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Darul Fatwa saying donating blood un-Islamic, except nearer & dearer :: Naturally don’t give blood to any Hindu or Christian.

Article : All Religions are not the Same

~ By Swami Nikhilananda.

Fatwa saying donating blood un-Islamic, is nothing but its trend to the subversive activities of Darul Uloom Deoband.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Another fatwa has come up to us. The most ‘scientific’ Islamic Seminary in Deoband , the Great Darul Uloom Deoband is always famous for its marvelous fatwa series throughout the year. Though these have immense impact upon the orthodox Muslim community in this subcontinent under the average line of illiteracy and proud for their polygamy, sometime proves to crack very hard. Sometime it is quite un-understandable. Then if you get any point to understand, that proves it is simply ridiculous or so much radical under the Jehadi radiance of Islam.

Don’t give blood in blood donation camp or otherwise, it is the sermon of Deoband now in the air. The Moulavis, Muftis and Alems of this magnificent seminary have finally got this truth after churning the Whole Islamic scriptures like Holy Quran and Hadith.  Not a matter of joke. They are researching the truth in Islam and so we cannot just reject it anyway. Please don’t try to understand all these to avoid headache, but simply believe it for an ensured paradise called behast. No problem.

But,the problem is there to implement this fatwa under its clause read as “If someone donated blood to save the life of a near relative, it is allowed.” Come to this point to discriminate with the nearer and dearer. Obviously, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians cannot be nearer and dearer to any Muslims. Not even a Shia to Sunni, A Quadiyani to a Hanafi. Donate blood only to the nearer Momins (Believers), not to the Kaffir (Non-believers) enemies anyway. Don’t give blood to the Hindus, Christians or other Kaffirs, who don’t believe in Islam. It is the connotation underlying in the decree of Deoband.

A little effort to understand the carrying messages of these fatwas can simply expose its nature against the non-theocratic and secular thread of Indian Constitution. As this Institution is dedicated to Pan Islamic ideals, it cannot tolerate the Constitution of India except a total Shariyat Law in force.

From a check it is evident that the role of this Institute is subversive and un-patriotic as it opposed the Shabanu verdict, it opposed Bande Mataram and it opposed birth control and so on. Sometimes it acted as a safety valve proclaiming that Jihad has no connection with terrorism. But everybody knows the reality and brutality in the name of jihad everywhere throughout the globe. But these Muslim Clerics wanted to divert the public repercussion as an effect of series of Jehadi mayhem in India. The truncated fatwa could not less any Jehadi brutality anywhere.

This is the time to oppose this Fatwa Raj from many Islamic institutions, even from a local mosque through microphone in India.  India is still a secular state. In the name of fatwa, we cannot tolerate the matters opposing pulse polio programme, birth control or the blood donation at the latest.

This denotes a State (of Islam) within the State (of secular India) exercising a further separation to create another Pakistan. Government of India should make restraint upon such fatwa to be public, when it is sought personally.

5 comments on “Darul Fatwa saying donating blood un-Islamic, except nearer & dearer :: Naturally don’t give blood to any Hindu or Christian.

  1. s.kumar
    November 24, 2010

    Muslims will be the major sufferers if they do not accept blood available from blood banks as they belong to “infidels”!!

    Hindu-s with 80% population would not be affected even if Muslims do not donate blood to blood-bank.


  2. Srimanthan Arya
    November 25, 2010

    Actually Quran says nothing about blood donation as Allah(read Muhammad) had no knowledge about blood donation. So what muslim clerics says is not supported by islamic texts. They declare anything un-islamic which is promoted or practiced by the Kafirs.

    –Srimanthan Arya


    • Sri
      November 26, 2010

      But it is a must that Muslims hate kafirs. They are not even permitted to make friendship with kafirs.

      And also that they are not supposed to pray for them either.

      More than anything, a kafir is evil, follower of satan, an enemy of Allah; Koran says these.

      It is from these those bearded jombies deduced that logic. Nothing new. May be an innovation but innovations are not allowed in Islam either.


  3. A IYER
    December 5, 2010

    What they will do then?

    Muslim clergies have issued a fatwa that a muslim cannot donate blood. However, they can donate it to near and dear ones.

    Assume that a Muslim has met with a accident on the road. Has been admitted to hospital due to severe bleeding. Doctor advise blood transfusion to save the patient.




    • Eliza
      November 30, 2011

      1. Even I m a Muslim but the way of thinking is very sick…. Here blood donation means to save humanity not Muslim or Hindu….this fatwa is just dirty words from some dirty Muslims.

      2. As I mention above they r sick muslims, there are 72 sects in Islam n this Deobandi r one of worst sect. Even they call other sect as Kafir, accoding to their believe is any Muslim didnt follow Deobandi words than He/She will b treated as Kafir, Allah and his Massenger PBUH didnt say like that. Even its clear in hadiths that who destroy church or mandir n build Mosque didnt done good work, everyone have their own freedom for Religion.

      Eliza Khan.
      LONDON. UK.


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