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Why Muslims must be evicted from Hindu areas? As we should resist Land Jihad.

Muslims create existential and cultural crisis in Hindu areas. So, Muslims must not be allowed in Hindu areas. 

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Dr Togadia in the Controvertial Meeting at BhavbagarHindu Existence News Bureau | New Delhi | 21 April 2014:: The full team of sick media, double standard intellectuals, the pro Islamic political maroons, the state administration, police, pro-Pakistani and anti-Hindu subversive elements, all are ready to nab Dr Pravin Bhai Togadia for his critical statement made on Bhavnagar in Gujarat on Saturday, 19th April 2014.

International President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP),  Pravin Togadia sent temperatures soaring in Bhavnagar on Saturday evening with a straight speech that targeted Muslims for buying properties in Hindu areas

‘At night, Togadia joined a group of VHP and Bajrang Dal members on a street protest outside a house purchased by a Muslim businessman near Meghani Circle. While saffron groups have been regularly organizing ‘Ram Dhuns’ and ‘Ram Darbars’ to thwart such deals, Togadia went a step further by asking the protesters to take complete control of the house and put a ‘Bajrang Dal’ board on it. 

Full video: Togadia’s ‘evict Muslims’ speech : TOI.

Togadia told the gathering that there were two ways to stop such deals. One is to pressurize the state government to bring in Disturbed Areas Act in Bhavnagar, which prevents inter-community sale of immovable property. The second is to take forcible possession of the house and fight a legal battle later which will go on for years. 

He gave the Muslim occupant 48 hours to vacate the house. “If he does not relent, go with stones, tyres and tomatoes to his office. There is nothing wrong in it. Killers of Rajiv Gandhi have not been hanged … there is nothing to fear and the case will go on,” Togadia told the charged-up gathering. 

“I have done it in the past and Muslims have lost both property and money,” he said. 

He also said that this election is the best time to pressurize political parties to ensure safety of Hindus. “Don’t be reluctant to pressurize Congress or BJP for the sake of Hindus’ safety,” he said. 

After the event was over, tension was palpable and police feared that the mob might attack the house. A team of policemen has been stationed outside the house to avert any trouble.’

As a repercussion, all of us saw a furore from the media and politics against  VHP leader Togadia as he reacted over the  Muslim conspiracy of planful buying of properties in ‘Hindu areas’. Dr. Togadia said, the Muslim lobbies purchase a property initially in a Hindu area at a high price and the capture/buy other  properties at a half of the actual price.

But, shocked with the truth of the statement, the pro Muslim, beef  eaters(?), anti Hindu maroons instantly jumped into the social media.

‘Expressing his angst over the incident, journalist Rahul Pandita tweeted, “If Togadia’s speech does not qualify for legal action, I don’t know what else does!”

Barkha Dutt, another top journalist, took potshots at Togadia by tweeting, “Why doesn’t someone do us all a favour and “evict” Praveen Togadia instead?”

Twitter handle @rameshsrivats wrote on the micro-blogging site, “If  Togadia has his way the whole country will be divided into Hindu areas, Muslim areas, and so on. Our society will become an Area Samaj.”

BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar, however, denied that Togadia had made the statement and said the VHP leader said would take “legal action” against organisations for the report.’

But, it is unfortunate enough that the RSS stalwart and spokesperson Ram Madhav denied any such statement from Togadia and Togadia himself retracted from his version rather and sent advocate’s letter to the media houses those  flashed such news. After wards, on the basis of news trail Election Commission of India sought the detailed report and an immediate FIR was registered against VHP president Pravin Togadia on Monday (21 April 2014).

Togadia TrailActually, Dr Togadia told the absolute truth that kept as most valid in the mind of billion Hindus in India.

Hindus in India are in existential threat in the whirlwind of Islamic aggression all over and Muslims are planning to get into the hold of Hindu areas by purchasing lands, properties, flats there with high price. It can be termed as Land Jihad. This is not only a problem of  India itself. The whole Christian,  Buddhist, Jew and other non-Muslim races are facing a deep trouble in Europe, America, far East and Australia as the Islamic expansionism invades their areas only to establish Islam by suppressing the religious and cultural rights of others. After penetrating in the non Muslim areas, Muslims create such an atmosphere so that the non-Muslims put in a compulsion to flee from the area even selling their properties in an unimaginable low price. Do our anti-Togadia, ass-dung stuffed intellectuals and topless media-handlers care for these truth?

I am giving some crude example from West Bengal. In the block of Magrahat (South 24 Pgs district) there were 87% Hindus  in that locality as per the record of 1981 census. In the next 20 years of Islamic expansionism, the Hindu populace evicted from that area by the seer Muslim conspirators and the 2001 census record shows only 47% Hindus in Magrahat block area. They came in a very pretentious and approachable condition, but finally they turned as a curse for the Hindus of Magrahat.

If you go to In Mallikpur Station (Eastern Rly) area in the same South 24 Pgs, you will find a Urdu speaking Muslim majority people around you. It is now a highly density Muslim majority area. But before 40 years this place was a very lovable week-end spot of Hindu Zaminders (rich land lords) of Calcutta and around for its scenic beauty and the hospitality of  major Hindu people. But, the Urdu speaking Muslims gradually captured that Hindu area after thwarting the Hindu people in various Islamic ways.

What is the story of Assam? How the Hindu majority districts of  Assam have been turned as Muslim majority districts and what is the condition of the Hindu people of Assam in Muslim majority areas once marked as Hindu majority? Why the Boros of Assam retaliated on the Islamic aggression in the Boroland?

Why the Hindus of Kashmir or Kerala are being tormented by the Islamic aggressors in each and every Muslim majority or Muslim influenced area? Why the Muslim populated  villages  No Entry board for the outsiders in Rameswaram areas some months ago?  How many tweets and potshots came for “Fatwas ban outsiders’ entry into Rameswaram villages”  through the handlers of Barkha and Panditia?

We know all about the Islamic face of Barkha ( but, we know a very little about her bilateral relation with Mr. Mir or Haseeb Drabu); Mahesh Bhatt, son of Shirin Mohammad Ali or the Yogendra Yadav alias Saleem or a secessionist like Prashant Bhushan. Their blood, saliva, sweat are adulterated with Islamic elements. So, we are not ready to hear any advice, suggestion or remedy for any Hindu problem so far from these virtual anti Hindu elements. 

Barkha may like multiple Islamic penetration in her body and mind pleasurably, but we don’t. We just want to keep safe distance from fundamental Islam which affects our societal life as a whole. When Islam penetrates in our life, it starts ruins in our life and belief in each and every foot-steps.

As per Quranic doctrine every Muslims treat Hindus as kaffir. So, if you welcome a Muslims, it’s just giving a chance to start a fatal battle for a Momin (believer Muslim) to eliminate a kaffir (disbeliever non-Muslim) as far as practicable from a close circuit.

The Saffron ContourAll Muslims are virtual Jihadists. So, they possess a Jehadi outlook. And from these Jihadi point of view, they increase their numbers in that non-Muslim area (a Hindu, Christian, Jew or Buddhist area, whatever may be) after their single or initial possession in a new area of operation is established.  Who can ignore this truth?

Getting entry in a new area, Muslims always try to start a small prayer (Namaz) room with an aspiration to build a colossal Mosque for Almighty Allah. And all the hell must come down at once to that area of radiation of that Mosque for all the non-Muslims as a ground reality.

Have you seen any Mosque in any exclusive Hindu area for any good reason out of any exception? The answer must be a No. Mosques are built in a Non Muslim area or Mosques exclude non-Muslims from that area, inter alia.  Bharat, Aryavartta, Hindusthan, India is a virtual land of Hindus and Hindus must have the first rights here. Think, how the invader clan of Muslims came to land of Hindus, made good possession in Hindu areas, built Mosques one after another (even by destroying Hindu temples) and evicted the Hindus from their land? Who tweeted or reacted so far for that? ……

Yes, we have so many problems with Muslims with Hindus and that should be openly declared here. Muslims start the problems very cynically.

If we allow one Muslim as a resident of our Hindu area, apartment or house, they will seek Qurbani of a goat or dumba in the terrace in the nest Bakar-idd. And in the very next year, they will claim a cow slaughter in the nearby ground or car parking. From the first week, they will invite raw beef seller in his/her home.

Problems of inviting/allowing Muslims in Hindu areas are many and different. The Islamic menace has no limits at all. They will protest Arti, Bhajan sounds; they will protest ‘Ram Nam Satya Hay chants’  in the last journey of Hindus; they will not allow Hindu processions and band in front of Mosques etc.; they will start yearly Islamic Jalsa (Islamic Congregation)  in the Hindu area calling the outsider fundamental orators; they will always disturb and try to get our girls and women under the design of Love Jihad and so on. These are not some points of this article, but Hindus of Bharat are highly disturbed with the presence of fanatic Islam in their areas and who can say that his next door neighbor is not a Bhatkal or Afzal Guru? It cannot be tolerated while Hindus have to face every vilification of Hindutva in the name of sensitization of Islam in a very sick ‘secular’ mode. Why should we allow some ‘halal’ zone in our Hindu area?  And more over, Hindus must not allow any rioting clan in their area.

So, the initial version of Dr. Togadia cannot be refuted in any chance. A Muslim stuffed with fanaticism and vested interest cannot be allowed in any Hindu location anyway. But, if any Muslim makes a declaration that he has full faith on Vande Mataram, he has highest faith on Indian Constitution than Sharia, he will not kill any cow in any Hindu area to hurt Hindu sentiments, he will admire Iswar, Allah, God in a same statute, he will participate in and allow others celebrations with full faith and admiration, he is against any subversive and Jehadi activities so far and he must believe in world fraternity above the Islamic Umma, that open minded-liberal Muslim can be welcomed in any area without any problem.

Retaliating Muslims and reacting secular maroons must search one answer in their mind for this question. Why Dr. Togadiya has no problem with other minorities like Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Ishai residents in Hindu areas? Why he has only problem with Muslim occupants? The Muslims and Secular counterpart must see the cordial relation between the other minorities and Hindus. And there is a natural enmity between Hindus and Muslims initiated by the later all along. This is unfortunate.

Though this article is written in an Indian context, it has an universal perspective also. Jews, Christians Buddhists all are discarding Muslim from their areas everywhere. So, blaming the Hindus for it is an idiocy.

Unless, the Muslims change their mentality to accept others with full admiration of the culture of others, they cannot be accepted reciprocally. This change of Muslim mentality can ensure the non- eviction of Muslims from Hindu, Jew, Christian, Buddhist and other Non Muslim areas.

Courtesy: TOI | HT | Outlook | Daily Pioneer | Twitter.

9 comments on “Why Muslims must be evicted from Hindu areas? As we should resist Land Jihad.

  1. HinduIDF
    April 23, 2014

    Reblogged this on Hindu Internet Defence Force.


  2. K S Roy
    April 23, 2014

    No Problem with Shazia Ilmi. Only Togadia is problem?

    Muslims need to be communal – Shazia Ilmi AAP Candidate from Gaziabad Lok Sabha Seat.

    ‘Muslims should be communal for their own good’, AAP leader Shazia Ilmi says

    TOI/NEW DELHI/22 April 2014:: A new controversial video which could spell trouble for the Aam Aadmi Party is doing the rounds on social media.

    In the video, which surfaced on Tuesday, AAP leader Shazia Ilmi said that Muslims’ votes split as they were “too secular” and they “should become communal” and vote keeping in mind “our own interest”.

    “Don’t be much secular. Muslims are too secular and they should become communal. They are not communal and do not vote for themselves. Arvind Kejriwal is ours. Muslims have remained secular for long…have voted for the Congress and helped them win. Don’t be so secular and look at your house (community) this time.

    “Other parties have their votebank intact and Muslim votes split. This is a controversial statement, but we should look at our own interest,” Ilmi, AAP candidate from Ghaziabad, said in the video, in which she is having a conversation with members of the Muslim community.

    The Arvind Kejriwal-headed Aam Aadmi party(AAP) ticked Ilmi off and distanced itself from the controversial remarks, saying it does not endorse her views. However, Ilmi stood by her comments, which, she said is “play of words”.

    The AAP said it does not believe in this kind of politics nor does it endorse it.

    “All our representatives should be careful in their choice of words so that there is no scope for misinterpretation,” the AAP said in a message posted on its twitter handle.

    “I’ve seen Shazia’s clip. She should have not said it. AAP does not believe in communal politics. Our politics is to unite all Indians,” party leader Manish Sisodia tweeted.

    With her remarks triggering a controversy, Ilmi said she had not made any remark that incited hatred.

    “I stand by it. I said, we should think of our community first. When others are not secular then why should we be secular. It is play of words,” she told TV channels.

    “I said it half sarcastically. Somebody was saying Muslims are very communal. I am saying Muslims are not communal, infact they are very secular. They need to be communal. This does not mean to incite hatred. They must think of themselves and must not be political slaves.

    “What have the political parties done for Muslims in terms of political empowerment and representation in either government or private jobs, education… in terms of economic and political opportunities,” she told TV channels.

    “I was essentially saying when you cast a vote you want to better your lot. Think of yourself…you cannot be scared of Modi and RSS all the time,” she added.
    I’ve seen Shazia’s clip. She should have not said it. AAP does not believe in communal politics. Our politics is to unite all Indians.

    — Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) April 22, 2014

    Netizens too, took to Twitter to condemn the video.

    Here are some reactions:
    Shazia Ilmi has to employ the most cutting-edge U-Turn technology to come of this jam.

    — IndiaSpeaks (@IndiaSpeaksPR) April 22, 2014

    Sad that @shaziailmi disappoints yet again. There’s no room for double speak in someone who claims to be a revolutionary, @AamAadmiParty.

    — रanviर_ डhoरeय_ (@RanvirShorey) April 22, 2014

    Shazia Ilmi was talking about community and she was not being communal, just as Togadia was talking about laws and not being a lout.

    — Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) April 22, 2014

    (With inputs from PTI)


  3. M K PARMAR.
    April 23, 2014

    Islamic Problem in the Christian Areas in UK.

    Sharia and Islam want to Capture the World Power and to finish all Non Muslims.


  4. Prokash Kumar,
    April 24, 2014

    Muslim demographics (Europe, USA, Scandinavia)

    Demography – How Muslims get spread in Europe since 1970

    Is Islam to over take Europe completely by 2050?


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  6. Sarbartha Raut
    April 24, 2014

    A. India is a country where everyone hates the Hindu religion, Praveen Togadia simply stated a fact, everyone can scream about the Gujarat riots, but none utter a word about the Canning riots,in Uttar Pradesh if Muslims are affected by riots they get a minimum compensation of 5 lakhs, but look at the victims of the Canning riots, they got only a compensation of 10000 rupees. Why do Hindus hate their religion so much? Why?Why?Muslims have already changed demographics in Assam and West Bengal.The lands of tribal are grabbed to give the Muslims. Rhul Gandhi stated that Modi gives land to the industrialists at Re 1 per acre or something but the governments in Assam and West Bengal give land to the illegal Muslims free of cost and detain the persecuted Hindus in refugee camps. Hindus keep on hating your religion.

    B. I have also another comment to make- India is a country where if anyone want to do good for the general mass he is pulled down. Narendra Modi is constantly criticized by everyone ( from India and abroad) for being communal but no one says anything for persecuted Hindus. Two ancient religions Judaism and Zoroastrianism are mere numbers todays . An interesting feature of Zoroastrianism is Zoroaster have at several instance persecuted Zoroaster. These two religions have severely declined due to terrible persecutions they have suffered everywhere.Only in India they have been able to live freely and prosperously.Hinduism too will meet the same fate. Hindus love persecuting Hindus. India is the only Hindu majority religion in the world just as Persia was once the only Zoroastrianism majority religion in the world before the coming of Islam.’’ is a communal website for it states the naked,ugly,dark truth. Narendra Modi should prove his secular character by creating a quota of about 35% for Muslims in governmental jobs, elite educational institutions( IIT, NIT,IIM, AIIMS), give huge huge loans to Muslims free of any interest rate.If Muslims riot and if Hindus retaliate he should arrest the Hindus and give crores of rupees to Muslims then you will see all Muslim organizations around the world will support him, he will be the clerics unofficial diamond child, all secular everywhere will heap praises after praises on him. Al-Qaida, LeT, etc and other holy Islamic organizations whose goal is to Islamize the world will love him, of course the so-called majority, communal community will remain ignorant of all these- so Happy Ending.


  7. Shashi Dave
    April 29, 2014

    Try buying property next to a Muslim (or in a Muslim area) not only in India but in UK
    and find out for yourself ke iska anjaam kya hota hey.

    Burka Dutt the only thing you are not doing is wearing a Burka.

    Shashi Dave.


  8. C M Vikram
    May 2, 2014

    I am so surprised that this issue was made into such a news. This kind of squeezing out happens all the time in Muslim dominated areas. They block the path to temples so that people cannot go to temples and then they take over temple property. The Muslims threaten or beat up Hindus so that they will sell their property and move out of Muslim neighborhood. These squeezing out happens all the time in India. However, it becomes a news only when a Muslim becomes a victim.


  9. A Hindu Warrior
    May 8, 2014

    the only solution is final solution. learn from the burmese handling of rohingyas. take lessons form spain inquisition. remember the crusaders’s zeal and their cruelty for the cruel . hindu attitude of valuing everybody as his own, will not do.


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