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The Unfortunate Hindus of Pakistan: Really Nobody’s children….

The Hindus of Pakistan: Nobody’s children

A Hindu devotee holds smokes a bidi after arriving at Shri Hinglaj Mata Temple in Pakistan

A Hindu devotee holds smokes a bidi after arriving at Shri Hinglaj Mata Temple in Pakistan. Pic. Rediff

Vivek Gumaste | Rediff News April 12, 2013 :: The Indian government needs to do more. India’s responsibility towards the Hindus of Pakistan is not a matter of gratis; it is a political and legal obligation, says Vivek Gumaste.

You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State. We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State.”

Thus spoke Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the first governor general of Pakistan in his presidential address to the constituent assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947. Viewed in isolation, this sanctimonious assertion stands out as a classic exposition of non-partisan secularism.

But when interpreted in the context of the historical genesis and evolution of Pakistan, one cannot but aver that these were shallow inanities; mouthings to assuage the guilty conscience of a man who had succumbed to political avarice to vivisect a nation; or even an act of political knavery designed to confer respectability to a nation conceived in inveterate animus.

Sixty-six years later the nihilism of Jinnah’s statement is supremely evident in the plight of the Hindus. They are not free to go to their temples as they have been willfully destroyed. They are not equal citizens of one state but victims of a religious apartheid. They live in a state of perpetual dread with their daughters, property and religious places being constantly targeted.

Kidnapping and forcibly marrying Hindu girls is a common practice in Pak

A woman carries a coconut on her head as an offering for the Hindu elephant god Ganesh at Laxmi Narain Temple in Karachi. Pic.: Insiya Syed/Reuters

On March 30 in Jacobabad, a district capital, Ganga, the daughter of Ashok Kumar was forcibly abducted, converted to Islam and betrothed to a Muslim man much against her wishes and those of her parents. This is not the first time that such a barbaric incident has occurred in Pakistan and will certainly not be the last.

This is a part of a larger calculated strategy of persecution of the Hindus by religious zealots; a campaign that has the tacit support of the authorities and the passive acquiescence of its general population.

According to a report prepared by the Asian Centre for Human Rights: “… kidnapping and then raping and forcibly marrying Hindu girls is a common practice in Pakistan. In the event where the police arrest the accused, they produce a certificate issued by any Muslim seminary that the kidnapped girls have voluntarily adopted Islam and they married the girls.

The courts generally do not consider the fact that the most of the girls are minor and simply accept the certificate of conversion without any investigation. It has been reported that more than 15 families are forcibly converted from Hinduism to Islam in Sindh province every year.”

The oppression continues unabated

A woman sits alone while waiting for the celebrations on the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi at a temple in Karachi. Pic.: Insiya Syed/Reuters

A woman sits alone while waiting for the celebrations on the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi at a temple in Karachi. Pic.: Insiya Syed/Reuters

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom in its 2011 Annual Report suggests that this practice is much more prevalent indicating that approximately 20 to 25 young Hindu women are abducted and forcibly converted every month; the victims’ families often fail to file a police report fearing violent retaliation.

Next in line in this vicious witch hunt are Hindu temples that are routinely destroyed, neglected, usurped or turned into commercial properties: Below are excerpts from a Hindu American Foundation of the USA report:   

  • In Dera Ismail Khan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province), a Muslim group illegally acquired the 700-year-old Kali Bari Mandir and converted it into a hotel.
  • The Raam Kunday Mandir in Islamabad is being converted into a picnic area.   
  • Eminabad in Gujranwala region has several temples dating back to the 15th century.Most of them are now being used as stables to provide shelter to donkeys, horses, and other animals.    
  • A famous Hanuman temple in Chakwal (Punjab province) is being used by the workers of salt mines
    as their office.  
  • Akali temple in Peshawar (Khyber Pakthunkwa) has been taken over by local traders, who are converting
    it into a building.   
  • Jogi Tala Jhelum (Punjab), a sacred site for Hindus as well as Sikhs, is also in horrible condition.

This oppression continues unabated as the Hindu community so far has had no champions: a fallout from the Hindu theology of self-negation that inculcates an intrinsic inhibition to stand up for one’s own rights.

Muslims have flourished in India notwithstanding the unsubstantiated gripe

A Pakistani Hindu devotee prays at the crater of the Chandargup mud volcano in Balochistan province. Pic.: Akhtar Soomro/Reuters

A Pakistani Hindu devotee prays at the crater of the Chandargup mud volcano in Balochistan province. Pic.: Akhtar Soomro/Reuters

Fortunately this is changing. However, the most strident opposition to the persecution of Hindus does not come from the one billion Hindus of India, its government or its free press. In fact at the forefront of this battle is a fledgling organisation, the HAF.

The HAF is the brainchild of Hindu-Americans and has been in existence since 2003. In this short tenure, it has done yeoman service to the Hindu cause consistently highlighting the plight of Hindu minorities all over the world but particularly Pakistan.

Kudos to the organisation.

On April 8, 1950, Pakistan’s PM Liaquat Ali Khan and India’s PM Jawaharlal Nehru signed a bilateral pact that ensured equal rights for minorities in their respective countries. India has kept its side of the bargain.

Muslims have flourished in India notwithstanding the unsubstantiated gripe that we constantly hear: the Muslim population has increased from 10 per cent in 1947 to at least 13.4 per cent (2001 census. Figures from 2011 census not available yet); Muslims are found in every walk of life: the Shah Rukh Khans dominate the entertainment industry and we have had three Muslim Presidents.

The Indian government needs to do more. India’s responsibility towards the Hindus of Pakistan is not a matter of gratis; it is a political and legal obligation that stems from the Nehru-Liaquat Ali Khan treaty. More importantly India owes a moral duty to those Hindus, Sikhs and Christians whom we abandoned to the vagaries of a theocratic state in 1947. [Courtesy: Rediff News].

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Those who are interested to see the plights of Refugee Hindus from Pakistan, staying in Delhi. 

Address of stay of Pakistani Hindus in Delhi:

Ch. Nahar Singh, Ambedkar Basti, Bijwasan, New Delhi.
(Directions: Bijwasan is near Gurgaon and Palam Village. At Bijwasan, take the road adjoining Golokdham Mandir and reach Holi Chowk. From there, take a cut to Ambedkar Basti and reach Shiv Mandir. Ask anyone location of Tower on the road. You can ask anyone about Ch Nahar Singh there. Since a lot of media persons have visited in last few days, it will be easy to get road directions from passer-byes, if in doubt).

Hindu Existence Forum is trying to help the Hindus in Crisis in various ways. Our Lead Team comprising Murari, Dharmender, Gokul are seeing the matters in right approach. If you feel to extend your help to reach these Hindu people in distress. Donate for Hindu Existence Click here

6 comments on “The Unfortunate Hindus of Pakistan: Really Nobody’s children….

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  2. indian citizen
    April 14, 2013

    यदि उनकी नहीं सुनेंगे तो हमारी भी कौन सुनेगा.


  3. surinder attri
    April 15, 2013


    Dear All,


    Israel is a small country totally surrounded by enemies 24+7 day in and day out since the day it was born IN 1948 about the same time India was partitioned (India never got independence. Mother India cut into three pieces by Conman Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Congress and Muslim League). Since then Israel has invited Jews from all over the world and have a policy, that, any Jew from anywhere in the world can come to Israel and given instant citizenship.

    Compare this with the history of Coolie Colony India just the opposite. Muslims can have four wife and any number of Bangladeshi alias Kangaldeshi and terrorists from Porkistan can come to India and settled with financial help and no politician, police, Media or a UPA Govt run by criminals, crooks and slaves of Italian say a word BUT TORTURED AND RAPE VICTIM HINDUS FROM from the above two countries are treated like door-mats and condemned and asked to go back to get killed or converted to Islam by the same Govt.

    In many respects Hindus are most despicable, an enemy to themselves all the time. Then why not? A RELIGION WHERE BRIBING TO GOD IS JUST AS OPEN AND SHAMELESS IN RETURN EXPECTING FAVOUR HOW DO YOU THEN EXPECT SUCH A RELIGION CAN PRODUCE MEN AND WOMEN OF STEEL AND CHARACTER? The same goes to almost all religious preachers with their Baniya like eyes. AND WHEN IT COMES TO HINDU’S BIGGEST ENEMY

    3. Are Hindus vexed & aggravated when bad things happen to their Hinduism ?

    Answer: Confirmatively so. It gives them a lot of soreness, stress, & distress. As a comeback counteraction to this happening, they apply themselves to bitching & barking to the high-heavens. They do want to protect & preserve their Hinduism, and keep it safe. But they do not want to foot the bill of Hinduism Defence. They do not want to shell out their money, to pay for the cost that Hinduism Defence necessitates.

    4. What is the nature of Hindu’s business of bitching & barking ?

    They place the cause of Hinduism’s problems on everything except ” bossa nova. ” They put all the blame on exterior & extrinsic structures, activities & entities, in the proces they throw a whole bunch of names, such as Gandhi, Nehru, and many others, blaming all of them.

    5. What exactly is felonious with blaming other structures & entities, for the problems of the Hindu ?

    Answer: It deflects and turns aside Hindu’s mind, away from the real-root of the problem & real source of

    Hindu’s conundrum.

    Unfortunatley, this emotional craziness entices & enchants a whole mass of Hindu population & assemblage of many of its groups. This way of handling appeals to many Hindus, because Hindu does not have to blood his money in this approach. This method of approach is well-received because, the Hindu does not want to pay the price of Hinduism Defence ( Hindu wants someone else to pay the price of Hinduism Defence ). In other words, the HIndu wants a free lunch. But there is no free lunch in life.

    7. It is because of these happenings of life, that ” bitching & barking ” approach sabotages Hinduism Defence, and the Hindu gets caught napping. And Islam succeeds in practising its wors form of terror, against the Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) Hindu.

    8. To put it in Yanke terminology:

    Hindu does not want to put his money, where his mouth is.

    9. Is there an explicit & matter-of-fact craft of Hinduism-Defence ?

    Answer: Yes, there is.

    There is a proverb that utters as:

    Actions speak louder than words.

    So, if every Hindu makes a gift of five percent ( 5 % ) of his income, towards Hinduism-Defence, the amount of dough ( and its buying-power ) collected, would bellow & bawl, hell of a lot louder than, the bitching & barking that many of us Hindus are presently employing, and producing no effect or aftermath.


    Surinder Paul Attri


  4. surinder attri
    April 15, 2013


    *Namaste.*** *

    While we indulge in merrymaking and celebrate with much exuberance and fanfare this festival of *

    *Baisakhi*** * let us not forget one such historic event which took place on Vaisakhi day of April 13 1919, The Amritsar massacre, also known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.* * *

    2. COMMENT: Jalianwala Bagh is a public garden, in the city of Amritsar, Panjab. The site of this garden is located in the vicinity of Golden Temple complex. At the present time, this garden houses a memorial to commemorate the marracre of peaceful-protestors on 13 April, 1919.

    3. History: World War 1 ended on 11 Nov 1918. On 6 Feb 1919, Rowlatt Act was passed by the British Government, under which people suspected of sedition or subversiveness, could be imprisoned without trial. The provisions of this act, dispirited & disappointed many Indians, who at this time were expecting freedom, but learned that chains were being strengthened.

    4. At this point in time, Mahatma Gandhi launched a Satyagraha campaign. The city of Amritsar responded to Mahatma’s call. On 13 April 1919, the Baisakhi Day, a public meeting was held in Jalianwala Bagh, in the evening. Brigadier General Dyer, came to Jalianwala Bagh, with a force of 150 troops. At 6 minutes to sunset, they opened fire on a crowd of about 20,000 people, without giving any warning. Immediately, the quiet meeting place became a screaming-hell. An estimated 1000 people were killed, another1500 were wounded.

    5. General Dyer claimed that he had nipped a revolution in the bud. But nothing like that ensured. Jalianwala Bagh massacre, gave great impetus to the Satyagraha movement, which ultimately won freedom for India on 15 Aug 1947.

    6. Winston Churchill described Jalianwala Bagh massacre, as monstrous & revolting. David Cameron, the present prime minister of U.K. during his recent visit to Jalianwala Bagh, stated that he considered this episode, as a stain on the British history, that needed to be regretted.

    7. Those who died in the Jalianwala Bagh massacre, were the martyrs ( shaheeds ), they paid the ultimate price. The rest of us are the lucky ones.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  5. sridharan
    April 19, 2013

    1. we have to elect a patriotic party or leader to stem this rot.

    Only Narendra Modi can do that. all other parties have to be thrown into the trash can.

    2. yes. the rich Hindus are fooling themselves that all their amassed wealth will be of help to them. But they are mistaken. what happened to the rich Hindus of kashmir?.They are living as refugees in their own country.. so open your eyes. Employ part of your wealth for the defence and the welfare of the Hindus. Realise that the Hindu organisations are fighting your war while you enjoy life with good food, cars, parties etc
    But this may not last long.
    the fire is slowly spreading in a distant place like Bengal ,Assam or Kashmir and is coming your way.

    It will in time reach your doorstep

    Then you or your children may wail. No use then.

    your children may not be able to enjoy the wealth stashed up by you at that time.
    Probably they may have to beg or get killed or your grand daughter may be raped or carried away and married off to a muslim.
    so support the Hindu organisations and help uproot the evil anti-Hindu parties like the congress.


  6. sridharan
    April 20, 2013

    Most of the Hindus are extremely greedy. we can understand poor Hindus hankering for money. ( But they are mostly very balanced) But rich Hindus have lost all sense of good and bad. If they have one crore they go in search of the next crore and another crore. one house is not enough . another house ,and another house and so on .They will spend lacs on marriages, havans, pilgrimages, eating out and parties a, petrol and other ostentations, But will not give even 10 rupees to organisations like RSS,VHP, Seva Bharti and other Hindu organisations who are working, fighting and even giving up their lives for their sake. sometimes the christians convert a poor person for as little as 1000 rupees. cant a Hindu give that 1000 rupees to that poor Hindu and save him from going away ? why they wont even attend any meet on important issues concerning them. instead they would watch some sickening serial on TV.They think that some one is duty bound to slog for them. why they are reluctant even to talk openly about the atrocities committed on the Hindus.

    For a piece of land they will kill brother or uncle . But when lacs of square miles of land of their ancestors has been lost in the shape of pakistan and Bangladesh they do not even give it a thought. There are many so-called educated Hindus who nonchalantly ask ‘ why should we keep fighting over kashmir? anyway it is a muslim majority area. It is better to leave it!’ imagine what they would do if it is their one ground plot or 1000 square feet flat! utter selfishness, sloth, indifference. No knowledge about their nation and their forefathers ,about their history . No pride in their heritage. They are walking corpses who will open their mouths at the mentions ‘money’!

    Poet Bharti said’ If you see someone committing atrocities do not fear, stamp them under your feet, spit them on their faces’.

    he also exhorted ‘ Have Rowdhra’ or anger.
    PLUS let them employ part of their wealth to uplift the poor Hindus and also to help the Hindu organisations.


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