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Jihadists made a havoc upon Hindus in Bareilly (INDIA) to celebrate Mohammad’s birthday.

Bareilly under curfew for 12th day after the Jihadists made a havoc upon Hindus.

“A large part of Bareilly is under curfew for the 12th day running. On March 2, the day after Holi, a communal riot had broke out injuring many people. The police have decided to take no chances.

“We have nothing to do with the riots. But we are the ones who are suffering,” said Shopkeeper.

Bareilly looks like a town under siege. The riot still simmers under the surface. The fear of a backlash among civilians is huge.

On Thursday, Chief Minister Mayawati saw to it that Maulana Tauqir Raza Khan, an accused in the riot, was released.

It served two purposes: The Maulana’s angry supporters did not resort to more violence and the Muslim vote was pacified.

But it gave Bajrang Dal arsenal. Partymen set shops and vehicles on fire pushing an already tense town to the edge.

“Ten people have been arrested for arson and stone-pelting,” said Brijlal Mohan, Additional Director General, Law & Order, Uttar Pradesh.

Add to this chaos, the BJP rushed in to consolidate the Hindu vote.

Soon, Congress and the Samajwadi Party leaders were also trying to reach Bareilly because staying away could be a political setback in a state where Muslim politics is a big decider.

The police kept them all away.

Even a riot can become a field of political upmanship as Bareilly is learning.” ….. NDTV reports the matter in such a way on 12th March 2010 but it clearly ignored the Jihadi mentality that fueled the situation in the worst. But some Hindu public in troubled Bareilly raised the question below.

Jihadi Riot in Bareilly, Where are the Media Giants?

Fanatic Jihadis celeberated Mohammad’s birthday by looting Kafir’s shops and burning Kafir’s Houses. Hindus and Sikhs were under target by Fanatic Jihadi mob.Hindus were told not to play Holi in the Roads were Jihadi’s are taking processions to celeberate Mohammad’s birthday

The administration is unable to control the Jihadi riots in Bareili started on March 2nd , a day after holi, all thanks to the hate speech by a Muslim cleric Maulana Tauquir Raza Khan, president of the Ittehad-e-Millat Council.

UP Police arrested Maulana Tauquir Raza Khan, president of the Ittehad-e-Millat Council, from Bareilly, for his “rabble rousing speech” that had led to communal tension in the district last week.

While Media’s were competing to air the clips of Post Godhra riots , No such enthusiasm is seen now to report this in our 24×7 Channells or Mainstream Media.

12 comments on “Jihadists made a havoc upon Hindus in Bareilly (INDIA) to celebrate Mohammad’s birthday.

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    • jashpal
      March 14, 2010

      I think the Sikhs are now being targeted by Muslims here in Bareilly because the Indian Talibans want to execute their agenda alike Peshawar in Pakistan. Recently they chopped off the heads of two abducted Sikh businessmen in Pak for denying the ransom of 20 millions. Afterward the Talibans sent the cut-off heads of those Sikhs to a nearby Gurudawara. There was no good relation with Muslims and Sikhs throughout the history of Sikhs. Sikhs and Sikh Gurus were always troubled, tortured, persecuted and murdered by the Muslims. As the Sikhs gave well protection to the Hindus in Mughal period, consequently Muslims find scope to target Sikhs in many-ways. But now some agents of Muslims in both Hindu-Sikh community are always trying to make division between Hindu and Sikh as to strengthen the Pak policy under the influence of Islamic Petro dollars. Beware of these Devils of Pakistan.


  2. khushi
    March 14, 2010

    The media giants would be seen at the scene of rioting only if Muslim life or property are being damaged in any way.
    That is mainstream media for you.
    They work in mysterious ways.
    The Gujarat riots still get mentioned at the drop of a hat even though they took place 8 years ago but this current riot will be hushed up because Muslims-as-victims cannot be portrayed in this riot.


  3. raj
    March 14, 2010

    dear fellow Indian Hindus,

    Islam is trying takeover the world. Please open your eyes and defend the freedom. Visit these site to know more details.


  4. Arjun
    March 14, 2010

    Death to asuric Islam!

    The worshipers of common criminal Mohammad must be fought back. This is today’s Kurukshetra….Appeasing evil never works. One must fight adharma, or perish. Also millions of Muslims are only Muslims because they live under the terror and oppression of death penalty for leaving Islam (a proof that Islam is not a religion, but Arab fascism), and the grip of mullahs/clerics. Smash them and millions Muslims will revert back to Dharma. The best act of kindness one can do to a Muslim is to free him/her from Islam!


    • latheef.
      March 17, 2010


      Stop your hate speech, just study, with open mind, Islam and compare it with other world religions and ideologies, you will simply understand the greatness of it, this is the religion of oppressed not oppressor, Islam spreads due the might of it’s ideology.

      Do you want to stop it?, try your best!!!

      Bring your ideology and let us debate publicly, let people select the truth, don’t intimidate them.


      • Rashida
        March 19, 2010

        Try to read Original Quran. It is really the absolute hate speech in its class. Salman Rushdie correctly interpreted it as SATANIC VERSES. It has been trying the continuous damage to the humanity since its inception. Those who proud to be a Muslim is nothing but blunt and blind.


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  6. Athul B Nair
    March 18, 2010

    Always a riot is started by Muslims. they escape at last in the name of minority sympathy.. the minority appeasement by congress is beyond the limit, which a normal Hindu can withstand. This is because Sonia Gandhi and her family is christian as well as foreigners, they just want to make it their way.

    Blog ABN


  7. Mohammed Farhan
    September 2, 2010

    I am proud that I am Muslim and all Muslims are proud because they are Muslims. We have world’s precious gift from Allah and that is Emaan, which Hindus doesn’t has. If a Hindu sit with open minded and think of his life and the life after death seriously within no time he will be accept Islam. So please think because it is your own life.

    Open your Eyes before they are closed for ever.

    Thank you


    • david6eckham
      September 11, 2010

      @ Mohammed Farhan

      You deserve to cut your full penis instead of leaving it half-cut.


  8. Vinit
    October 10, 2010

    Media ko arab country se paise milte hai.


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