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A meaningful measure to stop unchecked cow slaughter in India.

Govt launches ₹500 crore project to protect indigenous cows

The Government has kept aside ₹500 crore for the mission out of the ₹1,200 crore allocated for cattle and dairy development during the 12th Plan.

Of this, ₹150 crore will be spent this fiscal.


Singh said cow breeding was the lifeline of agriculture and the indigenous breeds, which form 83 per cent of the total cow cattle, were well-known for their tolerance to heat and extreme climactic conditions, compared with foreign breeds.

“To protect indigenous breeds, such as Punganur, Vechur and Krishna Valley, the Government plans to set up ‘Gokul Grams” (cow sanctuaries), for which public-private partnerships as well as NGOs will be involved,” he added.

He said these ‘Gokul Grams’ will have about a minimum of 1,000 cows, of which 40 per cent will be ‘unproductive’ cows and 60 per cent milch animals. The mission will be implemented via state implementing agencies (SIAs). Under the mission, Gokul Grams will be set up near native breeding tracts and near metropolitan cities housing urban cattles.

“The dung and urine of unproductive cows will be used to produce biogas, manure and urine-based medicines,” the Minister said.


Conserving the cattle A file photo of the world’s shortest Punganur cow in Andhra Pradesh. Indigenous breeds are well-known for their tolerance to heat and extreme climactic conditions.

Milk output

When asked about plans for quality fodder to raise milk productivity, the Minister said the ₹50 crore left unutilised by the UPA Government would be used for the purpose.

Under the Gokul Mission, farmers who perform well will be awarded ‘Gopal Ratna’ and breeder societies or ‘Gopalan Sanghs’ will be given the ‘Kamadhenu’ awards.


According to an Agriculture Ministry official, there are about 37 better known indigenous breeds as of now, but some of these face extinction due to rampant cross-breeding.

Some of the indigenous breeds identified as having the potential for becoming high-yielding are Sahiwal in Punjab, Rathi and Tharparkar in Rajasthan and Gir and Kankrej in Gujarat.

To give direction to the Mission, a national-level body will soon be constituted, headed by the Agriculture Minister.

Drought reports

Commenting on the monsoon situation in the country, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said the Centre had not got any report from any State as of now.

“If and when we get such reports or requests for help, the funds are there,” he said in reaction to reports that the Maharashtra Cabinet was meeting on Tuesday to take a call on compensating farmers in rain-deficient areas of the State.

“The weathers’ mood is good, so our (country’s) health will also be fine,” the Minister added.

(This article was published on July 28, 2014 in The Hindu Business Line).
Courtesy: THBL | Shankhnaad.

3 comments on “A meaningful measure to stop unchecked cow slaughter in India.

  1. Abhishek Agarwal
    August 1, 2014

    nice step taken by gov

    hanks & Regards
    Abhishek Kr. Agarwal
    Ranchi (Jharkhand)


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    August 1, 2014

    ‘Gao Biswasya Matera’

    An Indian cultural export Subodh Kumar writes-‘The Enemies of civilized behavior
    think that cows cannot defend themselves. They kill cows, but by their conduct such
    persons, fire the hearts of right mind men who hound such enemies of civilized behavior to punish them here on earth in this world and the next world.

    ‘न ब्राह्मणो हिंसितव्यो3ग्निः प्रियतनोरिव ।
    सोमो ह्य स्य दायद इन्द्गो अस्याभिशस्तिपाः ॥ अथर्व 5-18-6

    They (Cows) should never be killed. They provide with warmth and comfort like fire, provide the highest forms of intellect, and fill the individuals with qualities strength and valor to be victorious in all situations.

    शतापाष्ठां नि गिरति तां न शक्नोति निःखिदन्‌ ।
    अन्नं यो ब्रह्मणां मल्वः स्वाद्व द्यीति मन्यते ॥ अथर्व 5-18-7
    The unfortunate persons, who kill and rejoice in eating their (cow’s) flesh, suffer with innumerable maladies from which they can never recover. Arun Upadhyay writes-‘It is rightly stated that cow milk and not meat is good for human beings. Actually, it is for whole world. But only the fanaticism against Hinduism has started killing of cows. Cow milk is used all over the world for infants as substitute for mother’s milk and for persons of all ages. Thus, cow is literally mother for humanity and we cannot show any disrespect to mother. Actually, in Islam itself, highest obligation is called ‘Doodh ka karj’ gratefulness for milk offered by mother ‘.

    Reading my analysis on ‘Cow’s meat if injurious to health,’ Prof. Alex Hankey writes from Australia- For several years I have lectured on the problems caused by milk from HF Cows. It has been shown to produce Type 1 Diabetes; Autism, in infants and, in adults, Cardiovascular Disease and, when combined with wheat gluten, Schizophrenia. Evidence is strong. The origin of all this lies in a single DNA base mutation in the gene for beta-casein that seems to have occurred in northern Europe about 7,000 years ago – as evidenced by the spread of the gene between Bos Taurus subgroups – Jerseys, Guernseys etc. Traditional Indian Bos Indicus cows do not suffer the mutation, and their milk is safe. Clearly, the mutation arose when the Germanic tribes in central Europe began to slaughter their cows to eat in the cold northern winters. My estimate has always been that this was a karmic reaction, of the cow as a species to their wanton murder by humans. I used to say in my lectures: kill your cows, and your cows will kill you!!! The present use of Bos Taurus, HF milk, on large scales in India is a modern example of this principle. Autism did not occur in Vedic times – there is no mention of a childhood ‘Unmada’ of this ascription in Charaka, Sushruta or Kashyapa Samhitas. Yet autism is rapidly increasing in modern India – I believe because of the increasing prevalence of HF cow’s milk. Heart disease is increasing too – and adult unmade of various kinds including schizophrenia.’
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  3. sridharan
    August 18, 2014

    A speaker/ farmer at the Hindu Janjagruti samiti convention at Chennai said that ‘ It has been found that only the native Cows of Bharat are real cows and the others are different animals looking like cows’ . It was also said that only the milk of our native cows has all the curative properties as compared to the cows of other countries. Contrary to the general belief a cow can make its owner very wealthy since products like Panchagavya can be sold at a good price.


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