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The First Available Video on Canning Riot. Muslims Had Planning to Make Another Noakhali.

Understand Noakhali through Canning Riot persecution (19 Feb  2013). 

Unedited versions from the site of a Jihadi onslaught upon Hindus.

VSK-Plz don’t cry.

Villagers~ We have lost everything. How do I arrange education for my children?

VSK- Do you know anybody, who put the fire in houses yesterday?


VSK- Any idea who could do it?

Villagers~ Muslims burnt our houses.

VSK- How many are they in numbers?

Villagers~ They were thronged uncountable. About 25-30 thousand spread over the area. They came with petrol and bombs in vehicles. 

VSK- Please come in front of camera.

Villagers~ There was a vehicle parked in front. The vehicle was full of petrol and bombs. 

VSK- They came with vehicles, all on a sudden?

Villagers~ Yes, the came here with 100-150 vehicles from outside. Not only that, they were fully equipped with Guns, Bombs, pistol and other things. They came here with full readiness. Whenever they saw any Hindu Man, they started beating. 

VSK- How many houses have been burnt per your estimation?

Villagers~ 150-200 at least. But it was more than that.

VSK- Some says that the numbers raised to 320 for burning of houses…

Villagers~ That may be. We did not go to up to the end of village area. 

VSK- What is the name of this village?

Villagers~ This side is known as Goladogra- Maniktala Para. The another side is Naliakhali. 

VSK- Were those attacker Muslims from nearby?

Villagers~ Some came from nearby, but they came also from far sides.

VSK- Did they attacked upon local Muslims also?

Villagers~ No, they didn’t even burn a single house of a Muslim.

VSK- How can you be sure of that?

Villagers~ We are very sure that they didn’t touch any Muslim House here. We have verified it and  Musllims at Naliakhali side stayed there without any trouble. 

VSK- Did they set fire on Temple?

Villagers~ No, they didn’t do that. But urinated in Temple and Tulshi Manch (holy alter of Basil tree) and destroyed Deities and Idols of Gods-Goddesses with rods. They caught Hindu Women and broke their bangles. They started molesting Hindu women and girls. The frightened women folk were then ran away. 

VSK- Haven’t  you  get any help from Administration and Police?

Villagers~ No. Nobody came froward. They did not save us. Actually all these persecution came all along in the presence of Police and Administration. 

VSK- What is your name please?

Villagers~ My name is Gopal Patani.

VSK- Do you belong to this village?

Villagers~ Yes, this is my village, I reside in other side. This is my brother’s house. He is my brother.



This was an interview with the Hindu victims of Goladogra Village of Canning Riot scenario, captured by VSK-Kolkata reporters. The present victims are the descendants of the Noakhali Riot victims in 1946. Forefathers of the present victims settled in the Canning area once upon a time,  after uprooted from Bagerhat, Khulna, Satkhira or Noakhali in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

The last visuals of the interview showed a complete devastation of Hindus, weeping, wailing and discussing the cause and result.

The Jihadis then made a brutal Genocide of Hindus at Noakhali, now they are trying a repetition in Canning, Deganga or many places in  West Bengal to  grab new areas for Muslim after frightening Hindus in many ways under a definite support of ruling political parties in Bengal. Naliakhali Canning) violence, 2013 is nothing a crude reminiscent of Noakhali Riot in 1946.

Unless Hindus will not the understand the significance of sacrifice above the self interest, and will not be ready to retaliate in the method of tit for tat, no way to return in a life of might and right.

Text rendering: Upananda Brahmachari.

Four Pictures sent to West Bengal Human Rights Commission–>

Canning communal assault 3 Canning communal assault 2

Canning communal assault Canning communal assault 4

Photo and Video Courtesy:  VSK-Kolkata.

Related News: 200 Hindu houses burnt in Bengal village by Muslim mob protesting Islamic cleric’s death: See Original in NDTV.

Hindu houses burnt, looted. Temples and idols desecrated by Muslim lumpens in 24 Paraganas: Organiser. 

4 comments on “The First Available Video on Canning Riot. Muslims Had Planning to Make Another Noakhali.

  1. kumarathasan
    February 24, 2013

    It s a pity Hindus in India are suffering. The congress government must take responsibility and give good protection to these poor people. Will they do it is a million dollar qustion; ????????


    • voice1948
      January 26, 2016

      Even MK GAANDHI failed to protect the Hindus in 1946 but wanted Hindus to protect Muslims ( victims ?) Thus our own leader dotched is and further Congress was for appeacement of muslims. MamataBegum is doing the exact.


  2. surinder attri
    February 25, 2013

    Subj: *The First Available Video on Canning Riot. Muslims Had Planning to Make Another Noakhali.***

    by *hinduexistence*

    1. Canning Riot: Not only a Hindu Persecution, Bengali Hindus are Now Under Siege in West Bengal. << << Click here to see devastation of Hindus in and around Canning. Understand Noakhali through Canning example. Unedited versions from the site of a Jihadi onslaught upon Hindus. VSK-Plz don't cry. Villagers~ We have lost everything. How do I […]

    2. C;OMMENT: Are Moslems trying to create another Noakhali ?

    Answer: Is there any doubt about it ? Is there any doubt in any Hindu's mind that, Moslems do not wish us Kafir-Hindus well ?

    3. They pray to their Merciful Allah ( in reality, to their savage & stupid Allah ) as follows:

    Yeah Illahi

    Kar Tabahi

    Ahal-E-Kafirstan Ki

    4. Why do Sullas offer such prayers to their Allah ?

    The purpose of such glorification of Allah, is to receive his blessings, to create a world order, in which Islam is superior to anything else in the world.

    5. Hindus ought to react doggedly & purposefully to Islamic clergy ( the Grease-Monkeys of Islam ) and tell them flat out:

    Stop conning us Hindus, we do not believe your bull-sh**.

    5. In particular, Hindus ought to kick Sulla's A**.

    This is the highest Dharma, and an effective lethal instrument.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  3. viti99
    February 26, 2013

    why blame Muslims when our own Hindus are have become Malik Kafuurs…Ever saw Mamta di becoming harsh on the jehadi rioters when they shit dead a police officer, but her ministers openly abuse poor auto drivers for taking part in strikes.

    As they say: Be open-minded, but not so much that your brain falls out.


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