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Hindu Rashtra Summit started with full enthusiasm under the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna.


Hindu Rashtra Summit ~ ‘All India Hindu Adhiveshan’ inaugurated : Unprecedented history to be created.

~Upananda Brahmachari.

Delegates are resolving the points on Hindu Rashtra.

Hindus believe both in Krama (Selfless Work) and Chaitanya (Supreme Conciousness) as per nature and Sanatana Philosophy. But these two spirits are rare to see in a line. But through a process of long Sadhna (dedicated offering of Self for the selfless service), Hindu Janjagruti Samiti has successfully made its history to put forth people’s aspiration of a HINDU STATE in BHARAT in its Hindu Rashtra Summit in Goa.

With the presence of Saints, Scholars, activists and devotees and blessings of Sri Sri Jagatguru Shankarcharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham and Pujya Dr Jayanta  Athavale, the Historic Summit started on 10th June 2012 in Ramnath Temple Complex at Ponda, Goa.

The Summit started with Chanting of Ved Mantra and Dwip Prajjalan ( Lighting the brass lamp) and spontaneous war cry for a Hindu Rashtra. 196 delegates and dignitaries have reached to the Summit so far till the Day- 2 of the programme. Sri Narayan Sai Ji ( Son of Pujya Asaram Bapu) attended the Summit and blessings for the success of the Summit.

Important matters like Hindu Rashtra – The Policy and Making, Kashmir – Problem of Hindus and Solution, Communal Riots – Remedial steps to protect Hindu Society, Temple Property – Govt. encroachment and Hindu protest, Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill -2011, In the Defence of Hindu Society – Methodology in Spiritualism and Activism, Self Defence Training for the individual for the protection of State are discussed in the interactive sessions and also exhorted by the experts in the particular discipline.

Sri Narayan Sai is discussing with Upananda Brahmachari, Editor Hindu Existence.

Exhibitions of the plight of Kashmir and Bangladeshi Hindus as designed by FACT (Forum Against Continuing Terrorism) and propagated by HJS attracted the delegates significantly.

The stalls for Sanatan Books and The Sanatan Prabhat also remain the main attractions for the delegates of this Hindu Rashtra Summit.

The presentation of Sushri Vaidehi Sachin of NBC Newsmakers for a strong Hindu Media was an excellent experience for all.

Viewers of Hindu existence are requested to get the details of this Great Summit for Hindu Rashtra through the links hereunder:

Watch Live Stream on Hindu Rashtra Summit, Ramnathi – Goa.

Unprecedented history to be created at Ramanathi (Goa) : All India Hindu Convention that augurs the Hindu Rashtra, begins with great splendour  !

‘Hindu Adhiveshan’ is a stepping stone for the establishment of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ! – H. H. Dr. Athavale

Aim of the Convention and role of the ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’

Introduction of all dignitaries attending the ‘Hindu Adhiveshan’

Hindu Convention : Snippets of the second day of All India Hindu Convention

Courtesy: HJS.

8 comments on “Hindu Rashtra Summit started with full enthusiasm under the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna.

  1. Arish Sahani
    June 12, 2012

    Its a big game of Saudi Arebia how to win other nations without sending any army or arms.
    Convert poor ,uneducated and criminals to islam using mullahs as religious leaders make all to follow one book which promotes killing and hate.
    Now saudis have in-house in each country convert Hindus as muslim to do their job of killing and looting.
    Same Hindu when Hindus is a nice in india now same Hindu now convert to islam as muslim is now Jihadi anti national anti Hindu a perfect system by Saudis . Foolish convert and hindus of india don’ get it.
    its time all converts should not had same right like one who is still follow the root culture
    Once a convert he can’t have citizen rights as alien culture plan is to take one your nation.


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    June 12, 2012

    Yes, Nepal is also in danger position. The PM Baburam Bhattarai is Catholic-Christian, the Maoist president Prachanda is Protestant-Christian. CIA, EU especially Norway are flowing too much money for Christianity in Nepal. They are destroying the Nepalese Hindu identity.‘Basudhaiv Kutumbakam’. All humans of the world are our relatives. May all receive equal amount of food, relation and shelter. Let us become a liberal character of compassion and be active for omnipresent. May all worlds be well? ‘OM- Shanti’ is Vedic Hindu customs cleansed indicative.

    The welfare and happiness of all is the supreme system which is the belief of the Vedic Hindu society. Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri writes, “Hindus worship the Sun. The light that emanates from Sun is common for all. Without water no living being can survive. This is everyone’s right. Such things are beyond divisions, and consumed by all as per their necessity. For the prosperity of human life there must remain equal right and prerogative among us. No one should be hindered from contributing to their nation. So it is mentioned in the Veda, ‘Let us all rise for national awareness.’” This shows that Hindu religion is the vehicle that would show path to all human societies. Bramha- Bishnu-Maheshwor (the three Lords) is the guidance of Vedic Hindu life. In the ancient, Vedic Hindu religions the supreme is the ocean where anyone can swim anyhow.

    ‘Athmana Pratikulani Paresam nasamacharet’ meaning, ‘Don’t do so for others which you dislike to do or talk’. This is the chief policy of Hinduism. But, a concerning crisis seen in the Hindu communities is the growth of Vaisnav religion, Krishna Pranami, Jain, Shikh along with different definitions and interpretations of religious Gurus has created crisis in the Hindu communities. This has plunged the Hindu religion into controversy. There have been foul attempts to create artificial lacking in the ‘OMKAR’ (followers of OM). The Cosmic Word OM becomes the raft of knowledge. According to Yajur Veda XL-17, this word OM is Brahma Itself. “OM Khamma Brahma”- OM Thy name is Brahma. Through this Word, He not only created Prakrti and Universe but also protects the same with the divine energy coming out of Shabad Brahma. This cosmic word OM is from the root Ava (to protect).

    Hindu religion is highly liberal in nature. Whether one worships an idol or one is either vegetarian or non vegetarian we are all Hindus. Hindus are free to live as they see fit. This religion is regarded as highly democratic and liberal. However, there are conspiracies in Nepal against Hindu and Buddhist religion. Nepal and India both countries are the original place of Hinduism and Buddhist. But, some Indian diplomats could not understand the existence of Hinduism in Nepal and they deceived Nepal.So, we hope the Indian government should realize the facts and such diplomats should be punished. We Nepalese people must act to retain our identity. Nepal is only the Hindu Kingdom in all over the world. Now in Nepal, the most controversial anti Hindu- ‘Constituent Assembly’ is expired just 27 May-2012, And then 1990 constitution is automatically in existence and the Hindu-kingdom with monarchy is reinstated. So, we hope, all the Hindus in all over the world should claim and voice, ‘Nepal must be as a Hindu kingdom.’ The ancient Vedic Hindu religion must drape these religions that have chosen to go against humanity with the cloak of civilization and harmony. Long Live- ‘Hindu Kingdom Nepal and Long Live Hinduism’ in all over the world.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  3. prashant
    June 12, 2012

    chalo kuchh to achchha hua.


  4. sirf hindu sanatan hi 1 aisa dharam hai jo world ko vinash se baccha sakta hai,
    isliye hindu rastra hona bahut jaruri hai………….
    jai hind jai bharat mata ki


  5. ramkrishnagoel
    June 12, 2012

    I am delighted with Hindu Rashtra Summit at PUNE. Here Hindu Rashtra Summit started with full enthusiasm under the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna. We have also our Lord RAM. Why no blessing of LORD RAM? We hindus believes in 36 crores God and Godesses. Our VHP is also figting for Hindus. They are also doing good work to built a RAM temple at Audhiya. The VHP is also not a political party though lot of congress politicians in clude VHP with BJP Saffron party along with RSS / Bajrangdal. VHP International President name of Mr. Pravin Togadia is not seen in this Hidu Rastra Summit at Pune. Why? Any way I don’t want any politics of Saffron parivar. I have all good wishes for all success of this Hidu Rastra Summit. I would have joined the Summit but due to my health, I missed this Summit. LONG LIVE HINDUS IN WORLD and should preach the tolerance of Hindus in world and teachings of Swami Vivakananda.


  6. ramesh chandra israni
    June 13, 2012

    let all hindus be united ….at any cost .this is the need of hour should be responded well in time else a gone opportunity would not come again & history would not forgive us .let all differences kept at rest let us talk only positive…emerge as a very very strong united force.


  7. Ashwini
    July 31, 2012

    Hindu-rastra is as like fantacy to hindus as indian films hero do in films ,but audience may only enjoy&not bring to reality on base.It is just like that a student fills forms of IIT,IIM&ALL TOP CLASS EXAMS,but his forms will be rejected due to minimum qualifications.Brahmin king Daahir was defeated&slayed&daughters picked up to Khalifa by Md qasim in711AD,because all society especialy kshatriya was not taken in confidence,as i think,may be wrong.If all hindus are one by religion&biologically,then why regions,castes,gotra &all other foolish items!Is it not true that these foolish things has bring”VIRAT-BHARAT”shrinked to “VIPPANN-BHARAT”.If we have done any thing wrong in past ,then it would be better to accept with open heart& to correct .Secondly Islamist&christiatn do politics with religion,but hindus do politics for politics without religion!Think a moment, if hindus keep distance with religion in politics,then how the hindu religion will stay in society,nation&Rashtra?


    July 31, 2012



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