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Resolving a Hindu State in Bharat imbibing the Spirit of Brhamatejas and Khastratejas.

There will be spiritualisation of all aspects in the Hindu Rashtra ! – Pujya Dr. Pingale.

Ramanthi, Ponda (Goa) : ‘Every thing in the Hindu Rashtra will be spiritualised including aspects like professions, objects including housing, roads and even dust-bins etc.’ Stating thus Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, National Guide for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, today presented the concept of Hindu Rashtra to the Hindu leaders here.

He further said that if Hindus have a clear concept of Hindu Rashtra then they can get guidance for putting exact efforts in that direction. The rulers in Hindu Rashtra will be abiding by Dharma, they will be sattvik, striving for the welfare of their subjects, selfless and fatherly. They will make every effort to see that their subjects abide by Dharma. People will ask only appropriate and eligible representatives to rule the Nation. The state level decision will be taken by judging its appropriateness and need and not through majority votes. It will have transparency. The concept of the Hindu Rashtra is explained in Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Establishment of Divine Kingdom’ with a subtle combination of Spiritual and Warrior Spirit without compromising with any evil tendencies.

The Hindu Rashtra founded on Dharma, as explained by Pujya Dr. Pingale will be thus

1. Subtle dimension will be included in judicial process. The laws will take care of Hindu interests.
2. Religious conversions will be declared unlawful.
3. Policemen will be such that the subjects will look up to them for support. They will have virtues of devotion unto the Nation and Dharma. There will be no reservations.
4. In the Hindu Rashtra, output of administration will be evaluated and if the output is not up to the mark, the concerned people will be punished. The borders of the Nation will be secure. Stringent laws will be passed to keep infiltrations in check. Separatist policies will be eliminated. The security of the citizens will be given priority.
5. The economy will be based on Kautilya’s economics. The taxes will not fleece the masses. Every decision will be transparent.
6. Indigenous products will be in use. The farmers will produce only those products that are conducive to National progress.
7. Hindu-Nation will encourage globalisation because the basic philosophy of Hinduism is ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ (‘Whole world is a Family’). An ideal Gurukul system of education will be implemented.
8. Dharmashikshan (Education on Righteousness) will be commenced at the school level itself to make the future generations rich in moral values. The glorious history of ancient Bharat will be rewritten. History that is true, that which will awaken devotion unto the Nation and Kshatratej will be taught in schools. Stress will be given on pride in native language and nurturing Sanskrut language.
9. Names of Deities, Saints, Sages will be given to the public places. ‘Teachers’ Day’ will be on Gurupaurnima, ‘Health Day’ on Dhanwantary Jayanti, ‘Arts Day’ on Mahashivaratri (Dance and music originated from Shiva) and ‘Justice Day’ on Yamadwitiya.
10. The pivotal point of societal well-being will be Dharma; not law. This will make the society ethical, virtuous, patriotic and law-abiding.
11. There will not be any strikes, protests, rallies etc. Ayurveda will receive an official status and will be nurtured. Sattvik food will be promoted.
12. The temple management will be handed over to real devotees. The quality of the festivals and fairs of the Deities will be enhanced so that the devotees will get spiritual benefits.


Upananda Brahmachari, Ed~Hindu Existence, speaking on “Evils of Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators and Maoist Terrorism”.

Highlights of Day- 4: Hindu Rashtra Ruprekha : Margadarshan by Pujya Charudatta Pingle, Ganga Raksha : Ashwani Kumar Chrungu (Panun Kashmir), Hindu Rashtra is a Must : Shri Siddhalinga Swamiji, Evils of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators and the Maoist Terrorism by Upananda Brahmachari and Suresh Rao Ketkar and State level Planning for Hindu Rashtra by Chittaranjan Sural.

One Google group will be formed (as closed group) for the editors, writers, reporters to communicate each other to support goal for the final resolutions of Hindu Rashtra. P Deivamuthu will be in-charge of this group.

An unique exhibition of upon Christian Evangelical Activities, Bangladeshi Infiltration,  Maoist Terrorism, Persecution upon Tamil Hindus attracted the attention of the delegates of Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan (Hindu Rashtra Summit).


Pictures:  L to R : Attentive hearing, Preparation for next day Exhibition and a Significant Poster in the Exhibition.

One comment on “Resolving a Hindu State in Bharat imbibing the Spirit of Brhamatejas and Khastratejas.

  1. arishsahani
    June 14, 2012

    Want to save this world from the one book based cuture . If India is not aHindu state soon this world will be on war front like ww2.


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