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Gangasagar to Haridwar :: A journey through Samkranti Kaala (transition) for the salvation(amrit prapti) of this Nation-Rashtra.

Gangasagar to Haridwar : Transition to Salvation.

by ~ Upananda Brahmachari

As I went to Gangasagar Makar Samkranti Mela on 14th, I could not update this blog-site timely from there as I was overwhelmed with one of this greatest confluence of Hindus from every corners of India and abroad. This never ending process of quenching thirst of spirituality and self-realization, Hindus of all section of life meet here on Makar Samkranti for a holy dip in Gangasagar every year. As per Hindu convention supported by Purans, the Yatra (journey) to Amarnath, Darshan (see at a sight) of  Vaishnomata(Devi) and Snana (bathing ) in Gangasagar on Makar Samkranti are the specific, exclusive and mandatory to some extent. The religious Hindus are always interested to perform these rituals to complete their possible pilgrimage for emancipation and the salvation of individual and the society. The Purna Kumbha Mela of Haridwar has also a great importance in Hindu Dharmik Life.

This year around 4 lakhs Hindus came to Gangasagar to fulfill their desire to take a holy dip in the Sagar Sangam i.e. confluence of river Ganges to the Bay of Bengal. More than 500 different Mutths, religious organisations, non-Govt. organisations participated in the Mela along with Govt. wings to extend their services many ways for a grand success of GANGASAGAR MELA, 2010.

Returning from Gangasagar to my Ashram, I got Makar Samkranti message through email from my compatriot and Commander-in-Chief of Hindu Samhati, respected Tapan kumar Ghosh. I would like to forward this message to every viewer of this blog-site. The message goes as below :

Makar Sankranti Message From Tapan Ghosh


I convey my Best Wishes to all on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.


This is a day of Festival for the Hindus. Our Great Forefathers, long ago, started to observe this day as ‘Auspicious’ to give some message to the larger society. That Message was of change and of consolidation. Change for the Better and Consolidation for Strength.

In Nature, this day indicates the change of cosmic configurations. This day, the Sun God enters the ‘Makar Rashi’, its journey from South to North starts. Hence it starts to give more light, more energy to the creation from this day. This is a change in Nature. So, Humankind, too, taking lesson from Nature, should strive for more light in the area of knowledge and more energy in social activities. Like in nature, there should be a change in society, change in the right direction, change for the better.

This day brings the message to the Humanity to abandon its inertia. Particularly Hindu Society is suffering from deep rooted inertia since the days of its slavery. It resulted in killer passivity. We must get rid of it. This is the day when we confer to get rid of this killer passivity.

That’s why, our forefathers started the ritual/tradition of ‘Makar-Snan’ or ‘Sankranti-Snan’ (Holy Bath), to bring people out from the comfort oftheir homes, to face the cold of winter and to take a ritual bath in the ice cold waters, to condition the people to be indifferent to hardships and face adversity boldly. Simultaneously, to take a long journey to mingle with others at Gangasagar or Kumbh. This creates socialintegration and consolidation. This is our way of creating Unity, without sacrificing one’s speciality or uniqueness. The whole world comes to see this unique Unity in Diversity in our Kumbh or Gangasagar.

Those persons who are unable to make this long journey on health ground or financial constraints, are instructed to take a bath in nearest river or a specific pond nearby. That river or that pond is considered to be the sacred Ganga this day. You must come out from the comforts of your home, you must mingle with others, you must feel that you are a part of the larger society, you must face the difficulties of nature, and you must strive for change, the change for the better. This is the message of this Auspicious Day of Makar-Sankranti, which permeates through ages from our great forefathers through the sacred traditions of our great religion.

Again I convey my Best Wishes to All.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

President, Hindu Samhati


The Gangasagar Mela was ended with a peaceful and successful way under general consideration except a major street accident between a public bus and a lorry which tolled 7 lives and injured some persons. But under a serious introspection, this Mela denotes no success for Hindus as it is killing the Hindu fervour of the Mela to a large extent and always injuring the Hindu sentiments by compelling the Hindus for Pilgrimage Tax ( read Jijiah Tax ) and many other escalated hidden charges extruded from the common Hindu pilgrims rampantly.  The story is untold.

First of all we must know the level of extrusion of money form the Hindu pilgrims for Gangasagar. There is the imposition of Pilgrim Tax of Rs. 5/- from all Hindu Pilgrims by the CPIM Govt. of West Bengal as a new Jijiah, perhaps inspired by Aurangzeb. The great Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee, Central Railway Minister takes another Rs. 3/- from the Hindu pilgrims and the common Hindus journey over a fare of Rs. 16/- in the Mela time from the terminal stations like Sealdah, Diamond Harbour, Kakdwip, Laxmikantapur, Namkhana etc. This most communal Rly. Minister declared the wave out the Extra Rly. Charges from the Gangasagar Pilgrims and shaded crocodile tears for the Hindu pilgrims for Pilgrim Tax imposed by W.B. State Govt. and opposed it loudly.

No, this is not the story of extrusion of hard earned money from the poor and farmer-lobour-worker class Hindu pilgrims along with other Hindus as a natural justice shredded by the Communist conspirator of Bengal. From Kolkata to Lot-8 (the terminal point in the mainland to take a short voyage to reach the Gangasagar island) the normal Bus fare is Rs. 30/-. In Mela time they charge Rs. 60/- per head. The vessel fare of normal Rs. 6.50/- is charged as Rs. 40/- per head this time. And the bus fare from Kachuberia to Mela ground they take Rs. 30/- per head instead of  normal fare of Rs.13/- only. Can we imagine that we pay Rs.5+(60+40+30) X 2 (to and fro) = Rs. 265/- in Mela time instead of (30+6.5+13) X 2 = Rs. 93/- in normal time. As such, the Communists collect extra Rs. 172 /- from per head Hindu Pilgrim in the Gangasagar Mela time. And from 500000 Hindu pilgrims this year they collected Rs. 8,60,00,000/- in the name infrastructure and maintenance of Gangasagar Mela. Yes, this is the reality in India that Govt. extrudes  10 crores from Hindu Pilgrims in shape of Pilgrim Tax and others. And they give subsidy of 30 crores for Haj pilgrims. Nobody tells this truth.

Yes, the Gangasagar Mela loosing its Hindu fervour gradually under a hidden Islamic conspiracy. We do not know that the surroundings of Gangasagar Mela is covered by a 80% Muslim population and they control the Mela in many respects. The abundance of liquor, meat, chicken, blue films, human flesh trade in Mela premises in the Mela time are totally controlled by some Muslim politicians and anti-socials lead by Sk. Ismail, a notorious criminal and ex Panchayet Samiti Shavapati of Sagar. Ismail has a strong link-up with the CPIM and the Islamic Fundamental groups. More over Ismail arranged Muslim habitation in the Mela premises under the camouflage of some NGOs, which is strictly prohibited.

Hindus rarely bother about all these and the total population of Hindus in Gangasagar island is decreasing day by day. In last three decades Hindu population is decreased by 5% (appx.) and the Muslims are increased by 5% Appx. as per Govt. records. But the reality tells us something else. In 2008, June the Islamofascists in Gangasagar tried a second Godhra by ablazing  200 Hindu pilgrims over a trifling quarrels between two groups.

This year I met Pujjaya Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Gobardhan Peeth (Puri), Swami Nischalanandaji Swaraswati, his holiness categorically urged an unification of VHP, RSS and other Hindu Organisation to combat the evil forces against Hindu society.  His divinity demanded a total ban on cow slaughter in India and vehemently opposed the Pilgrim Tax in Gangasagar. Pujjaya Swamiji urged an intensive development of Gangasgar island maintaining its importance as a Hindu Pilgrim Place. I gave him the copies of SAMHATI SAMVAD a monthly organ ( in Bengali language) of HINDU SAMHATI and tried to brief the persecution and struggle of Hindus in West Bengal. Swamiji expressed his pleasure for this due endevour. Swamiji expects more and more participation of local Bengali people in the the various movements initiated by his grace under Govardhan Peeth.

In other occasions, I met the saints of Sanatan Dharma Sabha, Pandit Madhusudan Shastri of Arya Samaj, Acahryas of ISKCON to discuss the day to day constraints of religious life of Hindus including the general reluctance for Hindu consciousness and organisation. Everybody denounce the matter of Pilgrim Tax in Gangasagar and the anti-religious trend being pampered in the Gangasagar Mela. From his forum, Pt Madhusudan Shastri conveyed his full support to Hindu Samhati and hope a joint movement to abolish Pilgrim Tax from Gangasagar.

It is perceived in Gangasagar that the Hindus are in a transition to strive hard for their struggle for existence. In the changed situation of increasing persecution and spreading Jihadi activities, Hindus are forced to be in action leaving all inertia. This is a good sign to restore all the essential powers to fight against the Ashura. The Hindu Gurus, Acharyas, Saints, Leaders should come forward to guide the uniting Hindu force under a common minimum programme of DHARMA RAKSHA, RASHTRA RAKSHA, MANVATA RAKSHA.

The Gangasagar Mela is ended now. But the Purna Kumbha Mela started at Haridwar by this time. The unfinished work in Gangasagar must be completed in Haridwar at any cost. The Dharma Samsad, Akhara Parishad, Other Hindu Forums should jointly make a strategy to save Hindu Dharma, Sanatana Dharma, Arya Dharma, Bharat Rashtra in this critical and challenging situation. We must win as we believe, ”JATO DHARMASTATO JAYA” (Where there is Dharma, there is Win). We believe in ”SATYAMEBA JAYATE, NANRITAM” ( Truth triumphs, not the un-truth). This is the real story of Transition to Salvation !! Hari Aum !!! Namah Shivay !!!!

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One comment on “Gangasagar to Haridwar :: A journey through Samkranti Kaala (transition) for the salvation(amrit prapti) of this Nation-Rashtra.

  1. Jyotishi Maharaj
    January 19, 2010

    Makar Sankranti Message From Tapan Ghosh
    …In Nature, this day indicates the change of cosmic configurations. This day, the Sun God enters the ‘Makar Rashi’, its journey from South to North starts….

    Yes, Soorya Dev does enter Makar Rashi at this time, but no the journey from South to North doesn’t begin now. The journey from South to North path began.

    Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
    Om Shanti


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