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Mad TOI barks seeing an huge Hindutva Elephant.

Pseudo Secular, Islamic Agent, Political puppet – You can say anything for Times of India. Times of India is nothing but an anti Hindu force against Hindu Rashtra Summit.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Ramnathi, Ponda | 12 June, 2012 :: When the Five days Hindu Rashtra Summit at Ramnathi, Goa convened by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti  is on full swing,  the Times of India started barking like a mad dog seeing the coming the Hindu Rashtra like a Gajraj ( Elephant).

In it’s Goa Edition,  (Times City, 12 June, 2012) they started to try a division in Hindu Society through various concocted reports and analysis. TOI attacked Sri Narayan Prem Sai and Promod Mutalik in a row for their truthfulness in Hindutva line.

Four reports so far published on 12-06-2012 has no spirit of actualities as all these were targeted the Hindu Rashtra Summit and its dignitaries joined it for its success at any cost.

The reports are:

VHP has separated Hindus from their brothers: Sant Narayan Prem Sai.

Opposition builds up against Shri Ram Sena.

Sri Ram Sena to open branches in Goa.

Manohar Parrikar warns Ram Sena.

As we heard directly Sri Narayan Prem Sai and Promod Mutalik, we can easily understand the maligning nature of the  Times Group.

Narayan Sai never told any thing against VHP, but lamented only for its failure to convene such summit to declared Bharat a Hindu Rashtra. But, the Times never quoted his experience in Dubai airport where the publication of Yog Vedanta Samity was thrown as garbage being un-Islamic literature. Even the Group of Times is simply mute to the reaction of Prem Sai for Temple Fund encroachments by Central and State Govts.

The reaction of Times for Promod Mutalik is nothing but a reaction as the byte boys and girls (reporters) are anxious that they may not perform their debauchery in the pubs in week-ends. As such they fit both the CM and opposition against Promod Mutalik like idiots. But both Prem Sai and Mutalik have thousand of Fans in Goa to invite them in this State for Dhrama Prachar (preaching of Dharma) time and again.

Acharya Yogesh Shastri, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha – Bengal.

In an over all assessment the Third day session of Hindu Rashtra Summit is perceived as meaningful and proactive in all senses.

Speeches of Sri Narayan Sai (Yog Vedanta Ashram of Asaram Bapu), Promod Muthalik (Sri Rama Sene), Dr. Nil Madhav Das (Tarun Hindu Dal), Arjun Sampath (Hindu Makkal Kattchi), Tapan Ghosh (Hindu Samhati), Acharya Yogesh Shastri (Arya Samaj, Bengal), Chittaranjan Sural (HJS) and Vaibhav Aphale (HJS) were the main attraction for the Day – 3.

Discussions and presentation  were made for Rewriting of History, Conversion issues, Love Jihad, Hindu reactions in Communal Riots in different sessions to adopt resolution for theses matters.

Day-3 Exhibition over the plight of Bangladesh Minority Hindus with the arrangements of FACT attracted the notice of the delegates and dignitaries.

 Tapan Ghosh  

Pictures: Top to Bottom: Ramnathi Temple, Tapan Ghosh, Upananda Brahmachari with Raja Singh Thakur & Full pact Ramnath Hall.

2 comments on “Mad TOI barks seeing an huge Hindutva Elephant.

  1. ROHAN
    June 13, 2012



  2. prashant
    June 13, 2012

    if hindu do not show unity, they will finish.


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