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Nepal towards a Hindu Rashtra (Nation-State) again.

Restore Hindu Nation with constitutional Monarchy in Nepal!

By Dirgha Raj Prasai.

Jai Nepal Hindu RashtraIn the annals of world civilization, Hindu philosophy is considered liberal, simple and tolerant. Nepal as a Hindu state did not just signify her Hindu religious leanings. It was also a source of Nepali nationalism and an inescapable fact of Nepal. Hence, declaration of Nepal as a secular state has ignored the ground realities.

Among all religions, Hindu religion is considered the most liberal. According to renowned philosopher Voltaire, Hinduism is the best gift of the East to the West. Similarly, George Bernard Shaw, Irish littérateur, said, “Hindu religion is the most important and the most liberal religion in the world”. According to the Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are found in Islamic countries like Iran. A stone scripture dating back to 486 BC in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus. Even an ancient Parsi scripture, Shatir, repeats the famous Ved Vyas saying “I am a true Hindu born, in a Hindu country”. Another Hindu philosopher Manu considers the area between Bindhya in south India and the Himalayas in the north as Aryabrata, the land of Aryans.

Even outside travelers to the region like Megasthaniz and Fai Han have written in their memoirs that Hindus are tall, healthy, simple, intelligent and truthful. That Hindus do not need to bring witnesses to financial deals and they do not lock their houses as incidents of theft are simply not heard of. The rise of Buddhism does not make much of a difference because Buddhism and Hinduism are complementary to each other and Kiratis also worship the same gods, such as Shiva and Bhagawati, as do the Hindus.

Instead of declaring Nepal a completely secular state, it would have made more sense, in keeping with the ground realities, if it had been declared as the soil of Hindu rooted faiths and the basic lands of Hindu and Buddhist people. There are over 800 million Hindus in India and Indian Hindus respect Nepal as a Hindu country. This should be taken as a matter of pride. For security reasons too, Nepal, a small country with open border to the south, has a big advantage as a Hindu country. It also needs to be borne in mind that no one has the right to trample on the conviction of more than two-thirds of the people.

The declaration of Nepal as a Hindu Kingdom does not signify just its religion rather it is taken as the source of Nepalese nationalism and an inseparable part of Nepal. If Nepal is republican and secular country, China comes with communism in Nepal for its security reasons and then gradually spreading Maoist and Communist terrorism in different parts of that country making Chinese centers in Nepal. If monarchy is restored in Nepal, all the Communist activities can be controlled. So, the parliamentary party leaders will make a grave mistake this time after the present election in Nepal in 2013, if not declaring Nepal as a Hindu State instead of fake secular state as structured by the Ultra Communists some years back .

Even if one talks about secularism, the census 2001 AD can be taken as referendum. That time those who call them intellectuals, leaders of ethnic communities and communists and those who call themselves Christians had made campaign not to write anything in the column for religion or not to write Hindu as their religion. But the Hindus never confronted them or made it an issue. Despite the campaign against Hinduism, the number of Hindus in Nepal was found to be 82 per cent. If one keeps the Buddhists out the number of Hindus before the 2001 census was 83 per cent. Half of the diminished numbers were increased in Buddhism and Kiratis and there was half percentage point increment in Christians. The rise in Buddhism and Kiratis do not make much of a difference because Buddhism and Hinduism are complementary to each other and Kiratis also worship the same gods such as Shiva and Bhagawati like the Hindus.

Therefore, the holy land of Nepal can be declared as the lands of Hindu Rooted religions.  But it is a matter of serious concern for whose interest Nepal was declared a secular state. No one has right to trample believe and conviction of more than two-thirds majority of the people. Even if there is a referendum, more than 85 percent Nepalese will vote for a Hindu country. More than that Hindus have the freedom to pursue their own way of observing the religion. Therefore, if Nepal is to be declared a secular country, all countries, which call themselves as Christian or Muslim countries should also be declared secular countries. If they want Nepal to become a secular country, they should also be willing to shun their ‘Cross’ of the Christians, ‘sign of David’ of the Jews and ‘Kawa’ of Muslims. Actually, Kaaba (Kawa) shrine is a pre-Islamic Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of perambulation is still meticulously observed and strictly followed. New research tells that Jesus came to India to learn Yoga.  However, these need to be pondered that even if Nepal is to be  a Hindu Kingdom again, its nature will  remain far better than  any secular country as Hindus have never done anything that would harass or trouble other religions.

Nepal is a small country and on the south there is a big country with open border. There are about 800 million Hindus and Indian Hindus respect Nepal as a Hindu kingdom. This should be taken as a matter of pride for us. For security reasons also, Nepal has a big advantage by being a Hindu country. If the Maoists are for Nepal’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, all Nepalese request them to change their idea about secularism. Even if one is a Christian or a Muslim, they should support to keep Nepal a Hindu country. But the seven political parties have made a great mistake by announcing Nepal as a secular state.

It is shameful to write that in Nepal there are some existing international organization (INGO) who are talking to develop Nepal but they were and has been involving in spreading the Christian religion with money and giving the fallacious assurance. The Nepalese religious people always regard the other religions. Nepal and the monarch never show the religious intolerance. From the very beginning, there are two Mosques in front of the Royal palace, near Clock Tower, have never faced intolerance. But, the so-called big party leaders and some civil society’ and INGO conveners who are the puppets Christian Mission are active to destroy the indigenous culture and identities. We should remember the quotation of Voltaire: “Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”  

Despite knowing this fact it is intriguing on whose interest the so-called big parties including Maoist declared Nepal a secular state by the hints of RAW. They had directly hurt the feeling of the majority of the Hindus in the country and more than 1 billion Hindus all over the world. Political leaders must rethink its decision. What they should have done is to remove the anomalies such as untouchables and other caste-based and social discrimination. This would have been the real tribute and service to the country and to the religion. Apart from some social anomalies there is nothing in Hindu religion that should be opposed. By declaring republic and Nepal a secular country; they are only serving the interest of some narrow groups who possess antagonistic approach against the majority Nepali people. Otherwise, if one thinks of the liberalism and tolerance, Hinduism comes first and foremost of all other religions in Nepal. So, Nepal must be restored with a Hindu Rashtra (Nation-State)  again.

8 comments on “Nepal towards a Hindu Rashtra (Nation-State) again.

  1. vedicupvan
    December 2, 2013

    In my opinion NEPAL is a Hindu Rashtra and has been so all along. It was indeed a conspiracy of anti-Hindu elements to dethrone the Hindu monarch, derail the Hindu Rashtra so that the preachers of other religions prey on the poor and the destitute to increase their flock.
    Now conversion of Hindus to other religions in Nepal must be banned forthwith.


  2. Sayon
    December 2, 2013

    Great news !!! If this becomes a reality, I’ll go to Muktinath and Budha Nilkanth temple to bow my obeciences there.


  3. Shankar Baba Due
    December 3, 2013

    Nepal is within the northen side of Bharatavarsham, and Kathmandu is traditionally run by a Shaiva Monarchy.


  4. ranjeet sekhar
    December 3, 2013

    Dear sir, also very much agree that defyntly no doubt Nepal is Hindu rashtra ,but i also very like to ask the question why in India so many Hindu Nepal girls are prostitute specially in kolkata sonagachi and in Mumbai,Delhi, in India we use to call a land of mother land also we offer puja o devi is it not we Indian sounds like hypcritic type,why not we Indian try to stop this girl trafficking when do we remove this worst disease spreading prostitute area from our nation or we only name or falsely claim of been a man or we trying to make our India a skin agent rashtra nation why not we Indian Hindu or from any other religion try to stop this girl trafficking.or we trying to make india a second Africa,sir im very kindly request you to please any how stop this girls trafficking from Nepal to India and create an job for them in Nepal it self.and the law should take very sting action on those black sheep who trying to spoil and thrash the whole life of poor girls ,their are many prostitute girls who very tender age of like 14and 16,astonish this age of this girls for study but they are force fully doin skin buiseness .feel very shameful and get my head bow down with shame .why not Indian try to stop this dirty buisenness of prostitution why not Indian law should take and government any little bit of action toward this riddicullous dirty ugly exist of red light and stop prostitution free and very neat and clean India or we Indian don’t have blood running in the body only water inside the body or we Indian only give big talks like hypotype or we have the tradition to slave the girl and women.


  5. ram
    December 3, 2013

    india should take lesson frm nepal………….


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  7. SeaLion
    December 10, 2013

    TILL Hindus relearn the Kshtra Dharma and start Fighting, all the Asuric Satanic idologies, whether the cunning, evil christianity or bloodthirsty communism nothing will change. Hindus have to learn to resist the violent way. And its matter of note that Buddhism is NOT A FRIEND of Hindus BUT AS BIG A ENEMY AS Christianity, Communism or Islmofascism, so do not think Buddhism is not a threat


  8. murali balakrishnan
    August 20, 2015

    very good move ,and my best wishes to achieve this goal,i pray the Almighty to restore Monarchy again in Nepal.


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