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Resurgent Hindu Force and the End of Jihad in India.*

Dr. Babu Suseelan.

Love Jihad, Politico Jihad, Land Grabbing Jihad, Forest Jihad, Economic Jihad, Cyber Jihad and Terror Jihad are hallmarks of Islamists bent on destroying India from within and Without. Strange, our own Hindus are working as agents of Paki inspired Jihad against India from within. Swami Agnivesh and his cohorts are very active in anti Hindu, anti India and pro Jihadi works for few bread crumbs from Paki Agents. Magical Thinking of our political leaders like Nehru, Nitish Kumar, Man Mohan Singh, Sonia Manio and their irrational political belief system is hurting India and promoting our enemies.

It is interesting to study why patriotic Indians refuse to kick out our Jihadi terrorists from our midsts. Indian citizens (Hindus) are the only group in the world where they stand still and act like zombies and behave like addicts as mute spectators while Indian justic system and internal polices are turned into unwise compromise, irrational tolerance, corruption and three monkey syndrome. It can frustrate fairness and reality and truth. Healthy, normal people will not compromise with a burglar coming into our house with a knife to behead us and to steal all we have. Those who are concerned about our society, justice, fairness and human welfare will join together and fight against corruption, injustice and Jihadi terrorism. Our political leaders, media and certain Swamis are the culprits. Instead of arousing Hindus into active participants in keeping our culture and promoting freedom and implementing moral values, they are indoctrinating Our Hindus into zombies and willing participants in their own beheading, surrender and slavery. They are very active in supporting Jihadi terrorism, and active in chipping away at our collective and personal safety and their blow to our nationalism is disasterous. They are willing to walk around with a personal Jihadi tag around their neck. Fir the, forgiving Jihadi terrorists and Paki agents creating social crises is finding freedom.

For these anti National criminals, love for Jihadi terrorism is the most beautiful words, love your terrorist enemy is wonderful. Forgiving beheaders and Jihadi terrorists is love in action. Instead of supporting our army, border security forces, these anti Hindu criminal politicians have a vested interest in promoting Jihadi terrorism. These anti national, criminal politicians ar still promoting anti Hindu behavior and keep Hindus in slavery. How far Kashmir Hindus live in filthy refugee camps in their country?

What is the way out? We need to have a collective sense of Patriotism. A profund sense of an assertive and collective Hindutva will carry us forward in our strategy and actions in achieving social, political, and economic victory over the negative within us. There can be only one objective for us in the current scenario to reconstruct our lives on a Hindutva base enriched with Purusrath (godly spirit along with human might, i.e. Dharma, Arth, Kama & Moksha).

*This contribution of Dr. Suseelan appears as a rejoinder out of Upananda Brahmachari’s (Editor ~ Hindu Existence) article dt. July 6, 2012 appeared in Hindu Existence under the heading: CRUSH THE PAK TERROR FORCE IN INDIAN SOIL. PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE MUST HELP DEFENSE FORCE TO COMBAT TERRORISM.

 Courtesy: FHRS.


  1. Bala N. Aiyer
    July 9, 2012

    Yes. For this, we must make the base strong with more support.
    When so many sects have their own TV, even Vijayakanth has a TV station of his own in mainline,…
    why can’t the Hindus have a real popular TV station, not the close knit Bhajans unit of Sankara TV and Venkateswara –
    but a popular and mainline TV Station is needed that will broadcast the news from Hindu view points, acceptable popular Movies and Movie songs and interviews by Hindu leaders – not just few Sasthris doing upanyasams.
    The Active Hindu Groups in India under the initiative from VHP should start a mainline Hindi Rashtra TV program in each state in their own language – more liberal with social activities, movie songs, lectures and interviews from Hindu Political leaders and Hindu based News programs.nI am surew they can do it, not just Bhajans and Temple shows.

    Singular force is not sufficient. This is not the job of just Brahmins but the powers of Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudras are also be included.

    The synthesis of Wisdom and intellect, warrior spirit, economical strength and the participation of mass in a mode of selfless service is required to reach our goal.

    Bala N. Aiyer


  2. KUMAR
    July 9, 2012

    During the Goa Hindu Rashtra Maha Adhiveshan (10th Jube-14th June, 2012), in one of my speeches, I had categorically stated that we have the need of the day for ” MAHILA SASHAKTI KARAN …AND PURUSH SASHASTRIKARAN … and also that we must curb our JAI-CHANDIA attitude. Any student of history would know what Jai-Chandia attitude is. If we have to progress the way we wish to, these three elements need all the force that we can muster.

    Kumar (A retd. Col. IA)


  3. arishsahani
    July 9, 2012

    Arabs grand plan to take over a country without sending arms and soldier is working.
    Send Mullahs to convert first poor , uneducated and criminals to their following and as no questions asked by them.
    Give them a working manual to live ,die and kill.
    Any one don’t agree and believe them kill or convert using working manual.
    Today Pakistanis are result of this big arabs plan. Want to find difference compare Hindu Punjabi v/s Muslim punjabi.
    One giving world a music to dance and enjoy other muslim punjabi training Jihadis world wide to kill.
    Very successful proven way to destroy a nation within.
    Japan is great they have kept arab culture out of its land and are happy now .
    Other should follow soon or end up like pakistan and Afganistan. ( once a hindu budhist nation of great wealth and wisdom)
    Every country should have laws to curb this kind of change .Or The country will not exist as it is in few years.
    New laws need to curb these benefits fro these converts.


  4. Chitranjan Sawant
    July 9, 2012

    By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
    It takes two to Tango. If one fellow tries it, he or she will be laughed at. Similarly it takes two countries or two persons to make friends. If there are more than two, it would be absolutely fine. The more the merrier. Making friends of a lasting nature is important to improve the international understanding and bring about Peace and Prosperity. Of course, to become effective in so, first, at home and later in the locality.With a view to solving problems of international levels, it is imperative that our Mr Fixit takes to solving disputes locally. She may step out thereafter solving international problems, it is important that one solves problems at various levels locally. That is the path of welfare that leads to the sanctuaries and beyond. Looking at this problem-solving get- together one finds it as a stepping stone for solemnising a decent marriage at a later stage. One may understand that it is in these Mandaps that a prospective bride meets her Man, the groom. The rest is just history.
    Friendship means Give and Take. It cannot be just one-way street. The ideas, the interests and cash plus kind flow both ways. It is purely a personal matter between two individuals. It is based on national policy promoting public interest and to forge friendship the two neighbouring countries have to make suitable mutual adjustments. Nevertheless, if help is sought for, it should be given post haste on humanitarian grounds. Rendering help to a neighbouring country makes an impact on the hearts and minds of common people and in the long run the common people influence shaping of the foreign policy. Thus large heartedness promotes friendship across borders.
    Transparency is required in dealing with neighbouring countries. The days of cloak and dagger policy are gone. If there is an element of suspicion, mutual respect and friendship between neighbouring countries will remain a distant dream. The over-riding desire of the military of one nation to have a shooting war with a neighbouring nation in order to avenge a defeat suffered in the past will create an insurmountable hurdle, a non-negotiable road block preventing a smooth passage of the Friendship Train.
    The two neighbouring nations have to make a separate as well as a joint assessment to convince themselves of the gains of Peace and Friendship vis-a-vis hostility leading to a shooting war. Frankly speaking, Peace pays rich dividends and promotes prosperity provided the road block of the over-riding urge to avenge a past defeat is sublimated to the new neighbourly friendship concept Absence of hostility and above all elimination of factors leading to a clash of arms will bring in both mental and physical security. Security of own nation and that of a neighbouring nation brings economic prosperity and raises the standard of living of average citizens across the borders. Indeed it requires a Leadership of high calibre to be far sighted and be a visionary in the interest of international peace. Let us take a look at the leaders of India and Pakistan and assess their impact on the foreign policies of their respective nations.
    Since 1947 when the Indian sub-continent gained independence and was partitioned into dominion of India and dominion of Pakistan, the former had had the privilege of being a democracy with Rule of Law being the hallmark of governance. The general elections held every five years expressed the will of the people and ushered in governments that ,by and large, were governed by the Constitution of India and the govts governed the people. The Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary exercised their constitutional powers of checks and balances. India has been having a strong military that always remained apolitical and cared for the defence of the Nation. The Indian Armed Forces defeated the Pakistan Armed Forces every time India was attacked and forced the Pakistan forces to withdraw, made light of their jingoism and even dismembered Pakistan in the 1971 war.
    Pakistan was born in violence and was in turmoil right from Day One of its existence. In the beginning, it was the landed aristocracy that ruled the roost and did not deliver the goods as its governance was poor. The ruling class of feudal lords was self centered and the common man was an ignored class but kept happy by being called as the Defenders of Islam. With a view to leading the poor peasantry up the garden path, the country was renamed as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Perhaps it gave them an international recognition by the Islamic world but beyond that Islam was just an empty word for the poor and the hungry.
    The feudal mis-governance gave a cause to the Pakistan Army to stage a coup d’etat under the leadership of General Ayub Khan, the Sandhurst trained Pathan from the Frontier province. He ran the show for a decade and was subsequently replaced by General Yahya Khan. He itched for a war with India where he wished to teach that woman, read Indira Gandhi, a lesson. He had miscalculated and not only courted a shameful defeat at the hands of India but also lost the entire eastern wing of the country that became Bangladesh with the support of the Indian Army, the people and the leadership. Since then Pakistan has been unable to live down that international shame. Their leaders like General Pervez Musharraf made attempts to snatch the Indian territory like Kargil but were beaten back by the Indian Army. The low IQ of Pakistan’s leadership has been goading them to shun friendship with India and try to settle issues by force.
    Turning to Bharat, that is India, we find that it has been a prospering democracy from Day One. The thought of a coup d’etat never crossed the minds of even ambitious generals of the Indian Army. The nation has been growing from strength to strength and has carved a niche for itself in the international councils and the United Nations. On the other hand after Pakistan duped the United States in the war in Afghanistan, its credibility has been reduced to Zero. Pakistan has gained a notoriety of biting the hand that feeds it. If Pakistan has not been a loyal friend of USA despite receiving trillions of dollars in aid plus the sophisticated armaments, what assurance is there that it would be a faithful friend of India’s.
    The public pronouncements of both the civil and military leaders of Pakistan against India go to show the animosity that they have for a neighbouring nation. Let us take just one statement of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Army Chief of Pakistan. When the US strategist put pressure on General Kayani to change the pattern of deployment of Pakistan forces and deployment should be Afghanistan centric and not India-oriented, GeneraL Kayani said that the threat perception from India against Pakistan has necessitated deployment of most of the armed forces on the eastern borders of Pakistan where they are poised to attack India. The Pakistan army chief further said that their officers and jawans would never attack the Taliban forces as the two are twins. Moreover, in case of a war with India, the Taliban terrorists would protect the flanks of the Pakistan Army against an attack by the Indian Army. The same logic of General Kayani and the same deployment of the Pakistan Armed Forces on the borders with India holds good even today ignoring friendly counselling of American strategists.
    Is it possible for Bharat and Pakistan to be friends when the Rulers of Pakistan, read the Army top brass, persist in holding inimical views and feelings for Bharat. With due apologies to the British imperialist poet, Rudyard Kipling, one may say, East is East, West is West; India and Pakistan shall never be friends.
    Bharat does not entertain or display inimical feelings towards Pakistan. The Pakistan cine artists, singers both men and women come to India very often to put up shows, make money and go home satisfied in all respects. Heart, liver and Kidney patients from Pakistan come to India for surgery and face no hostility. So, one may say that the leaders of India will one day persuade the Pakistan leaders to shake off the Revenge Phobia and not only shake hands but embrace each other as friends.
    The policy planners in education in the government of Pakistan must have students text books of history, English and Urdu reread and have the text that encourages extremists in Pakistan to promote Hate Hindu; Hate India deleted for good. Unless similar drastic steps are taken in the realm of education, the minds of the new generation Pakistan citizens would continue to be hostile to neighbouring India and thus fritter away their energies on frivolous schemes. Forging friendship and emotional bonds between Bharat and Pakistan would remain distant dreams.
    Women of Pakistan are a cause of joy to the pro-friendship lobby. The new generation women of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar are intelligent, educated, liberal and possess the courage of conviction. He other day I have had an opportunity to glance through a review of a new glossy women’s magazine named, Hello! Pakistan. It is amazing to read free, frank and fearless expressions that go to the extent of annoying the powers that be. The diktat of Taliban on the dress code for women does not run there. Well! Hello! Pakistan gave me a ray of hope and I surmised that the day is not far off when women of Pakistan will walk across the Wagah border just to say Hello to their sisters and friends in Bharat. A bold move of that nature might usher in friendship between Bharat and Pakistan otherwise the prospects of bon homie between men folk, especially those in the uniformed services, may not see sunny sunshine.
    Email : Mobile : 0091-9811173590


  5. ramkrishnagoel
    July 9, 2012

    Only solution to curb Islamist Jihadi’s to day is Narendra Modi who still said that he is child hood Sawemsawk and to see Glory of india. But his own party BJP are not favouring Modi to be secular. His party BJP clipping wings of Modi. In Gujarat Modi will win again in 2012 elections and will be CM. But for 2014 Mr. Modi has to work hard to wash the blamish on his white cloths of post Godhra riots which is haunting Modi too much in India and abroad. I know what happened in Vadodara from 27.2.2002 in which Modi was not involved. In Vadoadara riots started from Rly. Station of Vadodara where three people are stabbed including one hindu. If Modi as per mr. Sanjay Bhat suspended IPS say modi said in 27.2.2002 night meeting to——- then why riots started from 2PM on 27.2.2002 in Vadodara Rly. station. All is politics of Congress only to defame Modi. Refer a news of TOI dated 9.8.2003 congress is silent on its cadres linked to riots.

    9 Aug 2003, 2350 hrs IST, Rajesh Ramachandran, TNN
    Cong silent on cadres linked to Guj riots
    NEW DELHI: The Congress has been going to town over Best Bakery and other instances of the Narendra Modi government’s complicity in the anti-Muslim violence which shook Gujarat last year.
    But when it comes to the involvement of its own party cadre in the killings, 10 Janpath maintains a deafening silence. Even when confronted by a long-standing ally from the freedom movement days, the Jamiat Ulama–Hind. According to the JUH, “most Congress corporators” and some Congress leaders of Gujarat had actively participated in last year’s riots.
    Mahmood As’ad Madani, JUH general secretary told The Times of India: “We wrote letters to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, gave a list of Congress leaders involved in the riots, asked her to take action against them but to no avail.”
    On April 29, 2002, for example, the JUH received a list of 25 Congress leaders from its Gujarat chapter, which was promptly forwarded to her. This included a former Congress minister, a sitting MLA and a former MP. Then on August 20, Madani reminded Gandhi: “Similarly our appeal forwarded to you in respect of involvement of Congress MLAs, corporators and workers in Gujarat carnage along with the list of culpable names remains disregarded.” When contacted by TOI, Ambika Soni, in-charge of Gandhi’s office, said she was not aware of the correspondence. Ahmed Patel, Gandhi’s political secretary, to whom copies were marked by the JUH, was not available for
    Comment. The JUH insists it had accurate information from the ground. For instance, its Gujarat branch had written to the police commissioner of Vadodara city on March 21 that, “After the Godhra incident an urgent meeting of the activists of the BJP, VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal was held under the leadership of Yogesh Patel (MLA)… Chinnam Gandhi (Congress corporator)… They had alloted the activists their jobs, they made a plan and instructed the activists to carry out this work without any fear and told them that they would get full support of police officers.” The Gujarat JUH had mapped the Congress leadership even at the district level. Mehsana and Patan districts’ list has 8 names of Congress leaders including local MP Atmaram Patel as having played a “negative role.” A fax message sent on May 1 from Mehsana has this against Patel’s coloumn: “Still has not come to help Muslims; taking sides in favour of a criminal person of Sardarpur and Ladoi village.”
    A list of 15 from Anand is headed by a secretary of Gujarat youth Congress. But to be fair to the Congress and the JUH, the report is all praise for the “positive role” played by Patan MP Pravin Rashtrapal.JUH secretary N A Farooqui says: “The Congress has committed sins of omission and commission during the riots. Former MP Ehsan Jaffri had called up Sonia Gandhi for help. She didn’t take a strong stand in her subsequent visit to Gujarat. The local bodies were mostly headed by the Congress which could have done a lot for relief and rehabilitation, but it was all left to the NGOs.” Though Farooqui maintains that the JUH “has not severed its relationship” with the Congress, the party’s ambivalence has led to debates within the Muslim intelligentsia over which political formation is best placed to defend the country from the danger of communal division
    President: Dr.R.K.D.Goel, Akashdeep Soc., b/h Akaswani, Makarpura Rd. Vadodara – 390 009 Ph: 2647677 E-mail:
    To: – Dated 12.04.2009
    1. Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat
    2. Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Hon. President of Congress and UPA
    3. Mr. Rajnath Singh, Hon. President of Bharitya Janta Party
    4. Mr. L.K.Advani, Hon. BJP opposition leader of Parliament.
    Please read above Times of India report dated 09.08.2003 about the role of Congress leaders of Gujarat in “Post Godhra Genocide of Muslims in Gujarat.”
    Through out the World all are only naming the Saffron Parivar and defaming Mr. Narendra Modi for the genocide of Muslims in 2002 post Godhra riots.
    I am residing in South Vadodara area where out of 21 VMC Councillors 20 were from Congress party.
    I have seen that post Godhra riots were a reaction in which Middle Class Hindus and tribal irrespective of caste / religion all were involved. In South Vadodara area Congress leaders were more involve. I have seen the Slum dwellers under Mr. Chinnam Gandhi, a congress VMC councillor role.


  6. kalyan dutta
    March 11, 2013

    arms against arm cannot save hindu population Of Bangladesh. Two small action will change the course.
    1. Round up all illegal bangladeshi and intern them similiar to Chinese interns during 1962.
    @. Stop USD billion credit line from india to Bangladesh.
    3. If possible bring down Indian export to Bangladesh. India have enough foreign exchange.
    4. Strict visa control with list Jamat members of bangladesh with special target.
    Any Bangladeshi try to use fake Indian currency should be treated as Economic offender under Indian Constitution.


  7. TKKH
    September 9, 2013

    This blog is interesting and invites, all faith to unite to eliminate Islam and Muslims from Indian soil, already arc rivals the christian and Jews have united to revenge the Arabs and Turks that’s why Britishers are happy that by creating a dagger shaped Israel they have succeeded in planting a dagger in the heart of Islamic World. Now Myanmar and Sri-Lanka’s Buddhists are becoming deadliest for Muslims and Islam, Prophet Mohammad predicted for these days how true is this, see below
    — An authentic hadith recorded by Abu Dawud and Ahmad.
    The People will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their food.” Someone asked, “Will that be because of our (Muslims) small numbers at that time?” He replied, “No, you (Muslims) will be numerous at that time: but you will be froth and scum like that carried down by a torrent (of water), and Allah will take the fear of you from the breasts (hearts) of your enemy and cast al-wahn into your hearts.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what is al-wahn?” He replied, “Love of the world and dislike of death.”
    Muslims are what is destined but a glorious recovery and domination to world is also in his prediction. time will tell how much you radical Hindus will succeed. xxxxxx


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