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Thousands returned to Hindu Home through Mega Shuddhi Event by Agniveer.

Mega Shuddhi (re-conversion) event organized by Agniveer. Thousands Muslims and Christians returned to Hindu Home.

Hindu Existence News Bureau || Shahjahanpur, UP || 2nd January 2012 :: Through a late news feed, it has been confirmed now that thousands of Muslims and Christian brothers have returned to their roots in Hindu faith through Suddhi Yajna in the fag end of the Christian calender 2011. The entire programmes of Suddhi were held by the initiation of AGNIVEER & Associates with full cooperation of Arya Samaj.

The first Shuddhi event was held at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 23rd December, 2011 where 1200 embraced Vedic Dharma/ Hinduism. Most of them claimed to be Mohammedans earlier. A few used to call themselves Christians. Now they have resolved to propagate Vedic Dharma. The pictures of the event can be viewed on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

Update on 24 Dec 2011:

In yet another Agniveer sponsored program, 102 truth-seekers formally embraced the Vedic Dharma/Hinduism of their ancestors. We welcome the reunion with our long-lost family members who till recently used to call themselves as allied to Mohammedans or Christians alone. Agniveer thanks all organizations and individuals who made this homecoming possible. More details very soon.

Update on 25 Dec 2011:

In yet another formal ceremony, 857 Christian brothers & sisters resolved to return back to their Vedic/ Hindu roots on the opportune day of Christmas. Agniveer heartily welcomes them back to the family where they would admire the real Krishna instead of Christ fiction. Another 50 erstwhile Mohammedans also embraced the Vedic/Hindu religion of their ancestors in the same ceremony. All these people have now resolved to become humans instead of a Christian or a Mohammedan. Agniveer thanks all individuals and organizations that joined hands to make this ceremony a success in a region infested with fanatics amidst grave dangers and violent oppositions from antisocial elements.

Update on 26 Dec 2011: The actual number of Shuddhis for previous program was 2000, though initially 900 were planned to attend.

Update on 29 Dec 2011: The final leg of Shuddhi program has been postponed to January 2012 to bring larger number of participants. The previous program saw violent threats to volunteers and participants, and hence we intend to do the next event in more planned manner ensuring safety of all. The pics and videos of the previous events shall be made public in next few days after due diligence process.

One spokes person conveyed  Hindu Existence that the same series of events would continue throughout this year 2012 and organizers have started developing necessary infrastructure to facilitate entry of any spiritual person into Vedic Dharma. Agniveer and associates estimate several thousand people to take benefit of this in the next 6 months.

As per available report, a large number of foreign participants also expressed their interests in joining this Yajna. However arrangement of Visa within such a short span of time was a problem for most of them and hence most of them requested to postpone the event. Thus the organizers have decided to organize a special event for foreign participants in the next phases of this year 2012, wherein they get ample time to fulfill Visa and other requirements. AGNIVEER.COM shall soon come up with more details on this.

Now all the participants in the Shuddhi Yajna are happy and satisfied with their regained Hindu way of Life. All the brothers and sisters participated in the Shuddhi Yajna were felicitated by the Arya Sabha and  Agniveer associates.

More details in and in MEGA SUDDHI EVENT.


Welcome  back to Hindu Home. For further enquiry : contact –, or


37 comments on “Thousands returned to Hindu Home through Mega Shuddhi Event by Agniveer.

  1. vivek
    January 3, 2012

    Like, very good. I like very much ur work.

    Great Regards.



  2. kripa shankar B.
    January 3, 2012

    Om namah Shivaya! Om namo Narayan!

    I am blessed that I am born in Bhaarat where great souls like Agniveer is born.
    Many many pronams to his team.
    Vande Maataram! Bhaarat Mata ki Jai! Om Om Om


    • Satyen
      January 8, 2012

      Thanks for your complements to the motherland and her children like Agniveers. I think people like you will not be satisfied until they have contributed to the Agniveers’ cause. For a better appreciation, visit to the following:

      Krinvantu Vishvamaryam (We will do the world cultured).

      Satyen Upadhyay.


  3. Jeet Bhargava
    January 4, 2012

    Excellent work. Every Hindu should support this type of cause.


  4. hargovindthakkar
    January 4, 2012

    kudos to you brother. Keep it up.


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  6. V S Godbole
    January 6, 2012

    This is a good news, but it should have been circulated to only a select few.
    Why tell the editors of British Newspapers? They will twist it.

    V S Godbole


    • Yogesh Khandke
      January 10, 2012

      Are you the Godbole who has translated Savarkar’s works?


  7. darshan
    January 6, 2012

    keep it up


  8. Rathin Chowdhury, New York, USA
    January 6, 2012

    Good work!! Other Vedic religious organizations should undertake the same work. We look forward to the day when the whole world once again will come back SANATAN Dharma as it was once.


  9. Arish Sahani
    January 7, 2012

    Today one billion hindus of the world have no nation. 58 islamic natons for one billion muslims and many christian countries .Our Hindu leaders declared India as secular while our neibhouring nations declared as islamic ( pakistan and bangldesh) and now they will take over this india by vote bank.
    Once islamic nation India will look like pakistan or and afganistan. Hindus who convert to islam or christian will have no peace.
    Its important all converts in india should give up alien cultures come back to vedcia sysytem or Hindus .we all look alike and have same habits and like dislaike.
    Time to live a happy life .


  10. Sharad Shah
    January 7, 2012

    Hindus’ ego will expand little while reading this news. But hundreds of people are converted to Christianity and Muslim a day in the world. Treating leaves will not solve the problem. Hindus should go to its route causes and should adopt the technics to motivate people. When I was studying marketing, my professor used to say that there are two motivating factors for human: One is “Greed” and another is “Fear”. You will see that Christians have worked on Greed and Mohammedans have worked on Fear. That is the history. Hindus need to learn from mistakes done in past and must rectify and redesign the strategy for its own existence.


  11. Rajamani
    January 7, 2012

    this is the greatest news i ever heard in decades since i found an outlet for my anguish[ for decline of HINDU GOLDEN AGE] through sangh pariwar books. BALRAJ MADHOK in his ‘indianisation’ noted how pandits opposed return of kashmiri muslims to hinduism,during maharaj Harisingh’s period.varanasi pandits also reportedly opposed re-conversions to hinduism.we should not forget Swami SHRADDHANADA’S effforts in early 20th century towards shuddhi. As a tamil brahmin who suffered under anti-hindu D.K.movement, i can only say unity alone can save Hindus finally.


  12. Yogesh Saxena
    January 8, 2012

    There has been five elements comprising of “Horizon”, “Earth”, rain “Water”, “Fire” from oblivion, “Air” from hurricane in Indian mythological perception of spiritualism, the substance of which can be understood by reading : Jnana-Yoga, Bhakti-Yoga, Karma-Yoga, and Raja-Yoga, as indicated in 8th volume of Swami Vivekananda written in English, but in order to understand the perceptions of these quality, one has to understand that this Horizon has been the creations of omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent power. The earth has tendency SACRIFICE, while the characteristics of RAIN having MERCY, OBLIVION having FORGIVENESS, Hurricane taking away the egoistic trend has been indicated as the symptoms of Occult science to the other religion of WORLD. We have to understand the tranquility of the nature on 12th January 2012 to provide true respect to SWAMI VIVEKANAND .


    January 8, 2012

    At last I am happy to find that some concrete steps are being taken to bring back to the Hindu fold the persons who were converted to the two Abrahamic faiths in the past by means both fair and foul. This is something long overdue and I welcome this initiative. This should become a movement but should be done in stealth without any publicity. This is more so as we now in this country have a Govt and political parties that are Anti-Hindu. They will do all in their power to scuttle this movement to gain political mileage.



  14. Yogesh Khandke
    January 9, 2012

    What would be the caste of the convertees?


    • hinduexistence
      January 9, 2012

      They are all Arya-Hindu as being treated. But they may accept their ‘Varna as Guna Karmana Vibhaga’ as per their choice. Bhrata Dharma gives us this liberty. Plz. refere to Sreemad Bhagavad Gita 4.13.

      “Chapter 4. Transcendental Knowledge. TEXT 13.

      catur-varnyam maya srstam
      tasya kartaram api mam
      viddhy akartaram avyayam


      catuh-varnyam–the four divisions of human society; maya–by Me; srstam–created; guna–quality; karma–work; vibhagasah–in terms of division; tasya–of that; kartaram–the father; api–although; mam–Me; viddhi–you may know; akartaram–as the non-doer; avyayam–being unchangeable.


      According to the three modes of material nature and the work ascribed to them, the four divisions of human society were created by Me. And, although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the non-doer, being unchangeable.”…….

      As per Dharma ~ Caste to discriminate is not a virtue to us. It is a sin……

      Om. Namastee.

      Rama Roy.
      Moderator, Hindu Existence.


    • pathik
      January 9, 2012


      for caste and Hindu / Vedic dharam kindly read the following article.
      remaining articles will be answered after u finish reading the article.

      thanx and hv a good day


    • aniket junnare
      May 9, 2013

      yes, answer him agniveer


  15. Yogesh Khandke
    January 9, 2012

    What would be written on their school leaving certificate, or the like, I didn’t ask a philosophical question. I once asked a white convert this question, he told me he was a brahmin, by choice as you have mentioned. Did anyone choose to be a shudra?


    • hinduexistence
      January 9, 2012

      Your intention is something different.

      (a). In which state do you belong? Is it really mentioned any caste in School leaving certificates??

      (b).This is more Cultural than Philosophical. What is your problem with this issue?

      (c). Thousands are coming to us for regaining their own Hindu Home without any problem. They are all satisfied with their Arya-Hindu identity. Of course, who are desirous to get the scope of any Govt. reservation, they have to take proper way as per law, rules and regulations. We will help them according to provisions, if sought for.

      (d). Mind it Mr. Yogesh Khandke, the Govt. certificate is a mere “caste certificate” created by men. ‘Brahmin’, ‘Khastriya’, ‘Vaishya’, ‘Shudra’ are never written in a govt. caste certificate which are ‘Varna’ ( attribute-inclined intentions-cultural segments) from the “nature of human being” and never a ‘CASTE’ at all.

      Om. Namastee.

      Rama Roy.
      Moderator, Hindu Existence.


    • pathik
      January 9, 2012

      Mr. yogesh,

      lets be clear about these basic things. There are four Varna in hindu religion which ought not to be confused with caste.

      School leaving certificates are prepared by the school authorities and there are no column for Varan. the only column available there is of caste.

      Have u ever come across any certificate which mentions as “Varna” ?

      So, they will be mentioned as per the state made division which has nothing to do with Vedas or Hindu religion.


    • pathik
      January 9, 2012


      All these people who ahve come back home will be called as per their habits, professions, lifestyles etc by the enlightened souls. regarding petty things like school leaving certificates etc etc, these are not the criteria for deciding the VARNA of a person.



  16. Yogesh Khandke
    January 9, 2012

    1. School leaving certificate was merely an example, caste is whether you like it or not an inseparable part of life in India today. You are right, School leaving certificates do not mention whether a person is a Brahmin or a Shudra, but each person has a government given caste. (My room partner during engineering was a Muslim, he too had a caste – if I remember right it was Chapper band. ( this link is a Karnataka govt list, but kindly accept as a reference for a Muslim caste)

    2. (My experience in the state of Maharashtra), A child’s caste is written when a person’s records are being maintained in school, in 1984, when I was in tenth standard, this exercise was carried out in my class, a staff member came to class, and asked whether any one belonged to SC, ST, OBC etc, read from a list of caste names. Students provided information orally and the record was created. However in case a person wishes to avail benefits there is a office called the Caste validation office which certifies that the caste is correct, it is based on data provided by the candidate who wishes to be validated, I know of a engineering co-student who was a Halba which is a ST in Maharashtra, but could not be certified as one, as the validation office was not satisfied with the documentation provided by him, they demanded his grandfather’s caste certificate. His grandfather has recorded himself as belonging to some other caste, not Halba in order to achieve upward social mobility, during British rule, as there were no government affirmative action programmes them.

    3. Academics/ employment is just one premise where a person’s caste is manifest. The other is marriage.

    4. In the above context, I would like to repeat my question: what is a person’s caste after conversion? For me this question is academic as I married 13 years ago outside my caste.

    5. What caste does a person who does not have a caste, like a white person convert into? My understanding of the likes of ISKCON, is that their caste is “White”.


    • hinduexistence
      January 9, 2012

      @ Yogesh Khandke : Have you been able to understand what i intended to tell you earlier. I am doubtful about that. Read those again. Every answers are there.

      Again Shri Pathik has contributed many points to clear your vision. Read all those along with the excellent commentary on “Varna and Caste as per Hindu / Vedic dharam” by Agniveer at

      Unless you read and realize all these you will be in a darkness.

      Om. Namastee.

      Rama Roy.
      Moderator, Hindu Existence.


    • umang usman
      January 9, 2012


      i appreciate your question wit input of practicality in it. u r correct when u say that caste has become inseparable part of Indian social system. Which is very unfortunate but we cant close our eyes from the reality as well. not to forget that AGNIVEER is working very hard on eradicating these issues.

      Now coming to the query. Regarding legal status of the person who has converted to Hinduism. There is an act in every state governing those legal issues. I understand that in case of females after marriage their caste is merged with the caste of the Husband.

      in case of these people who have converted to hindu religion some of them have chosen to become brahaman since some of them are educated and are also trained for religious rituals.

      Shudra is not a caste thats why no one can become to choose a Shudra. Those who are doing business have decided to keep their surnames as Gupat, Garg etc.

      ISKCON :-

      these iskcon people are old school people who think that a convert can not become brahaman / khatriya / vaishya after coming to hindu religion. Thats why they dont give a Brahman / khatriya / vaishya category to any convert.

      Brother Yogesh, few kind suggestions.

      1. if u want legal opinion about this caste issues , u can send ur mail to “”.

      2. If u have social queries than either read the article relating to Caste on “” or put ur question on the agniveer discussion forum on its facebook page.

      thanx and it was pleasure having exchange of thoughts with u good luck


  17. Yogesh Khandke
    January 10, 2012

    Well I expected an answer:

    (1)On the philosophical level – We have dumped caste in the Ganga, the convertees cease having hyphenated identities, they will be Hindus.

    I remember reading Basaveshwara’s biography – convertees lost their former caste identities, therefore he arranged for the marriage between a boy whose parents were brahmins and a girl whose parents were shudras – there was turmoil and Basaweshwara was murder by the towns-people of Kalyana. This happened about a thousand years ago. Savarkar had condemned birth-based varna, he wrote – “Scripture-based caste division is a mental illness. It gets cured instantly when the mind refuses to accept it. The seven indigenous shackles whose breaking will liberate this Hindu Nation from the illness and demonic possession that is caste division are as follows: vedokta bandi (prohibition of Vedic recital and worshipping according to Vedas), vyavasaya bandi (prohibition of certain occupations), sparsha bandi (untouchability), sindhu bandi (prohibition of sea faring), shuddhi bandi (prohibiton of re-conversion), roti bandi (prohibition of inter-dining), beti bandi (prohibition of inter-marriages). (1935, Samagra Savarkar vangmaya, Vol. 3, p. 497-499)”

    (2) Oh don’t worry about Varna-caste terminological gymnastics. On the practical level all the above bandhi’s have been violated in a major way except beti-bandhi or the prohibition of inter-marriages. In the milieu in which I live, beti-bandhi too is slowly being unshackled, we should have a mechanism that should dissolve caste, having Hindus coalesce into one monolith.


  18. Sunanda Thali
    January 11, 2012

    Dear Agniveer ji:

    God bless you for this wonderful work. I pray for your safety and protection.

    With regards,



  19. Dr. Kumar Arun
    January 11, 2012

    Subject: FW: Thousands returned to Hindu Home through Mega Shuddhi Event

    (Reaching Hindus globally with your help, please do forward this link : )

    Namaskar & Vande-Mataram,

    May I request you to get involved in conducting such events in your locality? It is highly advisable to put ‘no pressure’ rather
    a humble request to all those non-Hindu interested in returning back to their family root. Please contact the people from the
    the article below for details and methodical implementation.


    Dr. Kumar Arun
    India Heritage Foundation
    Michigan (USA)


  20. K.V.Krishnaswami ~ HNP.
    January 22, 2012

    Congratulation. Very very happy to read about achievements. I pray,
    the Almighty Siva blesses you with more courage, vigour and
    opportunity. I pray he blesses you with a long and healthy life.



  21. Narendra Kumar
    April 23, 2012

    Jai hi .This is one way to counter forced conversions


  22. ankit sharma
    August 12, 2012

    OM NAMAH SHIVAY …. shudhi karan should be carried by RSS in all the states in masses … how can we join RSS ?


  23. Pratik
    September 30, 2012

    Good work. Shuddhi work must be done on a large scale and regularly. Also it must be made sure the converted people are protected by law. And in every state a well drafted anti-conversion law must be made so that there are no forced or coercion type of conversions. And every hindu must support shuddhi work. And serve his dharma.
    Jayatu hindu rashtram!


    • sagar
      November 25, 2012

      excellent job you people doing…this is the greatest service to our brethren who are trapped in alien cultures and identity crisis imposed forcefully upon them by history…all proud hindus are with you and pray for you


  24. Proloy
    April 13, 2013

    We must follow the foot step of Agniveer Jee otherwise Hindus will be vanished from the world. It is the only way to resist Islamic Fundamentalist, b coz hatred and killing of non muslims is basic principal of Islam.


  25. Manoj
    October 25, 2013

    India can stay secular only till we have Hindu majority as seen from kashmiri pandit [massacre], kerala politics, north east insurgency.
    “Christian yoga” has been started in the west – our yogaasanas with english names
    I hope such events are organized by other Indian religions too for their own lost brother clans.
    Caste discrimination must be dealt with asap. Temples inviting shudras CEREMONIOUSLY would be a Very good start (RSS’s move) Celebrating our festivals in public & encouraging lost brothers to join (after all We have the best festivals esp diwali) would be great i guess .
    knowledge about our vedic literature.

    Hinduism is our culture,science,way of life ,…. India’s soul


  26. bangladesh newspapers
    November 20, 2013

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    that’s what this website is providing.


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