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Sreemad Bhagabad Gita in Urdu Language.

Bhagabad Gita in Urdu

Bint Zehera Rizvi, a devout scholarly lady translated The Bhagabad Gita, the most read Classical Hindu scripture, into Urdu language at her ease.

Zehera Rizvi a Muslim lady of 66 yrs and a Professor of Hindi from Allahabad came to the central attraction of Gita lovers and admirers as Smt. Rizvi completed such a great work after completion of her Masters in Sanskrit and Hindi to fulfill her dedication very successfully.

At her 19 Smt. Rizvi came to the blessings of Gita and felt that one’s life is incomplete if  he/she does not read this ‘heightened philosophy of life’ and ‘the inner-calling of self’ for at least once.

Busy in her teaching profession and the NCC ( National Cadet Corps), Zehera managed her time very critically and completed this Urdu rendering of Sanskrit Gita in some 12 years. Now the Book has been published in 325 pages with attractive pictures. As reported in the media, Smt. Rizvi failed to get any help from the Uttar Pradesh stalwarts like Mulayam Singh Yadav or Ms. Mayavati. It is said that the office of the Prime Minister of India and the Human Resource Development Ministry only appreciated the work by Zehera on Gita. Zehera  printed this book with her own finance getting no help from any quarter.

Smt. Zehera Rizvi was rewarded as a best Professor in 2000 by the President of India previously. Smt. Rizvi expressed her utter happiness of life through practicing the Philosophy and Life-style of Indian tradition enshrined in Gita. Bint Zehera Rizvi categorically said that Bhagavad Gita exhorts the National Integration, Peace and Harmony in every life in a very exclusive way and teaches the practice of own religion rationally and scientifically.

Courtesy : Nai Duneeya.

posted by : Upananda Br.

3 comments on “Sreemad Bhagabad Gita in Urdu Language.

  1. Rabindranath Trivedi
    January 2, 2010

    Bint Zehera Rizvi, a devout scholarly lady translated The Bhagabad Gita, the most read Classical Hindu scripture, into Urdu language at her ease. She is not Muslim, she is scholar, so scholar has no limited bindings, She made history like Bhai Maulana Girish Chandra Sen (1835-1910)who translated Quran into Bengali in 1881 about 128 years ago. He is known as Maulana and Bhai for communal harmony between the Hindus and Muslims .
    If Muslims are interested to know themselves , who they are? Where from they are inherit ting religion and how? This introspection can safe them in India . Otherwise , they will be victims of the history . They are to be conscious about the civilization of the land they belong, no align culture of Semitic culture will pave the path of survival rather most disastrous future.
    Time is ahead to stand on the soil of the land where thousands of their ancestors remains into dust.
    I congratulate Sister Binte Zahera Rizvi on her success.
    Thanks with regards
    Rabindranath Trivedi 2/1/10
    Sen, Girish Chandra (1835-1910) religious scholar and translator who made the first creditable and full translation of the holy QURAN into Bangla, was born in the village of Panchdona in NARAYANGANJ. He studied Persian and Sanskrit and began working as a copyist at the court of the deputy magistrate in MYMENSINGH. He taught for a short while at Mymensingh Zilla School before engaging wholeheartedly in journalism and literary activities.
    Initially Girish Chandra worked at the DHAKA PRAKASH and later as assistant editor at the Sulabh Samachar and Bangabandhu, and as editor of the monthly Mahila. In 1871 he became a Brahmo under the influence of KESHAB CHANDRA SEN and BIJOY KRISHNA GOSWAMI and travelled through India and Burma to propagate his new faith. Encouraged and inspired by Keshab Chandra Sen, he went to Lucknow in 1876 to study ARABIC and Islamic literature. The outcome, a Bangla translation of the Quran (1881-86), was his greatest achievement. His keen interest in different religions and his liberal outlook earned him the respect of followers of other religions.
    Girish Chandra Sen
    Girish Chandra wrote and published a total of 42 books in Bangla. He published the Bangla translation of almost half of Mishkat Sharif under the title Hadith-Purba Bibhag (1892). Another important work of his was Tattvaratnamala (1907), which contains moral lessons and words of wisdom in the form of short tales from two famous Persian books: Sheikh Fariduddin Attar’s Mantequttayeb and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi’s Masnavi Sharif. His publications include Persian translations such as Gulistan, Bustan, and Diwan-e-Hafiz. He also translated the sayings of the Prophet MUHAMMAD (Sm): Hadith or Meskat Masabih (1892-98).
    Girish Chandra Sen wrote several biographies of Muslim personalities, including the Prophet Muhammad (Sm), the Prophet’s grandsons Imam Hasan and Imam Husssain, the four Khalifas etc in Mahapuruscharita (1882-87), Mahapurush Mohammad O Tatprabartita Islam Dharma, Imam Hasan O Husainer Jibani (1911), Charijan Dharmaneta, Charti Sadhvi Musalman Nari and Khalifabarga. His famous book Tapasmala (1880-1895), based on Sheikh Fariduddin Attar’s Persian book Tazkeratul Aulia, contains biographies of 96 Muslim saints. These books were greatly appreciated by the Muslim community which referred to him as ‘Bhai Girish Chandra’.
    Girish Chandra’s translation into Bangla of RAMMOHUN’s book on Islam, Tuhfatul-Muahhidin (1878), was published in the journal Dharmatattva. While still at school he wrote a book, Banitabinodan, on the importance of women’s education. Another book of his that deserves mention is Ramakrishna Paramhangser Ukti O Jivani. His autobiography, Atmajivani, was published in 1906. [Sambaru Chandra Mohanta]


  2. jai
    August 23, 2011

    I have tried to create a blog where the teachings of Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami Can be read.


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