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Protests erupt as Hindus are served beef in flood camps in Pakistan

Again beef is served to Hindus by Muslim Moles to nullify Hindutva in trouble.

Beef protest at Pak flood camp

– Tribal groups furious after meat served for dinner


Islamabad, Aug. 22, 2010: Several hundred Hindus protested at a flood relief camp in Karachi last night after being served beef for dinner.

Officials said there were about 4,000 flood victims from various faiths in the camp. The Hindu inmates are mostly from the Scheduled Caste Baagri and Waghari tribes who live in and around Keamari town in Sindh province.

A large number of women, with the traditional tattoos on their faces and wearing heavy silver ornaments and colourful lehengas, came out of their tents with their children and demanded to be shifted somewhere else.

“We are Hindus and consumption of beef is prohibited in our religion; but we were given beef, which is unacceptable,” a flood victim, Mohan Baagri, told reporters.

Minority affairs ministry officials rushed to the camp to resolve the issue.

“It was a misunderstanding. The food was for residents of the camp, but the authorities were not aware of their faith. However, they will now be given ration so they can cook their own food,” a senior ministry official, Dara Kazi, told reporters.

He said the officials of his department were also visiting other camps to see if Hindus or other minorities were there. “If minorities are found in other camps, we will provide them food according to their beliefs.”

Javaid Sabagatullah Mahar, who is in charge of the camp, confirmed that some flood victims had protested. “Now members of the Hindu community in the camp are being given ration separately,” he said.

Baagris and Wagharis are experts at farming, especially of vegetables, pulses and fruit. They usually work in the upper districts of Sindh province.

These tribes had been peasants with their own farmland on the edge of the Waghari river in India’s Maharashtra for centuries. After a severe drought under British rule, they moved to Sindh province, where Pakistan’s Hindu population is concentrated.

Till 1947, most Hindus in present-day Pakistan were highly educated and economically advantaged urban residents. However, most of them migrated to India after Partition. The 1998 census counted 24 lakh Hindus in Pakistan.

Courtesy : The Telegraph, India. Kolkata Edn.

3 comments on “Protests erupt as Hindus are served beef in flood camps in Pakistan

  1. Srimanthan Arya
    August 26, 2010

    In a characteristic style of Islamic mal-intention, Pakistan Government is providing BEEF to the Hindu & Sikh refugees in various refugee camps of Pakistan. Taking monetary help from all over the World including INDIA, they are trying to hurt the sentiments of the minority communities residing there. Sikh Prime Minister of India should take a lesson from the Government of Pakistan before delivering any speech like ‘the first right to the wealth of India is for minorities’.

    The incident came to the news when the Hindus & Sikh raised their voices in protest against the sinister game by the Government, where BEEF were given to the Hindus & Sikh in the Government run refugee camps of Sindh province which is worst affected by the recent flood in Pakistan.

    But the question arises; Why Pakistan is providing BEEF in refugee camp taking money from other Countries like beggar instead of providing low-cost nutritious food. It was done only to hurt the sentiment of Hindu & Sikh communities.

    Now SGPC of Punjab (Indian Part) requested Pakistan Government that they will provide foods for Hindus & Sikhs in Pakistan. But unfortunately, Pakistan is restricting any Foreign Countries in providing food to the flood refugees, which reinforces the apprehension of the sinister game hatched by the Pakistan Government.

    This was also published in “EKDIN” a Bengali daily newspaper from Kolkata on 25.08.10

    Srimanthan Arya


  2. arun
    September 11, 2010

    pakistan will repent in future for this act remember karma they will be taught a lesson by god


  3. Gour Mohanty
    May 5, 2012

    No repentance, no karma,Sir.Birabhogya Basundhara has been the principle of creation .This in evolutionary terms is “survival of the fittest”The Muslims from the early days of Muhammad have taken recourse to war,murder,loot andrape and now they prosper in more than 50 countries.And look at the peace-loving cowardly Hindus , who with near 80 percent majority in India , their own countries become worse than refugees e:g:Kashmiri Pundits.This is unprecedented in theHistory of the World.Brother,Please do not take consolation in false interpretation of Shastras, and the modern logic of secular devils.Lord Krishna,s message in the Bhagavad Gita: is clear and loud:give up this faint-heartedness,arise O Arjuna and Fight.That is the only way before us.Naanyat Pantha Bidyate Ayanaya


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