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Pakistani kids are taught extreme communal lessons. Gross violation of Child Care and Protection Laws.

In Pakistan school books ‘A’ for ‘allah’, ‘B’ for ‘bandook’ , ‘J’ for ‘jihad’, ‘K’ for ‘khanjar’…..

LONDON | 25th June, 2012 | HE Correspondent :: Again the Primary school books are exposed as the basic preparation of Jihad and hate mongering. Believing the policy – ‘Catch them young, the Pakistan syllabus makers are injecting venom of communal teachings from the beginning of  primary level.

‘Citing stark examples from school curriculum, a prominent Islamabad-based scholar has said that extreme religious and anti-India views fed into children in schools reinforced the cycle of extremism that showed no signs of receding in Pakistan.’

Pervez Hoodbhoy, nuclear physicist and commentator on current issues, presented the examples at a seminar in the King’s College on the role of education in combating terrorism , organized by the Democracy Forum. The examples showed by Hoodbhoy included images and text from a primer that mentioned the Urdu equivalent of ‘A’ as ‘Allah-almighty’ , ‘B’ as ‘bandook-gun’ , ‘Te’ as ‘takrao-collision’ , ‘J’ as ‘jihad-extremism’ , ‘H’ as ‘hijab-veil’ , ‘Kh’ as ‘khanjar-dagger’ and ‘Ze as ‘zunoob-sin’ . He also showed a college going up in flames, containing images of things considered sinful: kites, guitar , satellite TV, carom board, chess, wine bottles and harmonium .

‘Examples cited by Hoodbhoy from another curriculum document for Class V students included tasks such as discussion on: ‘Understand Hindu-Muslim differences and the need for Pakistan’ , ‘India’s evil designs against Pakistan’ , ‘Make speeches on shehadat and jehad’ .

“There has been a sea change in Pakistan in the last six decades. The poison put into education by Gen Zia-ul-Haq was not changed by subsequent regimes. And attitudes have changed over the years, makes my country alien to me,” Hoodbhoy said.

Recalling his childhood in Karachi, he said the city was home to Hindus, Parsis and Christians. “They are all gone. The same is true of much of Pakistan. Minorities have no place in Pakistan today. ” ‘

This type of heinous perversion to inject the violence and hate speech in the tender minds of the  early childhood came to surface on Times Global in January 2009. Despite many protests in different forums the Pakistan authority determined it safe and prosperous to breed Jihad bandwagon from the early days of Childhood.

While speaking to our London correspondent on Sunday last over telephone, Upananda Brahmachari, Editor ~ Hindu Existence conveyed that it is not only an exception in Pakistan. To carry out the Jihad and Hate Mission against the infidels (Kaffirs), some Islamic agencies are preparing such books in different vernaculars in many regions.

It has been reported that such communal arrangements in alphabets have been prepared in Bengali, Odiya and Kannad languages in India.

Everybody are requested to keep keen vigil upon this serious communalization of  child education. Viewers and all concerned are requested to send such materials (Communalizaion in Alphabet learning books etc.) to Acharya Yogesh Shastri (at Prantiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Bengal, 43 Shankar Ghosh Lane, Kolkata – 700 006, BHARAT-INDIA) or Ramesh Shindhe (Sanatan Sanstha, Sanatan Ashram, Ponda, Goa, BHARAT-INDIA).

As the maroon syllabus makers in Pakistan are trying hard to murder a child psychologically in a very frantic & fanatic design, all these certainly attract the violation of International Child Rights and Protection Laws.

Communalising School Curriculum under Insane Islamic In-corporations are obviously designed under Pan Islamic Jihad Conspiracy.

From this intolerance tenets from the beginning the Muslim grown ups use to behave very drastic to the non-believers in most of the cases in Pakistan. As a result of that the Hindu classmates are tortured and degraded by their counterparts in many instances. Under such an environment the Hindu, Christian and Qudaiyani students are persecuted by their Muslim classmates time and again. Under a severe persecution the Hindus are turned as a dying class in Pakistan.

From source it has been authenticated that Arab based Al Rabita Foundation has invested 100 million US dollars to Dhaka (Bangladesh) based Islaimc Academic Foundation to   frame such pre-school and primary level basic books stuffed with fanatic Jihad and Hate materials for at least 60 different languages/dialects over the world including reprinting of Quran in every languages.

Source: PTI | Samhati Sambad | Agencies | U Brahmachari.

One comment on “Pakistani kids are taught extreme communal lessons. Gross violation of Child Care and Protection Laws.

  1. Brij Sharma
    June 27, 2012

    मुसलमान देश से प्यार करते हैं ?
    कौन कहता है की मुसलमान देश से प्रेम नहीं करते , वह देश को उसी तरह चाहते हैं जैसे कसाई बकरे को , अय्याश दूसरों की बहिन बेटियों को , और चोर दुकान में रखे हुए सामान तो ,और मुहम्मद दूसरे की सम्पति को चाहता . करीब तीस करोड़ मुसलमानों से सिर्फ तीस ऐसे लोग बता दो जिन्होंने देश की उन्नति के लिए काम किया हो .लेकिन 88 प्रतिशत मुसलमान गद्दार , अपराधी और देश द्रोही मिलेंगे . जो शारीफ बने हैं वह पुलिस और कानून के डर बने हैं .असली देश भक्त तो पारसी समुदाय है , जो इरान से आए थे लेकिन उन्होंने इतनी कम संख्या होने पर भी किसी सरकार के आगे हाथ नहीं फैलाया और न आरक्षण की मांग की है . .फिर भी टाटा सुई से लेकर रेल के इंजन , और हवाई जहाज भी देश के लिए बना रहा है .इतनी कम संख्या होने पर भी पारसी कभी भीख मांगता नहीं मिलेगा .मुसलमानों ने मस्जिदें भी बनायीं तो हिन्दुओं के मंदिर तोड़ कर ,
    मुसलमान देश द्रोही नहीं विश्व द्रोही हैं .यह देश प्रेम का ढोंग करके भारत को भी अफगानिस्तान जैसा उजाड़ बना देंगे .इसलिए सबको चाहिए कि सब को मिलकर जल्द ही इनका भंडा फोड़ दिया जाये .और इस्लाम के विरुद्ध युद्ध स्तर पर अभियान चलाया जाये .वर्ना हमारा भविष्य बी संकट में पड़ जायेगा.


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