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Mohammedan fanatics burned sacred Hindu scripture “Srimad Bhagabad Gita” after destroying 555 yrs old Hindu temple complex in Islamic Republic of Bangladesh.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita burned, Srivas Angan destructed and partially grabbed by Islamists in Bangladesh.

Hindu Existence Media Watch reports from Dhaka : In the series attack upon the Hindu Temples in Bangladesh in recent months, aiming to frighten the minority Hindus there and to grab the Hindu temple properties within a so called secular regime of Awami League Govt. headed by Sheikh Hasina, latest feed back came to us about a total resentment of the retaliating Hindus in the nefarious design of burning of “Srimad Bhagabad Gita” in the temple complex of Sribas Angan in the vicinity of Beyani Bazar of Sylhet district. Before this culpable act the Islamist perpetrators destroyed the ancestral deities of this “Sree Sree Lakshmi Narayan”, “Lord Shiva” and “Radha Madhav Jiu” of Achray Sribas Swami, a great Sanskrit scholar ever and the champion companion of Sree Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486–1534), a great spiritual leader in India for his Bhakti Movement.

The ancestral complex Sribas Acharya is considered as a heritage monument and   famous Tirtha Khestra (pilgrimage resort) for Hindus comprising with very old “Sree Sree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir”, “Pancha Tattva Mandir”, and “Siva Mandir” was destroyed by the local Mohammedan land grabbers and perpetrators.

On 02.04.11, morning at about 10.00 am in  broad day light, local influential perpetrators and land grabbers backed by ruling parties burned at least ten copies of Sreemad Bhagbad Gita with many religious books in front of local people after rampaging the whole pilgrimage complex to ensure a Islamic capture over a Hindu rights upon a temple property(Devottar sampatti). The fanatic Mohammedans successfully tried to destroy the relics of famous library building of Srivas Swami where a good collection of Hindu classic literatures and scriptures were the main attraction for the erudite students of the Master Srivas, across eastern India. It is believed that Srivas Swami started here an indigenous block print method (printing press) to copy old Sanskrit Texts. For a very unfortunate fate of the Hindus in Bangladesh all these historical and religious monuments  have almost been perished into the Islamic aggression and the Government negligence.

After the traumatic burning of Sreemad Bhagbad Gita and other religious books and the rampant rampage of deities and temple properties, the area of incident of  Khasa Pandit Para, Beyani Bazar, Sylhet (the old historic SRIHATTA), tension raised a level of retaliation and the aggrieved Hindu locals lodged a FIR in Biyani Bazar Police Station vide no. 03/02-04-2011,  u/s 143/448/294/323/379/380/506. It has come to know that one Janab Dipu Sheikh  and his gang have been operating to encroach the entire five bigha (1.65 acre) of this temple property. The Muslim attackers tried to murder Sri Siddha Gaur Das Brahmachari the monk-in-charge of the temple premises and throw away all the broken deties into a nearby pond after rampaging abruptly. The perpetrators also snatched away the donation box of the main temple. Janab Dipu Sheikh maintains his political connection with Awami League and Jamat e Islami – Bangladesh, both hand in hand. Dipu has open criminal connection with Islamist to run his persecution program upon minority Hindu women, Hindu shopkeepers, general Hindu minorities and Hindu land grabbing. One Sabul Ali of Dipu’s gange physically assaulted Siddha Gaur Das Brahmachari and attempted to murder this monk-in-charge. The political affiliation vested in Dipu’s group made them a terror to the Hindu locals.

In a protest the Math Mandir O Devottar Sampatti Raksha Samity (MMDSRS) of 79 Swamibag Road, Dhaka -1100, held an urgent press conference on 12th April 2011 at 11 am in the Dhaka Reporters’ unit, VIP Lounge, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka to draw the attention of all concerned to protect the growing torture upon Bangladeshi Hindus along with their temples, landed properties, business, women folk and even animals possessed by them.

In a very anguished PRESS statement by MMDSRS, its convener Satya Ranjan Barai conveyed that the paramount cry of the Bangladeshi Minority Hindus do not touch even any civil society of  Bangladesh, which denotes its fake secularist attitude to the damn apathy to a Hindu persecution and ethnic cleansing. Prominent Hindu activists present there demanded immediate arrest and punishments of the Muslim perpetrators caused a hell and burning of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Srivas Angan.

In the press note MMDSRS accused the present Enemy Property Act and its Amendments, which fueled all the Muslims to grab all Hindu properties as Muslims consider Hindus as enemies. And this is the stand point of a so called liberal Govt in Bangladesh.

In the press statement, convener of  MMDSRS pointed out in the recent past, the 200 yrs old Radha Govinda Jiu Temple at 222 Lal Mohan Saha Street, Sutrapur, Dhaka is under the Islamic scanner to grab it. Land Mafia Hazi Islam Uddin, Hazi Afjal Hossian and local Awami League President of 77 no ward, Hazi Abul Hossian Abul clubbed together to occupy the temple forcefully. Their men have been threatening the temple authorities as Hindus must close all Muth (resident of monastic orders) and Mandirs (temple) to ease the land grabbing by these Muslim Land mafias in BD. (vide GD no. 1841 dt 28-03-2011 of Ramna Model P.S.).

In another incident, Abul Hossain Abul threatened the opposition Hindus, ” If you people do not leave your temples and religious institutions, we will not allow any kaffir Hindus to stay here peacefully. Any kind of Hindu protest will be stopped with a severe communal riot” with in very office of Addl. Police Superintendent, City SB, Dhaka. No authority could resist a venomous Abul Hossian for a while. (vide GD no. 1556 de 28-03-2011 of Sutrapur P.S.)

In Rampura area of Dhaka, where 220-225 Hindu families reside, one Rajauk Ali encroached 75% land of a Hindu crematorium beside the “Sree Sree Gouranga Maha Pravu Mandir”, Now Rajauk is trying to occupy the lone Hindu temple of this area, for which Hindus are determined to fight Land Grabbing Jehad in Bangladesh. It is also reported that the Awami League MP Jajid Malik has destroyed one temple in Urkiya, 2 km away from Manikganj town to vacate a Hindu possession of Golak Mondal and Sarat Mondal for a proposed hospital there. In the name of so called development, hospitals, cattle houses, slaughter houses, multi storied buildings; the Hindus properties are being snatched, even not giving a minimum price.

Pointing out an overwhelming discrimination to Hindus, it is told that when a Madrasha educated teacher gets his salary in a regular scale, then a Sanskrit scholar gets an honorarium of only Taka 120/- pm. As the Muslims claim their superiority  in BD, Hindus there are treated as III class citizen. These Hindus also fought a brave fight and got tremendous torture from Pak platoons at the time of struggle of Free Bangladesh. The Math Mandir O Devottar Sampatti Raksha Samity has a plan to protest and hunger strike all over the Hindu pockets in BD. ISKCON Bangladesh is very much aggrieved as the maximum attacks are held in the Vaisnavite Goudiya Temples.

On behalf of MMDSRS, Pinaki Das, a Hind activist of BD forwarded a mail demanding justice in favour of BD Hindus as : “WE DEMAND PROPER PUNISHMENT TO OUR  GOVERNMENT. PLEASE HELP US AND CREATE PRESSURE TO THEM FOR INITIATING PROPER STEPS.


See Press Release : In ISKCON BD face book.

See Picture Album : In R D Gupta’s facebook wall

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41 comments on “Mohammedan fanatics burned sacred Hindu scripture “Srimad Bhagabad Gita” after destroying 555 yrs old Hindu temple complex in Islamic Republic of Bangladesh.

  1. eXeSoul
    April 13, 2011

    Kill their all Islamic Jihadi mentality!!

    We have to take control over these barbaric people !!!

    Resist Islam as it made the Muslims inhumane………

    Jay Shree Ram.!

    JaY Hind!


  2. Bal Sant
    April 14, 2011

    Can someone from the External Affairs Ministry of the Government of India please take this up with the Govt. of Bangladesh?
    This is quite a serious matter.
    Government of India has probably no Hindu in any position of influence. Hence we can not expect this to be pursued with the seriousness it merits.
    Bal Sant


    • Vinod
      April 15, 2011

      Bal Sant,

      I doubt that the GOI Ministers have that guts to do that and moreover they are more worried about their vote bank than anything else.
      Unless the opposition party takes the matter seriously, nothing is going to happen.



  3. hinduon ke liye achchha nahi hai… maamle ko videsh mantralya ke saath rajnitik dalon ko bhi uthana chahiye.


  4. Totagoto
    April 14, 2011

    We must burn a Quran. Tit for tat.


    • Adam
      April 15, 2011

      You need to burn down erverything owned by muslims. They only understand force. Then start purging them from your country. You should arm yourselves and rampage through the streets raping all muslim woman and killing all muslims you find. That, they will understand.


      • Unbeliever
        April 15, 2011

        The best thing that can be done for the muslim women in question is showing them a way out, just encroaching them from Islamic discrimination – will be business as usual for them, treating them as human beings and not chattels will really strike a blow against Islam. As for the men, I do believe they are entitled to a communal grave in a silage ditch somewhere in the same way that Talibans prefer most and the time for all of us non-muslims to put an end to their cancerous existence will soon be at hand.


      • Ripom Das
        April 18, 2011

        Shree Totagoto & Adam……I respect your feelings. But Force from Minority won’t be a good solution but the force from International authority can stop those Sun of Beach. Because I faced a situation while I protested a Hindu land grabbing act by a City Corp ward councilor by the name of Mosque. If you ask me what’s the solution at last? Ans is…..Nothing we lost land and become targeted for the next Govt. change…..
        So we can’t hope anything until or unless any steps taken by the Indian authorities to form the Unity of BD Hindu society. We need the International support like Christan/Buddhist of Bangladesh.

        ……..I fully agree with Shree Bal Sant. Someone from Indian Govt’s high official should come forward to stop these activities that they did in 1971 Independence war. Those Pakistani bureaucrats still live in Bangladesh and now a days they are inspiring to do such things. I think these are planed activities from Govt. officials (Those are Pakistani bureaucrats) with a future goal and at the same time The Islamic terrorism combine the situation too furious for the Hindus of Bangladesh.

        ……Shree Vinod you told the real situation of Indian politics. All Hindus are struggling to survive from Islamic aggression but Indian political parties are struggling to achieve those aggressive vote bank!!!! We the Hindus from BD harassed while going to get a treatment VISA to IND while Muslims from BD & PAK are easily blasting Bomb in IND!!!! Isn’t it funny characteristic of IND Govt?????

        I think Indian Govt should come out from this strategy and form a strong group/Samity/council in BD to save 17 millions Hindu Brothers/Sisters in Bangladesh which will a strong encounter steps against those sun of beach PAK bureaucrats.


  5. Aaron
    April 14, 2011

    I’m not a Hindu, but this is a tragedy for all humanity. As a Christian I seek to just be at peace with everyone. My faith is not bothered by other religions… but what is this anger and hate that fill the black heart of these peoples… and it always seems to be Mohammedans, and their mindless violent slaves. The world is big enough for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, Zoroastrians, Sikh, Baha’i, Mormons, pretty much every faith seems to be able to Co-exist and find a peace among each other.. Yet my politicians in the west say It’s we who need to change, they don’t realize who is the one picking the fight. Why are our leaders making excuses for those picking the fights, and not for the peace makers?


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  7. bill
    April 14, 2011

    Lesson for all!!! Despite this atrocity not one Muslim was killed by a Hindu over this!!! I certaintly hope the people affected by this find justice and those guilty put behind bars.


  8. Del
    April 14, 2011

    I’m not religious in any way and the only time I have been adversely affected is a Sunday morning wake up from Jehovah Witness. Everyone should be free to honor thier faiths in peace. That said. My perspective on Islam is that it does not meet the criteria for a religion. It is a cult. An ideology closer to Hitlers Nazis than to any other religion. All other faiths and non believers must stand together and fight the death cult of Mohammad. The future of our children and grandchildren depend on it. Turn now and look at your family. Your children and grandchildren. Will you abandon them? Is our fear of Islam greater than our love of family? The time to fight back is now. The time to put apart trivial differences is now. We all, the faithful and non faithful, are all threatened by the same enemy and that is Islam.


  9. ashok gupta
    April 15, 2011

    प्यारे हिंदू भाइयो

    जब ९५ % हिंदू गीता नहीं पढते तो विधर्मियों कि एसी हिम्मत तो होगी ही .

    हिंदू सोचते हैं वे तो जन्म से ही सब जानते हैं.

    जय श्री कृष्ण


  10. Pradeep
    April 15, 2011

    As a Sri Lankan Buddhist, I really condemned what those barbaric Muslims did.I think all other people including Hindus, Catholics,Buddhist should be got action as soon as possible against those Muslims Dogs who follows a Son of Bitch called Muhammad.

    If not People who belongs to (According to Islam, those are called Kaffirs)other religions could not live in the World.

    Islam = Terrorism Resist it.



  11. smitty
    April 15, 2011

    All Muslims are barbarians.How anyone can follow a religion founded by a murderous pedophile is a mystery to me.


  12. Narashimhadeva
    April 15, 2011

    Here they are murdering people because some pastor in America burned the Koran and they are burning the Bhagavad Gita.
    Such hypocrites, but such is the nature of demons. Don’t expect anything from them like mercy or understanding or
    any intelligent dialogue with a civilised outcome. I think its beyond words and good will, because, they are quiet frankly
    beyond that, like mad possessed persons. Actually I think they are possessed by evil ghosts, like zombies.
    They want to rule with fear, like the mafia, because fear is a terrible motivator, people do anything out of fear.
    No one must succumb to this terror. Arjuna dropt his bow initially, but then he picked up his bow and won the war.
    These people are outrageous in their ignorant arrogance and we must become against our nature maybe,even more outrageous,clever and cunning.
    Otherwise 10 years down the line our daughters and our wife’s will be rape victims and bear illicit muslim children
    That would be terrible, but not out of a question if we don’t protect Dharma stand up and fight…They should come to grief.


  13. Pradeep
    April 15, 2011
  14. Shanmugham
    April 15, 2011

    My dear Muslim brethern, these acts portray cowardness, hatred to your own countrymen; Just because of Religion, why do U want to hurt other, turn VEGETARIANISM, U all will find the true brotherhood amongst other religion too.

    Don’t go by what your perpertrator’s intends you to do, U can have a close look upon the evil designs of your perpetrator.

    Neither U, nor me will leave for 600 or 700 …. years, on an average, if everything goes well, both of us will leave a little more than 60 + years; just for this small moments of your life, why do U want to project your hatred against other religion.

    U preserve your religion, its your people who force HINDUS and convert them to ISLAMISM; and its not HINDUS to do it to your brethern.

    Don’t project your hatred towards HINDUS, we are also your brethren.

    Om Shanti, Amen, Salam,

    from INDIA.


    April 15, 2011

    This is a direct attack on HINDUS & HINDUDHARMA.Are HINDUS coward ??? GANDHIAN protest will not workout.SHRIKRISHANA clearly orders in HOLY GEETA “TASMAT YUDHAYA KRUTA-NISCHAYA”.If HINDUS will not unite and fight against this open challenge they will be no more in next 50 years………..


  16. Bhramhaputra
    April 15, 2011

    the only principle evidenced by their works and words is “live and let die”.
    burning of quran is not analouge to burning a geeta , geeta is humane but quran is the scrap of papers which rapes humanity.
    tit for tat is no enough, we must give them back that shous their stinking mouth permanently , let them rest in peace, oh yes , the islamic brand peace , that they are constantly fighting for .
    take oath , online comments are not enough.
    people interested to take a resolve can contact at my email id .



  17. Ananda das
    April 15, 2011

    The comments of “Totagoto” and “Adam” posted on April 14 and April 15 are not merely provocative but utterly insane. This forum must not countenance the inciting of hatred with incendiary remarks that cannot fail to make any situation even worse.

    Let us as devotees of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu not embark on crazy fights with majority-Islam cultures, but instead seek reconciliation through mutual respect, as did Sri Chaitanya Himself in His famous meeting with Chand Kazi. Muslims and Hindus should try to get along in friendship without offending each other.

    “Islam” means surrender and submission to God, while a Vaishnava’s duty is to be humble and submissive to God. We must abandon party feelings; let us recognise the good in the hearts of our brothers and sisters of other faiths. Religious hatreds are a shame to all genuine servants of God.

    Ananda das
    British Columbia


    • Rama Rani Dasi
      April 16, 2011

      Hare Krishna.

      This Ananda Das is perhaps a Muslim agent in disguise. For his email id that suspicion accumulates in a rigid ground.

      Mr. typographer @ Ananda Das has never read the Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita by Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj or the Sri Chaitanya Bhagavad by Srila Brindaban Das Babaji, where the episode of “Chand Kazi Dalan” or “Pasanda Dalan” is narrated exactly as ’Kazir dware Prabhur agaman o KAZI NIRJATANARTHA adesh’ which is totally contradictory as coercively propagated by this Ananda das.

      Ananda Das does not know Bengali or Sanskrit. So, he is far from the truth of these Gaudiya Scriptures and willfully tries to distort the version of the Hindu Scriputures on his own for the vilification of Hindutva and propagates Jehadi mentality as an utter menace to the truth finding society.
      The ’Kazir dware Prabhur agaman o KAZI NIRJATANARTHA adesh’ [Madhya Khanda (Middile Canto), Trayobinsha adhya (23rd Chapter) is included in Sri Chaitanya Bhagavad by Srila Brindaban Das Babaji. KAZI NIRJATANARTHA adesh means ORDER FOR TORMENTING KAZI. Yes, Sri Chaitanya Mahapravu tried to teach a pungent lesson to Chand Kazi, who was a habitual oppressor upon Vaishnava Hindus and prohibited the Nagar Samkirtan (Hare Krishna chanting procession) in entire Nabadwip at that time.

      In Madhya khanda, trayobinsha adhya, sloka 387-405 in Sri Chaitanya Bhagavad, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu simply terrified the Cand Kazi to tame his usual torture upon the Hindus. In solka 387, it is captured that “আসিয়া কাজির দ্বারে প্রভু বিশ্বম্ভর | ক্রোধাবেশে হুঙ্কার করয়ে বহুতর || (৩৮৭) অগ্নি দেহ ঘরে সব না করিহ ভয় | আজি সব যবনের করিমু প্রলয় || (৪০৫)” What does it mean Ananda ? Try to understand it.

      “Prabhu Biswamvar i.e. Sri Chaitanya Mahapravu reached to the door of Kazi house, and started war-cry for a ultimate challenge in many ways” (387) and Prabhu ordered at last…. “Put fire to the houses of Kazi without any fear and I will destroy all these Javans right now today” (405). Yes, these were the real course of action to teach a severe lesson to Kazi for refraining him from Hindu persecution. And Ananda the hypocrite & rubbish spreaded his bullshit by telling “seek reconciliation through mutual respect”. That’s why I am telling this Ananda is nothing but a Islamic Agent for supporting and nourishing Jihad in a very scrupulous way.

      In Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita (Adilila, 17th Chapter, Sloka 133-184) and Sri Chaitanya Bhagavad (Madhya Khanda, Trayobinsha adhya, Sloka 387–405), it is well depicted that Sri Chaitanya lead a very gallant force in the form a nam sankirtan with Mridanga, danda, mashal to make a Holy War, “Dharma Yudh” against Chand kazi, where Mahaprabhu obviously discussed the matter of rights of Hindutva and opposed ‘Gauvadh’, cow slaughter and the Islamic mentality towards Kaffir to make full obstacles to the rituals of the non believers. Atlas Chand kazi bowed down to Sri Chaitanya and permitted Nam Samkirtan forever in Nabadwip. It was never a reconciliation, but a challenge to Dhramadweshi, the opposition of Sanata Dharma.

      In this context, I must congratulate all the participants in this forum who reacted in the way of Mahaprabhu Chaitanya Deva and must condemn Mr. typographer @ Ananda Das who wanted to misguide and mislead the actual teaching of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. A Mr. typographer @ Ananda Das’s take “Vaishnava’s duty is to be humble and submissive to God” is cannot be completed without the might and right to protect Dharma, what Mahaprabhu really exhorted us for the protection of Dharma.

      But, one thing amazed me that such a dangerous trend of Mr. typographer @ Ananda Das to equate Islam with Sanatana Hindu Dharma in a very nefarious design. He does not know anything about Islam or Koran what forced him for such a blunder. I can request him to buy a Koran and read it well. Then, he can understand this “Religion of Peace or A big stack of dead bodies”. He can see also these sites about Islam in , or and so on.

      I must make caution about this dangerous person like Mr. typographer @ Ananda Das under a Hindu name doing only harms to Hindus.

      My last submission is that we should stand united to fight against these Jihadists and Fundamental Muslims who burn Srimad Bhagabad Gita and destroy 555 yrs old temple complex of Srivas Thakur in Shylet, Bangladesh or same case anywhere. This is the time for a Dharma Yudh against Islamic barbarism and brutal Jihad everywhere. This is the teaching of Mahaprabhu to save of Dhrama like Lord Narasimha Avatara, Lord Rama Avatara and Lord Krishna Avatara. Hare Krishna.

      Bhaktapada rajashrita,
      Rama Rani Dasi
      Saraswati Goudiya Math
      Swarupgung, Nadia (Nabadwip)
      Bharat (INDIA).


  18. Ramachandra Wani
    April 15, 2011

    I don’t believe in any religion other than ISKCON. They are spreading our devotion & bhakti to Western countries but they don’t know what about the real situation of Hindus in their soil. I am getting terrorized by a muslim on I think W Bengalist ISKCON should be spreaded in Maratha polity. Shiv Sena should be more active here. But not any single party is against Islam hrere. now all Hindus should be united to live safely in India.


  19. Aniruddha
    April 15, 2011

    Muslims…the much hated religion. We know why. Bangladeshi muslims are worse, like a disease. Not only they are destroying the mandirs in Bangladesh, but also spreading like germs in India too. We should destroy germs .Sad part is, in India no one is bothered about our Hindu Brothers. Indian government is like eunuch who supports only minorities to get votes for their party. We need a revolution, the final war, kill all the muslims. Its enough, stand together all Hindus. Start with boycotting Muslim goods,whatever from Muslims. Start a war.


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  21. Nila Madhab Das
    April 16, 2011

    Dear my friends

    I am deeply anguished by the news of destruction of the temples in Bangladesh, but I can not do any thing except feeling agony. The Hindus of Bharat have swallowed a heavy dose of sleeping medicine of SECULARISM. It will take a long period to come out of the sleeping effect of the drug. But the people who are still not asleep or have refused to take the sleeping pill of secularism should go on trying to arouse the sleeping Hindus from the deep slumber. They should try for a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. Without political patronage the Hindus can not thrive in this age of stringent civilizational oneupmanship.

    Should Bharat have been a Hindu Rashtra now, It should have taken the Bangladesh government to task. Where so ever Christians are in trouble the America comes to their support. So the Christians are safe world over. Why should we not have a country which will stand up for the interest of the Hindus? All Hindus, now on wards work for only one agenda that is to make Bharat a Hindu state.

    Dr N M Das.


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  23. I'm Ranjit
    April 19, 2011

    India has become a democratic country and unlike America, it doesn’t believe in upholding its indigenous religion. What an absolute shame. I’m going to try my best to start a revolution where go-dhan is promoted along with vedic injunctions. We have to do something individually, right? As some one said very aptly, our govt. is full of Eunuchs or Hijadas. They cannot do anything.

    Picking a fight with an innocent person is sinful but not defending or upholding Sanatan Dharma is even more sinful. I have a right to defend my own religion and my pure beliefs and if I’m instigated, I shall fight. That is not extremism- it is morality.


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  25. Marek
    April 19, 2011

    Muslims are barbaric primitives. Such people will only understand the language of their own. Dogs only behave when they see a strong stick ready for use. Muslims must be taught a lesson, regularly. Such people only respect sheer power and despise the meek.

    Aren’t there muslim mosques where you live? Let the dogs taste their own methods….untill their back is broken.


  26. Totagoto
    April 19, 2011

    Islam and Muslims will be destroyed in their own course. Jay Sree Krishna.


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  28. Steve in Tulsa
    April 20, 2011

    Muslims are primitive savages. They cannot be allowed to mix in civilized society. Sexual Aparthied. Beheadings. Hacking off limbs. Stoning. Killing women because they have been raped by one of the savages. These primitives love death and hope to die as they kill you. Primitive savages. Disgusting primitives.


  29. SK Deol
    April 28, 2011

    This Tiny Country of Muslims is such a Thankless the people of this Beggar country Forget when their Women were being raped by Pakistani Coward Army, Then only Hindu Soldiers came to their rescue, thankless ba****d Muslims


  30. Gerry S
    April 30, 2011

    Where are the religious leaders of Islam on this? I have not heard one comment of condemnation from them. Their silence speaks volumes. Does the government of India lack the fortitude to act?
    Lets us not retaliate with more violence, for it is not the Hindu way. Surely, the Hindus of BD need help. How do we do that?


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  32. hindu vahini
    June 29, 2011

    ye durbhagypurn hi nahi trasadijanak bhi hai,bharat me hi hinduo ki ye haalat hai ki vo dusaro ki aor kaie dekhe, ladaai rajnaitik hai aor hum lad ekdum gair-rajnetik tarike se rahe hai.


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  34. sumana
    December 21, 2011

    I’m crying since I came to know this barbaric act of those savages. They’r worse than animals. But Hinduism and Hindus will survive because they are not like those dogs. Dogs can bite your legs but you will not bite dogs. Because if you do the same you are not better than those savages. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Bhagbadgita is more than ten thousand years old. It only contains wisdom.

    However I am so shocked that I am unable to express my pain to my Hindus and other good people.

    I believe that Lord Krishna will blew his ‘Panchajanya’ conch very soon and thousands of Arjuna will come forward to fight against all evils by given up the slumber to save the holy land of Bharatvarsha.

    Hare Krishna.


  35. sounav
    January 22, 2012

    Hinduism will prevail because it is the truth and truth will triumph !!!


  36. ayon
    June 24, 2013

    we should be united together to stop them…


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