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Red Alert Nepal. The Secularist, Maoists, Muslims and Christians are united to end up the Hindus in Nepal.

1 million Hindus converted to Christianity after Nepal declared Secular: Kamal Thapa

The Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Mr. Kamal Thapa has dubbed the High Level Political Mechanism-HLPM as an alliance between those who were the victims of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Nepal’s southern neighbor, India.

Very interesting observation indeed!

“The HLPM has been strategically structured to derail the current government and extend the tenure of the Constituent Assembly for sure”, also said Thapa who is taken as the lone crusader of the revival of the now sidelined Nepal Monarchy.

The uninterrupted loyalty factor.

He said, “This conspiracy would lead the country to a bloody civil war and eventually split of the country.”

“There is also the threat of direct foreign interference if we fail to manage the country properly”, said Thapa while addressing his cadres in Kalaiya of Bara district, February 2, 2010.

Thapa also told the Madhesi population that referendum was needed to decide the fate of Hindu State, Constitutional Monarchy and Federalism.

“How can few political parties hold closed door meet and decide all of a sudden that the country has become a secular one”, Thapa questioned.

Sounds logical!

“After the country was declared a Secular Republic, some 1 Million plus Hindus have already been converted to Christianity”, Thapa said adding, “In fifty years time, Nepal will have completely lost its Hindu identity.”

2010-02-03 07:47:29

The Catholic Churches are proactive in Nepal.

Comments :

Nepal was the only Hindu Rashtra in the World. But the Maoists wiped the Hindu identity from Nepal with the connivance of the Muslims and Christians to make the State of their own. There are 53 Muslim countries in this world and 42 Christian countries in that series, but there is no Hindu State for nearing a 100 crores Hindus in this World. The Christians have a subtle plan to double the conversion of Hindus in Nepal. And the Muslims have the plan to run Jihadi activities to frighten the Hindus of Nepal. Some months ago a Muslim Female Minister of Nepal slapped a senior administrative officer publicly for a trifling matter without any redressal. In Arab or Vatican Hindus have no rights. But they get every right to destroy Hinduism in Nepal and India. This should be stopped at any cost. Hindus of the World unite to fight the Islamic and Christian Communalism. Never may we place a mosque or church above PASHUPATINATH. Jai Nepal Hindu Rashtra.  

Commented by Upananda Brahmachari – February 3, 2010 @ 5:06 PM

Hinduism is the most tolerant religion that is why it ends up being bullied every-time. It is not only the Christians but Muslims take most advantage of secularism too. Western countries are also waking up up to the other threat of secularism. Time and again they highlight this on TV. Western countries however have the means and preparedness to undo the damage anytime. For Nepal this change would be irreversible. It is such a sad news that those Hindus who are illiterate and simple minded are easily tricked by words of the missionaries. All of these people convert to get a better life and think that somehow being christian means more money. They fail to see that Christianity is a sexist religion. Females cannot be priest of pope Their God is always HIM. Their religion is intolerant. Hinduism is the only religion which honour womanhood. We pray to goddesses and attribute love, wealth, wisdom to womanhood. It is such a shame. It is also a shame that Indians are into bullying Nepal. disregarding the greater interest of Hinduism. We hindus never got united for this purpose like the Christians and the Muslims do. Such a shame!. Hope monarchy is restored in Nepal. A massive wave of Hindus in India and Nepal for a Hindu Nepal would be a pride for all Hindus world over. India should help us in this regard. Those SSBs who torture and occupy our lands are also fellow Hindu brothers. This was never the Hindu way. Let us all unite to preserve our identity before it is too late.

Commented by Raj Shrestha – February 4, 2010 @ 12:39 AM

In reply to A.S.Mathew’s comment,I would like to say that the statement made by Mathew is nothing but a blatant lie. Jesus or the Christianity is never be, “abundant life to anybody without a penny”. Everybody knows that the budget of 1000 million dollars to convert this Indian sub-continent into Christianity in next two years, as much as possible. Everybody knows the lavish life and debauchery of Christian Nun and Fathers. Are they the preachers of Jesus or Humanity? The Christian Networks are exploiting the poverty and illiteracy of the innocent people. Actually they are nearest to the Church but farthest from the God. Beware this kind of lairs like Mr. A.S.Mathew, who are the agents of Christian Colonial System. They should be ousted from Nepal immediately.

Commented by Pankaj Srestha – February 4, 2010 @ 2:07 AM

Those people who are perplexed and alarmed by the number of people following Christianity has to understand that, it is not changing to an alien religion, but those people found somebody who is living to follow; his name is JESUS CHRIST. He can and will give joy and abundant life to anybody without a penny. It is a reality and millions are following Him around the world, from all religious background.

Commented by A.S.Mathew – February 3, 2010 @ 5:23 PM

White people invented secularism to rule the world through capitalism. They have succeeded to a great extent. They now rule both through christianity and capitalism. The solution for Nepal is very simple. Communism( Vedic  Equality  in a new synthesis of Dialectical Materialism*) +Hindu Monarchy. I would urge all nationalists to unite in this regard and dont be foolhardy. Otherwise we would live to regret it forever.
[*interpretation by the blogger.]
Commented by Raj Shrestha – February 4, 2010 @ 1:21 AM

Wine Mandela ‘s (Nelson Mandela’s ex. wife) grand mother told her, when she was a child, ” Whites came to our country with bible in hand, but we had land , and they converted us to Christianity and gave us too bible. Now we have bible but no land”. Nepalese who converted to Christianity in the grid of money or fooled by some bastards that, will get rid of problems, illness etc. Now, after converting are they not falling ill ? They do not have problems? They do not die?

Commented by Kale babu – February 3, 2010 @ 7:53 AM

Only uneducated and stupid’s can change their belief. I have seen in rural Nepal, the so called new Christian bastards convince the uneducated villagers as ” If you become Christian, all the problems like poverty, disease will be vanished” and give money as well. If this is the case why in Africa, where majority of population is Christian so much of poverty and disease exists? Study the condition of Christians in Muslim world. If Christianity is the solution why In American continent and Europe there are so many problems? From which country HIV ADIS started, and where are the majority of population is effected? Where shooting in the schools and colleges happens almost every day? Is Christianity solution? Yes they are rich but are they happy? Did Hindu religion prohibited any Muslims, Buddhists or Christian to go to prayers to their mosque or Temple or Church? Did this religion prohibited other religions? Broken family, divorce , violence are the main features of Christian world. Those people, who were born as Hindus could not understand this most liberal religion, and now what the hell will they understand about Christianity?

Commented by Gorkhali – February 3, 2010 @ 4:12 AM

एकदमै ठूलो सङ्ख्या हिन्दू र अरू धर्मावलम्बीहरूले समेत हिन्दू धर्म राष्ट्रका बारेमा कहिल्यै आपत्ति नजनाएको सन्दर्भमा कसको निर्देशनमा यो देशलाई हिन्दू राज्यबाट अलग गरेर धर्मनिरपेक्षमा परिणत गरियो?

Commented by … – February 3, 2010 @ 3:53 AM

The Hindus will worry only when everything is gone. No point fighting for the religion which has gutless followers. Even if these mad Girija + Sujata one day sell Pashupati mandir, these Hindu followers will keep quiet. Now that our country is a secular, cow killing will be allowed by Supreme court on name of non-discrimination, if some one goes to the court. Our grand children will be telling this story to their grandchildren………… long time back there was a country named Nepal, where a king ruled and his people were Hindus ( grand children- what is Hindu ? )

Commented by lal babu – February 2, 2010 @ 11:17 PM

Kamal Thapa is 100% right about the conversion of Hindus to Christianity. Last year on the day of Shivaratri some people were distributing the paper about the Bible and Jesus( convincing people) in Gaushala on the way to Pashupatinath. I was really shocked and got amazed to see the tolerance of the Hindus. Just imagine this things happening during Christmas in front of any Church in USA or UK. Anyone will be killed if u go and say about Gita near to any Mosque in any Islamist country. Just shame on us…

Commented by Manish – February 2, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

Source : Telegraph Nepal

3 comments on “Red Alert Nepal. The Secularist, Maoists, Muslims and Christians are united to end up the Hindus in Nepal.

  1. anu
    March 14, 2010

    Attack on Hindus is intolerable….the young generation should fight against it. Jesus is not a solution for every1. Its a blunder….i believe worship of a god who has something special is much better than anything….lord Krishna is the ultimate solution for each problem.


    • Deepak
      August 10, 2010

      1 million Nepalese converted to Christianity, so what? I mean who are we to judge people who converted? Try as we may we can do nothing. We are a degenerating lot. We are good at saying Hinduism is the best and we just sit around fire. We go around fighting and tell people not to convert. What good has that done to the general people? Nothing. Christian might get millions but at least they never war for their rights. Remember the church bomb blast? Did anyone protest? How many temples have been blasted? None. In the name of Hinduism, people have resorted to violence, stop it please. Don’t talk religion here. Talk about how we can save Nepal, not Hinduism or any religion. And to save Nepal there is only One Way. Jesus is the only Way, the Truth and the Light. I have believed in Him without a penny and will take a penny in future. There is much beyond life on earth. Everything will pass away but the Word of the Lord will remain forever. Folks, make it fast. Give your life to Jesus. Live for our nation. God loves Nepal. And we need a New Nepal that has Peace in it. Hindus, Christians, Muslims let us join hands to save our nation. Please, let us stop fighting against each other.


  2. evergreen
    October 26, 2010

    yo naya nepal ho


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