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Senior Hindu Saints and VHP declared Nation wide movement for Ram Temple at Janmabhoomi on now or never basis.

VHP Santa Sammelan at Haridwar: Make law in ensuing monsoon session for Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya. 

VHP SANTA SAMMELAN HARIDWARHE News Bureau | Haridwar | Thursday, 13 June 2013:: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad today asked the Central government to take firm decisions on Ram Janmabhoomi through positive steps in Bhartiya Samsad (Indian Parliament) for proper enactment of  building the Rama Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya  and threatened to launch a nation-wide agitation if it failed to do so by Parliament’s ensuing monsoon session.

“If the Central government does not take positive decisions regarding the Ram Janmabhoomi  issues by the monsoon session of Parliament, a massive agitation will be launched,”  the Saints of Marg Darshak Mandali and the VHP leaders said here in the concluding session of two days VHP conference held at Haridwar on  11 th and 12th June.

It is declared by the high delegation of the Hindu Saints and Hindu leaders under the aegis Vishwa Hindu Parishad that the 84 Kosi/Crosh (2 miles= 1 Crosh) holy circumference of Ayodhya is meant for Rama Land and no Islamic or other anti-Hindu religious shrines or construction or any Islamic center etc. will be allowed in Ayodhya, so far anyway.

These areas will be energized with full spiritual power through Adhytma Jagaran and mass movement lead by the sanyasins and spiritual leaders dedicated for a magnificent Rama Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya. Sants have resolved to undertake, from 25 August to 13 September 2013, a circumambulation yatra for 84 Kosi (approx. 168 kms.) along many villages and semi-towns. Villagers and Citizens shall join the yatra and resolve to protect, at any cost, the cultural foundations of the sacred Janmabhumi of Lord Rama.

In his lecture  His Holiness Swami Satyamitrananda Ji of Bharat Mata Mandir, Haridwar told that the Vanara Sena were told to go far sides in four directions to search Sita Mata when abducted by Ravana. In that way the saints will reach every direction to reinstate the glory of Bharat Mata by building Sri Ram Janmaboomi Temple at Ayodhya.

The Chair of the conference was adorned by His Holiness Swami Vivekananda Ji. Revered Swamiji negates any Govt in the Center which is reluctant to see the Hindu majority interest and not interested to build a Rama Temple in Lord Rama’s birth place at Ayodhya.

The glorious presence of all senior saints like Jagadguru Shankaracharya Basudevananda Saraswati Maharaj (Chair of 1st session), Swami Rambhadracharyaji Maharaj(Chair of 2nd session), Swami Premashankar Das Maharaj, Swami Parmanadji Maharaj, Avdhut Niranjan Das Maharaj, Swami Hari Chaityanyaji Maharaj, Achrya Ramvilas Vedanti Ji with other renowned saints across Bharat marked a marathon discourses over building Rama Janmabhoomi Temple under a strategy of now or never.

Shri Ashok Singhal, Dr Pravin Togadia, Shri Champat Rai, Shri Bal Krishna Naik and other senior leaders of VHP were also present in the conference as key persons.

6 comments on “Senior Hindu Saints and VHP declared Nation wide movement for Ram Temple at Janmabhoomi on now or never basis.

  1. Anish Singh
    June 13, 2013

    राम लल्ला हम आएंगे, मन्दिर वही बनायेगे


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    June 13, 2013

    In 1520 the Muslim ruler Baber came, plundered, ruined, and demolished Rama Temple and built Babri Masjid using the demolished debris. The events of December 6, 1992Hindus attacked the Babri Masjid, they were only taking over their sacred place and thousands of history. No nation can afford to ignore the history. History of mankind has not started on 1528. Among the excavation yields ASI mentioned were stone and decorated bricks, mutilated sculpture of divine couple, carved architectural members including foliage patterns, amalaka, kapotapali, doorjamb with semi-circular shrine pilaster, broken octagonal shaft of black schist pillar, lotus motif, circular shrine having pranjala (waterspout) in the north and 50 pillar bases in association with a huge structure. This should give some idea of the magnitude of the distortion involved in turning Babar into a tolerant person, let alone a prince charming. And when in a particularly happy mood, he composed the following dirge: ‘For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer; I battled infidels and Hindus. I determined to become a martyr Thank God I became a holy warrior.’
    Then, there should be constructed Ram Mandir where Babar had plundered Rama temple in Ayodhya.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  3. Ravindra Vadke
    June 13, 2013

    *NOW* is OK. Why additional ‘NEVER’ for Ram Mandir Nirman ?



    • Pankaj Arya
      June 13, 2013

      If Rama Temple is not built now immediately, the political parties will will put such a big trouble with the Muslim zealots, it will next to be impossible. So ‘never’ has its own significance too. While we see even an irresponsible BJP for building a Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya, the ‘never’ is a looming threat.



      • surendraullal
        June 17, 2013

        It simply needs a change of leadership in the Center and a more responsive Hindu political leadership in U.P., Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu, Rajasthan , M.P. Orissa and all larger states. Other regions will simply follow. It is also important that Hindu society is made aware of this. Renaissance of Hindu thoughts to empower women, so that 50% or more percent of Hindu population will add to the enthusiasm of Hindu Goal of reconstruction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya. Equally important is to get closer to the Hindu Youth, both men and women, especially women to get involved in this struggle. Let us establish a youth force to continue this struggle, added to the huge RSS youth volunteer in this historic struggle. Congeress government which ruled the country most of the time, must be disenfranchised in the coming elections and irrespective of the politcal parties, Hindus in unison must have Hindu leadership in all the large States of India, so that our task will become easier. There are quite a number of holy men as well as other leaders are at work, Let us join them and without usual Hindu bickerings, a strong leader must be elected in the coming elections. In my mind, I already see such a person who can take both political leadership and help religious leaders to galvanize Hindu Endeavour to fulfill Hindu dream of 500 years. Let Hindu Youth especially women and the entire Hindu society pledge their support to this long awaited task of the Hindus. BUT, ONCE A CONSENSUS IS ARRIVED, LET HINDU UNITY BE MAINTAINED AND EVERY HINDU WORK WITH BOTH EMOTIONAL AND PRFACTICAL SENSE OF one ness of Bharat and Brihat Hindu Society, from Gujarat to Assam and Kerala to Kashmir. Now that we have a large group of committed Saints we need a political leader to head this sacred objective and I fervently believe, as a student of history and a researcher of HIndu culture and politics for the last 50 years, in spite of opposition to the proposal, we have JUST A SINGLE LEADER AT THIS MOMENT OF HISTORY IN THE PERSON OF NARENDRA MODY. At least for once in our checkered history let us unite and select him to lead the HINDU SOCIETY which is completely divided into castes, regions and under the influence of so many leaders of Indian States and of Mathas and sects. He is in my opinions by far the best and proven leader of Hindus. We have many issues to be tackled and resolve for the benefit of our Dharma. Youth and women should join this sacered work along with men and women, and help ourselves to make use of the opportunity, which the destiny I believe has finally gave us. If not all, all thinking Hindus across India, especially the Hindus across the world are ready for this dharmic andolan, so LET US UNITE AND BEGIN THIS WORK AS A YAJNA, a spiritual and dharmic ritual celebrated by Hindu Kings earlier and now by the Hindu society. REMEMBER THE NEXT ELECTION IN INDIA IS EXTREMELY CRUCIAL, so just make yourself ready for a gigantic endravour to elect as many Hindu leaders, along with of course the patriotic and learned people of all religions, i.e. Muslims and Christians. Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains are just the offshoots of Sanatana Dharma and historically part of Sanatana Dharma.


    June 17, 2013

    __,_._,___STATE OF DENIAL: INDIA- 1947-2013
    1. For Hindus around the globe, 1947 is the year two things happened, one of which contradicts the other.
    On the one hand, in that year Hindus around the world, claimed that they have fulfilled the dream of returning to freedom from the British Christian colonialists. From that perspective, 1947 is a miraculous event, the realization of Aakanda Bharat. It fulfilled the ancient dream of practicing our dharma, and culture, and preserving and promoting our spiritualism without fear after thousands of years of Islamic and Christian invasion, plunder looting and slavery. Hindus thought of living under moral purity and absolute justice.
    India’s weak-kneed political leaders agreed to the diabolically cunning strategy of British Christian colonialists to divide the great nation. India elected an atheist Nehru to lead the nation. He started to appease Muslims and Christian Missionaries. And subsequent Indian political leaders continued the anti-Hindu, and pro-Islamist policies. Rather than promoting our sacred Dharma and spiritual culture, our corrupt political leaders continue policies of appeasing Muslims and Christians in India. 1947 was the worst chapter in Hindu history. Millions of innocent Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims. The massacre of Hindus was part of Islamic goal of making India as a dhimmi state. The looting of Hindu temples and property of Hindus were not done anywhere else in the world in their previous 1000 years of looting, plundering and mass murder by Muslins.
    The reality would lead to the cleansing of infidels (Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Christians and Jains) population
    from Pakistan.
    In 1947, the Islamic military agency, which functions as the Pakistan government and militant Jihadists, has already drawn a map which included, Kashmir, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) Malabar (Kerala) and Assam as an Islamic state. The Islamic government of Pakistan and the Islamic Mullahs issued a military blueprint authorizing Muslims to claim these areas under their control. The Pakistan underground had several brigades in India at their disposal as each one of them received a list of villages where Muslims have to occupy and destroy Hindu temples, homes, schools and hospitals. In between 1947 as well as into the 1980s, the ethnic cleansing of Hindus continued. Many villages in Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Malabar were surrounded by Jihadi terrorists and Hindus were massacred. The ethnic cleansing of Hindus took place in 1947 until the end of 2005. The entire Hindu population was evicted by force in Kashmir, Hyderabad and Malappuram.
    The cleansing of Hindus in other states continued under Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi. In 1965, Pakistan was divided. Bangladeshi Muslims and Pakistani Muslims were able to penetrate Indian states without any inspection or interference form the congress government. Several additional villages were destroyed by Jihadist and Hindus were expelled. Out of thousands of Hindus were living in Kashmir in India a free country, only few Hindus remained on or near their land and houses. Those Hindus who were expelled from Kashmir by the Islamists are living in refugee camps. Pakistan is claiming Kashmir, the most beautiful state in the world by expelling all Hindus, or threat of expulsion or face Islamic massacre.
    Hindu refugees are living in tent camps provided to them by RSS, VHP or voluntary social service agencies. Imagine Hindus living in refugee camps under tent in their own country! The only hope for these unfortunate, peace loving refugees at this time is to become active in politics and elect Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. He can promise Hindu refugees from Kashmir to return to their homes.
    In Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Malabar, Islamists are colluding with the Congress government to rename thousands of villages into Arabic names. This was done as part of an attempt to prevent future claims to these villages.
    Hindus are also crushed by the atheist, pseudo secular administration of the congress party headed by an uncultured, uneducated Italian born catholic lady. The tragedy of Hindus must be remembered in the collective memory of Hindus around the world. I fervently Hope, the next BJP government would remember the catastrophe– and would restore the national aspiration of Hindus.
    India’s collective memory is weak. India’s educational system, media, and pseudo secular government would cloud the joy of Hindus living under freedom. The government has been acting as agents of the British Christian colonialists. India however turned out to be the most dangerous place for Hindus to be living in the first half the 21st century.
    Indian politicians are in deep denial. Pseudo secular and corrupt politicians are interested in political correctness and appeasement policy of Muslims. It is the great idea gone wrong. All the congress party’s policy and programs have helped the leaders to amass wealth disproportionate to their source of income. The corrupt politicians and criminals, the media, and alienated academicians and pseudo secular bureaucrats have helped Indian citizens to shut the mouths. The problems are still confronting India. Our enemies within and without are frantically attempting to modify our behavior. Our pseudo secular and corrupt politicians are mentally misdirecting the public mentally misdirect Hindus Foreign psychological warfare agents and media manipulators are working relentlessly to make every Hindu to act like zombies. Indian media is in the hands of our enemies. They are trying with the help of expert psychological warfare agents and are tirelessly trying to change every opinion we have. They have forced us to conceal our problems, hide it and bury it. They have made nationalist Hindus superficial.
    Corrupt and bogus secular politicians offer shallow promises of social programs to uplift the poor. They are dangerous to their own people. These corrupt politicians are unable or unwilling to protect their own people from Islamic violence and coercive religious conversion by Christian missionaries. These political leaders are crazy, egoistic, selfish, and corrupt and regard themselves as beyond the reach of domestic or international law.
    Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are poor states. These states have been administered by democratically elected governments. The government of India ruled by the Congress party and headed by the Italian mafia encouraged ruining of the states by the regional parties. Christian missionaries are given visas to enter India and they have been deceptively converting people. Kanykumari, the lands’ end of India has become Christian district.
    Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion is not a panacea for poverty. Terrorism and social discrimination, unemployment is not caused by Hindus or its spiritual culture. Poverty is caused by Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. Terror is a tool used by Islamists and missionaries and those seeking power to keep the masses in need of an answer. Too many innocent and naïve Hindus are being converted in Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Kerala. Too many Islamist and Christian nongovernmental organizations receive foreign funds for creating social disruptions and terrorism. They blame on Hindus and Hindu organizations everything on anybody else, because they do, they expect too little for themselves and little from their slave masters. Innocent public may have democratic forms, these Hindu citizens suffer from Stockholm syndrome, denial and serous democratic deficit and that deprives their proper understanding of real problems confronting them.
    Who is responsible for such a calamity befallen on us? Who will take the moral responsibility for Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Maoist violence, and the social disturbance, corruption and crime unfolding as in our case, the massive religious conversion in Nagaland, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu Kerala, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh?
    These events that unfolded after 1947 in India should be viewed from with the European and Islamic goals of destroying our sacred spiritual practices and our dharma.
    Everything that had happened in India was real. India was under foreign occupation and slavery. This continued slavery has made real scars on India. Its people had handcuffs on their wrists, real scars on their back, real fear flooding their mind. In a society that allows foreign occupation and rule, and imposters, plunderers, and looters were welcomed, no wonder India has become handmaiden to Islamists and Christian aggressors. Indian citizens are in deep denial and to overcome that deep denial is not easy, India has become a world in which Jihadists and missionaries can lead any member of the legislators to an adventure of mind, body and spirit. India’s corrupt and criminal political leaders are suffering from a virulent form of cognitive disorder and addictive thinking (secularism).Addictive thinking on secularism lets them justify illogical behavior, corruption, Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion and Maoist violence.
    It is the dire duty and responsibility of every Hindu to recognize the problems of India. The corrupt and criminal politicians try to cover up the harmful effects of the pseudo secular thinking, Islamic appeasement and border disorder. Majority of Indian citizens are the victims of such addictive thinking (secular) and are in deep denial, rationalization and projection. Enlightened leaders like Narendra Modi are aware of these political and social problems and take an intelligent look at the illogical thoughts going on in the minds of voters. Although instant solutions don’t exist, such luminaries can make gradual changes in our media, education, and social policies. MODI opens the door for citizen’s self-awareness so they can combat denial, rationalization, and projection.
    I cannot stress enough the importance of realizing Indian citizens are taken in by their own distorted thinking and deception by phony pseudo-secular and corrupt politicians. And Indians citizens are also victims of the hostile media, and educational system. If we fail to understand this, we are frustrated or doomed. I fervently hope and pray that Modi can one day return India to her glorious roots of Dharma, culture and spiritual system.
    If Indian citizens can stand behind Modi, he can bring back India once was; and India that could be again— if voters have the will to stand up and fight against the enemy within.
    2. COMMENT: To get to the basics of it all, the Phoney-Liberals practice :” Denial ” all over the town, and all the time. Their brain reacts completely differently, to acts of denial. It is a complex relationship between morality & human mind.
    To these Phoney-Liberals, denial does not mean the same thing, as it means to you & me. To the, Denial is:
    ” A river in Egypt ( the Nile ). ”
    3. That is why, the meaning & denotation of this word, is totally gone for them.
    Surinder Paul Attri


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