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Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi is set to become India’s next prime minister.

The inevitable Modi Raj. The balanced blend of Hindutva is expected.

Modi on course to be India’s next leader, exit polls show

NaMo NamasteShyamantha Asokan | Reuters | New Delhi | May 12, 2014::  Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi is set to become India’s next prime minister, four major exit polls showed on Monday, with his opposition party and its allies forecast to sweep to a parliamentary majority in the world’s biggest ever election.

Modi, of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), electrified the lengthy contest that ended on Monday, with a media-savvy campaign that hinged on vows to kickstart India’s economy and create jobs.

Yet much depends on Modi winning enough seats to form a stable government that can push through promised reforms.

Elections are notoriously hard to call, and polls taken before and after voting have a patchy track record at best. Results of the ballot are due to be announced on Friday.

A Modi victory would be a blow for campaigners who have long maintained he is an autocratic Hindu supremacist responsible for an outbreak of religious riots in his home state, Gujarat, in 2002 in which more than 1,000 people died, mostly Muslims.

Modi, who rose from humble roots as a tea vendor’s son, was shunned by Western nations for years after the bloodshed in Gujarat

, where he has been chief minister since 2001.

However, his rise on the national stage forced a rethink among the European Union and the United States, whose ambassadors have met him to patch up relations.

Modi denies the accusations against him and a Supreme Court inquiry found no evidence to prosecute him.

A majority of 272 seats in parliament is needed to form a government, although that is often achieved with outside support from regional parties.

India’s staggered voting, spread over five weeks to reach the country’s 815 million voters and move security forces around its varied terrain, ended at 1800 IST (1230 GMT) on Monday.

Latest Message of NaMo to us: A victory for the people, a victory for India and the triumph of the ballot: From NaMo Blog.


Hindu nationalist Modi shows his ink-marked finger to his supporters after casting his vote in AhmedabadThe BJP-led alliance is forecast to win 270-282 seats, according to a poll conducted by research group CSDS for the CNN-IBN television network.

It forecast just 92-102 seats for the coalition led by the Congress party, which would be worst ever result for the ruling party led by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Congress spearheaded India’s independence movement and has governed the country for over 50 years since freedom from British rule in 1947.

If the BJP and its pre-election allies can win an outright majority, it will be the best showing by a single group since Congress and its allies won 414 seats in 1984, when the assassination of then-prime minister Indira Gandhi created a swell of public sympathy for the party.

Several national exit polls over-estimated the BJP’s seat share in the last two general elections in 2004 and 2009. The Congress party went on to form coalition governments on both occasions.

“We will only know if this ‘Modi wave’ has really happened after the election results,” said Praveen Rai, a political analyst at CSDS who recently published a report on exit polls. “It still might be more of a media wave, a manufactured wave.”

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state and a crucial political battleground, is particularly tricky for pollsters to forecast because it is a caste-sensitive state where some voters are afraid to speak frankly about who they chose, said Rai.

Another poll released on Monday, by Nielsen for ABP News, showed the BJP-led alliance hitting 281 seats. A third, by Cicero for the India Today group, predicted Modi’s alliance would take between 261 and 283 seats, and pollster C-Voter forecast a tally of 289.

One outlier poll, by Today’s Chanakya, showed the BJP emerging with enough seats to rule on its own.


SURVEY ON  BJP MINISTRYThe election reached a climax on Monday as Modi sought to secure his ticket in Varanasi, a holy city for Hindus on the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh.

Stock markets have in recent days hit record highs on hopes that the exit polls would show the BJP and its allies winning a majority, boosted by both Modi’s pro-business image and the prospect of an end to the coalition governments that have slowed the pace of reform in recent years.

The Nifty index breached the psychologically key level of 7,000 points for the first time on Monday, breaking a record high of 6,871.35 that it hit on Friday.

The benchmark BSE Sensex hit an all-time high and the rupee touched its strongest levels in 10 months on Monday. Several analysts expected the rally to continue through the week.

“The implications of a strong NDA government at the centre is that the quality and composition of the capital flows will improve,” said Rupa Rege Nitsure, chief economist at Bank of Baroda. The BJP and its allies are known as the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Should Modi fall short of a majority when the results come in on May 16, he will need to strike a coalition deal with some of India’s increasingly powerful regional parties.

(Additional reporting by Aditya Kalra in NEW DELHI; Editing by John Chalmers and Mike Collett-White)

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Exit polls show Narendra Modi-led NDA on course for victory in Lok Sabha elections: ET.

World takes a view of Narendra Modi: HT. 

Courtesy: Reuters | ET |  HT | Agencies.

4 comments on “Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi is set to become India’s next prime minister.

  1. vedicupvan
    May 13, 2014


    By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM.

    Indeed a great day it is. The exit polls predict that Narendra Bhai Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India.
    We all are overjoyed. When we saw on the TV screen that the Bhartiya Janata Party is likely to cross the magic number barrier of 272.

    We knew that it was time to light lamps of purified butter or ghee. The NDA, that is the allies and the BJP together, are likely to cross the barrier of 300, we were jumping with joy.Of course, someone cautioned that it would be better to await the final results after the counting of votes was over. Fair enough. We would take into account the trends and keep our fingers crossed until the results are announced officially by the Election Commission of India.


    It has come to light that in the States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal there were violations of Election Commission rules and guidelines. As far as the Moral Code of Conduct was concerned, the attitude of CEC and some State officials of the rank of Returning Officer, the Polling Officer and other State government employees under the thumb of their political bosses left much to be desired. In the constituencies where State government VIPs or bigwigs of their allies contested, rules were thrown to the wind.

    As I had brought out earlier, Shri VS Sampath, CEC gave a kidglove treatment to Rahul Gandhi and an iron fist treatment to Narendra Modi. But for the intervention of Shri Hari Shankar Brahama, Election Commissioner cautioning the Commission to go by the book, things would have been much worse. When the final phase of polling was to take place in Varanasi on 12 May 14, the UP Police and the local election staff raided the Varanasi election office of the BJP and circulated a false rumour that bottles of alcohol and objectionable printed material was seized. It was a white lie. The authorities were out and out partial and, therefore, in the glare of truth were forced to return the seized material and close the case. The CEC must inform the common man what action, if any, did he take against Pranjal Yadav, DM and Returning Officer of Varanasi for organising the illegal raid.

    The family of Sonia Gandhi has gone in a state of mourning as the election results would go against her and the progeny. The blame game in the Congress party has started. The slavish advisors of Sonia Gandhi might blame the outgoing Prime Minister for the Congress debacle and throw a protective ring around the 43-year old scion of their family to ward off the blame for debacle. Disgraceful show but that is what it is.

    There is a strong rumour that the young lad mught buy a one-way ticket to his NANA’s house across the seven seas and take away Jeeja Ji too to shield him from the long arms of law. He may or may not succeed – I wont like to kake a forecast at this stage.

    Be that as it may, the state of mourning at 24, Akbar Road and 10, Janpath is likely to worsen as the results start pouring in in 16th May 2014.

    It would be wiser to bid adieu to readers and await the day of Rejoicing for BJP and Catastrophe for the Indian National Congress.

    Look forward to meeting all of you in happier times, folks.


  2. Satya D
    May 13, 2014


    Dear Mr. Sampath,

    It is destiny that has chosen you to lead India’s elections at a critical time in India’s history. Groomed throughout your lifetime as a bureaucrat playing second fiddle to politicians, you do not seem to understand the significance of the position you are holding or the significance of the period in India’s history you are holding this position. This is not about Modi, this is not about BJP, this is about people’s will, this is about India’s democracy which you are entrusted to protect and execute.

    It is said that a coward is more dangerous than a crooked. The timidity EC has displayed during this election leaves a lot to be desired and questions your eligibility to the position of Chief Election Commissioner of this great country. Your timidity may stem from your lifetime obedience to bosses, or perhaps the truth in allegations of your disproportionate wealth and your alleged involvement in various scams from Coalgate to Airbus scams.

    If in your mind you think you can play partisan with your responsibilities, please think again. It only enhances those whom you try to suppress. If you think the security cover given by corrupt establishment will save you after elections, please think again. The rage of 1.2 billion Indians will not save you and your fellow commissioners.

    Your actions are putting India’s democracy at a great peril that will have tremendous consequences. Please recoup your sources and do your duty, as one great India’s figure said, Just do your duty, rest will take care of itself.

    Save Indian Democracy.


  3. ranjeet sekhar
    May 14, 2014

    Very very great sign of relief now without any tension any common man could able to sleep sound jai Bharat Mata ki. Jai Hind. At last or least the new generation of India make able to India survive by giving responsibility to exactly and very accurately to NARENDRA MODI ji. peoples may forget when they were in government power as NDA then there was nothing like price hike.
    Sonia Gandhi will never understand the pain of poor and common man. Who marry to a Muslim, her family half muslim and how can she able to understand the ethical values. Indira Gandhi married to Feroz Gandhi and their son Rajiv Gandhi and their daughter in law Sonia Gandhi (a Christian) always tried to main to Muslim interest.Now this Muslim and Christian legacy in gandhi family must be put into an end.


  4. Sarbartha Raut
    May 15, 2014

    Sir the NDA is destined to get the majority but there is news that there is some disputes among the BJP’s members.This should not happen Narendra Modi must become the prime minister of India.Once he assumes that role he must not misuse it. He must work absolutely hard for the next three years(2014,2015,2016) if he is to secure a next term.As Prime Minister his immediate task should be to protect Hindu interests, he must immediately grant citizenship to all HINDUS of Pakistan,Bangladesh,Fiji,Malaysia,Sri Lanka.He must take tough policies against Pakistan,seal tightly theWest-Bengal-Bangladesh border and relplace Indian soldiers instead of the BSF along this border and order shoot to kill policy to all those Muslims who illegally try to enter India.He must scrap all special facilities given to the Kashmiri Muslims and Indian Muslims in general and strictly punish the Muslim rioters.Please tell him to do all thesethen we will surely and happily again vote for him.


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