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Muslims Capture and Pray inside Hindu Temple in Pak Hyderabad, Then Burn it Down.

Every day Indian Intelligence, RAW and all Political Parties including BJP get such hundreds of news from Pakistan that the Hindus are shrinking into 0%. No Repercussion…..

Hindu temple in Hyderabad broken into, set on fire

Rangers stand guard outside a temple in Site on Friday. PHOTO: INP

Rangers stand guard outside a temple in Site on Friday. PHOTO: INP

By Z Ali  | The Express Tribune | March 29, 2014:: Three unidentified attackers entered the temple of the Hindu deity, Hanuman, in the SITE area of Latifabad at around 7am. The men prayed for two minutes and then broke Hanuman’s idol before setting the temple on fire. This temple is located in the same compound as the more popular temple of Kali Mata.

“They asked me to let them in because they wanted to pray,” said Darshan, a student of class five, who has been looking after the temple for the last five months. “But, once they entered, they broke the idol, sprayed kerosene oil and set everything ablaze.” The temple’s caretaker, Revo Meghwadh, died five months  ago, after being bitten by a snake inside the temple.

According to Darshan, the faces of the attackers were partly covered so he will not be able to identify them. They escaped without facing any resistance, he added. The fire, which gutted the photos of the Hindu deities hanging on the walls, was put out by the locals.

The temple is located in Kali Mata Colony on the foothills of the Ganjo Takkar mountain range. The colony, inhabited by around 500 to 600 scheduled-caste families, is named after the historic Kali Mata temple, which was located in a mountain cave before the new temple was built. Hanuman’s temple is situated at the colony’s entrance, some 350 to 400 feet away from the Kali Mata’s temple. The attack came weeks before the April 14 fair organised at the temple every year.

A Hindu woman prays inside the Kali Mata temple in Hyderabad. The Hanuman temple desecrated on Friday is located in the same compound. PHOTO: INP

A Hindu woman prays inside the Kali Mata temple in Hyderabad. The Hanuman temple desecrated on Friday is located in the same compound. PHOTO: INP

According to Krishan Kumar, who represents the colony’s community, Hanuman’s idol was placed at the colony’s gate. Last year, a family gave a small room to shift the idol. He refused to accept that Friday’s attacks were caused due to any rivalries.

The people of this area mostly belong to the labour class, he said, adding that they neither fight with neighbouring communities nor have they received any threats. “We have been living here for centuries because of Kali Mata’s temple. Never in the past were we attacked this way.”

The attack triggered protests at Fateh Chowk, Tando Wali Muhammad, Liaquat Colony, Cantt, Bombay Bakery and GOR Colony areas. These protests were, however, attended only by the scheduled-caste Hindus. Those belonging to other castes did not show up at the protests but did issue statements to condemn the attack. Some representatives also visited the temple.

According to DIG Sanaullah Abbassi, the initial investigations suggest the attack did not happen due to any communal strife. Nevertheless, the local DSP and SHO have been suspended and an FIR has been lodged against three unidentified attackers on the complaint of Krishan Kumar.

Meanwhile, deputy commissioner Muhammad Nawaz Soho met the community leaders and assured them that his district administration will pay to remake the idol and the temple.

Courtesy: The Express Tribune, Pakistan.

5 comments on “Muslims Capture and Pray inside Hindu Temple in Pak Hyderabad, Then Burn it Down.

  1. ranjeet sekhar
    March 31, 2014

    I really dont believe it al happening inside india where ar we hindi hindu indians if nobody there then im and i must say if any single muslim whether hydrabad or any other part of india if they any more hurt any india hindu or try to break any of our really telling i make morgue house inside their mosque.and i will burn to ashes every single bastard muslim in india.


    March 31, 2014

    You are telling truth bro Ranjeet Sekhar position of hindu in pak is very bad.


  3. kumarathasan
    March 31, 2014

    It is a shame to all all Hindus all over the world. If such attacks on Churches takes place it takes it will be in headlines in all mainstream newspapers: Indian ruling elite is spineless, cowards only concentrate on making money by plundering the country. All the monies in swiss banks must be brought back to the country and put back on government coffers. Will the next government care about this.??????????????????????????????????????????????/ I do not think so.


    • Aporupa
      April 1, 2014

      Its really shame to all Hindus because if such attack happens on Islamic MASZID, MADINA then it will become as a great revenge to all Hindus & scary Hindus will be again attacked by that Bullshit Rubbish Islamic.

      The main important part is that What we Hindus are doing now??????????


  4. dinesh
    March 31, 2014

    if we RETALIATE we may be branded as TERRORISTS; but that is the only way to sustain in this world . any lay man understands that if one community is growing in GEOMETRICAL PROPORTION comparing to other communities and that community happens to believe that all other beliefs are falsehood and only THEIR BELIEF is true and their BOOK has given the freedom to change other’s belief by TAKHIYA or if not by FORCE the result is imminent. the change of the religion would be the KARMABHALA of not LISTENING to the happenings around the world……… .


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