Babri Masjid) and ascended the throne of Kiskindhya. So, Sita could not be rescued (Construction of Temple). Ascending the throne not only implies Vajpayee becoming the Prime Minister or Advani becoming the Home Minister, but it also implies Uma Bharati, Swami Chinmayananda becoming ministers, B.P.Singhal (Ashok Singhal’s brother), Srishachandra Dixit and Kameswar Chaupal (the ‘dalit’ caste RSS Pracharak who laid the foundation stone on 9th Nov) becoming MPs, Red Light on Ashok Singhal’s car and acquisition of Gas agencies and Petrol pumps and a lot more. All these imply coronation of modern Kishkindhya. So, it is crystal clear that they do not symbolize Ram of modern age. So, Sita can’t be resued by them and analogically the Ram temple can’t be built. Rescue of Sita is just symbolic as is the construction of the Temple. The real aim was to annihilate Ravan, kill the clan of Rakshas so that the common man felt safe and comfortable. That aim was achieved in different phases in the rescue operation of Sita. Today also, in the process of construction of the Temple we must annihilate Ravan with all kith and kin, i.e., to eliminate all external enemies and internal foes of Bharatmata.
Outside our home we see the horror of Islamic expansionism and hear the sound of blast of Jehadi terror, and inside our home we hear the cry of molested Hindu women folk in Kashmir, Bengal and Assam. The soul of Mother India is molested by ISI agents, ‘Khan’ senas of Bollywood funded and pampered by petro dollars, Communists, Secular hypocrites, Media, agents of USA, China, Pope etc.; innumerable inimical elements. This huge Rakshas Vahini needs elimination. Then only the true temple of Ram can be built up. This Ram temple is not of bricks and stones but symbolic, tuned to our heart, our dreams and promise of a safe, happy, trouble-free, prosperous Motherland. This will the Temple of our Nationhood or Rashtramandir. To achieve this lofty goal, Ayodhya is not suffice. For that, we need to liberate Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi–all three. And in the process of this liberation, all of our ‘Rashtrashatrus’ will be eliminated. This is the true course of action. Ramayan has taught us that only. If we are Rambhakta or Rashtrabhakta, we must not rest before that. We must not enjoy the fruits of power before that. Rambhaktas of Tretayug are Rashtrabhaktas of this age. So, we must complete the unfinished work of Khudiram, Netaji Bose and Chandrasekhar Azad. This will be done in the process of constructing the Grand Temples of Ayodhya , Mathura and Kashi. The war cry again will be ‘bachha bachha Ram ka, Janambhoomi ke kaam ka’ and ‘ teen nahi to tees hazar, nahi bachega ek mazaar’ and ‘Bharat mei yadi rahana hoga, Jai Shri Ram kahana hoga’
So, my dear Hindu Brethren, Come on my dear. Let us form a Regiment of Kishkindhya. Let us be ready. Let us wait. Let us pray for Ram to come. That means a leadership that is capable, energetic, courageous, devoid of greed, does not compromise on ideology and deviate from Dharma. Lord Ram must send it. Ashokji (Singhal)–Farewell to you. I know that out of the whole of Sangha Parivar today the person who longs Ram Mandir the most is you. But, you can’t visualize that in this birth. When the purest soul Paramhansa Ramchandra Das could not see it, you also can’t. But, we Hindus believe in reincarnation. So, in the next birth you would definitely see it. I assure you of this on behalf of the present-day Regiment of Kishkindhya.
With regards,
yours sincerely,
Tapan Kumar Ghosh
Kolkata. 6th Dec. 2009

-Hindu Samhati

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

is the President, Hindu Samhati

& Working President, Sri Ram Sena .

To revitalize our memory about the evidences of RAM JANAMBHOOMI…. Click here. Jai Sree RAM Again here, Jai Ma Bhavani.

Courtesy :, posted by upananda brahmachari.

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