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Infiltration Jihad from Bangladesh targeted Eastern Region & NE of Hindusthan for Total Islamization.

Bangladeshi Infiltrators, DGFI and Jihad Groups in BD are most dangerous for Indian Security. West Bengal and Assam is in most vulnerable situation.

A Documentary Film on Infiltration and Jihad conspiracy  into India by the Bangladeshis to Break India.

by  Good Health TV || Producer: Mayank Jain.

The Bangla Crescent Part-1

The Bangla Crescent Part-2

What does GOI want to make Eastern Region/North Eastern Region of India?

Mughlistan, Graeter Bangladesh, New India or Muslim Bangabhumi??

Bengali Hindus perhaps want to be refugee again and they do not capable to retaliate against this conspiracy of earlier Left Regime or the Present TMC-Congress Ruling in West Bengal and the Congress Ruling in Assam, all dedicated to Islamization of  West Bengal and Assam.
Bangladeshi Jihad Group Hizb-ut-Tharir calls to capture India again under Islamic rule.

Provocation of BD Fundamental Islamic party ~ Hizb-ut-Tharir: 

Oh Muslims!

You have been victimized throughout the ages by Indian Aggression. This enemy Nation have killed your Army Top Brasses, constructed the Farrakka Dam, deprived you from the proper water share and mercilessly killed your brothers & sisters in the border. But, your present rulers are proved totally failure to check this aggression of India. To check this enemy, there is only one option to establish the Khilafat State here. Hence, in this democratic system, you must not spoil your time and toil, aspiring a solution from Awami League,  BNP or any agents of any Political parties.

Oh Muslims!

You have to do one and only one job ~ you have to appeal all the persons with power as they remove Hasina Govt. and transfer the power to Hizb-ut-Tharir, because this is the only political party who are leading you the in the dream of being a  Nation for world leadership and your area to control. We will build a Khilafat State and implement Quran and Shunnah….. We will make strong and modern military power. And must take all practical steps to regain India as a Muslim land……..”

Recent Poster of Hizb-ut-Tharir of Bangladesh to Capture Indian again under Islamic rule.(English rendering is made by the blogger)

India’s ‘Mexican’ Problem (Read Islamic Problem): Illegal Immigration from Bangladesh.

“Assam is facing external aggression and internal disturbance on account of large-scale illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals and it becomes the duty of the Union of India to take all measures for protection of the State of Assam because it poses a threat to the integrity and security of the North-Eastern region,..”
“[Indian] Bengali farmers have woken up in the morning to find Bangladeshis squatting on their land; shops and small businesses have changed hands through distress sale engineered by the party faithful; homesteads left vacant for a day have been grabbed.”…… Kanchan Gupta ~ Veteran Journalist in Daily Pioneer.  Read here the original in International Business Times. 
Courtesy: Mayank Jain | | International Business Times.

8 comments on “Infiltration Jihad from Bangladesh targeted Eastern Region & NE of Hindusthan for Total Islamization.

  1. indian citizen
    February 8, 2012

    यह तो होना ही था. सहिष्णुता का पाठ सिर्फ हिन्दुओं के लिए ही है.


  2. madhu
    February 8, 2012

    India is getting to be the most ridiculous place in the whole world. Islam has violated the Constitution of India and is still allowed to thrive in India. It is killing you from within because muslims have been allowed to take the law into their own hands to destroy India and the world from within. Since the time of Abdul Kalam, muslims are committing fraud and forgery, changing the Koran so that they can hide their crimes. And it is being done in India. So why are you surprised that the neighbors are also attacking you? It is islam’s plan to kill hinduism and it is doing it from within and without for the last 1400 years. The muslims who are criminals are in your home and you call them friend and brother. So why worry about attack from outside when you allow the criminal to roam free inside your home? Who can save you when you dont care yourself? Abdul Kalam is a criminal and he is promoted internationally and you made him the President of India. He was supposed to protect you as the president but he actually protected and allowed the fraud of changing the koran from within India. What are you going to do now?


  3. NAMAN
    February 9, 2012



  4. debdas roy
    February 15, 2012

    “We Indians we Hindus will fight enough to keep our existence & for that cause if we die will split enough blood from our enemy to let them also die” -Jai Hind Jai Hindu


    • Naresh
      February 28, 2012

      Well said, I do not know about Abdul Kalaam etc. but the so called “secular brigade” the nexus between evil congi-commie alliance is the one that has been supporting the anti-national forces for their own selfish narrow-minded greed and power at the very expense of our Nation’s security, integrity and sovereignty. if our intent is to save “whatever is left of” our Nation and have the reams of recuperating our lost territories and greatness of our race then better get ready to decimate the evil congi-commie nexus and their distorted view of our Hindu history and their thought process at whatever cost. Muslims, chinks or anyone else can’t do a shit to our nation if they do not have any support with in us from these congi-commie “chandaal chowkdee” Their loyalties lie to those beyond our borders.and the fifth column within. We all must be extra vigilant to recognize our enemies and always be ready to discriminate between “friends” and “enemies”. The belief in “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” applies only when the whole wold follows “Vedic Dharma” not otherwise.

      How do you intend to achieve it ? Unless we are organized on the very lines of “National Socialism” i.e extreme Nationalism with love for Hindusthan as our only aim, there doesn’t seem to be any hope as the thing are at present.



  6. Madhu Gohil
    July 19, 2012

    Why does India leave its borders open to everyone and anyone…?????? No country allows this kind of Infiltration. So why are india’s borders open to its enemies? I dont understand.


  7. kumar
    January 8, 2016

    Hindus in India should stop supporting Muslims in India. India should exchange Hindus in Pakistan with Muslims in India. Muslims are unwanted guests in every country of the world.


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