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Fatwa challenges Rule of the land in Rameshwram villages in Tamil Nadu. Hindus are prohibited in some parts of India.

Islamic Fatwa violates Indian Sovereignty in Rameshwram villages in Tamil Nadu. Non Muslims are not allowed in the outskirts of Hindu Shrine place, even not allowed to purchase lands. State and Central Govt.s are sleeping. Oh Hindus! Retaliate wherever possible. Don’t give entry of Muslims and Christians in Hindu Villages and don’t sell a piece of land even. It’s our existential question in Bharat. Anti-Hindu forces are too active to cease our rights in the traditional land of Hindus. ~ Hindu Existence.

Fatwas ban Outsiders (non-Muslims) entry into Rameswaram villages.

Rameshwram Muslim Village where Non Muslims are not allowedKumar Chellappan | Daily Pioneer | Chennai | 16 December 2013:: Ramanathapuram district, 527 km south of Chennai, which houses Rameswaram Temple and many holy shrines, is getting out of bound for outsiders. Local Jamaath Councils have issued ‘fatwas’ declaring Muslim-majority villages out of bound for people even from the district itself.

Entrances to Athiyuthu, Puthuvalassai, Panaikulam, Azhagankulam and Sitharkottai sport such boards, all put up by the local Jamaath Councils. “There are boards deep inside these villages which declare outsiders are not allowed,” said B Arumugam, who acted as a guide to this correspondent. Interestingly, all these villages have a strong Muslim population.

“Advertising (banners, posters and pamphlets) and honking (from vehicles) without permission is prohibited inside the Panchayath. By Order – Muslim Jamaath Thajul Islam Sangh, Pottakavayal”, is the board which welcomes the visitor to the village entrance on the Attrankarai Road, hardly 10 kilometre from Ramanathapuram town. “For the last 20 years, only Muslim candidates had been elected from this constituency. Only Muslims could be elected from this Assembly constituency,” said N Suriyaprakash, a civil engineer-turned-politician.

Ramanathapuram is represented in the Tamil Nadu Assembly by MH Jawahirullah of the Muslaim Munnetra Kazhagam (MMK), an Islamic outfit. The MMK was an ally of the AIADMK in the 2011 Assembly election and switched over to the DMK camp during the July 2012 Rajya Sabha election. “Both the Dravida parties are responsible for this sad state of affairs,” said Kuppuramu, a lawyer. He said the DMK, the Congress and the AIADMK, in order to appease the minorities look the other way when Islamic fundamentalists unleash a reign of terror.

Kuppuramu took this reporter to Pamban, a village near Rameswaram island, the birth place of Pamban Swami, a great Saivite saint. The Panchayath road has a board put by the Islamic extremists banning outsiders from the road: “Not a public thoroughfare. Ladies move about in this place,” says the board.

Pamban Swamy (1848-1929), who preached love, compassion, kindness and equality, would be turning in his grave if he comes to know what his successors have done in his place of birth. The Hindu community is a scared lot because of the ever growing Islamic extremism in the district. “During the DMK regime in 2008, some Muslim youths hoisted the national flag with chappals at Vethalai village. The case was hushed up by Hassan Ali, the then MLA of the Congress,” said Kuppuramu. He said there was another instance of tricolour with chappals being hoisted in Puthumadom village which too was hushed up Hassan Ali.

Rameshwram Under Islamic cease

Efforts to contact the district collector and superintendent of police were futile. Though e-mails were sent to both the officials, there were no replies. “The collector is busy in meeting senior officials. We are yet to check the mail,” Dharman, his personal secretary told The Pioneer on being asked about the email.

R Nataraj, former director general of police, Tamil Nadu, said it was not proper to put up such boards. “I don’t think even the government has the power to put up such boards. But we have to find out why they have put up boards like this,” said Nataraj. BR Haran, a political commentator, and Gowthaman, director of  Vedic Science Research Centre, Chennai, who accompanied this reporter to the spots, were told by villagers of Azhagankulam that they have no other way but to fall in line. “We can never survive here without their cooperation. We are all businessmen and why should we bother about such boards?” asked Nithyanandam, a building contractor at Azhagankulam.

The villagers are still in a state of shock as some Muslim youth slaughtered a cow in front of the Muneeswarankoil Temple. “The Jamaath Council president and secretary told us that they were helpless as the youth would not listen to them,” said Senthilvel, a foreign exchange dealer in the village. Suba Nagarajan, a BJP leader in Ramanathapuram, said the Muslims in the district are on a warpath with the Hindus since 1981. “Religious conversion and smuggling are rampant in the district. Panna Ismail and Bilal Mohammed, who murdered Hindu leader Vellaiyappan in July 2013 at Vellore had come to Keezhakarai after the murder. The police should probe the details of their visit to Keezhakarai,” he said.

According to Kuppuramu, nearly 50 per cent of the business establishments in Ramanathapuram are owned by members of the Musilm community. “A Hindu can launch his business only if he gets approval from the Muslim community. This is an unwritten rule in the district,” said Kuppuramu. He said his efforts to meet the superintendent of police ended in futile as the officer was busy most of the time.

The local population is of the view that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is the only person who could solve this fundamentalism tangle. “She made the police track down the killers of Hindu leaders by constituting the Special Investigation Division. The same SID may be able to resolve this issue,” said Shiva Thavasimani, Hindu Munnani leader. [Courtesy: The Pioneer | Bharata Bharati].

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10 comments on “Fatwa challenges Rule of the land in Rameshwram villages in Tamil Nadu. Hindus are prohibited in some parts of India.

    December 20, 2013

    Fatwa should never allowed to be the final word especially if it interferes with the individual right of the citizen of India. He should NOT be restrained from visiting any part of the country. LET HINDUS SHOW THEIR GUTTS AND LET US SEE HOW THESE DA-N MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALISTS STOP FROM ENTERING THE BOUNDARIES EARMARKED BY THE EXTREMISTS.




  2. Prof. Anjan Basak
    December 20, 2013

    Fatwa violates the Constitution of India; such audacity must be ruthlessly perished by the Government of India.


  3. Renuka Paul
    December 20, 2013

    Common man whether Hindu or Muslim don’t do these type of nonsense. It’s only some hooligans type of people who wants to raise riots between different religions.We must understand that this is bad Indian politics and corrupt system who make common man stand against each other on the basis of Muslim and Hindu. We have to throw these hooligans out of our country and not common man of India.


    • Wasim Raja
      December 20, 2013

      Renuka Paul is right. But, the only solution is that the whole world should accept Islam and reject other faith. Then there will be no problem. Inshallah.

      Wasim Raja,
      Qutub Minar Gali,
      Old Delhi.


      • The Mindset
        December 24, 2013

        then there will be more shia sunni killing
        keep your evil cult of Islam to yourself. it will be good for the world.


      • Maneesh Agg
        January 2, 2014

        Har Har Mahadev

        One is christian and other is muslim and they talking about peace. One converting people clandestinely by service, humanity and other is by sword and they do not know Hindus turned to fanatic they they will shelter in Vetican and other will find shelter in pakistan. These community should be boycotted in trade and service by Hindus and they should be banned in the Hindu areas. We need Shivaji, Veer Savarkar, Nathuram Godse, Shayma Parsad Mukherjee, Dr. Pravin Togadia, kinds of people in our govt.

        Those act against Hindus should be thrown out of the country asap.

        Both of them are enjoying every fruit of Indian democracy because Hindus are friendly but these kind of instances are creating resentment among Hindus and this will be big trouble to both of you. Think about the situation when both of you searching shelter for survival.

        Again do not incite the Hindu anger.

        Jai Kara Veer Bajrangi


    • hinduexistence
      December 20, 2013

      @ Dr. Renuka Paul.
      City: Toronto
      State/Region: Ontario
      Country: CANADA.


      You have written the following in Hindu Existence. “Common man whether Hindu or Muslim don’t do these type of nonsense. It’s only some hooligans type of people who wants to raise riots between different religions.We must understand that this is bad Indian politics and corrupt system who make common man stand against each other on the basis of Muslim and Hindu. We have to throw these hooligans out of our country and not common man of India.” etc.
      Your comment should be deleted as you described the reverse of truth.

      0. Salutation to you.
      1. You lean to a generalization of Hindu-Muslims in a very superficial way.
      2. Have you any research about the common Muslim psyche and its origin in Quran?
      3. Why the common Muslims in Pakistan (West Pakistan) and Bangladesh (East Pakistan) support their hard-core counterparts for helping the elimination of common Hindu populace there?
      4. Why the 16% Hindus of Pakistan reach only at 1.86% and 27% Hindus reach at 8% in Bangladesh? Why the common Hindus are being tortured by the common Muslim people there as a routine matter?
      5. You told that “Indian politics and corrupt system who make common man stand against each other on the basis of Muslim and Hindu.”
      5 a. You must know about the Islamic world. There is no ‘Indian politics and corrupt system’ and the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ difference.
      5 b. Then why the most bloodshed and criminality are found in the 100% Muslim country and Muslim society?
      6. In Hindu society we judge everything on value-base. Dharma takes its own path to destroy the Adharma. But in Semitic society (Christian/Muslim etc) the terror, traitor, immoral reign. Hinstory reflects.
      7. Try to know the crisis of Sanatan Samaj (eternal society based on divinity) due to the infiltration of and permissiveness with Islam and Christianity as a very secular sin.
      8. Be a real and proud Sanatan-Vedic-Hindu. Then you will be able to see a very subtle and supreme light of it.
      9. Don’t try to mix up Adharma (Islam-Christianity etc) with the Dharma (Hindu).
      10. The Rameshwaram case of prohibiting Hindus is an actual reflection of Muslim mentality to disallow others.
      10 a. We have such a list of 1000 places as such in different states in India.
      10 b. Have you any information that Hindus are disallowing Muslims in the same way. Name only three. We will investigate.

      Dr. Uma Shiva Bharthi.
      M Sc. PhD.
      Sr. Moderator,


  4. Hindu
    December 24, 2013

    Best is to boycott this community. Do not trade with them, no tax payers money. Other alternative with the police just go in and establish hindu homes and temples! outside money and Wahhabism speaks here! Let’s have banners all over India muslims not permitted in our area. Who will make noise first- our hindus! They will then talk about hindu extremism, MSM will start beating their drums for their browny points! The world is anti- hindu because we have allowed with muslims it has to be tit for tat then only they learn their lessons. Aab to ye bat ho gayi hai unglued di pancha pakad liya!


  5. annamalai
    April 15, 2014

    Islam is a religion of bullish mindset and their Prophet was a sick personality, consequently most of the followers has no sense of rationality.


  6. Water Boy
    July 24, 2015

    For all the wise men and idiots alike, i would like to submit this link:

    Those who really care may read it. those who can read Tamil & English, please read it.


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