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Dhakeswari Temple stolen. Persecution upon Hindus and Series of robbery & theft-attack on Hindu Temples engrossed in Islamic Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Hindus in shock as worship at temple suspended, property rights disputed, Hindu population declined, persecution goes on……..

Upananda Brahamachari || Hindu Existence Review :  Though a big doldrums already came from the minority Hindus from the measures so far taken by the present so-called pro-minority Bangladesh Awami League  Govt. led by Sheikh Hasina through a shattered election promises to them, accumulated pressure from various sides upon the Hindu minorities now may return them in the fearful days under the BNP-Jamat combination for the last clot.

No retrieval for the safety and security for the persecuted Hindus in Bangaldesh as a landmark so far made by this so called secular Govt of Awami combination, nor the change in a theocratic constitution (Islamic Republic of Bangladesh) for a real Secular Democracy without the “Almighty Allah”, or the proper settlement of property for the evacuated Bangladeshi Hindus including their re-settlements,  the increasing rate of loosing lands by the minorities under the loot by Muslim fundamentalists in every corner of Bangladesh or nothing remarkable can tell us the good days for Bangladeshi Hindus with a dignified social, economical and political status in future.

A CID officer carries out a thorough search at Dhakeshwari National Temple in the capital on Sunday to collect evidence following a daring robbery of about 200 tolas of gold ornaments at the temple

On the other hand, the jaunty Islamists of Bangladesh are now in full swing to invade the Hindu temples including looting stealthily the national temple of Bangladesh like Dhakeswari Temple which has a heritage status.

Reports revel that :

“Hindus in Bangladesh are in shock following the suspension of worship at the capital’s Dhakeshwari National Temple, the most important place of worship for the minority community in the country, after a theft on Sun Jan 09 2011.

Gold (About 200 bhori – 1 Bhori = 0.34 ounce) ornaments, and silver ornaments (five-six bhori) and Taka 4.5 lakh have been stolen from the temple, said Tapan Bhattacharya, the in-charge of the state-owned Dhakeshwari Temple.

Worship at the ancient Dhakeswari National Temple has been suspended for an indefinite period following the theft, the private bdnews24 online reported today.

Known as the ‘National Temple’, Dhakeshwari means “Goddess of Dhaka”.

Babul Devnath, the Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan Worship Committee, expressed deep concern over the incident as it was the third major temple where theft has taken place in less than a month. The Hindus in the country are in shock.

“A theft took place at Baradeswari Kali Temple on December 12 and another at Jaykali Temple on December 22. We demand proper investigations into all these incidents,” he was quoted as saying in the report.

Bhattacharya said Ratan Chakrawarty and Nitya Gopal Chakrawarty, the priets at Dhakeswari, had locked the temple around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Around 6 a.m. today they found three of the four locks missing, while the remaining one was broken.

Mohammad Khurshid Alam, the Deputy commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, said they had launched a probe into the theft.

Hinduism is the second largest religion in the country, constituting nearly 10 per cent of the population.

There are over 12 lakh Hindus in Bangladesh.”

Though some minority forums like HRCBM (Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities), BDMW (Bangladesh Minority Watch), BHBCUC (Bangladesh Hindu Bauddha Christian Unity Council-USA) and others are trying hard to address  the constraints before Hindus as an existential threat and put their demands to the respective Govts, in Bangladesh time to time, the general scenario for the trailing Hindus go worse day by day.

A recent report of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) and National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPRT) reveals that Hindu population has been decreased in Bangladesh region by 24% as it was 31% in 1901 and stands at a meager 9.3% in the latest census of Bangladesh.  The report pointed the salient causes of onslaught of minority Hindus due to post election violence in 2001 in recent caused a mass evacuation of Hindus from their homeland and compelled to leave the country under the tantamount pressure of ransom, infringing religious rights, destruction of their properties, encroaching lands, physical torture, arson, molestation, rape, abduction, even pressurised conversion and so on. In such strangulation the reproduction rates of Hindus in Bangladesh came down and the immigration rates are high.

From another source it is evident that some 100 destruction of temples and over 300 registered cases of abduction-molestation-rape of Hindu women and minor girls earmarked 2010 as hopeless situation also from the new vendors of secularism in Bangladesh.

This kind of shameless burglary in a highest Hindu Temple declared as  “Sree Sree Dhakeswari Jatiyo Mandir” (National Temple) amidst a high security police arrangements created much confusion in all quarters including a bitter repercussion throughout Bangladeshi Hindus and also in neighboring India.

Senior reporter Mr. Basudev Dhar of Danik Statesman, Kolkata reports in its first page from Dhaka that the burglary was so designed only to harass  the minorities in Bangladesh. The Temple authority has already covered the front of deity with a white cloth and suspended the formal puja for an indefinite period as a protest. Meantime the daily puja shall be made through  the rituals before a ‘holy pitcher’. The Hindu minority leaders of Bangladesh including the Co-ordination Committee of Bangladesh Sarbajonin Durgotsav jointly declared a ‘human-chain’ programme on Wednesday on in every where in Bangladesh as a mark of protest. Hindu leaders of Bangladesh have vehemently criticized the inaction of the present Govt. to take proper action to protect the property, prosperity and dignity of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh. They pointed out the every onslaught upon the Hindus in Bangladesh aiming to drive them away by hook or crook.

The Deputy Home Minister of Bangladesh Samsul Haque Tuku (Awami League) visited the Dhakeswari temple today on 10th January, 2010  and assured the prompt arrest of the culprit behind the burglary. The local BNP leader Mirza Fakhrul Islam also visited the temple and expressed his utter dissatisfaction about the present Govt. so that the burglars be-fooled the state police contingencies then on duty at the temple premises.

Minority Hindus in Bangladesh suspect a  nefarious connection between the state police, intelligence and the culprits as they all belong to majority Muslim community. So far the Police and Intelligence in Bangladesh is completely failure to trace out the burglary cases in Bradeswari Kali Temple (Rajar Bag), Jay kali Temple (Wari) and four other old temples in Narayngunj.

The pity minority Hindus in Bangladesh have to tolerate all these Islamic persecution.

Input : Indian Express||Pratham Alo||Dainik Statesman||Agencies.

2 comments on “Dhakeswari Temple stolen. Persecution upon Hindus and Series of robbery & theft-attack on Hindu Temples engrossed in Islamic Bangladesh.

  1. Dr J Bhattacharjee
    May 11, 2011

    The problems of Islam

    I recently chanced upon a Bengali book entitled “Santrash Protirodhay Islam”. The English translation of the name will be ‘Islam in defense of terror’. The book was published by Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. After reading the theoretical bla…. bla…bla, certain points raised in my mind:

    1. What proportion of Bangladeshi Muslims has been following the contents of the said book or is allowed to follow? Principles of Islam, as written in the book, are universally true. But does majority of Bangladeshi Muslims know, understand or inculcate these principles.

    2. Islam is, no doubt, a religion of peace and so are other religions. No religion preaches violence. Thus there is nothing special with Islam. The problem starts with the “holier than thou” interpretation of Islam. Difference is the law of nature including religious affiliations. Why Islam can not accept this fact and live and let live?

    3. The second weakness in the interpretation of Islam is its tendency to extrapolate the sixth century ‘jahiliat’ of Arabia to the whole world for all time to come till every body becomes Muslim. Why all present day Muslim countries are not heavens? Why there is heaven and hell socio-economic disparity between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh?

    4. In Indian sub-continent, Islam was mainly spread by Sufis and Saints. Mostly the down trodden and low caste Hindus converted to Islam because of them who preached equality, love and universal brotherhood of Islam. This is particularly true for Bangladesh. But today, the hard core Sunni disowns those saints. By the by, does a Bangladeshi Muslim is regarded as equal by a Saudi Muslim? What are the meanings of Azlaf and Ashraf?

    5. I fail to understand How Bangladesh has been benefited after being promulgated as Islamic country? Has the crime rate gone down? Has number of poor people reduced? Are political parties free from corruption? It has only helped the semiliterate Mullahs to control the psyche of the people for rituals, intolerance and Jihad. Does Islam permit to persecute the religious minorities in Bangladesh?

    6. The theft of 200 tolas of gold from Dhakeshwari Temple in Dhaka (Bangladesh capital) during January 2011 was as heinous a crime as desecration of a mosque. But what is the reaction of Bangladeshi Muslims? Majority must be happy for the blow it gave to Hindus’ religious sentiment. Is it Islam? Read page 37 of above-mentioned book.

    7. When USSR invaded Afghanistan, the Afghans had all reason and right to drive USSR out. But, why a religious hue was given to those resistance fighters leading to dark aged Talibanisation? If one is not a good human being how can one be a good Muslim?

    8. Even after the time of Prophet (pbuh), Islam remained truly a religion of peace, harmony and justice during early Khylafat. With the passage of time, Khalifas lost political control and became only a titular head of Islamic world. Terror and intolerance were attached to Islam by the Central Asian Turk, Mongol and Afghan Muslim invaders. Indian sub-continent saw the carnages caused by many of those invaders over a long period from Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni to Afghan Abdali. Following each invasion, they returned back with booty and thousand of Hindus as slaves from India. Many present day Talibans may trace back their ancestors in Hindus of old Punjab who were taken as slaves.

    9. Wahhabi movement in nineteenth century preached pure and original form of Islam and inculcated certain degree of orthodoxy. The third problem in the interpretation of Islam started from that point. Since Islam is accepted as complete way of life and since the Prophet (pbuh) claimed himself to be the last in the chain, orthodoxy, staticness and intolerance have become the main sources of inspiration for majority Muslims who started suffering from ‘adjustment disorder’ in the modern socio-political context with other religions. They justify their terror activities or oppressions of religious minorities in the name of Jihad.

    10. The fourth problem is connected with the hating of Western materialistic life style by the orthodox Muslims. This is an attempt of psychological extrapolation of sixth century Arabian poverty to present day. Why the reach Arabs do not live in the tents pitched in oasis surrounded by camels? Has anybody compelled them to live with all Western amenities?

    11. Tablighi activities in Indian sub-continent since 1926 have the positive side to reinstall and teach Islam and its rituals to Muslim mass. However, in the process Muslims find themselves as an ‘excusive group’ very different from other religions. How with this mind set a Muslim can adjust in a pluralistic world of global village today? Do Tablighi activities include teaching of respecting other religions also? This is a million dollar question. This is the fifth problem of interpretation of Islam.

    12. Osama bin laden was an US stooge during the fight against USSR in Afghanistan. He started treating US as enemy when Saudi Arabia sought US help in its soil during first Gulf war. Osama took the help of US infidels to fight USSR infidels in Afghanistan but could not accept the Saudi compulsion of bringing US infidels to the holy soil of Arabia for its own protection. What more a pathological state of mind could it be? The concept of infidels in Islam borders extreme intolerance. This, however, does not dilute the unwanted big brother and muscle flexing attitude and actions of US everywhere in the world.

    13. I believe in idol worship and that is why I accept it as a fact that Holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) by Allah. If I don’t believe in the first, how can I believe in the second one? If I laugh at idol worship, I should also laugh at the ‘hot line communication’ between Arabic speaking Allah and the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

    So long the interpreters and followers of orthodox Islam will not learn to honour other religions it will not be honoured by others. It has to shed its ‘holier than thou’ attitude and try to live in a complex pluralistic society of 21st century. Muslims around the world today can not live in the dream house of sixth or seventh century Saudi Arabia.


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