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High contingent Pakistani Terrorist force  waiting to infiltrate from POK border to spred Terrorism in India.


Poonch: 6th July, 2012 | HE Special Coorrespondent* ::  While the army is doing its best to prevent cross-border infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant General KT Parnaik, General Officer Commanding, Northern Command, warned a chance to infiltrate a high numbers of Islamic Terrorists to spread cross-border terrorism in India through POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)  borders.

Addressing journalists, General Parnaik disclosed that the Home Ministry has approved all army-related policies in this regard.

He added that though the army was “little disappointed” with the execution of the projects to curb infiltration, though it had considerably reduced in the last few months.

“The policies have been approved by the Home Ministry. Yes, we are a little disappointed with the way it has been done, but infiltration has reduced,” Lieutenant General Parnaik said.

He said that they have received information regarding camping of militants at launch pads, waiting to infiltrate into Kashmir.

“We have received information that all the launching pads house terrorists and they have been trying for the last six months, since the snow has melted, and their attempts have been futile. There have been one or two successful attempts as well, but it is no cause for worry,” he said.

Secret Pak Terror bases in POK

 Not to contradict with Lieutenant General KT Parnaik, nor to degenerate the hard liner Defense Ministers of India, we must point out one dangerous move in the  Govt policy under a timid softness in the face of internal communal hazards and election politics so pricked by the foreign agencies, for which the cross border subversive elements aspire the immediate support and acceptance of it by their counterparts already settled in India.

Now, it is supported from an intelligence link that thousands  of  communal agents from Pakistan, POK and Afghanistan have settled in India, not returning in their home land even after the expiry of their visas and doing their entrusted jobs of weakening India through various illegal business of arms, narcotics, fake notes, money-lending, women and children trafficking, assassination as mercenary and vary other anti national activities. These people always play a significant role to provide the safe arrival of the cross border terrorists and the intruders jumped from their launching pad.

Very recently five Pak nationals have been arrested by Indian Police in Titagarh area of West Bengal, which is considered as sleeper zone of choice of the Pak and Chinese terrorist outfits. They were arrested by the CID from Titagarh in North 24-Parganas district for one year overstaying in the country under the Foreigners Act, the police said.

The family entered into India through Amritsar Rly Check Post  on a tourist visa that had validity till May 2011. They had come to visit relative Osman Gani, who lives on RK Road in Hooghly’s Serampore. During their stay, one of the members married Gani’s relative and the family did not return to their country, Pakistan. Afterward they all shifted in Titagarh area.

Using a residential certificate given by local Muslim TMC (ruling party in West Bengal) Councillor, they managed to obtain other documents like a PAN card and even opened bank accounts like Indian nationals. Everything in place, they decided to stay back permanently in India. Apart from conspiracy, CID officers have arrested them arrested all five for staying in India even after their visa had expired and forging documents.They were also charged with conspiracy. The officers said they are in the process of  interrogation for  all the five family members to confirm whether they hold any links with spies or had any plans of sabotage plan in India.

However, all the five  Pakistani nationals, all members of a family from Karachi (Rahim Sha Colony, Orangi Town, Sector-11), were arrested on Sunday (1st July2012) for staying well after the expiry of their visa period and were produced in a court on Monday.

This is not a single story. When such thousand Pakistani traders, Moulavi, unknown professionals, Afghan money lenders, Kashmir Shwal sellers from POK and Kashmir (most of them are connected with Hurriyat Conference in Kashmir and marrying Hindu girls here and there in numbers) are spreading their   Islamic network, the common patriotic persons can not ignore the matter. Bharatiya (Indian) patriotic people  must prepare themselves with full valour and equipment to resist these venomous reptiles everywhere at first chance. These stand point is not excluded in checking the Maoist dragons and Evangelical leviathan also.

But the fault line in the Interior Ministry  is alarming. As per opinion of an expert, (Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal (retd) is Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies, a New Delhi-based Think-Tank. 24-01-2012 Rediff News):

“The National Investigation Agency, NIA, needs to be re-modeled on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to give it both preventive and investigative powers. The NIA must be reconstituted as it lacks teeth in its present form.

India’s intelligence coordination and assessment apparatus at the national level remains mired in the days of innocence. While the requirement is for a strong National Counter-terrorism Centre, the approval accorded by the Cabinet Committee for Security is for a watered down version of the form in which the NCTC had been originally conceived by Home Minister P Chidambaram.

The NCTC had been envisaged as an umbrella organisation which would exercise control over agencies like the NIA, the National Technical Research Organisation, the Joint Intelligence Committee, the National Crime Records Bureau and the National Security Guard. It will now be placed under the Intelligence Bureau and the existing Multi-Agency Centre will be subsumed in it.

The NCTC will draw up and coordinate counter-terrorism plans, integrate intelligence gathering and coordinate with all existing investigating and intelligence agencies.

The NATGRID (National Intelligence Grid), which was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security in June 2011, will provide a data bank of 20 database like travel records, immigration details and income tax records as inputs to the NCTC.

Finally, the government must seriously consider enlarging the scope of its counter-terrorism policy to covertly eliminate the leaders of terrorist organisations abroad who are sponsoring terrorism in India.”

Here also the cooperation between the people and the Govt is not addressed properly. Unless and until the Govt is prepared to make a public preparedness on the basis on compulsory and confident military training or the spontaneous armed combat to the attacking terrorist force by the patriotic people on their own, these PAK, MAO or ANY TERROR FORCE cannot be eliminated.

Rehabilitation of the ex-military personnel in the border areas, creating rural level  resistance force of the local people, logistic and equipment supports to the  hard core anti Pakistan, anti Mao, anti anti-Indian cultural forces are the other options.

If Pakistan or China attack Bharat or any Vatican Conspiracy wants to make India again as a colony of them directly , is it possible  to set aside the matter by a patriotic person. All the majority people will surely take the arms in the names of Chartapati Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Guru Govind Singh, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas to save their Mother Land. Who will resist them?

It is a real time of preparation to combat all the Jihadi and anti Indian Forces putting their claws to the body of my mother.

*Upananda Brahmachari, Editor, Hindu Existence.
Courtesy: TOI | Times Now | Rediff | VSK | Agencies. 

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Women terrorists being trained in PoK: Source


  1. arishsahani
    July 6, 2012

    UNder congress govt who appeases ISlam in every way has no laws to stop pakistan muslims to destroy this INdia. Any unlawful activities of muslim never get exposed by media. Police can’t put them in jail. Judges don’t want to hear and punish them congress leaders are their front shield.. India is doomed .
    When our bollywood prefer a pakistani v/s Indian we are ready to go down the hill .
    Indians are all sleeping.


  2. Ashwini
    July 14, 2012

    1. Paki terrorists should graved in their own soil by indians IB,RAW,ARMY AND OTHER SPY,and indian traitors if paki or indian or bangladesi or any anti hindu nationals,those should be killed and final function of life in their soils.kill after enter into those soils because two yard area should not be wasted of india!

    2.To combat islam,read quran,think quran,teach quran and then you and all can understand how islam so brutal and got expansion upto 52 countries.Till 711AD,muhammadbin quasim to now ,islam is slaying hindus of viraat-bharat.hindu’s slaughters , from md qasim till now are more bigger than jew’s.proof ?Chachnama to humaunaama,babernama,akbernama and all indian islamic/mughal period writings!Please try to translate in hindi all quranic/islamic attitudes and actions.

    3.When a hindu suffers with murder,loot,rape,then a hindu ask,”who is this and of which caste ?Getting answer of these Qs ,all hinduism goes to his backway.but muslim&christian do their jobs as directed in Quran&bible.hindu saint-mahatma preaches about hindu religion,but I think truth of Quran &bible should be in front of all general public.translation of quran have done by many ,md farook khan’s is understandable in hindi and not more has many traslations in hindi.


  3. Paras
    July 25, 2012

    We need to take up shastras to fight for our rights…..need an organisation in Hindusthan which can act as front org to fight fundamental Islam and Extrimists. Need unity among Hindus, need courage to take up shastras…..lets unite.


    • hinduexistence
      July 26, 2012

      Shriman Paras,

      Your proposal to revitalize the Khastratej (Warrior Spirit) among Hindus is good. But sharing email ids in this connection openly may prove fatal as there is every chance to the entry of moles in this programme. Most welcome to share your strategy with us at Definitely we will help you and all the bold and active children of Bharatmata to save her dignity and drowning status.

      Vande Mataram.

      Upananda Brahmachari.


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