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Battle won, war on. Anna Hazare wants a value based, corruption free, Prosperous India within people’s activism and profound amity.

Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption: Battle won, war on….

NEW DELHI| Durgesh Nandan Jha, TNN | Apr 10, 2011: The instant of victory came on Saturday at 10.30am. Having humbled a government and captured the imagination of a nation, the frail 73-year-old broke his fast by first offering sips of water to women who had fasted with him. Anna Hazare then had a glass of juice.

The Gandhian leader’s marathon ended on the fifth morning of his protest with a large crowd of supporters breaking into loud cheers even as hundreds more poured in at Jantar Mantar, ground zero of the campaign to ensure civil society’s participation in drafting the Lokpal Bill.

Hazare held aloft a copy of the official notification constituting a joint committee and said “In this fight against corruption, India has won, not Anna. You have shown we are united. But the fight must continue.” He warned he will be back if the law to combat corruption in public life is not passed by August 15.

That lies is in the future. On Saturday morning firecrackers went off and people smeared gulaal on one another, a celebration that will freeze frame a historical moment.

“I will not let this public movement die down. If the government does not pass the bill in Lok Sabha in the monsoon session, I will carry the national flag on my shoulders to protest once again,” he said. “Next on my agenda is working for the right to recall,” Hazare added.

Hazare pointed out the pitfalls. “I know that there will be further impediments in the implementation of this new bill, which will ensure action against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and bring in accountability”

His question “Will you support me?” had the crowd roaring in affirmation. “Anna tum sangharsh karo, hum tumhare saath hain,” they yelled.  Read details here…….

‘Anna’lyzing  India against Corruption.

Upananda Brahmachari connects from Kolkata : Undoubtedly Anna won in this phase of battle against corruption. But it’s just a start to an end. Today I joined the Anna’s victory rally (9th March. 2011) in Kolkata from Mahajati Sadan to the Gandhi Statue at Maidan. It was spontaneous and sensational as like many other places of India. But there were many of them, I know personally, who are just shifting their places of corruption to have a clean image through a march on the street and candle lights. Yes, they have intentions to stealthily occupy major places to ruin this run for a new revolution . We have to cautious about that.

Anna’s movement is not just easy one to watch and catch some moments into facebook or twitter or to be in a great crowd. It is a process to change our mind set-up for a “Suddha achar.. Suddha Vichar… Niskalank Jeevan… Tayg…..” as said by Annaji. Oh ! What a great revelation of the traditional Bhartiya way of Life. “Perfect behavior, pure wisdom, untainted life, Sacrifice….” Do we agree with Anna really?

Corruption rests in Mind of people and spreads in Rules, Finance, Society, System and overall. Communalism is another form of corrupted mind-set. We have to uproot this corruption from our mind from everybody. A common man to politician. From a businessman to a home tutor. We have to take an oath to save our country from corruption. Only bringing the stashed money from Swiss Bank will end the corruption? No. Enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill will end up corruptions? No.   But, all these are the certain powerful tools to set strong machinery against Corruption. But unless and until the Human resources are free from corruption, nothing shall be happened.

Thinking envious to the neighbors will make us corrupt, not discharging the stipulated responsibilities in time makes a vicious circle of corruption and bribes, debauchery in life tends a corrupted life, the sprawling subversiveness survives in corruption, Political ambitions without the prosperity of the people makes us completely “Corrupted” and my corruption and your corruption made this Nation, easy to say as “Corrupted”. Yes, this is the time to say no to “Corruption”. Anna started to set a “Corruption” free India. We have to follow it hermetically.

Certainly the most significant feature of this Anti-Corruption Movement is to bring the mass from all strata of life, all beliefs, all rights group and different organisations across the country even touches the hearts of millions of Indians dwell out side India. The whole country saw the fervor of the growing sentiment in favor of Nationalism and against the political corrupts, bankrupt bureaucrats and the media moles in the system. And after all, the reluctant and repulsive Govt crowned with corruptions bent to the protesting populace demanding a strong law enforcement against Corruption with the direct representation o the Republic of India. Now such a necessary law is possible. That may be a nightmare of the corrupted politicians, bureaucrats, media moles, NGOists.  But we have to draw the dream lines of the Corruption Free India for which millions of youngsters and the youths marched these days with the older generations even.

Yes, only Anna can do this. Perhaps, He is the uncrowned King of India. All responded him to join the cause. The Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Art of Living, ABVP, RSS all joined with another thousands for this great cause. We saw Swami Ramdev and Ram  Madhav in a frame. We saw Medha Patker and Anupam Kher side by side. The Buddhist monks and the Jain Munis were on the stage, at the same time Farah Khan could not resist her to reach Jantar Mantar, keeping aside her busy schedule of Bollywood. Hindus worshiped and offered ‘aahuti’ in Mass Yanga (fire rituals) in the street, while Muslims and Christians prayed for the success of Anna’s fast at Jantar Mantar. The whole India were with Anna these days and must remain with him. The feelings are My India, My Bharat – against inconsistency of the system so far, against big beefed ‘bhastrachar’ (corruption) in India. Anna surfaced the potential Oneness of India. Ekatma Bharat. And not detracting and rejecting any thing for the good of this Republic, Anna solicited the strength from Vivekananda to Gandhi, Laxmibai to Bhagat Singh-Chandrasekhar Azad, from Dayananda to Rammonhar Lohia. Anna symbolized him as a modern saint of India with a traditional vision and values. Anna’s scientific approach for the rural reconstruction in Ralegan Siddhi with preserving all the Indian values and ethics may serve as a role model in every aspirant rural corners of India too. Now a modern India can stand up with its own identity along with rationality and modernity.

I am still in the rhythms of little school girls who were shouting very enthusiastically in the street rally after Anna broke his fast in the fifth day – ‘Ek  do tin char, dur karenge bhastrachar’ , ‘hamara neta kaisa ho, Anna Hazare Jaisa Ho’…. I was also clapping and shouting in the same way.

Bande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai. Jai Hind.

5 comments on “Battle won, war on. Anna Hazare wants a value based, corruption free, Prosperous India within people’s activism and profound amity.

  1. Bharat bhabna
    April 10, 2011

    Yes, no doubt it is a great success pursued by Anna. All the wise & broad thinking people of India supported him & showed oneness against the corruption, it shows that our country does not lack of true persons. It is the beginning , still we have to go far to make our country settled upon DHARMA. Let me finish with the quote of Swamiji,” arise & awake, & stop not till the goal is reached.” with regards. Bandemataram.


  2. Pramod Kushwaha
    April 10, 2011

    Anna’s continuous proximity to Swami Agnivesh can’t be overlooked by Hindus. Swami Agnivesh is a staunch anti-Hindu


  3. CG Krishnamurthi
    April 11, 2011


    Firstly it is a victory in the first battle in a series of battles and ultimately the Ahimsa War against the cancer called corruption.

    We all should be ready to assemble again at a short notice to go far a peaceful agitation again if there is a call from Anna Hazareji may be earlier than Aug -15th 2011

    Annaji has given a deadline as August 15, 2011 our forthcoming Independence day as the final date by which the new Jan Lokpal bill to be passed by the parliament and made it into a law.

    We keep reminding ourselves again and again about this and also keep a vigil on the developments of the Jan Lokpal Bill by this new joint committee.

    Again please note that this Independence day either we will participate and witness a massive celebration or the worst case scenario of a massive protest.

    The political parties are capable of bringing many judicial /administrative /cosmetic nit-ti-grit-ties and try to derail the whole process.

    Thus our duty is cut out clearly – we need to bring more people into the citizen’s protest against corruption simply by educating – education appears to me as the only option.

    Thus each one of us to understand what the Jan lokpal bill contains as it is takes shape – also the RTI act (enacted in 2006) which helped in unearthing so many scams with in the past 4 years of enacting. Similarly we are expecting Jan-Lokpal to prosecute & imprison few corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and recover the country’s money in 2011-12 itself.

    We have 122 days to go before the Jan Lokpal becomes a LAW.

    Jayatu Bharatam,

    CG Krishnamurthi
    Organic Farmer


  4. shirish dave
    April 11, 2011

    “Ambedkar opined public pressure against elected governments through Satyagraha, street marches fasts ,bandhs and Rasta roko agitations etc, tantamount to black mail and are therefore highly undesirable – in fact, anti democratic.” Ambedkar was basically wrong. If the elected government acts arbitrarily then the mass is left with peaceful demonstrations and satyagraha.

    No government can have arbitrary way of governance. It is a high level lawlessness in governance when Supreme Courts forces itself to give directions to the government to act in specific cases.

    What could be the more shameful for the nation when elected members fails in governance that too wilfully?

    Media itself is not qualified, when it puts questions on Anna Hazare’s fast.

    Even on controversial matters in Gujarat the Nehruvian Congress agitates and lauches demonstration against Modi. Has this media criticized these pigmi leaders. No. Never. Instead of criticizing these pigmi leaders, media has used to give wide coverage to these leaders. Then why the media should possess double standards for Anna Hazare, who has no selfish aim?

    Shirish dave


  5. S Kumar
    April 11, 2011

    1. Anna Hazare has be caught unwittingly into the sinister plot by UPA-2 by intrigues through persons close to him as Swami Agnivesh (was in 27th prog for a little while) or Mallika Sarabahi or Medha Patkar, who were never close to Swami Ramdev’s movement attended by a much larger number at Ram Lila Maidan Delhi on 27th Feb, 2011 and other locations, in the anti-Corrution movements. Interestingly, Anna announced his “Fast unto Death at Jantar Mantar” from the huge gathering of Ram Lila Maidan.

    2. Let us not play the differences between Ramdev and Hazare of father-son duo finding place in the 5 member Committee as Ramdev was taken aback when he did not find Kiran Bedi’s name there and publicly reacted, which has been blown up by media. Later, on discussions with all concerned- Anna, Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal-, Sami Ramdev realised that this was a drafting Committee with a two month life where legal expertise was more important than other area-s and boith the Bhushans with their backgrounds are best suited to contribute. The Chapter was closed by media continued to blow up the differences by reapeated telecasting of Ramdev’s statement and Anna’s mild reply but Shanti Bhushan’s causting response- we are not going to teach Yoga here- might be the 80+ old could be pardoned for his retort.

    3. What is needed now is not differences to be exaggerated, but unity between the two for better and effective approach to the serious problem of Corruption about which Swami Ramdev has been propagating all over the Cpountry, esp. in South up to Kanyakumari.

    4.It was media esp. TIMES NOW with a 24 hour telecast of the Jantar Mantar fast and progress of the negotiations, that spread like wild fire, kindling the fire in the youth all over the Country to symbolically join the movement and if needed go over to Delhi for Jail Bharo call by Anna.

    5. Dr.Subramanian Swamy, who has been running the crusade against corruption in public life since two decades or more, and who has very valuable data on these corrupt practices with incontrovertible evidences, might be an invincible part of this movement when it takes shape by June 30 Monsoon Session. Perhaps the Drafting Committee should meet him and get his vaulable inputs for the Jan LokPal Bill.


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